Lisa in New Zealand III

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This is a continuation of the Lisa in New Zealand series. It follows the unjust caning she received at school that morning. For those who don't like Lisa being punished unjustly, be patient. As they say, paybacks are heck. As always, your comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.


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As was their daily custom, Lisa and Debra ate lunch together the day of the caning. Lisa had not been at all hungry, but Debra encouraged her to eat something, reminding her that she would be sent to bed without her tea that night. When they had finished eating, Debra asked Lisa if she had looked at the marks on her bum yet. Since Lisa had not yet had an opportunity to do so, the two sisters set out for one of the more secluded restrooms at the school.

After determining that no one else was in the loo, Lisa carefully raised her skirt and lowered her panties. Debra let out a gasp when she saw the marks. There were five parallel purple welts going across her bottom with an angry red welt crossing diagonally through them. Lisa, too, was surprised by the marks as she had never seen a caned bottom. Remembering that Debra had told her that she had been caned, Lisa asked her how long it would be until the marks went away. Debra figured that as hard as Mrs. Cushing had caned her that she would have the marks for at least a week, if not longer. After they had finished examining Lisa's damaged bum, Lisa left to work on a history assignment with some friends.

Debra still could not get over the fact that Lisa had been caned for insubordination. Lisa was the politest person she had ever met. Everything was always yes ma'am and no ma'am. It just didn't seem right. Debra decided to ask the students in Lisa's economics class to find out their view on what had taken place that day during 1st period. As she set out on this task, she found her sister Rachel and invited her to help on this fact finding mission.

Everyone they talked to said the same thing. They were all as flabbergasted as Lisa that Ms. Bunson had sent her for the cane. She had not been talking, and she had not been rude. Those who sat closest to her also agreed that it had been an accident that Lisa had knocked over her chair when standing up. It seemed almost as if Ms. Bunson had been out to get the American. Debra decided to tell Mum what she found out as soon as she got home. Surely Mum would not give Lisa the strap once she knew what had really taken place.

On Tuesdays during 5th period, Lisa had an individual study hall in the school library. She went upstairs and carefully sat down in her usual cubicle where she knew that she would have privacy. The caning reminded her of a severe ankle sprain she had suffered during a soccer game when she was 15. Like the caning, Lisa had been in extreme pain immediately after the injury. In time, the pain in her ankle, like the current pain in her bottom, had settled down into a dull ache that would flare back to life if she moved wrong.

Lisa reflected on that nearly forgotten injury. She had heard a pop as she went down, and the pain had been so bad that she had wanted to scream and cry, but she did not. For to Lisa, to cry in public would have been a sign of personal weakness and that she could not tolerate in herself. It had taken some effort not to cry when Mum had slippered her a few weeks back. But it had taken nearly all her will power not to cry during her caning. She had managed to hold back the tears because she did not want to appear to be weak but also because she did not want to give those who punished her the satisfaction of seeing that they had managed to hurt her. She wondered ruefully if she had enough strength left in her not to cry when she received the strap later that day.

But now Lisa was alone, and she allowed herself to cry. She cried because her bottom hurt. She cried because she felt she had been unjustly punished. She cried because she still had to face the strap when she got home. And she cried because it made her feel better. With her head down on her desk, Lisa allowed the pent-up tears to fall for five minutes.

When her tears were spent, Lisa wiped her eyes and thought about what lay ahead when she got home. When Mum had slippered her for talking in chemistry, she had been required to write an apology to her teacher. It stood to reason that she would be required to write an apology this time, too, but to whom - Ms. Bunson, who did not deserve an apology as far as Lisa was concerned, Mr. Harding, Mrs. Cushing, or perhaps to her class? Lisa decided she should write the apologies now as she thought it might be impossible to write them after receiving the strap. This safest bet was to write letters to all of the above. If she didn't need a particular letter, she could simply throw it away later. Each letter was very similar to the following:

Dear _______:

I wish to apologise for my actions yesterday in economics. I know better than to argue or be insubordinate to a teacher. My mother has given me a spanking to help me remember to mind my manners. In the future, I shall endeavour to behave in the manner expected of students at Ruapehu High School.

Lisa Reinker

In writing the letters, Lisa decided to use the more generic term "spanking" rather than saying she had been strapped. There was always hope that Mum might be generous and use the slipper, or maybe even her hand, instead of the strap. Although Lisa had not been strapped before, she knew it was a most horrible of punishments from stories her sisters had told her. Lisa dreaded going home and facing Mum. All too soon the school day came to an end. The three sisters made their way home. Usually Lisa was telling her sisters to hurry up and walk faster, but not today. Today, no one was in a hurry to get home. But they could only walk so slowly, and eventually they reached the front door of the house.

