A Heavenly Job

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Pamela settled into the comfortable leather chair. She was even tempted to put her feet up on the heavy oak table she sat behind. This is the life, she thought to herself. Two weeks with no rowdy teenagers and no assignments to mark. Surely this was as close to heaven as one could find in a teaching job.

Pamela reflected on the circumstances that had given her a dream job for two weeks. The principle had suffered a mild heart attack at the same time as the deputy principle was on overseas holidays. Pamela was an English teacher, not that long out of college herself, but her reputation for strict discipline had seen her given the job of stand-in principle until the deputy returned.

Pamela surveyed the room. St Gregory's was an up-market private school and Mr Clodfrey's office certainly reflected the school's high fees. Antique chairs and bookshelves added a plush, though turn of the century feel to the room.

Suddenly, Pamela spotted something above one of the bookshelves that sparked her curiosity - a cane. Pamela reached up and removed the cane from the board that it was displayed on. The principle must have left it there to deter would be offenders, though its use had been outlawed by politically correct governments years ago.

Pamela studied the cane. It was long and slender, with a traditional crook handle. Pamela was amazed that something with such a reputation as a harsh implement of correction could be so light.

She'd never been caned herself and wondered how it would feel. Curiosity got the better of her, and Pamela tentatively put out her left hand and lightly brought the cane down on her palm. That didn't hurt, she thought. I'd better do it properly if I really want to find out. Pamela lifted the cane again and brought it down with moderate force.

"Shit!", Pamela cursed aloud. A thin red line formed across Pamela's palm. She shook her hand urgently, dropping the offending implement on her desk.

How did students take such a punishment? I wasn't even doing it that hard. Probably badly, she considered, rubbing her burning palm. They probably bawled their eyes out. No wonder students were much better behaved back then.

Pamela visualised one of her cockiest students bending over the desk, bottom up for the cane. She visualised herself holding the cane high, then bringing it down hard across his pants while he begged for mercy. Those were the days, she thought.


Pamela slammed down the phone in disgust. She knew her husband did not appreciate calls at work, but he didn't have to be so damn rude. Colin hadn't shown the slightest interest in how she was handling her first day as acting principle. He knew she was nervous about it, but had been more interested in writing some stupid report than hearing about how she was going.

Pamela loved her husband, but he could be so inconsiderate at times, and especially so when he was stressed. Pamela was so angry she could scream. As fate would have it, she looked down and spotted the cane, still lying on her desk where she had dropped it.

Maybe that's what he needs, she thought with an amused smirk. A good caning would certainly get his attention. Six of the best right across his naughty bottom. Pamela reached forward and picked up the cane, getting right into her fantasy.

She swished the cane through the air, captivated by the sound it made. She pictured Colin bent over her table, pants at his ankles as she administered the caning he richly deserved. Pamela was shocked by the realisation that the powerful image was not only appealing, but incredibly arousing.


Colin was cutting up vegetables in the kitchen when Pamela finally got home. She'd had to work later than usual, meeting parents and dealing with troubled staff. It seemed being in charge wasn't quite the heaven she thought it would be.

Pamela walked into the kitchen and put her arms around Colin's waist, hugging him tightly as he worked. Colin leaned back and nuzzled her cheek. She always loved it when he did that.

Pamela was still a bit angry at Colin, though it seemed a little trivial now. Still, she wasn't going to let him off that easily. Especially since she'd been staring thoughtfully at the cane on her desk most of the afternoon.

"You know you were pretty rude to me on the phone today dear husband," Pamela said into her husband's ear.

"Yes, sorry about that. I was really busy. That report's really important," her husband replied, still cutting vegetables.

"Well my job is important too. You knew it was my first day. You've been making a habit being inconsiderate lately, and it's a habit you'd do well to break." Pamela paused. "Or I might have to take some drastic measures," Pamela added ominously.

"What are you talking about?" Colin asked in a concerned tone.

Pamela dropped her voice to nearly a whisper and gripped Colin tighter around the waist. Just the thought of what she was about to say was exciting her.

"I'm acting school principle now. Do you know what that means?", Pamela asked.

"Not really," Colin replied, struggling to understand his wife's meaning.

"It means I'm responsible for disciplining naughty boys all day," Pamela felt Colin tense as she spoke. "I have a cane for naughty boys' bottoms. It stings like the devil I'm told," Pamela paused to let the words sink in. "I'd hate to have to bring it home to deal with bigger naughty boys," Pamela lied. Actually, the idea was quite appealing.

"You can't be serious," Colin asked incredulously.

Pamela unwrapped her arms from around Colin's waist and took a step backwards. Colin looked over his shoulder at her, eyes wide with surprise.

"If you keep up your habits you'll find out just how serious I am naughty boy," Pamela replied, giving Colin her most stern tone and a look that she normally reserved for the classroom.

