The Mentor I

From: [email protected] (Susan)

This story is about a juvenile female who has lost her way in the world of peer pressure and outside influence. This story does contain two spanking scenes, but the author doesn't condone the spanking of children and it is purely fictional.

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"This is so unfair, How could she do this to me?. Having a mentor is going to suck big time. I said.

"Can she make you do this?" Asked Megan.

"We had such a big fight about it that I know she won't change her mind. My mom already took it upon herself and signed me up for it. She said that she wants me to give it a chance because I've been in so much trouble lately, but I don't want to hang with some weird person I don't know. I said. Gawd I hate my mother so much, she is always trying to butt her nose into my business. So I shoplifted a stupid necklace, not like she never stole anything when she was twelve."

"It won't be so bad Anna, Just think, your mom works alot and now you have someone to take you shopping and stuff. Maybe I should get into trouble and have my mom freak and sign me up too." She replied. So when do you meet this mentor person.

Megan was my best friend since the 2nd grade and we just lived down the street from each other. She had both parents and alot of brothers and sisters. My life was pathetic. It was just me and my mom and most of the time it was just me.

"Well who ever I get, is coming over tomorrow to spend the day with me and mom, and I'm hoping to scare her off pretty fast. If she thinks she can reform me by trying to be my friend, well she is wrong. Two can play this game." I said.

"Megan, can I come to your house, I'm not ready to go home yet," I asked.

"Sure, come on, let's go," she replied.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening at Megan's house and by the time I walked home, it was after eight and boy was my mom mad. She did what she does best and started lecturing me about behaving and doing what she asked me to do. We had a big fight and I said some things that was probably not to nice, but I didn't care. The next morning when I woke up, I suddenly remembered that it was the day to meet this person that was suppose to change my life. New best friend for hire. This was going to totally suck. I crawled out of bed and got ready for my new best friend.

( Ya right, that's what she thinks.) As I was getting a bowl of cereal my mom gave me some very interesting news.

"Anna, this person isn't just a mentor, but he is a leader in his peer group and has gotten several awards for his work with helping teens get back on track. I think this will be very good for you and you will be spending alot of time with him. So I expect

"Wait a minute, Did you say he? as in a guy, a dude, the male species?" I stated.

"Yes Anna, his name is Taylor, and he is seventeen. He has worked with troubled teens for three years now and has had almost 100% turn around. She continued.

"YOU GOT ME A BABYSITTER?" I yelled. gawd was I pissed as I ran down the hall and slammed my door in protest.

I picked up my phone and called Megan. When she answered the phone I was crying.

Anna, whats wrong?" she asked.

Yyou won't believe wwhat my mmom did t to meeeee," I cried.

I told Megan everything mom had said and when I was done I still felt awful. This dude wasn't after being my friend, he was going to try to reform me, but he was going to have a fight on his hands, cause I wasn't interested in being rehabilitated.

Just then I heard our doorbell ring, so I said bye to Megan. I laid on my bed and heard my mom and this guy talking. His voice sounded nice, but no, I couldn't bite.

I couldn't go out there. It would make my mom think I was interested, when I wasn't. They must have talked for almost an hour and I couldn't take it any longer. I needed a soda and they just happened to be in the fridge, so I decided to swallow my dignity and go to the kitchen.

"Anna, My mother called.

"I'm not coming out there! I stated. So he might as well just go away!."

"Anna come out here," she said again.

"NOOOO," I yelled.

Well that did it I guess because I heard the door shut shortly after my statement. Good he was gone. That was pretty easy I thought. I had my back turned and was getting a glass for my soda when I heard and unfamiliar voice call out to me.

"Hello Anna" he said.

"Didn't I just hear you leave." I asked, in a real snotty voice.

"No, that was your mom, I asked her to go for a walk," he stated.

"I don't want or need your help," I stated. And I don't like you intruding on my life either.

"Thats ok Anna, you don't have to like me," he said.

"Good then leave!" I ordered.

Well Anna I'm afraid I can't do that. You don't have to like me but I am going to be here all day today until we talk, and if you don't talk today I will be back tomorrow, and every day until you do. he continued.

Wow this looser didn't take hints very well did he? I hadn't even looked at him yet, but I didn't want him to think I was going to give him any kind of chance to be my friend. I could play his game if that would get him to leave any sooner.

"You know Anna, I know you don't believe me, but I am here for you and to help you out with the trouble that you seem to be getting into lately." he continued.

Ohhh this guy thinks he knows everything just cause they gave him a stupid award or something. I turned around to give him a piece of my mind, but when I did, I couldn't believe it. He was soooooo cute, and very tall, alot taller than I expected. He sort of had muscles too, but was thin. Not to thin but just right. The perfect big brother. I decided maybe yelling at him wouldn't be a good thing.