Mum was waiting for them at the door. Usually she greeted her daughters with a smile on her face, but not today. After reminding the girls to change clothes, she told Lisa she was to do her homework in her room and then report to her parents' room as soon as her studies were finished. While they were changing, Debra debated on whether or not she should tell Lisa what she had found out from her classmates and what she was planning to tell Mum. Debra was certain that Mum would be reasonable and decide not to strap Lisa once she knew the whole story, but at the same time, Debra did not want to get Lisa's hopes up in case the plan did not work out. In the end, Debra decided to say nothing to her sister.

After she had finished changing her clothes, Debra went off and found Mum. Although Debra knew that she was not in trouble, seeing the angry look on her mum's face frightened her somewhat. Debra squared her shoulders and began.

"Uh, Mum," Debra started, "may I talk to you about something."

"Of course, dear," answered Mum. "What is it?"

"It's about what happened to Lisa as school today," her daughter replied. "I am very upset with Lisa right now," stated Mum angrily. "I hope you didn't come in here to try and get her out of her strapping, young lady." Hearing Mum call her a young lady made Debra nervous. She only called the girls that when they were in trouble, still she felt she owed it to her sister to try and talk Mum out of the strapping. "You see, Mum," Debra said, "I talked to some of Lisa's classmates, and. . ."

"You can just stop right there," Mum said, glaring at her daughter. "Mr. Harding rang me and told me what Lisa did, and she is going to be soundly punished for it. As you should know, we have a rule in this house that a caning at school means a strapping at home. Now, if you care to question the rules of the family, then perhaps you need a dose of the strap, too."

"No, Mum," replied Debra quietly. "I didn't mean to question you. I'll go take care of my homework now." Debra quickly left the room. She didn't want to give Mum a second chance to think about giving her a hiding. Debra had received the strap from Dad just last Saturday for talking back to him. Her bum was just now recovering from it, and she was in no hurry to reacquaint it to the strap so soon. She was glad she hadn't told Lisa of her plan. She went to the kitchen and tried to do her homework, but she could barely concentrate.

It didn't take Lisa long to finish her homework as she had done most of it in study hall. Once she had completed it, she walked to Mum's bedroom, knocked on the door, and entered. Lisa had expected to see the strap already out since Mum had had the slipper already on the bed the last time, but she did not see it. But see did see anger in Mum's eyes which told her that there would be no reprieve.

Mum lectured her about her behavior. With an angry voice, she said how disappointed she was that a slippering had not been sufficient to teach her to behave in class, but that she was sure that the strap would be able to teach the lesson that the slipper had not. Mum then asked her if she had anything to say before she was punished.

Lisa debated it for a moment. So far today, no one had listened to what she had to say. She thought there would be no point, but at the same time, what did she have to lose? How much worse could it get, so she pleaded her case. As Lisa tried to explain the events of that morning, she could see the fury growing in her mother's eyes. Wisely, Lisa cut short her account and simply apologised. When Lisa had finished, Mum walked over to the top dresser drawer, opened it, and pulled out a supple brown leather strap that was approximately 30 inches long and 1 inch wide. Mum then told Lisa to stand behind the dressing table chair. Once Lisa was behind the chair, Mum pulled down the teen's shorts and panties and instructed her to bend over and to grab hold of the seat.

As Lisa bent over, she reminded herself that she was strong and not weak. She told herself she could and must take the strapping silently and without and tears. "I will not give her satisfaction," she thought. "I will not let her know that I'm hurting." With those thoughts in mind, she began to mentally sing her American high school fight song in an effort to boost her courage and strengthen her resolve. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Without warning, the strapping had begun. "Oh, God, it hurts," she thought. Lisa gritted her teeth and tightened every muscle in her body to help her resist the onslaught on her bottom. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Again and again the strap came down on her poor bum. Lisa lost track of how many strokes she had already received and had no idea of how many more were yet to come. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Her whole body began to tremble despite her effort to stay still. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Lisa squeezed her eyes shut to hold back the tears. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Surely I can take a few more," she thought. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Luckily a few more was all she had to take and the strapping was over just before her resolve broke.

Mum told her she could stand and pull her shorts and panties back up. She instructed her to write apologies to Ms. Bunson, Mr. Harding, and Mrs. Cushing. Once the letters were completed, she was to go straight to bed.

Lisa acknowledged her mum's instructions and quickly left the room. As soon as she had closed the her bedroom door, the tears began to pour out of her eyes. If the strapping had lasted just one more stroke, she thought, she never would have been able to have kept from crying in front ofMum. She was glad she had written the apologies ahead of time, for she knew it would be impossible for her to sit, much less write, at this moment. Lisa got out the prewritten letters and put them on top of her book bag for Mum to examine later. She then got dressed for bed. As she was changing clothes, she examined her bum in the mirror. From the top of her bum to the top of her thighs, it was a dark red, almost purple colour and was covered in welts. The tears were still streaming down her face as she crawled into bed, lying down on her stomach and without the weight of the covers on her battered backside. As she reflected on how unfair the whole day had been, Lisa cried herself to sleep.

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