Family Reunion at the Beach

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of young children. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]

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The summer the twins turned 14, the family decided to jointly rent a cabana at the beach. The whole family, that is. The Clementes, the Levines, and the Stevens.

Robin and Jennifer went shopping for new bathing suits. In the store, Robin was busy trying on a beautiful one piece rainbow bathing suit, while Jennifer was examining the bikinis.

"Oooh, I like this one!" Jennifer exclaimed, as she held up a piece of fabric. "There's nothing there, Jennifer," Robin said, "and besides, Daddy would never let you wear that."

"I know," said Jennifer, "but I think I'll try it on anyway."

She tried it on and decided to buy it even though her parents would die if they saw her in it. Robin didn't understand the point in spending $25.00 on something that you couldn't even wear, but Jennifer did it anyway.

When the girls got home, Robin modeled the bathing suit she bought, for her parents. Then Charlie wanted to see the one Jennifer bought. She lied and said she didn't get one, but then Charlie saw the bag and made her show it.

He said, "Oh, no! You take that right back to the store. You're too young to wear something like that!" Jennifer said she would take it back, but she didn't.

That Saturday, all the families went to the beach. The men took the boys swimming at the pool, while the women and the girls hung out in front of the cabana. The little ones played in the sand.

Then Jennifer said to her mother, "Mom, can I go down by the ocean?"

Her mother thought it over, but decided Jennifer was too young to go down by the water by herself.

"I promise I won't go in the water; I'll just lay on the beach."

Lisa said, "You can do that here."

But Aunt Joan rescued her, "I'll go down with you. I'll take Jody and Robin and Tabitha, too." She looked at Lisa. "And you and Samantha can stay here with the little ones. Then when the men come back, you can meet us. We'll be the ones under the bright pink umbrella.." And with that, she laughed and they were off.

When they got down to the water's edge, Jodi said, "Mommy, will you take me into the water?" Everyone decided to go in, except Jennifer.

"I'm just going to sunbathe a little."

Aunt Joan said, "Well, you should at least take off your t-shirt and shorts." So, as soon as they were out of sight, Jennifer did just that. And what she had on underneath, was the bikini that she was supposed to return to the store, but didn't.

About a half hour later, Jennifer opened her eyes. It felt like someone was staring at her. Her father was standing over her with a mean expression on his face. He was not happy.

"You were told to return this, uh, bathing suit." Charlie threw Jennifer her t-shirt and waited until she put it on. "Now, young lady, you will go back to the cabana and stay there. And starting tomorrow, you will be punished."

Jennifer threw on her shorts, and gathered up her book, and her stuff, and slowly walked back to the cabana.

Jennifer sat on a beach chair in front of the cabana reading her book. She was all alone; the entire family was down by the ocean. But she didn't care, because as soon as she got back to the cabana, she took off her t-shirt and shorts, and laid down on the beach chair in her bikini.

"Not one of Daddy's smartest moves" she thought to herself.

After awhile, a boy, about her age, walked by with a young girl and bunch of his friends. He stopped, and said hello to Jennifer. "Hey!" she said. They started talking.

"I'm Brian. My friends and I were just going to get something to eat. Want to come along?"

Jennifer thought about it for a moment, and then said, "Sure!" She put her book away and locked up the cabana. She went with the boy and his friends. They went to the snack stand, and Brian bought her a hamburger with fries. Usually she didn't eat such greasy food, but she was hungry, and didn't want to be rude. Plus, she didn't have any money of her own with her.

After eating, the kids went to the playground. It was practically empty, so they just fooled around on the swings and the merry go round ride. Then Brian and Jennifer went on the swings.

He leaned over and said, "I like you. Would you mind if I kissed you?"

So he did. And Jennifer was in love. The rest of the afternoon, they talked and joked, and held hands, and kissed. It was fun. And Jennifer almost forgot that she was punished and wasn't supposed to be there.

A little later, Brian and his friends decided to go swimming. Jennifer went back to the cabana and got her shorts, and her towel. She had her t-shirt with her, but she hadn't worn it.

"Ha!" she thought. "If Daddy only knew I've been parading around in nothing but this bikini all day, he'd have a shit fit." And she laughed to herself.

