Lisa in New Zealand IV

From: Beth ([email protected])

This is a continuation in the Lisa in New Zealand series. This is a work of fiction as are all the other stories in the series. In this story, it's payback time, and you know what they say about paybacks. I hope you enjoy it. As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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Debra, Rachel, and even Mary were sitting at the kitchen table when Lisa's strapping began. Although the bedroom door was closed, they could hear each loud CRACK! as the strap struck bare flesh. When the first stroke made contact, all three jumped. Smackings were not rare in the Garret household, and it did not bother the girls to hear a sister getting punished, but the first stroke always came as a surprise for those in the house.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! From the loudness of the strapping, the girls could tell that Mum was showing Lisa no mercy. They almost held their breaths, waiting for the scream that was sure to come, but all they heard was CRACK! followed by another CRACK!

Debra began to sob. "I'm a coward," she thought. "I should have risked it and told Mum what I found out. I'm nothing but a bloody coward." Debra left her sisters to cry in the privacy of the living room. She had to think of some way to make this up to her sister.

"What's up with Debra?" asked Mary. "I've never known her to cry when one of us got a hiding, unless she knew she was next."

Rachel filled in her older sister with the events of the day and how Lisa had in all probability done nothing wrong. Both girls agreed that it was a shame that Lisa was being punished, but there was nothing to do about now since she was already being strapped.

After dinner that night, Debra took a deep breath and asked to see Mum in private. She then explained how Lisa's classmates all said that Lisa had done nothing wrong that day. Mum thanked her for her concern but said that Mr. Harding had called her, and she was sure that he would not have had her caned without good reason. With that, Mum told her that it was time for to get ready for bed.

When Debra entered the room that she and Lisa shared, she forgot that her sister was already in bed, and she turned on the light. Lisa had gone to bed without her pajama bottoms, and she had not pulled up the sheet, therefore, her bare bottom was clearly visible. Debra almost cried out when she saw it. Her entire bum was a dark purple, nearly black colour. She could even see several welts.

Debra knew it was against all of the rules and that she would be severely punished if caught, but she had to do something to try and make this up to her sister. She sneaked into the kitchen and filled a bag with ice. Her next stop was the linen closet to get a soft flannel. Once she had these two items, she returned to the bedroom. Very carefully, Debra laid the flannel across her sister's backside and then placed the ice pack on top. Lisa moaned softly under the weight of the ice, but fortunately, did not appear to wake. Having done what she could, Debra went to bed.

The next day, rumours were flying around the school about what the American had done or had not done. Debra was not the only student who had been bothered by what had happened. Several students in the economics class were upset, and even angry about the events that had transpired 24 hours earlier. Two of Lisa's classmates went to Mr. Thomas, the senior history teacher, and one student went to Mrs. Andrews, the accounting teacher to tell them their version of what had happened. Lisa was one of Mr. Thomas' favorite students, and although Mrs. Andrews did not personally know the American, she had always heard good things about her. They were shocked by what they heard and promised to look into the matter.

Ms. Bunson's closest friend on staff was another young teacher named Ms. Reeves. Before school two days after the caning, Mrs. Andrews was about to enter the staff women's restroom when Ms. Bunson and Ms. Reeves were in there. As Mrs. Andrews opened the door, she overheard Ms. Bunson mention how she had fixed it to get the American what she deserved. She explained to her friend that no exchange student should leave New Zealand without experiencing the cane at least once. Hearing this, Mrs. Andrews quietly closed the door and left.

She knew that Mr. Thomas was also interested in what had happened to Lisa. She found him in his room and told him what she had overheard. They agreed to take this information to the headmaster during morning interval.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Andrews and Mr. Thomas, while they were discussing what Mrs. Andrews had overheard, two other classmates of Lisa were at that moment talking to Mr. Harding. They had been bothered about the caning Lisa had been sent for and wanted the headmaster to know what really had happened. Mr. Harding thanked them for their time and assured them that he would look into it.

During morning interval, Mrs. Andrews told Mr. Harding what she had overheard, and how it appeared that Ms. Bunson had set Lisa up to get a caning. Based on what Mrs. Andrews and the two students told him, he sent for Ms. Bunson.

After some questioning, it came out that Ms. Bunson was jealous of Lisa. Apparently, Ms. Bunson had wanted to be an exchange student when she had been in high school, but her parents could not afford it. When she heard a student talking in the vicinity of Lisa, she had her opportunity and took it.

