Lisa in New Zealand I

From: Beth ([email protected])

This story is the first part of a series I posted on the now defunct spanking page. Although it is a work of fiction (at least the spanking part is), it is based in part on my experience as a foreign exchange student in New Zealand many years ago. As always, your comments are most welcome.


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Lisa Reinker was a sixteen year old junior from Texas who had been chosen to be an exchange student to New Zealand. In addition to being an honor student, Lisa was also very athletic, excelling in all the sports her school had to offer. Her host family, the Garrets, consisted of Dad, a businessman; Mum, a homemaker who was also a member of the board of governors of the girls' school; Mary, a twenty-one year old who was in her last year at the university, but who still lived at home; Debra, an eighteen year old who was in the 7th form; and Rachel, a fifteen year old who was in the 5th form. Like Lisa, her host sisters were all excellent students who loved to play a variety of sports. From the very beginning, Lisa fit right in with her new family and was having a great time.

One Saturday morning a couple of weeks into Lisa's stay, Debra and Lisa had returned home from playing tennis. As they passed their parents' room, they heard what sounded like a spanking taking place behind the closed bedroom door. A moment later, they heard Rachel cry out, begging Dad to stop strapping her.

Lisa gave Debra a questioning look. Debra, who saw the concern on Lisa's face, told her, "Don't worry. Rachel's just getting a hiding. She probably talked back to Mum or Dad."

"You mean that Rachel still gets spanked at fifteen?" asked Lisa.

"Of course she still gets her bum smacked," replied Debra, "we all do. Well, Mary hasn't gotten a hiding since she was around nineteen, but Rachel and I still get a few each year. In fact, I got my last one just a couple of weeks before you got here for breaking curfew."

"Do you think that Mum and Dad would spank me if I misbehave?" asked Lisa. "I mean, I haven't been spanked since I was about five or six, and I never got it with a strap."

"It's really no big deal," said Debra, trying to reassure her new sister. "Sure, it hurts and your bum's sore for a few days, but it beats getting grounded for a couple of weeks. If you're that worried about it, why don't you ask Mum and Dad if they'll smack you like they do to us if you get in trouble."

Lisa thought about it while taking her shower. Lisa was very well behaved. In fact she had never been in trouble at school or even grounded at home. She didn't want her host parents to think that she was planning to get in trouble. She also didn't want to put ideas into their heads about giving her a spanking. In the end, Lisa decided that she would just make certain that she never did anything that would earn her a spanking during her stay.

About three weeks into the school year, the three younger sisters arrived home from school, changed out of their uniforms, and began doing their homework at the kitchen table. As usual, Mum had set out biscuits and milk for them to snack on. After they had been studying for about 30 minutes, Mum came in and asked the usual questions about their day. After listening to their answers, she asked Lisa to go to Mum's bedroom when she finished her homework.

"Oh, Lisa, what did you do?" asked Rachel.

"What do you mean, 'what did I do'?" replied Lisa

"When Mum asks you to meet her in her room, it usually means she's going to give you a hiding," answered Rachel. "Did you get in trouble at school or something?"

"I don't think so," answered the now worried American. "Well, I have been talking a bit in Chemistry, and Mr. Franks caught me passing a note yesterday. Do you think that could be it?"

"If you've been talking and passing notes in Mr. Franks class, that has got to be it," said Debra. "He's known for calling parents over the littlest things. I got the slipper from Mum twice last year because of him."

Lisa was about to panic. She had never had a teacher call home because she had been bad, and here she was, about to get her first spanking in nearly eleven years. As she asked her two sisters what she could expect to happen to her, Mary walked in.

"Sounds like someone's going to get her bum warmed," teased Mary. "Don't worry, Mum doesn't usually draw blood, at least not for a first offence," she joked.

"Aw, leave her alone, Mary," said Debra. "You hollered loud enough the last time you got it. I bet the neighbours could hear you crying."

Mary's face turned bright red and she quickly left the room. Debra and Rachel then filled Lisa in on what she could expect to have happen. Lisa was visibly relieved when they told her she would probably get the slipper and not the strap since it was her first time. After finishing her homework, Lisa went to her mum's bedroom and knocked on the door.

Mum told her to come in. Mum was sitting on the bed with a Keds style tennis shoe lying next to her. Mum explained that Mr. Franks had called and told her that not only had Lisa become a chatterbox in class and was caught passing notes but also that her work was not as neat as it needed to be for the annual school inspections. Mum went on to say that it was especially embarrassing for her to receive such a call since she was on the board of governors.

"I am very disappointed with you, Lisa. Since this is the first time you've been in trouble, I am only going to use the slipper on you," Mum said, pointing to the tennis shoe next to her. "But if this happens again, you may well expect to get the strap. In addition, after you've received your hiding, you're to go right to bed. There'll be no tea for you tonight," Mum concluded.

Mum then motioned the frightened girl to come to her side. Mum quickly lowered Lisa's shorts and panties and pulled her across her lap. "How old are you Lisa?" asked Mum.

"I'm sixteen, ma'am," Lisa replied.

"Sixteen times two is thirty-two, so you're going to receive thirty-two smacks," stated Mum. With that, the slippering began.

Lisa wasn't sure if thirty-two was considered to be a lot or not, but with the first blow, she knew it would be a lot. As an athlete, Lisa had had her share of injuries, and she had developed a very high threshold for pain. Lisa was determined to take her spanking in silence and without tears. After all, she had misbehaved, and it didn't seem right to make a fuss about a punishment you had earned.

After about six to eight strokes, Mum was puzzled by the lack of response she was getting from the girl. Her other girls were usually squirming and starting to cry by this point. Mum began to strike her with more force, but still Lisa remained stoic throughout the thirty-two smacks.

The slippering completed, Lisa was helped off Mum's lap. Mum then told her that before she went to bed that she was to write an apology to Mr. Franks. "In your apology, you're to tell him that you were soundly slippered," added Mum.

"Oh, Mum, no! Please, don't make me tell him that I got spanked," Lisa pleaded. "I'll write the apology, just please don't make me tell him about the spanking."

"I can see you haven't quite learned to be obedient," stated Mum. "Another session over my lap should help you learn your lesson," she said, motioning for Lisa to resume her position over the lap.

"I'm sorry, Mum. I'll do as I'm told right away. Please don't spank me again," she begged while backing away from her mother.

"You'll do as you're told, all right, after your bottom's been smacked," said Mum. "If you don't wish to go over my lap for the slipper, perhaps you'd rather bend over the chair for the strap?" she asked.

As much as Lisa didn't want to be slippered again, she wanted to be strapped even less. She went back to Mum's side, had her shorts and panties taken down again, and then went back over Mum's lap for the second spanking. This time she received only a dozen sharp smacks of the slipper. When it was over, she was sent to her room to write the apology before going to bed. Mum warned her that she would be checking the apology, and if it wasn't written as directed, she would get the strap.

Lisa, wanting to avoid a third spanking in one day, this one with the strap, did exactly as she was told. She left the letter to Mr. Franks on top of her book bag so that Mum could check it later. As she was lying in bed on her stomach, Lisa thought about the events of the afternoon. The slipperings had hurt, as her still sore bottom could attest, and she certainly didn't want to earn any more spankings, yet at the same time, Lisa felt even more a part of the family because she had been punished the same as her sisters. Even though the slipperings had made her feel more a part of the family than ever, she was determined not to earn any more during her stay. With this thought, Lisa fell asleep. Little did she know, however, that today's spankings were the just the first of several she would receive during the year.

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