The kids went swimming. Brian's sister was in the shallow end, so Brian figured he didn't have to watch her so closely. She was ten, after all, and a very good swimmer. He was in charge of her for the day. His parents had stayed by the cabana. He hadn't seen them since noon. He was fourteen and a half and very responsible, and he often watched his sister.

Brian and Jennifer were swimming and laughing and fooling around when all of a sudden there was a commotion. Someone screamed, and the lifeguard dove in. A young girl had hit her head under water and was now sinking. They pulled her out.

Oh my god! It was Brian's sister. As soon as he saw his sister not breathing by the side of the pool, he freaked out. He jumped out of the pool and went to her side. They were already doing CPR and mouth to mouth on her. Brian started flipping out.

He yelled to one of his friends, "Run, and tell my parents. Cabana 37, blue!" The friend ran off. Jennifer came and stood beside him and held his hand. She was so scared for him. They got the girl breathing and said they were going to take her to the infirmary, which was near the snack stand. Jennifer and Brian followed. They were dripping wet, but they didn't even seem to notice.

Meanwhile, the family decided they'd had enough down by the ocean. They went back to the cabana.

"That's funny," said Samantha, "it's all locked up."

"Yeah," Charlie mused, "where's Jennifer? She should be here."

"Oh, she probably went to the bathroom," Robin commented.

Her father said, "Well, I'm going to look for her, and she had better be at the bathroom."

As Charlie was walking by the pool, he saw a group of people talking and yelling and pointing.

"What's going on?" he asked.

This woman answered, "Oh, they just pulled a young girl out of the pool. She hit her head under water. And they can't seem to find her parents."

With that, Charlie ran to the infirmary. He ran in and looked wildly around. He saw Jennifer standing off to the corner of the room. He went up to her, looked at her carefully, and put his arms around her.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

She nodded her head. "It's my friend's sister. She bumped her head underwater. She's unconscious, but they say she's going to be okay. They haven't been able to locate their parents."

Charlie pulled her aside, and looked at her sternly. "I can't believe you're still walking around in this outfit. Where are your clothes?"

Jennifer told him, in all the confusion, she left her towel and her t-shirt down by the pool. He told her to go get them. "We'll talk about you swimming without an adult watching you, later!"

Jennifer went to get her things. While there, she ran into her sister, who had come looking for her, too.

"Oh, there you are, Jennifer, Daddy's been looking for you."

"I know, she said, "he found me."

And then Jennifer told Robin what happened. Robin went back to the cabana to tell her mother the story. Meanwhile, Charlie was talking to Brian. He was flipping out because they still could not find his parents. Evidently, they took a walk on the beach and were not back yet. Beach security wanted to talk to them about leaving a ten and fourteen year old alone at the beach and letting them swim unsupervised.

Charlie managed to calm Brian down, as Jennifer came back in, wearing her t-shirt and shorts. Charlie told Jennifer it was time to go get showered and cleaned up. They were going to have a family dinner, of Zorn's chicken.

Jennifer said, "No, I'm sorry, Daddy, I can't leave Brian." She went over and held his hand. Charlie was taken aback but said nothing. Then Jennifer went back over to Charlie and said, "Please, Daddy, I know I'm in big trouble, but he needs me now. I have to stay with him. He's all alone here, and his sister is hurt. They don't know where his parents are. I promise I'll do what you say later, but right now I need to be with him."

Charlie looked at Brian, and then at his sister, and back at Jennifer. He could tell she really cared about this boy, and although he thought she was too young to have a boyfriend, he relented.

"Okay, you can stay for a little while, but then we will have a long talk." Jennifer nodded her head and Charlie went back to the cabana to shower and dress.

After about an hour, Lisa fixed up a plate for Jennifer and asked Robin to bring it to her sister. "What about one for her friend?" she asked. So Lisa fixed another plate, and Robin and her cousin, Joseph, brought them to the infirmary. They walked in. Jennifer had just left the room to use the bathroom. Brian heard footsteps and looked up. "Oh, when did you have time to get dressed?" Robin looked confused and then realized that Brian thought she was Jennifer. "I'm not Jennifer. I'm Robin, her sister."

Just then, Jennifer walked back into the room. She said, "Oh, well, now you know, there isn't just one of me."

Brian walked over to her and said, "There could only be one of you." And he kissed her.

Robin was shocked, but she smiled, and said to Brian, "So, do you have a brother?"