Pamela then lifted her hand back and smacked Colin's bottom hard through his sweat shorts.

"Oww! What was that for?"

"That was just a sample of what to expect if you don't shape up. I'm going to take a shower now. I advise you to think about lifting your game, and how the cane might feel if you don't!"

Pamela walked into the bathroom, her heart beating fast at what she'd just done. She was breathless with excitement. Her normally strong willed husband had proved as easy to handle as a errant schoolboy. Pamela knew that she had to go the full monty.


Pamela was having a rotten day. First, she'd had to deal with three students caught vandalising a convienience store. A reporter with a local newspaper had even rung her to find out what was happening at the school.

Then she'd had to put up with an abusive parent who was convinced that the school's teachers were responsible for his poor grades, despite the student's history of poor performance and discipline problems stretching back over a decade.

It was nights like this that Pamela liked to go out for dinner with her husband. A good bottle of red and some care free romantic dining could wash the weight of the world away. She decided to ring her husband to organise dinner at a nice Italian restaurant they frequented.

"Pamela, I told you I had meetings all day today. What do you want?" her husband answered the phone abruptly.

"Well hello to you too!" Pamela snapped back.

"Oh sorry," Colin mumbled, suddenly remembering what his wife had said the previous week.

"So you should be. I've had a terrible day and now you can't even be civil to me for thirty seconds out of your oh so important day. Well when you get home tonight we'll see if the cane can't teach you to be a little more sensitive!"

"But Pamela," Colin implored.

"No arguments mister," Pamela immediately replied in the same tone she used with students. "unless you want a dozen instead of six. Enjoy sitting down through your meetings. You won't be sitting tomorrow!"

Pamela hung up. She felt a huge sense of relief, like something that had been brewing for months finally was going to have a resolution. She fondled the cane on her desk thoughtfully. The images of what she wanted to do came stronger now, and were even more exciting to her.


The school secretary winked at her when Pamela walked out of her office with the cane under her arm. Pamela blushed and tried to get out of the building as quickly as possible without running.

Pamela wanted to be home well before her husband today. She had a few ideas on how to prepare for her husband's caning that would make sure he didn't offer more than token resistance.

Once home, Pamela prepared the outfit she was going to wear to Colin's demise. She carefully selected a white lace blouse and her shortest black mini-skirt. Pamela put her hair back and donned her reading glasses. Her highest black heals completed the look - sexy but stern.

Pamela knew from dealing with errant schoolboys that she'd have to take Colin out of his comfort zone to make him submit to her cane. Her husband had probably spent the afternoon deciding how he was going to tell his wife that 'there is no way he was going to let her cane him'.

Pamela moved the desk from the study into the lounge, placing the cane prominently on top of it. It was the first thing her husband would see when he walked in. She placed a straight backed chair from the kitchen behind the desk. Now she waited.


Colin's mind ran through what he was going to say to his lovely wife as he slowly walked up the front stairs. He was going to put his foot down and say that there wasn't a chance he was going to let her cane him. He was far too old for such a punishment. Besides, he was the man of the house. He was in charge!

Colin was astonished at what he saw when he walked into the lounge room. His wife was sitting behind a desk in the middle of the room. She was staring at him - eyes thin and piercing. What was even more astonishing was the long thin cane on the desk. Colin couldn't take his eyes off it!

"Glad you finally made it home Mr Phillips," Pamela barked as she slowly rose from behind the desk. "I've half a mind to increase your punishment for being late." Pamela knew that this threat to increase his punishment would reduce his resistance to what he already had coming to him.

Colin finally lifted his eyes from the horrible wooden implement lying on the desk. His wife looked stunning. Her short skirt and high heals emphasised her fantastic legs. He'd never seen Pamela so stern and determined. All his schoolboy fantasies about his teachers came rushing back to him. His breath was short and perspiration began to drip down his forehead.

"Now Pamela, you," Colin began.

"Quiet! I've had quite enough of your excuses for one day," Pamela snapped in a determined voice. Pamela had found that tone was more powerful than volume when dealing with naughty boys, if used correctly.

Colin recoiled from his wife's voice. He was amazed at this transformation in his normally subdued wife. Even more disturbing to him was that he found it incredibly sexually exciting. She was in control, and he wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

Pamela picked up the cane on the desk and began to lightly tap it against her left palm, still eyeballing her naughty husband. Colin found his wife's newly found dominant side too arousing to watch and stared at the carpet, unable to think of anything coherent to say.

"Now young Mr Phillips, you find yourself in this position because you continue to be insensitive to your loving wife's feelings. As a long overdue lesson to you, I intend to cane you six times across your bare bottom. They will be hard strokes and I'm sure they will hurt a great deal."

