Lisa in New Zealand II

From: Beth ([email protected])

Here is the second story in the Lisa in New Zealand series, this one set in school. This story is a complete work of fiction. I don't even know if my host school used the cane although caning in school was still allowed at that time. I hope you enjoy it. As always, your comments are most welcomed.


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After Mum had given Lisa the slipper for misbehaving in chemistry, Lisa made an even greater effort to behave herself in school. The slipper had hurt bad enough, and Lisa did not want to risk getting the strap. A few weeks went by and everything was going fine. Lisa was having a wonderful time and really enjoying her new school.

One of the subjects Lisa was taking was economics. The subject didn't really interest her, but she figured that she would learn useful things for later in life. As she had been an honors student back in America, she took her studies very seriously. She also wanted to do well on the University Entrance exams at the end of the year. Although she wasn't required to take the exams, she thought it would be neat to be qualified to attend a New Zealand university.

One morning during the first period, Lisa was sitting in her economics class. The teacher, Ms. Bunson, was young but known for being very strict. She had given the class a few minutes to look over a reading she had just handed out. Lisa, being a responsible student, was studying the document carefully. She heard her name and looked up at the teacher.

"Lisa!" said Ms. Bunson. "I will not have you talking when you are supposed to be reading. Or do you know this material so well that you don't have to read it?"

"Yes ma'am, I mean, no, ma'am," sputtered Lisa. "I mean I wasn't talking, ma'am."

"There are two things I will not tolerate, Ms. Reinker," retorted the teacher, "and that is lying and arguing with the teacher. They may be tolerated in the States, but they are not tolerated here."

"Yes, ma'am," answered the confused girl. "I didn't mean to argue, but I'm telling the truth. I wasn't talking, Ms. Bunson.

"I will not stand for such insolence, young lady," replied Ms. Bunson angrily. "Stand Up!"

Unfortunately for Lisa, in her haste to comply, she stood up too quickly and knocked her chair over. Several of her classmates began to giggle.

"Do you think this is some kind of joke?" asked the teacher. "Let's see if you find the cane to be a joke, too. Come stand facing the wall, hands on your head while I write a note for you to take to the headmaster."

Lisa's face turned beet red, but not wanting to make matters worse, she quickly complied. She could not believe what was happening to her. She hadn't been talking; she had tried to be respectful, and she was about to get the cane. "Oh, God," Lisa thought. "If Mum finds out about this, I'm sure to get the strap, too." Her only hope was that Mr. Harding would listen to her side of the story and decide not to cane her. All too soon, Ms. Bunson handed her a note in a sealed envelope and sent her to the headmaster.

At Ruapehu High School, the cane was more commonly used on junior pupils although the occasional senior boy would get it, but it was almost unheard of for senior girls to get the cane. But, if the teacher had a good reason to ask for a pupil to be caned, the headmaster usually complied with the request. Even so, canings were extremely rare events in the school.

Lisa soon arrived at the headmaster's office. She handed the envelope to the secretary who took it into Mr. Harding's office. A short time later, she was summoned into his office. As she entered the office, she glanced around for a cane but did not see one. Maybe she wouldn't be caned after all.. She stood before Mr. Harding's desk, and he did not invite her to sit down.

"Lisa," began the headmaster, "I am extremely disappointed in you. I had been hearing such excellent things about you, and then I get this," he said, pointing to the note. "We do not tolerate insubordination here, and it requires the sternest disciplinary measures to be taken. What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked.

"Sir," she began, apprehensively, "I didn't mean to be insubordinate. I didn't think I was being disrespectful. Honest, I didn't. But it wasn't me who was talking, sir. I didn't mean to knock over my chair. It was an accident. I swear it was. I wasn't trying to misbehave. Oh, please don't cane me sir, please," she pleaded.

"I won't be giving you the cane, Lisa. I don't cane the girls," Mr. Harding replied. "The senior mistress, Mrs. Cushing, does that. Ms. Bunson has requested that you be caned. As much as I dislike having senior girls caned, I find that I must agree with her. You are to report to Mrs. Cushing's office at the beginning of morning interval to receive your punishment. In addition, I shall be calling your host mother to inform her of this situation. That is all," he concluded.