"Do you want a soda?" I asked

I will take one if you promise to go for a walk with me so we can talk a little." he replied. I gave him a soda and we went for a walk around the block. He asked me a few questions, but I didn't answer. I however deliberately took him past Megan's house. When we got back to my house we sat on the lawn to talk. We sat there for what seemed like forever. I finally had to say something.

"You know it's nice of you to waste your whole day on me, but I really don't want your help with anything, and I don't need any one babysitting me." I said.

"Why do you do this anyway?" I asked

"I'm not sure why Anna, I just do it because I feel like I am a good role model and sometimes kids need that. There are alot of negative things out there to enfluence you, and not everyone can fight the bad enfluence." he replied. There are some things that your mom feels is bothering you. She wishes that you would talk to her about it, but right now since you won't, you can talk to me."

I'm just fine for your information, I replied with a little anger behind my voice. Besides everything I say to you, she will find out about, because you will tell her, and there isn't anything wrong with my life.

"Anna,You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, but what ever you do tell me, stays between us. I won't tell your mom. Right now we are just hanging out, but I want you to think for a minute ok, How much trouble have you been in lately?" He asked.

Sort of embarassed, I turned away and said in a real quiet voice, "I don't know."

Last year you were a straight A student, and this year your failing. You have been put in detention for skipping,(several times) suspended for fighting, you yell at your mother, alot may I remind you, and you just got caught shoplifting, but to me all of that is erased as far as I'm concerned, with me we start with a clean slate, however your mom loves you and she is worried. She wants you to straighten up and that's why I'm here. He replied. Do you know why the sudden change Anna?."

"I am impressed, you did your research on me didn't you?" I replied. By the way, How many kids are you mentoring besides me right now."

"Well right now it's just you Anna.' He replied. I have school and some other things that I am responsible to take care of." He replied. Here is my phone number and if you ever want to talk about anything at all, just call me, but Anna you didn't answer my question, why the sudden change? do you know?

He handed me a little card with his name and phone number on it. This dude wasn't all that bad. not stupid by any means, but he was still about to learn that I do what I want to in spite of good influence. We spent almost the whole day together talking.

"Well school is harder this year and I really don't like school much. I would rather be doing something else. I like going cause of my friends, but thats all." I replied.

"Well we can talk more about that later, but before I leave I want you to think about something," he said, And I will want to talk about it tomorrow when I come back."

"You're coming back tomorrow?" I asked.

"Anna we will be seeing each other every day for a while," he replied

"Ok, whats my assignment, I said in a very misery stricken voice.

"It's not the end of your life, so don't say it like it is," He scolded. Try it again,

Wow what a change in his tone. It sort of caught me off guard, even scared me a little. His voice was very authoratative when he wanted it to be.

"What do you want me to do Taylor," I asked in a much nicer voice.

"Thats much better, he replied, negative attitude only brings you down Anna." he stated. "I want you to think about how today made you feel. How you felt this morning as opposed to how you feel now . Remember Anna, Truth and trust is the most important thing. I will always be honest with you and I expect the same from you."

"Your mom tells me that you seem to have a big problem with following her rules!" he stated.

"She has stupid rules and It's a waste of my time to bother with them," I replied

She is never here anyway, so why should she care? I asked.

"Anna, that is not the right way you know. Sometimes our parents set up rules that we don't like, but we have to obey them." he said.

"Do you still have rules too? I mean since your seventeen and all, do you still have rules set up by your parents?" I asked

"My parents have always had rules that I have had to follow, and yes, I still have to follow them now, but they are easy to follow because I respect my parents and accept their guidance. I trust that they know what is right for me. Tomorrow we will talk about your rules and maybe work out something with your mom ok," he replied, But now I have to go because my parents are expecting me home for dinner and if i'm not there my mom will be disappointed. No matter what i'm doing, I won't disappoint my parents. I love and respect them to much for that.

I wasn't dumb, I knew he was saying all that for my benefit. He patted me on the head and walked to his car. I sat there on the lawn, wondering what I was going to do about him, he was nice but he could definately put a kink into my social life. I had alot of thinking to do, but now I had to make a phone call before Megan died of curiousity. When I got inside, I had to call Megan and tell her all about Taylor. How cute he was, but that he might still be a problem. How could a kid be that good? Something must be wrong with him to want to make his parents so happy and proud. That night I sat at the table and had dinner with my mom, but when she asked me how things went with Taylor, I acted like I was unhappy about being forced to endure such a terrible invasion of my privacy. That night I went to bed early cause I wanted to think. Not about what I was told to think about, because all I could think about was how weird it was to have such a cute dude interested in me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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