FutureSpank 4

From: [email protected] (Richard Bailey)

Ten year old Tami Moore approached the jewlery counter at Kline's Department Store for the third time.  She had her eye on a really lovely opal necklace that somebody had looked at and left on the counter.  Tami really wanted to get that necklace!  She knew that she only had $7.00 in her purse, and the thing had a price tag of $107.00, but she was consumed. She just had to have it.  She waited until the clerk turned to help another customer, and made her move.  Quick as a cat, she snatched the necklace, and put it into her purse.  Turning to make sure no one saw her, she slowly started to walk away.  She was so excited.  She had never stolen anything before, and this was a real high for her.  Oh, she did recall the time she stole old Mrs. William's flowers out of her garden.  The old biddy had called her dad at work (her mom had left them when she was 4).  Her dad came home, found her with the flowers, and asked her where she got them.  She made up some lie about finding them, and without saying anything, her dad had scooped her up in his arms and carried her and the flowers to Mrs. Williams house.  There, he returned the flowers, and told Mrs. Williams that I was very sorry, but would be a lot sorrier in about one minute!  With that, still holding her in his arms, he leaned her over, flipped up her skirt and pulled down her panties and spanked her right there on Mrs. Williams front porch, right in front of her, and in plain sight of anyone who happened to care to look (which, of course meant all the kids in the neighborhood, who seemed to be able to smell when someone was going to get spanked.)  She remembered the smacks on her little bottom, and the embarrasment.

Tami hesitated for a moment, and thought that maybe she should just return the necklace.  She reached into her purse and started to pull it out when a hand grabbed hers!  A man in his 20's, dressed in jeans and a ball cap, gripped her arm like a vice. Before she could say anything, he was pulling and pushing her toward the back of the store to the store offices.  She was so scared that she did not know what to say. He told her that he was with store security, and that they had been watching her for a while.  He took her to a small office, and had her sit down in a metal chair.  She was so scared that she realized that she had just wet herself!  She felt a warm feeling in her bottom.  The man told her that this store had a zero tolerance for shop lifters. He asked for her juvenile ID card, which all children had to carry since the law on discipline took place.  She was so scared that she could not talk!

He told her that shoplifting was an automatic "10", which she knew meant ten times your age in punishment strokes.  The thought made her tighten her butt cheeks together.  She knew that the maximum you could normally get was a "5".  Although she had never been to a Disciplinarium, she knew plenty of kids who had been.  She even saw Sally Smith's bottom in the school showers the day after she received a "4".  It was still red, with wicked looking tiny bruises where the holes in the paddle had met her butt.  The man told her that her parents would be notified, and that she would be transported within the hour.  She knew that her dad was out hunting, and would not be home to take the call.  She was so scared that she started to sob.  The man told her to hold up with the sobbing, that she would have plenty of reasons to sob in a little bit.  He told her to stand up, and asked her if she had anything else in her purse.  She told him no.  He told her he was going to look through it, and if he found anything else, she would be sentenced as a repeat offender, and her punishment would be increased.  She knew that there was nothing else in her purse, and handed it over.  He emptied it out, appearing somewhat surprised at what little was in there.

He asked her if she had anthing else on her person. She told him no.  He told her that he was going to have to search her.  For a moment, she didn't understand what he had said.  Then he told her to remove her dress, and put it on the desk!  She was so shocked that she couldn't move!  She asked him if he couldn't get a lady to do this, and he simply said "no".  He told her that since she had chosen to be a criminal, she would be treated as such. He told her that since the necklace she stole was over $100 in value, that this was being treated as a felony, and that, as a juvenile felon, she had given up all rights under the Federal Discipline Law.  He again told her to take off her dress and put it on the table.  With trembling hands, she reached behind her and untied the back of her dress. She then reached down, and pulled it up and over her head.  The man patted it down, and turned the one pocket inside out.  He then told her to remove her shirt.  She was so embarassed. She really had not started to "blossom" yet, like some of the other girls in her class, but still, this was terrible.  Slowly, she removed it, and handed it over.  He then motioned to her to take off her panties. She was mortified, but the look in her eyes told her that she had no choice. She bent over while facing him, and pulled her panties down.  As she stepped out of them, she realized that they were wet!  She placed them on the desk, and finally stood up, placing her hands on her little hairless mound.  He seemed to snort when he felt her panties.  He made her remove her shoes and socks, and checked them over.  Then, he handed them back, and allowed her to dress.

He attempted to call her dad, but, of course, only got the machine.  He told her to stand, and put her hands behind her.  He put a set of handcuffs on her, and walked her through the store to the main exit!  Hundreds of eyes were on her, and he even stopped at a group of girls who appeared to be about her age, and told them that she was a shoplifter who was about to get the spanking of her life.  Two of the girls laughed, while two turned red and felt their own bottoms as he spoke.  She was taken to a small white van, placed in the back, and driven just a few blocks to a Disciplinarium.

He pushed her inside the door, placed a card in the "override" slot, then swiped her Juvenile I.D. card, and entered a "10".  He then pushed her inside.  The walls were lined with plastic benches, which now were occupied by 4 boys and one girl.  The wall opposite the entrance had a set of steel doors, above which was a running sign which carried various messages, like "Silence", and advised them to watch for their ID number. Above this sign were three lighted signs which were numbered one to three.  The signs all said "in use".

