Linda II

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It had been a horrible day at school. Lindaís mother and principal found out she had been forging her detention notices, sheíd been paddled, and "battle ax" Anderson had practically announced that she had been paddled to the whole class when she got back from the office. On top of that, her bottom burned the entire school day. It seemed that every time she sat down that the throbbing reminded her that she still had a spanking coming to her when she got home.

Linda wanted to eat lunch alone. She was still incredibly humiliated about being paddled like a little kid, and she hoped that no one knew what had really happened to her. But Linda was not to be left alone at lunch. Her best friend Erin sat down beside her in the cafeteria. Erin sensed that something was wrong. She knew that Mrs. Anderson had picked up a note from Linda and that Linda was likely to get in trouble from Mr. Merrick. Erin asked her best friend if she wanted to talk about it. Although embarrassed, Linda told Erin about the events that had already taken place and what was still to come later that day. Linda was surprised at how much better she felt after unburdening herself.

"I see your parents are like mine," said Erin, after Linda had finished her story.

"What do you mean that your parents are like mine?" asked Linda.

"Your parents believe that a spanking at school means a spanking at home," Erin answered. "I didnít tell anyone at the time, but in the eighth grade, I got paddled at school. The principal called my parents to tell them about it, and my dad blistered my butt again when I got home. It was one of the worst spankings I ever got." Erin, seeing the look of horror on her friendís face, realized that she had said the wrong thing to help her friend. "Iím sorry," Erin said softly, "I guess you didnít really need to hear about that."

"Thatís okay," Linda reassured her. "I know you meant well. Maybe you can fill me in on the details sometime. At least Mom saw how hard Mr. Merrick paddled me. Maybe sheíll go kind of easy on me. But promise me one thing, Erin," Linda asked. "Promise me you wonít tell anyone what happened to me today."

"Youíve got a deal," Erin told her friend. "And promise me that you wonít tell anyone what happened to me in the eighth grade. Youíre the first person I ever told."

"Deal," stated Linda. With that, the bell rang, and the girls made their separate ways to their classes.

When school let out for the day, Linda made the long walk home. She wondered when her mother would spank her. Would she do it as soon as she got home, or after dinner, or would she wait until maybe bedtime. Would Mom use her hand or the dreaded hairbrush. Maybe she would ask her dad to give her the strap. Although Linda hadnít been spanked in several years, sheíd received enough spankings when she was younger to know that all of those scenarios were possible. Just then, Linda remembered that her mom had promised to wash out her mouth with soap. Her mom had done that once before, and Linda remembered that it was nearly as bad as getting spanked. Tears began to stream down her face as she made her way home.

All too soon, Linda reached the front door of her home. She opened the door slowly and entered cautiously, almost afraid that her mother would grab her at the doorway and start spanking her right away. But Linda saw no sign of her mom, and she walked on into the house.

"Is that you, Linda?" she heard her mom call. "Put your things up and meet me in the bathroom, please."

"Yes, maíam," Linda answered. It appeared that she was going to get her mouth washed out first. Linda put her books down in her bedroom and then slowly made her way to the bathroom down the hall. Her mom was already in there, waiting for her.

"I talked to your father about what happened today," her mother began. He is as upset about your behavior as I am. He agrees completely that you need to have your mouth washed out and be soundly spanked for the note you wrote. We also decided that you will be grounded through the weekend and receive an additional spanking on Saturday for your attempt to deceive us about getting detention," Mrs. Trent concluded.

"Mom, No!" Linda practically shouted. "That makes three spankings! Thatís not fair! Iím seventeen, not a little kid. You just canít!"

Mrs. Trent spun her daughter around and gave her a hard smack on her bottom. "Iíd watch that tone of yours, young lady," replied her mother sternly, "unless you want to make it four spankings and a two week grounding."

"No, maíam, Iím sorry," replied Linda meekly. As bad as things were, there was no point in foolishly making them worse. Mrs. Trent then proceeded to thoroughly wash out the girlís mouth with a bar of soap. When she was finished, Mrs. Trent sent Linda to her room and told her to start on her homework.

"Uh, Mom, when are you going to spank me?" asked Linda hesitantly.

"After dinner and after your homework is completed," her mom answered. "And then it will be straight to bed with you."

That was just great, Linda thought. Now she would have even more time to think about what was to come. Linda would have much preferred to get the spanking out of the way now, but as mad as her mom was, Linda was not about to say a thing.

Linda was very quiet at dinner that evening. Her two younger sisters, Mary and Suzanne, were chatting about their school day. Inwardly, they were quite happy about their big sisterís predicament. Linda had often teased them when they were spanked and now she was going to get it. Of course, they were not so foolish as to tease Linda in front of their parents. They liked being able to sit down, and both Mr. and Mrs. Trent were known to give very hard spankings. When Linda was finished eating, she asked to be excused from the table.

"Yes," her mother told her, "you may go back to your room. Let me know when you finish your homework and are ready for your spanking." At this announcement, Lindaís sisters grinned at each other.

"Yes, maíam," replied Linda, her face reddening, and she went back to her room. An hour later, Lindaís homework was complete. There was no sense in putting off the inevitable any longer. Linda called out to her mother that her school work was finished.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Trent entered Lindaís room carrying a large, wooden hairbrush. Linda gulped when she saw it. This was going to be a hard spanking. Mrs. Trent was not one for wasting time. She sat down on the bed and told Linda to pull down her panties. Once the panties were down to Lindaís knees, Mrs. Trent pulled the trembling teen over her lap. She raised the back of Lindaís dress, baring her bottom. She could see a few red splotches and the beginnings of several small, round bruises from Lindaís morning paddling.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The spanking had begun. Mrs. Trent went methodically from right cheek to left cheek. She started at the top of Lindaís bottom and worked her way down to the top of the thighs. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! As soon as Mrs. Trent finished one circuit around her daughterís bottom, she began the next. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "We do not use that kind of language in this house," her mom lectured. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "In this house, girls who use that kind of language get their bare bottoms spanked," she continued. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

It wasnít long before Linda was bucking and kicking under the onslaught. Her bottom quickly went from rosy pink to fire engine red. She was crying loudly, promising to be good, and begging her mother to stop. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mrs. Trentís response was to spank with renewed vigor. Finally, Linda went limp over her motherís lap. She was bawling uncontrollably. Mrs. Trent made a couple more rounds with the hairbrush and then stopped.

Mrs. Trent waited a few minutes while her naughty seventeen year old composed herself and then helped the sobbing girl off her lap. Mrs. Trent did not believe in comforting her daughters immediately after a spanking. She believed that was part of the punishment process, giving the errant girl time to think about her actions and the sore bottom they had earned her. Instead, Mrs. Trent told Linda she was to be in bed with the lights out in fifteen minutes unless she wanted another spanking. With that, her mother left the room.

Linda checked her bottom in the mirror. It was an angry red color and was radiating heat. She didnít bother to pull her panties back up. Instead, she went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When she got back to her room, she changed into a nightgown, still leaving off her panties. Lying in her bed on her stomach, her bottom throbbed unmercifully. Remembering that she still had another spanking coming on Saturday, Linda cried herself to sleep.

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