The Mentor III

From: [email protected] (Susan)

This story is about a juvenile female who has lost her way in the world of peer pressure and outside influence. This story does contain two spanking scenes, but the author doesn't condone the spanking of children and it is purely fictional.

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I felt much better once I got to school and had spent the whole day with my friends. I was actually glad that Taylor attended a different school. Spending the next several days, weeks, or months were going to be bad enough but having him at my school would be to much. It was between the last periods of the day when my friends came up with an after school activity.

"Anna, we are all going to the mall after school so meet us out front and we will all go over together ok" Said Megan.

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to go but I remembered what Taylor had said and I didn't know if I should push my luck with him. I was pretty sure he meant it too. All of my friends were standing around waiting for my answer too.

"Um Megan, we need to talk, alone ok. I replied.

We walked just outside of their hearing range so we could talk.

"Anna, whats wrong, you have been weird all day today," she replied.

"I want to go but I can't, you know about yesterday, well I sort of got grounded, so I can't go, " I replied.

"Anna, your mom has grounded you before and that never stopped you, just make sure you get back before she does," she said

"I can't go. I wasn't gonna tell you what happened yesterday after I got home but if I do then you will understand why I can't go, but you can't tell anyone else why." I continued.

I told Megan everything, the corner, the swats and the threat of getting my butt beat if I disobeyed. I felt like I was going to cry again.

"Wow, Megan replied, he actually did that to you? this guy sounds really serious about his decisions with you.

"Ya but I figured if I play it cool for a while,he will back off and things can get back to the way they were, but tonight I just need to go home and talk to them," I answered.

After school, we all went outside and waited for the busses. We were all standing around talking and I suddenly noticed Taylor approaching. I actually got sort of nervous. It made me mad that someone actually could make me feel like this.

"Anna, are you ready to go," he asked. I said bye and gave Megan a look of utter helplessness as I walked away with Taylor.

"Anna, call me tonight," she yelled as we walked away.

I felt weird because as he opened the car door for me, It occured to me that I actually had never been anywhere with him. I looked back at the kids that were standing around. They were looking at me and Taylor. I knew what they were thinking and that was fine with me as long as they didn't ever know the real reason I was with him. To me he wasn't my friend, he was still my babysitter and I resented him and my mom for this whole situation. As we started for my house he started the conversation.

"How was school today?" he asked.

"I didn't skip any if thats what your getting at," I replied

"No, I didn't mean that and I suggest you drop that smarty pants attitude," he replied. You can have fun today or you can have a miserable time. The decision is yours.

" How was school for you today then," I asked

"Well I didn't skip any classes either," he replied.

I looked at him and when he smiled at me I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. He did have a sense of humor after all.

We drove past my street and I began to wonder where we were going so I asked.

"Well I talked to your mom and she won't be home until around six tonight, so we are going to my house. My dad might be home later, but you can meet my mom and my siblings and you can see where I live," he replied. Maybe you will understand what it is that i'm trying to do then.

I figured it beat sitting at home and bored out of my mind so I was all for it. I was a bit surprised when we got to his house. It was huge and after I met his mom I could see why Taylor was so patient. I was shocked because we were in the kitchen and everytime I turned around there was a different kid coming from somewhere.

"How many brothers and sisters do you have?" I asked

"Well counting me, There are seven and we are from age 2 to 19," he replied

"Wow, what a big family. now I know what he means by other responsibilities. With all those younger siblings, you almost grow up responsible. We were there for about an hour and I was really enjoying hanging out with his sisters.. They were a little younger than me but it was cool anyway. His dad finally showed up and Taylor introduced me to him. He seemed nice, but I was soon to find out why Taylor was so responsible and well behaved. I over heard his dad and mom talking about something someone had done or not done, I couldn't tell. I went back downstairs to the rec room where Taylor was, and his younger brother had just come in. He was very cute and much bigger than most thirteen year olds. He was almost as tall as taylor. He was way different, real baggy clothes and shoulder length hair. We talked for a couple minutes, but he seemed really nice, even sort of silly. His smile changed to a very serious look when he heard his dad call his name. I couldn't believe that I was there while he stood in front of his dad and took a pretty good scolding. He never once raised his voice to his dad or even talked back.I understood now why Taylor had such an authoratative voice. He got it from his dad. I wasn't even in trouble and it made me squirm. I had never been here before and I had never met his dad or his brother and I had never gotten spanked before in my life, but even I knew thats what his dad was going to do to him. He knew it too. He stood there apologizing for his behavior, but not begging to be let off. It's almost like he knew better. His dad then told Taylor to take me upstairs. I knew I was right, because before we got to the stairs, his dad ordered him over the pool table and had already started to remove his belt. I took the stairs two at a time. I went outside with Taylor and we sat on the deck. I couldn't say anything to him with the thoughts of his brother downstairs, getting it with the belt. How awful that must be.

"Taylor, What did he do exactly," I asked

"Did you not hear what my dad said to him?" He asked

"Ya, um something about lying and disobeying his decision, but I don't understand," I replied.

"Anna, He did something he wasn't suppose to and then he lied and told dad he wasn't there when he was. He got caught and he knows he has to accept the consequences," he replied. When you break the rules, there are always consequences, even as a adult," he continued. "It's almost six so we better go back to your house.

When we got back into the house, I remembered that I had left my shoes downstairs. His dad was in the kitchen and Taylor had stopped to tell them he would be home around eight. Since his dad was there I just ran downstairs to get my shoes. They were under the chair that was over by the pool table. I reached down to pick them up and I could hear someone crying softly. I followed the sound into the room next to the rec room. It was his brother that had just gotten punished. I felt so bad for him. I didn't want to embarrass him so I quietly left.

On the ride home. I couldn't get that sound out of my head. Did it really hurt that much to be spanked?. It wasn't a sad cry, it was a very upset and hurt cry. never heard huccups and crying at the same time before.

"Anna, are you ok?" Taylor asked.

"Uh hu," I replied.

"Um Taylor, has your dad ever, you know, um spanked you?" I asked

He looked at me sort of strange like, but then I think he knew what I was thinking.

"Yes Anna, he has. Once with his hand, when I was little and once over the pool table with the belt." he replied.

"What did you do,? I asked.

"Well I don't remember what I did when I was little. I just remember getting spanked. When I was twelve like you, I decided that I didn't have to do what he told me. He sent me to my room for something, but I ran off instead. When I came back, he took me downstairs, we had a very long talk, he then made me bend over and he gave me twelve swats. I was crying like a baby by the third one. I wasn't as tough as I thought I was. I have never disobeyed him again.

"But your seventeen now, so you don't , well he wouldn't now would he?" I asked.

"I know I don't have to worry about it now, but I don't ever assume he won't. He replied

"Why does your brother do it then?" I asked

"My brother is no different than you, he hasn't learned yet about respect and trusting that mom and dad know whats right. As soon as the two of you accept that guidance and trust, then your lives will become much easier. you will be happier too," he continued.

We were back at my house and I was actually glad to be there. Mom had gotten home already and was getting dinner ready. I went to my room to try to call Megan but her line was busy. When we sat down to eat, Taylor mentioned that we needed to talk about my punishment and the rules that I needed to follow with out question. This wasn't going to be good but I was starting to get the idea. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had to come straight home after school and do what ever it is that mom needs help with. I get one hour every week night to go to a friends and I can't go to the mall for a while. I also have to work on being more cooperative and honest. Well as Taylor said, just more civil to people. no skipping school, stealing or fighting... Unfortunately I'm still grounded till Saturday. I thought about what happened to his brother so I told mom and Taylor that I would try harder.

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