The Mentor IV

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This story is about a juvenile female who has lost her way in the world of peer pressure and outside influence. This story does contain two spanking scenes, but the author doesn't condone the spanking of children and it is purely fictional.

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Things went pretty good for the first three weeks. Taylor was coming by every day. If he didn't pick me up at school then he would always show up shortly after I arrived home, or he would be there waiting for me. I was getting used to having him around and had pretty much accepted him as a permanent fixture in my life. I thought I was doing pretty good but then it happened. I got bit by the peer pressure bug and I caved. I caved big time.

"It's gonna be an awsome party, Vicky said, you just have to come."

"Gawd, a party and I was finally being invited. Megan didn't think it was a good idea I could tell, and I knew she wouldn't go. It was on friday night, just four days away.

"I want to come but I don't know," I replied

"Anna what's gotten into you, you're like turning into a good kid, If you want to spend the rest of your life sitting home alone just to please mother, then go, but you have a rep here at this school for doing what ever you want and kids admire you for that." Vicki Said.

The rest of the week went by pretty good, I hadn't been in any trouble for almost three weeks, but tomorrow I had to make a decision. I remembered what Taylor had said about accepting consequences for breaking the rules. Well I would just have to make sure I didn't get caught. I had gotten to know him so much better and I didn't think he would actually smack me again. It was Thursday night and Taylor showed up unexpectedly. Mom sat a place for him and although it was nice to have him there I was a bit nervous, like he could tell that I was up to something. After dinner we went for a walk.

"Is everything ok Anna?" he asked.

"Fine, everythings fine," I replied.

"What do you have planned for this weekend," he asked

Ohh gawd, why does he have to ask me this now, um do I lie? I can't tell him, what do I do now I thought.

"Um I am suppose to spend the night with Megan, She is the one friend that you said was a good enfluence, remember?" I replied. She is going to let me know at school tomorrow.

"So if she says no then what?" he asked.

"Well then I guess I will be home doing nothing tomorrow night," I replied.

"Why are you asking?"

"Well I just thought that maybe I would take you and a couple of my sisters to a movie tomorrow night. Sort of a reward for you doing so well I guess. Megan can come you know!" he stated.

Ohh gawd, make me feel guilty now, but the party will be great I thought.

"Well, Megan has to watch her little sister for about an hour tomorrow night, so we can't go, but what about saturday night? could we go then?" I asked.

"I will let you know ok! he replied.

When we got back, Taylor thanked my mom for dinner and he left. I felt so guilty, but I couldn't back out on this party now. I did have a reputation and I had to go.

I went to school the next day and forgot all about Taylor. I had to or I would start to feel quilty. Megan was mad at me cause I told her what happened and she didn't like that I used her as my excuse for going to the party. She was my best friend and I knew she would get over it. I went home after school and called my mom at work to tell her that I was staying at Megan's, then I went to Vicki's. We went to the party after her parents left for a business dinner. I knew that they would be gone all night.

The party was at this park down by the river and there were alot of people there. It was so much fun. I had only one wine cooler and when no one was looking I would pour the beer out, Vicki was getting so drunk. Finally around midnight I didn't want to be there any more so I decided to walk to Megan's. I knocked on her window and she let me in.

"Anna you are in soooo much trouble," she said.

"What do you mean I'm in trouble." I asked

"Gawd Anna I am so sorry, I hope someday that you forgive me, but I only did it because you're my best friend and I love you like a sister. Taylor has helped you so much," she cried.

"What did you do Megan?" I asked in a very upset voice.

Megan started crying as she told me what she had done. "I told your mom yesterday that you were going to a party with a bunch of kids at school. I was scared that something would happen to you. I'm so so sorry, but thats why Taylor came over last night for dinner and to offer to take you and me to the movies. He was giving you a choice and you didn't take it.

"WHAT? HOW COULD YOU," I yelled. I started to cry.

"Be quiet, you will wake my parents," she said.

"I thought you were my friend," I cried.

"I am your friend, thats why I did it. You are just to far into doing what you want to notice who your real friends are." she replied.

"So your telling me that my mom and Taylor both knew that I was going to a party because you told them?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Anna, I thought you had done so much better and would go to the movies instead, I'm so so sorry.