They all laughed. They introduced Brian and Joseph. Then Brian and Jennifer ate the chicken and they talked for awhile. Jennifer went to ask the nurse if she could use the shower. Robin brought her duffel bag with a clean towel and her clothes.

When she came out, Brian's parents were there. They came back from their walk and a million people told them what happened. They had, apparently, walked so far down the beach that they stopped for a few drinks and something to eat. They had no idea. They were grateful that their children were all right. Still, Brian felt a little guilty because he hadn't been watching his sister as well as he should have.

That night, Jennifer was sick. The hamburger and fries had taken its toll on her and she was vomiting most of the evening. Charlie told her that her punishment could wait until the morning. He sent her to bed with some pepto bismol and a cold compress for her head.

She was sick all day Sunday. By Sunday evening, Jennifer was starting to feel a bit better. Charlie and Lisa went upstairs to have a talk with Jennifer.

"What were you thinking, Jenn?" Charlie asked.

"I don't know, Daddy. I guess I wasn't thinking," she replied.

"First of all, which thing are you talking about?" he asked.

"Um," she said. "You mean, about eating the greasy food?" she asked.

"That is not the issue here," Lisa commented. "What your father was talking about was going off with this boy you barely knew. Not only were you already in trouble, but you went off without leaving a note, you went swimming without an adult, and" Lisa began.

Charlie interrupted, "And let's not forget how you willingly disobeyed me by keeping that bikini in the first place. I'm afraid you are going to be punished, Jennifer Lynn."

"Yes, sir," Jenn replied.

Lisa got up and kissed Jennifer on the forehead. "We love you, sweetheart. And I know it's difficult sometimes to make the right choices. But that's what Daddy and I are here to help you do. Maybe one day, you'll be able to make them on your own."

Jennifer watched as her mother walked to the door and out. Then Lisa closed the door behind her and went downstairs.

Charlie said, "Well, let's get this over with. Come here!"

Jennifer went and stood in front of her father. He pulled down her sweatpants and her panties, and let them fall to her ankles. Then he told her to lean over and put her hands on the edge of the bed.

Charlie pulled off his belt and folded it over a few times. Then he swung and hit Jennifer's poor bottom. He did this a dozen times, until her bottom was bright red and she was hysterically crying. Then he told her it was all over. She didn't even bother pulling up her pants. She knew it would hurt too much.

Jennifer just crashed on her bed. Charlie came over and kissed her cheek.

"You know I love you, honey. I only punish you to help you learn right from wrong."

"I know, Daddy," Jennifer sobbed.

He left her then, and she cried into her pillow. She still was not feeling well, and this punishment did not help matters any.

On Monday Charlie let her stay home from summer school. They had had a long talk after she had been punished. In addition to her spanking, Jennifer was grounded for the next two weeks. No friends, no phone calls, no fun. She had to stay in her room. She couldn't even watch tv.

She sneaked in phone calls to Brian whenever she could. Charlie and Lisa had told her that she was too young to date, so Jennifer and Brian decided they would wait for each other until she was sixteen, and could really date. But until then, they would hang out and do everything together.

They hung out a lot after Jennifer's punishment was over. They did everything together, went everywhere, and were always on the phone. Brian's family moved to Bellmore in the middle of the summer and Jennifer and Brian were psyched. Bellmore was right next to Merrick, and they could ride their bikes to each other's houses. Also, they would be going to the same school in September.

One day, Robin and Jennifer were walking to summer school. It wasn't really summer school. It was a summer program, at their school, but it was fun, and a little academic. Their parents had thought it would keep them busy and out of trouble. Of course, Jennifer was never out of trouble for too long, anyway. Jennifer told Robin, "I'm meeting Brian for lunch today. He's riding his bike over, and we'll probably go for pizza. Oh, and also, don't wait for me after school because I have to go help Mrs. Fox. I've been promising to help her with the scenery for the play all week." Robin nodded and said she would see Jennifer at home later that day.

At lunch time, Jennifer met Brian as planned, and they went to Baskin Robbins. Neither of them felt like eating any real food anyway. They were sitting there talking and holding hands, when Brian said, "Let's do something daring. Why don't you cut the rest of the day and go somewhere with me?"

Brian didn't go to summer school. He was a straight "A" student, and his parents thought he could use the summer off. Jennifer looked at him incredulously, "What? Are you crazy?"