The man swiped his card in a scanner in the wall, and pushed a button marked "one".  Immediately a large, previously blank, screen lit up, showing what appeared to be a 6 or 7 year old boy bent over a machine.  There was a number "14" showing on the monitor.  Just then, a strap smacked into his little white bottom.  You could see his head rear up, but could not hear anything.  The monitor changed to a "13", as the man pushed the "two" button.  A girl, who had to be at least 15, was bent over at a 45 degree angle, as a clear plastic cane smacked into her bottom.  Red "railroad tracks" appeared all along her bottom, and due to the separation of her legs, her vagina was open for all to (now) see.  The monitor showed the number "4" on it.  He then selected the "three" button, and it showed a boy about Tami's age being pulled upright by arm restraints.  His bottom was a livid red from the top, to the crease where his thighs met his butt.  His legs were stretched apart, and you could easily see both his little boy hole, and his bag.  His monitor showed a "0".

The man left the monitor on, swiped his card one more time, and pushed her inside.  There, she saw 3 large steel machines.  She was directed to machine "three", as the door swung open and the boy whose bottom she had just seen, came out.  He was wearing a tee shirt, sneakers and socks.  He was crying, and tears and snot were running down his face.  His hands were rubbing frantically on his butt, so his little penis was on display for all to see. Tami was amazed, and stared quite rudely at it.  Just then, he realized that he was not alone. When he saw them, he grabbed himself in front, to cover himself, and then gave a start, and reached back to his butt again.  His actions, and possibly the fact Tami was looking at him, caused his little penis to rise up stiff as a board.  It's little red head reminded Tami of a nut with a slit in it.

She was brought back to reality when the man told her to strip off everything but her shoes and socks.  He told her she had 3 minutes, or else she would get additional strokes.  She proceeded to pull her dress up and off followed by her shirt, and was just pulling down her panties when she looked up at the little boy. His penis was now standing straight up! Roughly, she was pulled to the door of the machine.  She looked over her shoulder, and saw the litte boy had turned and was picking up a shirt.  His bottom was terribly red.  The man shoved her roughly inside, and told her that she had better listen closely, if she did not want any additional strokes.

The door slammed shut, and a metalic voice told her to step on the yellow painted foot pads, and to grab the yellow straps above her head. Cautiously, she did so.  With a soft hiss, restraints inflated on her ankles and at her wrists, and she was gently stretched out. A padded bench in front of her moved up, and she felt herself being stretched over it, as her legs were separated.  A restraining arm pushed down on the small of her back, and a large monitor lit up in front of her.  The number "120" appeared on the screen, which then lit up further to show her widely separated bottom. She reaized two things at once.  1) She was terribly on display, her butt cheeks were stretched out as if some pair of invisible hands had grabbed each cheek at the level of her butt hole, and pulled them apart, exposing her completely.  2) There was not a thing that she could do about it.

Just then, a hissing sound brought her attention, followed by a smacking noise. She snapped her head up, as the pain spread from her butt.  15 seconds later, another stroke hit, than another.  (pinch your own butt hard, then count out loud to 15, and pinch it again.  You will feel the build up of pain that Tami was feeling).  The strapping went on without rest, and she knew that she could not live through it.  The monitor now showed "94", and she was in terrible pain.  The monitor showed her bottom to be a blotchy red from the top to the bottom.  She screamed both in pain and terror, as the machine relentlessly continued its journey of punishment.  Through tears, she watched in fascination as her bottom turned redder and redder.  At stroke "60" on the monitor, there was a pause, which Tami hoped meant that someone had had pitty on her.  All it meant was that the machine had reset itself.  Now, two shorter straps (one from each side) were attacking her cheeks.  The strokes would come randomly, and sometimes even at the same time.  The shorter strokes allowed the machine to spank inside of the previously untouched crack area of her butt.  Every 10 strokes, she was pulled further apart, until she thought she would break in half.  The straps visited every part of her butt from the top, to the edge of her vagina.  The last 30 strokes were the worst, as they were above, below, and on top of her bottom hole. She had never experienced pain like that.  Her butt was red, blue, puffy, and streaked.

Suddenly, there was quiet.  She was pulled upright, and her legs were pushed back under her.  She was gently released from the straps, and turned as the door slowly opened.  The man was gone.  Sobbing so deeply that she could hardly breath, she hurried from the dreaded machine.  Her clothes were where she left them.  She bent over to grab her shirt, and was pulled upright by the pain.  Her hands shot to her butt, and she felt the ridges and welts the strap had left.  She tried to clench her cheeks together, but could not. Slowly, she pulled on her shirt, and pulled her dress over her head.  She picked up her panties, and knew that she could not bear to put them on.  She wiped her nose with the cotton panties, which were still damp from her accdental wetting.  Slowly, she left the room. When she went out, there were 4 wide eyed kids staring at her.  She tried to maintain her dignity by walking out without holding onto her butt.  She happened to glance around, and saw that the monitor was still on. No wonder the kids were watching her.

She made it home, and ran inside to erase the answering macine message before dad got in.  The dumb thing did not seem to work. She couldn't figure out what was wrong, until a voice said "looking for this?"  It was dad, holding up the tape from the machine in one hand, and holding a hairbrush in the other!

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