"Yes, sir," Lisa replied dejectedly. She left the office and slowly made her way back to economics. "I can't believe I'm going to get caned," she thought. "It's just not fair. I didn't do anything. And Mum's going to kill me." Before Lisa reentered the classroom, she resolved that she would not let Ms. Bunson or her classmates have the satisfaction of seeing her sweat.

"Well?" asked her teacher as Lisa entered the room.

"I'm to report to Mrs. Cushing during morning interval, ma'am," Lisa answered in a firm voice while taking her seat.

Morning interval came all too soon, and Lisa found herself outside the door of the senior mistress' office. Mrs. Cushing was Lisa's English teacher which made the getting the cane from her even more embarrassing. To make matters even worse, she would have to go to her class right after the break was over. Lisa wanted to die, but instead, she knocked on the door. Lisa entered the room and stood in front of the desk. Lying on top of it was a cane.

"I am very sorry to have to see you here for discipline, Lisa," started Mrs. Cushing. "I have never known you to be anything but an excellent and well-behaved student. However, you have earned a caning and a caning you are going to receive. Please remove your skirt and stand behind the chair." Seeing the shocked look on Lisa's face, Mrs. Cushing added, "at this school, girls are caned over their knickers."

Lisa did as she was told. Mrs. Cushing informed the American that she was to receive six strokes of the senior cane. She then told her to bend over the chair and to grasp the seat. She was warned that if she got up or otherwise interfered with her punishment that she would receive extra strokes.

Lisa bent over the chair as instructed. She promised herself that she would not cry or let Mrs. Cushing know that the caning hurt her. Swish, CRACK! "Good Lord, that hurt," she thought. This was going to be a tough promise to keep. Swish, CRACK! The second stroke landed parallel and just below the first. Lisa gritted her teeth and grasped the chair more tightly as she struggled not to cry. Swish, CRACK! This stroke had landed just below the second. Lisa could tell she was being caned by an expert. Swish, CRACK! Another parallel strike. The burning pain was incredible. Lisa reminded herself that she was tough and could take it. Swish, CRACK! Lisa's resolve was being tested mightily. She only had to endure one more and it would be over.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cushing was puzzled by the lack of response from the exchange student. Even the toughest of girls would be visibly crying by this point. If Lisa hadn't removed her skirt, the teacher would have sworn that the girl was wearing padding. The senior mistress glanced at Lisa's knuckles. She noticed that they had turned white from holding on to the seat. "So, she is feeling it after all," the teacher thought to herself. She was determined to make the last stroke count. Swish, CRACK! Lisa wanted to scream but forced herself to slowly exhale instead. The last stroke had cut diagonally across the previous five. Lisa would later be informed by her sister that she had just received a perfect bar five gate caning.

Mrs. Cushing told Lisa to put her skirt back on and that she could leave once she was dressed. She also congratulated for taking her punishment so well. Lisa ran into her sister Debra when she left the office. Apparently, the news of her caning had traveled around the school, and Debra wanted to be there to comfort her when it was over.

"How did it go?" asked Debra who was surprised not to find Lisa in tears. Debra had been caned in the fourth form and had cried for nearly a half an hour afterwards.

"I-have-never-been-in-such-pain-in-my-entire-life," Lisa said slowly through clenched teeth. "And I have to face Mrs. Cushing again in English in ten minutes. I just can't believe this has happened to me, Debra. What's Mum going to do when she finds out about this?" Lisa asked.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Debra asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," Lisa answered.

"Well, you may find this hard to believe," Debra started, "but Mary, Rachel, and I have all been caned at least once in school. I hate to tell you this, but Mum gave each of us the strap afterwards. I'm sorry Lisa," and she gave her sister a hug.

Lisa sat down very carefully in English. Thinking about what had happened and what was going to happen, she decided that this had to be the worst day of her life, and it wasn't even over yet.

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