Brian said no, he wasn't crazy, he just wanted to do something fun, with her. Jennifer thought about it. "Okay, what the hell! I'll do it. But I have to go back at 3:00. I promised one of the teachers I'd help out."

And then the two of them went off. They walked in and out of the stores on Merrick Ave. They went downtown and saw the movie theater. "Let's see a movie," Brian said. It was a matinee and there were a million kids, but they didn't care, at least they were together. They ate popcorn and candy, and held hands, and laughed, and kissed a little, and had a really good time.

When they left the theater, Brian looked at his watch. It was 2:45. "Do you really want to go back? he asked Jennifer.

She said, "No, not really." So they walked around, in and out of the stores, until they decided they were hungry. They had never really had any real food. They decided to go to the pizza place near Foodtown.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Fox called the Clemente house and asked Lisa if Jennifer forgot her promise and went home. Lisa stated that she was not there, and asked Robin. Robin got on the phone and told Mrs. Fox that she was sure Jennifer would be there because she had remembered that morning. Robin hung up the phone.

An hour later, when still no Jennifer, Lisa got worried and called all of Jennifer's friends. No one had seen her, and no one was home at Brian's house. She called the school and found out that no one had seen Jennifer since before lunch. She hadn't even showed up to her afternoon classes or to Mrs. Fox after school. Lisa was worried. She called Charlie at work.

"No, honey, I haven't seen her or heard from her. She'll show up." But Charlie was worried, too.

A little later, a boy who worked at Foodtown came rushing into Charlie's office. "Hey, boss, I just saw your daughter in the pizza place." Everyone at the store knew about Jennifer's disappearance. It was all Charlie could think about all afternoon.

"Are you sure?" Charlie asked the boy.

"Yeah," he said. "She just went in with a boy."

Charlie called over his shoulder to no one in particular, "I'll be back in a little while." He rushed over to the pizza place.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Brian were feeding each other pizza and laughing when suddenly Brian was distracted.

"Uh, oh" he said, "I think the party's over."

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked, and she turned around and looked up into her father's face. Now, she did not know that her father knew she cut school and had been missing, so she tried to lie her way out of the situation.

"Oh, hi, Dad, what are you doing here?"

Charlie took a quarter out of his pocket and handed it to Brian, "Go, call my wife and let her know that Jennifer is all right."

Brian walked away. Jennifer said, "Oh, I guess I should have called Mommy and told her I wasn't coming right home after I helped Mrs. Fox. I'm sorry."

"So am I," Charlie said, "Let's go."

He grabbed her by the arm and started to pull her out of the restaurant. "Daddy, what are you doing? I have to wait for Brian."

Jennifer still didn't know how much trouble she was in. Charlie said, "Let's go!"

Jennifer asked, "But why?"

Charlie answered her, "Well, unless you want me to pull your pants down right here in this restaurant, you'd better come with me now."

Just then, Brian came back in and said to Charlie, "Your wife told me to ask you to call her when you got a chance." Then he turned to Jennifer, "Um, I'll call you later. Bye!"

Brian left. He knew how much trouble Jennifer was in because Robin told him that they knew she cut school and they had been really worried about her. Brian felt really bad, but there was not much he could do about it now. He got on his bike and rode home. Charlie looked at Jennifer. Then they left the pizza place, together.

Charlie brought Jennifer into his office and locked the door. He also covered up the two windows so no one could bother them. Jennifer got scared. She knew he only did that, when he was going to yell at someone or punish her. Charlie scolded her for cutting school and breaking her promise to Mrs. Fox. Jennifer felt really bad. She knew she shouldn't have skipped out, but she did have so much fun. But now she was in big trouble again.

Jennifer gasped as she saw Charlie take his belt off. He was going to punish her right there in his office.

"Daddy, no! I'm sorry, Daddy."

Charlie said, "Not as sorry as you're going to be."

Jennifer cried. Charlie pulled down Jennifer's jeans, so that she was just standing there in her shirt and panties. He raised the belt and it sailed across her backside several times. Jennifer did not want to yell out; she didn't want everyone in the supermarket to know what was going on.

After 5 smacks with the belt, she started to sob. Charlie knew that she had had enough. He put his belt back on. He watched as Jennifer pulled up her pants. It really hurt pulling them up over her sore butt. Lisa came for her soon after and sent her to her room. It was back to square one.

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