Linda III

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The day after Linda had been paddled at school and spanked at home for writing a dirty letter was a difficult day.  It hurt to sit down, and it was hard to remain still in her chair.  She imagined that everyone looking at her could tell that she, a seventeen year old junior, had been spanked like a little girl, as though she were wearing a neon sign that read, "I got spanked twice yesterday."

At lunch, her friend Erin sat with her and asked how things had gone the day before. Linda had confided in Erin yesterday that she was going to be spanked by her mom when she got home from school.

"It was awful," Linda began.  "I hoped Mom might go easy on me since she saw how hard Mr. Merrick paddled me, but I was wrong.  Mom really let me have it with the hairbrush. I'm still really sore.  And it gets even worse.  Mom and Dad were mega ticked about me forging the detention notices.  Now I'm grounded through the weekend, and they're even going to spank me again on Saturday.  I mean, they haven't spanked me in years, and all of the sudden, it's like they've gone spank happy."

Although Erin felt bad for her friend, it was hard for her to have too much sympathy.  She had told Linda about getting paddled in the eighth grade, but she had not told her friend that she was still subject to spankings at home and got several a year from her parents. She simply nodded and told her friend, "I'm sorry."

At home, her sisters were rotten brats.  Every time their parents weren't around, they would tease her.  "I heard you crying like a baby when Mom spanked you," one would say. Then the other would add, "are you looking forward to your spanking on Saturday?"  Of course, Linda had forgotten how much she teased Mary and Suzanne when they got spanked.

The week dragged and flew at the same time.  Her parents had not told her when on Saturday she was to be punished or how she would be spanked.  She wasn't even sure who would give her the spanking.  Although she wanted to know the answers to these questions, she was afraid to ask.  To know the answers would make the spanking an absolute certainty.  Inside, she hoped beyond hope that they would either forget about it or decide that Linda had learned her lesson and did not need the additional spanking.  Linda was as helpful and polite as she could be the rest of the week in the hope that her parents might change their minds. She even did not complain about being grounded as she usually did.

Finally, it was Friday night.  Her parents still had not told her anything about her punishment scheduled for the next day.  She went up to her room early that night.  She tried to read for awhile, but found it too hard to concentrate.  She went to bed, but tossed and turned for a long time and slept fitfully.  Before she knew it, it was morning.  The day of reckoning had come.

Linda decided to go downstairs and act as if nothing special were supposed to happen that day.  She said a cheerful good morning to everyone and ate breakfast.  When she was done eating, she sat down in the living room to read the comics like she always did on Saturday mornings.

"Linda," her mother called from the kitchen.

"Yes, mom," she replied.

"I think you should go on up to your room now.  Your father and I will be up shortly to see you," Mrs. Trent stated.

"Mom and Dad!" Linda thought to herself.  Her dad was going to come, too?  Was he going to stay and watch her get spanked?  Was he going to give her the spanking? Her dad had rarely spanked her when she was younger, but his spankings were by far worse than even the hairbrush spankings of her mother.  She was nearly in tears as she answered, "yes, ma'am."

"Linda's gonna get it," whispered Mary.

"Daddy's gonna strap you," chimed in Suzanne.

"Shut Up!" hissed Linda before she made her way up the stairs.

Linda sat on her bed, wringing her hands.  It seemed that the wait for her parents was taking forever, but in reality, it was only about fifteen minutes.  Linda's parents knocked on her door and entered her room.  She noticed that her mom was not carrying the dreaded hairbrush. That meant she would get either a hand spanking or the strap.  Oh, please, don't let it be the strap," she thought.

Mr. Trent spoke first.  "Do you know why we are here?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," she replied in a small voice while looking at the ground.

"Suppose you tell us," he prompted.

"'Cause I got in trouble at school, got detention, didn't tell you about it, and forged Mom's signature," she practically whispered.

"What did you think would happen if we found out that you had received detention?" Mrs. Trent asked in a surprisingly gentle voice.

"I don't know," Linda replied.  She was almost crying now and still looking at the ground.  "I guess I would have been grounded."

"And did that happen to you anyway this week?" asked her mother.

"Yes, ma'am." Linda answered in a barely audible voice.  The first tears began to trickle down her face.

"If you had been honest about your first detention," Dad said, "it's true that you would have been grounded.  But hopefully, you would have learned your lesson after one detention, and it would not be necessary for us to be here today under these circumstances. You may find this hard to accept right now, but neither your mother nor I like to spank," he continued, "but we will spank when our children's behavior warrants it.  I wish it were not necessary to give you a spanking, but we have a duty to help you learn right from wrong.  Do you have anything you want to say before you're punished?" he concluded.

"No, sir," Linda sobbed.

"Then I think we should get this over with, don't you?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes, sir," she answered, crying even harder.  She looked up at her parents' faces.  They looked so sad and much older.  She had never thought that it hurt a parent to give a spanking, but maybe it was true that a spanking hurt the parent more than the child.  She was afraid of being spanked, but she was also sorry that she was putting her parents through this.

Her father told her to pull down her shorts and panties and then bend over the bed.  While she complied, he unbuckled his belt and pulled it free from the loops.  He could see Linda's legs shaking as she bent over the bed.  It saddened him to have to spank his eldest daughter, but it was his duty and he would do it.

CRACK!  Linda howled and jumped up, grabbing her bottom with both hands.  Her mother reminded her gently to get back in position and offered to hold her down if Linda thought it would help.  Linda shook her head no and bent back over.  CRACK!  CRACK! CRACK!  As the belt continued to strike her defenseless bottom, Linda screamed, she cried, she stamped her feet, she said she was sorry, she promised to be good, but through it all, stroke after stroke, she remained in position.  She had earned this spanking, she told herself, and she would show her acceptance of it by her obedience in remaining in position.

After 20 hard licks, it was over.  Her mother helped her pull up her shorts and panties while her dad put back on his belt.  Although neither of her parents believed in comforting their children immediately after a spanking so they would have the opportunity to contemplate their punishment, there would be an exception this time.  The punishment had been accepted and the lesson learned.  Now it was time for the healing to begin.  Both of her parents hugged her, telling her how much they loved her and how sorry they had been for having to spank her. Linda hugged them back, fully understanding at last that what they said was true.

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