Colin found the visualisation of what his wife intended to do disturbingly erotic, but horribly frightening. Colin had heard stories about the effects of the cane, though he'd never experienced it. Yet, he thought ruefully. He had to get out of this somehow.

"That's right. In a few moments you're going to bend over this table and be caned by your wife for behaving like a selfish schoolboy. Do you have anything to say for yourself young man before you bend over the desk for the sound caning you've earned?", Pamela asked, knowing she had her husband in the palm of her hand.

Colin's mouth was dry. His tongue felt swollen, his heart raced, his hands shivered, but his penis was rock hard.

"Ahh. I didn't mean to upset you," Colin replied weakly.

"That's 'No Mrs Phillips' to naughty boys like you," Pamela enforced her authority. She couldn't afford to offer her husband even a glimpse of a way out of this.

"No Mrs Phillips," Colin blushed and studied the carpet at his feet, feeling utterly humiliated, yet incredibly excited.

"Good. Now bend over the table. Now, don't just stand there," Pamela ordered.

Colin hesitated a moment too long and Pamela was at his side in a flash. She grabbed her husband by his ear and half-led, half-dragged him to the side of the table. He flailed his arms and protested but Pamela paid no attention.

"Right, that's just earned you an extra one. Now bend over," Pamela told her husband as she pushed down on his back. Colin reluctantly complied and bent submissively over the desk.

"Now it's time to bare that bottom of yours," Pamela said as she reached around and began to undo Colin's pants. This isn't going to be anywhere near as much fun as when she normally does this, Colin thought.

Pamela pulled down Colin's trousers and jocks down to his knees. She pushed up his business shirt, then stepped back to admire the view. Colin was bent over the table, his face red with embarressment, while his white bare bottom stuck out nicely. She had to admit he did look rather cute in this position. Pamela was surprised to see Colin's penis was fully erect - maybe she wouldn't have any problems getting him in this position again.

She tapped the cane lightly on her husband's bottom. Pamela knew how much he deserved this caning and was determined to make it a memorable occasion. He might have a hard-on, but this isn't going to be an erotic game, at least not for him, Pamela thought wickedly.

"You will stay in position at all times. If you try to get up before I give you permission, I'll give you extras. Understood?"

"Yes, Mrs Phillips," Colin replied miserably.

"Good. Now prepare yourself. This is going to sting, but you really need this. I think you've needed it for quite some time."

Pamela raised the cane high, then brought it down hard right across the middle of Colin's bottom.

Swish.... TWACK!

Colin felt a burning hot line of fire across his bottom. Then, to his horror, the burning increased. The pain was intense - like a line of needles had been stabbed into his bottom. He gasped in agony, but was too shocked to say anything coherent. Pamela noted with satisfaction the expression on her husband's face. He certainly felt that, she thought to herself.

Pamela paused a few seconds, then raised the cane again. She brought the cane down again, just as hard as the first stroke. She aimed just slightly below the thin red line that had instantly appeared on her husband's bottom after the first stroke.

Swish.... TWACK!

"Ooowwww!" Colin could not help but yell out as the cane struck another line of fire across his bottom. His fingers clawed at the desk. He shut his eyes tightly and fought to remain still, his wife's warning still fresh in his mind. There was no way he wanted to earn extra strokes. He wondered how he would be able to take another five strokes like that.

Pamela was impressed with Colin's self-control, but she knew that the caning wasn't even halfway finished. She would get to him yet. It was time to up the stakes.

She raised the cane again, higher this time, and brought it down again. Pamela struck harder this time, at the lower, less protected part of Colin's bottom, just before his thighs began.

Swish.... TWACK!

"Yeeoow! Oh please, please," Colin cried out. His bottom felt like it was on fire. Even more embarressing, he could feel the wetness around his eyes. Colin was not one to cry easily, and certainly not from pain, but he'd never felt anything like the sting of a cane across his bare bottom.

"What was that, my naughty boy? Please? That should have been 'Please Mrs Phillips will you give me the rest of the caning I've earned!'" Pamela told her husband. "Remember, you got yourself into this predicament. Now hold still, just a few to go and it will be all over."

Pamela raised the cane again. She noticed the redness around her husband's eyes and the wide eyed helpless way he was looking up at her. This stroke would do it - take him over the limit and regress him back to a naughty schoolboy taking his licks.

She brought the cane down. Swish.... TWACK! She laid a new stripe at a slight angle across two of the others.

The effect was devastating on poor Colin. He let out a long screeching noise while he danced his feet against the floor, somehow hoping to expel the pain burning a fire in those red strips across his white bottom. Finally, he made a couple of low coughing noises then stared down into the desk.