With a sense of forboding, Mr. Harding picked up the phone and rang Mrs. Garret, Lisa's host mother and one of the governors of the school. They talked briefly, with Mr. Harding appearing to agree to something, and then he hung up. About five minutes later, Mrs. Garret arrived at Mr. Harding's office. The two of them explained to Ms. Bunson what she would have to do in order to keep her job. Ms. Bunson did not like the choice given to her, but she liked the alternative of being fired even less, so she agreed. Mr. Harding then sent for Lisa and Mrs. Cushing to come to his office.

The summons to see the headmaster came when Lisa was in Mr. Thomas' history class. With a sense of dread, she walked toward the office. It would have been impossible for anyone to have been a more perfect student the last two days than Lisa had been, but considering that she had already been caned for doing nothing wrong, she figured that she could easily be caned again for nothing. When she reached the office, Mr. Harding's secretary told her to go on in.

When she entered the room, she saw Mr. Harding, Ms. Bunson, Mrs. Cushing, and her mum. She also saw a cane on top of the headmaster's desk.

"No, oh, no," Lisa stuttered while clutching her bottom with both hands. "Please no, not the cane again, not so soon. I promise. I've been good. Oh God, please, I couldn't take another caning again so soon. Please!" Having said this, Lisa, who had taken a caning and sound strapping on the same day without so much as a whimper, broke down and cried.

Mum was quickly at Lisa's side, wrapping her in her arms. "Shh, luv," Mum said softly. "It's okay. The cane is not for you. You're not here to be punished." After Lisa had sobbed on her mum's shoulder for a few minutes, she managed to compose herself. Mr. Harding gave her a tissue and invited her to sit down.

They explained to Lisa that she had been the victim of a horrible jealous fit. Mr. Harding and Mrs. Cushing apologised profusely for having unjustly punished the American. While it was explained to Lisa what had happened, Ms. Bunson seemed to be turning paler by the moment. After being prompted by Mr. Harding, she too apologised in a voice barely above a whisper.

The apologies having been made, it was now time for retribution. Mr. Harding explained that since Ms. Bunson had been so eager to have Lisa caned, it was only fair that she receive the same punishment, stroke for stroke that Lisa had suffered two days earlier. It was also only fair, they thought, that Lisa be allowed to watch Ms. Bunson be caned if she so desired.

It took Lisa a few minutes to comprehend all that she had been told. Lisa thought about it for a moment. Although the caning had been a most painful experience, especially with a strapping on top of it, and although she certainly had no desire to repeat the experience, at least she could say she had first-hand knowledge of New Zealand school discipline. Also, Lisa was not a vindictive child. In the end, she said no, she did not care to see Ms. Benson caned and that actually, she would not be upset if Ms. Bunson were not caned at all.

Mrs. Cushing said it was very generous of Lisa to say that it was all right with her if Ms. Bunson were not caned, but that the teacher had a lesson to learn, and she had earned her punishment. Mr. Harding then invited Mrs. Garret and Lisa to join him outside of the office while Mrs. Cushing administered the caning.

Once they were alone in the office, Mrs. Cushing asked Ms. Bunson to remove her skirt and to bend over the back of her chair. Shaking like a leaf, Ms. Bunson complied. She had never been caned and was scared to death. CRACK!

Outside the office, they heard a loud scream, as if a banshee where in the headmaster's office. CRACK! Another scream, this one even louder. CRACK! They heard a long, low howl. CRACK! Another howl. Clearly Ms. Bunson was not taking her punishment with even half the dignity in which Lisa took hers. CRACK! The howl grew louder. CRACK! Mrs. Bunson emitted an ear piercing scream as the cane struck diagonally across the five previous cane marks. She collapsed over the chair, blubbering like a small child. As Mrs. Cushing put away the cane, she berated the bawling teacher, telling her that Lisa had taken the exact same caning without making a sound or shedding tear. Mrs. Cushing then reminded the young teacher that she had a class to teach and that she needed to get back to her room.

As the caning was taking place, Mrs. Garret talked to her daughter in the hall. She apologised for doubting Lisa's honesty. With what had taken place, Mum said she would even understand if Lisa felt that Mum should receive a strapping just as Ms. Bunson had received a caning. Lisa quickly said no, that the apology and having her name cleared had been sufficient. Mum gave Lisa a tight hug and watched her head back to class, proud of the girl that she could call her daughter.

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