I sat there not looking at her and not knowing what to do next. My mom was hurt I'm sure but Taylor, Oh my gawd. It just hit me I LIED TO HIM. The one thing he told me to never do. Not only did I lie, but I lied big time. I couldn't even see straight, why did I fear his authority so much. Why should I accept his word as law for my life. Ohh who was I kidding, He was going to tan my butt so bad for this one and I wouldn't be able to stop it. I stood up and looked at Megan..

"I hate you and I don't ever want you to talk to me again. I was crying and so was Megan as I crawled out her window and headed for home. I took the long way because I needed to think. I knew he would be there waiting for me. I felt so betrayed by her. When I got home my mom was in bed and Taylor was no where to be seen. I put on my pajamas, crawled into my bed and cried myself to sleep thinking about my friends betrayal.

I woke to the sound of dishes being put away. I laid there and thought of what had happened and how maybe I was responsible for this whole thing. I had to do some fast talking to my mom before I had to deal with Taylor. I jumped out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I got into the kitchen, I realized that it was to late. Taylor was sitting at the table. I made a quick turn and headed back to my bedroom. I didn't want to face him yet. I barely got my door closed when it opened and then closed again.

I said the only thing I could think of. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM." I yelled.

He took hold of me at the shoulders and turned me around as we headed to the door. He turned me toward him and put me into the corner. He stood so close to me that I couldn't get away no matter what I did. He seemed so tall and I was actually scared. i had been in this situation with him once before and i absolutely hated it.

"I'm sorry," I cried.

"I gave you a chance to make a right choice. You broke just about every rule and you betrayed your moms trust. What did I tell you about the truth and trust? he demanded.

"Yyou said it it was the most improtant thing," I cried.

"You remembered and you still did it anyway?" he asked.

"Im sorryyyy," I cried

"Anna, time for talk is over," he replied. "Consequences, Anna.

I didn't get a chance to say anything, he pulled me from the corner and we headed for my bed. I didn't know for sure what he was doing but I had a pretty good idea.

"Stay on your stomach" he ordered, as he pushed me onto my bed. It was in my nature to fight so I objected. He had me pinned down so I couldn't move.

"Noooo," I cried.

"Here we are again Anna, I am gonna let you go but you aren't gonna move. I'm gonna spank you Anna, but you can still keep some dignity. Stay put, and it will be over your p,j bottoms, move, and I take them down, he continued

I didn't want that so when he let me go, I stayed lying across my bed as he took off his belt.

"Ohhh gawd noooo Taylorrrr nooo.

But it was to late, I was in no position to object and Taylor was right, I made a bad choice and even when I did it, I knew there was a chance that I would get caught. I just didn't think I would. Boy was a wrong.



I threw my hands back to cover my butt, Taylor quicky grabbed them and pinned them to my back with his left hand, as he continued to spank me.

SMACK........ WACKKKK....... SLAPPPPPPPP...........

Tayyyylorrrrrr Owwwwww noooo pleaseeeeee Owwwwwwww......

SMACKKK.... WACKKKK..... SPANKKK.............

I never in my life felt something so painful as he continued to punish me for my disobedience and lies.


I definately made a big mistake, I had no idea it would hurt so much.


SMACK....... SPANK....... WACK....... SMACK.......

By this time I couldn't even beg him to stop. I was crying so bad. Then I felt him release me from his grip. I grabbed my butt and started rubbing. He reached down and pulled my hands away.

"Don't rub," he ordered, Keep your hands away.

I was in so much pain and I hated him for punishing me. I felt him pull me up and he walk me toward my desk. He seated me in the wooden chair and I quickly stood up, only to be forced back to a seated position.

"Keep your feet on the floor and put your head down," he ordered.

As long as he was holding that belt, I wasn't going to disobey. I knew he was still there as I sat on my throbing butt, with my feet on the floor and my head down crying my eyes out. At least it was over, well I hoped it was. I don't know how long I sat there, but it hurt so bad.

" I can't sit here," I cried in a real quiet voice.

"Anna, when I leave you can get up, but when I come back we are going to have a long talk about what happened to you. Quit fighting this Anna. You need to learn to accept and trust that your mom knows whats right for you. Let her be your mom and guide you," he said.

I didn't look at him but I was listening to what he was saying. I then heard my door open and close and when it did I threw myself on my bed and cried my heart and soul out. It was because it hurt so bad, but I also felt bad for hurting my mom and for some reason I felt bad for betraying Taylor too. I knew I had some decisions to make and I had to do this before I found Taylors belt being put across my bottom again.

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