Pamela was already aroused, feeling more powerful than ever at making her husband submit in this way. Then she heard him sobbing softly, and her arousal magnified. She almost weakened. The desire to drag her husband into the bedroom to satisfy her growing need was strong. Perhaps he had learned his lesson.

But then Colin turned and looked at her, face still on the desk. His eyes were watery and he was still sobbing softly, but the look was expectant. She steadied her resolve. He expected her to finish, and finish she must.

"I see the cane is getting through to you. Are you going to be more considerate in future, or will I have to cane you every week?", Pamela asked her unfortunate husband. Pamela knew she needed to remain firm throughout this first caning to establish her authority.

"No! I mean no Mrs Phillips. I've learnt my lesson, really I have!", Colin begged his wife. The thought of a caning like this every week seemed unbearable.

"We'll see about that young man. Now, you've still got three to go. Don't think I'm going to let you off, because I'm not. Prepare yourself!", Pamela said.

Colin considered protesting, but his wife seemed very determined. There would be no escape. He put his head back down on the desk and gritted his teeth.

Pamela brought the cane down twice in quick succession. Two diagonal strokes across the centre of his fleshy bare bottom.

Swish.... TWACK! Swish.... TWACK!

Two new bright red lines formed instantly across her husband's bottom. Colin cried out with each stroke, barely managing to stay on the desk. "Yeeoow! Oh God! No more! Please! Yeeoow!", he cried as the strokes fell.

Then, finally broken, he burst into tears sobbing as he collapsed limply against the desk. Hot tears ran from his gushing eyes down into his mouth. Colin muttered how sorry he was, how wrong he'd been, and how much better behaved he'd be in future, in between loud tearful sobs.

Pamela was very pleased. She had not worn panties under her short mini-skirt and could feel moisture starting to drip down her legs. She mused thoughtfully to herself that perhaps headmistress was heaven in a job. She put the cane down on the desk. He didn't need the last stroke, and she'd thought of a nice alternative too.

She leant against the desk beside her very sorry husband, slowly stroking his hair and back.

"It's okay. You've been a very naughty boy, and your loving wife had to punish you for it. I'm sure that this won't be the last time you need some correction, but want you to know that I still love you very very much," Pamela whispered in her husband's ear she continued to stroke his hair. She continued to hold Colin until his sobs quietened down.

"You know, that was only six strokes. I still owe you another stroke," Pamela warned her husband in a sterner tone. Colin was traumatised at this awful news.

"Oh please, I've learnt my lesson. Really I have. No more, please," Colin begged for mercy.

"Well, are you going to give me any trouble again if I tell you to bend over the desk?", Pamela asked.

"No Mrs Phillips, I promise I won't argue with you again," Colin promised.

"Well you'd better not. Maybe I can spare you," Pamela said coyly. She lowered her hand to Colin's stripped bottom and began to rub it very lightly. She was surprised that she could feel the slight ridges left by the cane. She reached down in front of Colin with her other hand and began to stroke Colin's balls. His erection, which had disappeared completely during the caning, began to return. Colin was surprised at how good his wife's hand felt on his sore bottom. The fire at the back seemed to be fuelling a massive erection.

All too soon for Colin, Pamela stopped and stood up.

"Stand up," she commanded.

Colin stood slowly and tentatively, still looking slightly at the floor. He wasn't sure that he was out of the fire yet.

"I want you to sit on that wooden chair behind the desk," Pamela ordered.

"But it'll hurt!", Colin protested.

"Yes, but you can have the cane instead if you prefer," Pamela told him in a tone of voice that let Colin know she wasn't joking.

Colin leapt to action and quickly walked behind the desk. Slowly, gingerly, he sat on the chair, wincing as his weight settled. Pamela walked in front of Colin and stared thoughtfully into his still red eyes.

"Punishment is over, naughty boy," Pamela told her relieved husband.

Much to Colin's surprise, Pamela hitched up her mini-skirt and lowered herself onto her husband's still hard penis. She'd waited far too long for this, she thought to herself. She sighed as his hardness pushed deeper into her. This definitely was heaven, she thought.

Colin was delighted with his wife's forwardness. His bottom burned sharply as his wife impaled herself to the hilt on his hard cock, her weight pushing his still burning bottom onto the chair. The contrasting sensations as his wife began to ride him quickly almost drove him straight over the edge.

Pamela felt his cock twitch inside her. She stopped moving and whispered into his ear. "I wouldn't come before I do, the cane is just behind me." Then she began to move again, long strokes that satisfied them both, pausing periodically to push her clit delightfully against his hard public bone.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Pamela came twice before Colin finally shot his load deep inside his wife. But the night was still young and this happy couple would see the sun come up together for the first time in years.


(c) Copyright 2000 [email protected] May be freely distributed provided no fees are charged for access to this story and the copyright message is not removed.

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