Summer Trouble

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of young children. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]

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It was the summer, the year the twins were 10. Lisa had just had baby Stephen and took him to visit her mother. Charlie was home with the girls. After two days alone with them, he had had it. They were driving him crazy.

Robin called, "Jennifer! Phone for you, it's Betsy!"

Charlie said, "Robin, she'll have to call her back, she's in trouble right now!"

Robin went into her room. There was Jennifer sitting on the cover of the toilet with a bar of soap in her mouth. "Oooh, what'd you do?"

Jennifer just shook her head and tried to say, "Go away!"

Robin went back to the phone, which was in the hall right outside their room. She said, "Betsy, can Jennifer call you back? What? Um, okay, hold on."

"Daddy!" Robin called, "Betsy said Susan needs to talk to you."

Charlie, glad to be distracted from Jennifer for a minute, went to take the call. Robin ran back to bother Jennifer.

Charlie said into the phone, "Susan? What's the matter?"

"Charlie, I'm really sorry to have to ask you this. I know Lisa is away, but we have an emergency. Would it be possible for us to drop Betsy off at your house?" Susan asked.

Charlie thought about Jennifer being punished and replied, "What's the matter? Anything I can help you with?"

Susan answered, "Well, I can't really go into much detail, because we don't know the specifics, but Bill's aunt was rushed to the hospital today, and we need to get over there. We could be there for hours, and that's no place for a young child. Please, Charlie."

"Well, you can drop her off. Robin will have to entertain her, though. I'm afraid Jennifer is being punished," Charlie said.

"Okay, thank you," Susan said. "She'll be there in twenty minutes. I really appreciate this."

"Don't worry about it. I know you and Bill would do the same for us," said Charlie.

Charlie hung up the phone and went to see about Jennifer. Robin was sitting on her bed reading a book.

He went into the bathroom, pulled the bar of soap out, and said, "Okay, rinse."

Jennifer did as she was told. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she whined.

"You're whining? After you just had your mouth rinsed out! You've got to be kidding me!" Charlie yelled.

Charlie nudged Jennifer toward her bed. "Now, I want you to sit on your bed for one hour and think about the way you spoke to me today." Then he turned to Robin and said, "Robin, Susan and Bill are dropping Betsy off in a little while. Since your sister is being punished, you will play with her, okay?"

Before Robin could respond, Jennifer yelled, "That's not fair. Betsy's MY FRIEND!"

Charlie turned to Jennifer, "Excuse me, young lady, I told you to get on your bed!"

"NO!" Jennifer shouted. "I WON'T!"

Charlie said, "Robin, go downstairs and wait for Betsy."

"Yes, sir," Robin said.

Looking at Jennifer with daggers, Charlie said, "You, young lady, have a major attitude problem. And we're going to get rid of it right now."

Charlie pulled off his belt. Jennifer screamed, "No, Daddy, I'm sorry!"

"You're not sorry! You're only sorry that I'm going to punish you," he shouted.

"Please, Daddy, not with the belt. I'm sorry!" Jennifer finally laid on her bed and sobbed into her pillow.

Charlie looked at the belt. Then he put it down. "What am I doing?" he said to himself. "I am letting this little girl get to me! Okay, calm down!"

Out loud he said, "Jennifer, I am tired. I am tired of your sassing me. I am tired of you shouting to get your way, and I am tired of your attitude. And it's going to stop right now."

He pulled her desk chair into the middle of the room. "COME HERE!" he shouted. Jennifer looked up, relieved to see that the belt was not in her father's hand. "NOW! YOUNG LADY! My patience is gone!"

Reluctantly, Jennifer crossed to the middle of the room and went to stand in front of her father.

"Do you know why you are being punished?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. Because I mouthed off to you," Jennifer answered.

"One time too many, I would say," Charlie stated.

"Yes, sir, I'm sorry, Daddy," Jennifer sobbed.

"Save those tears, little girl, you're going to need them. I told you, I don't think you're sorry. BUT YOU WILL BE!" Charlie roared.

He pulled down Jennifer's pajama bottoms and panties and laid her across his lap. He then proceeded to spank her over and over again. He alternated cheeks. First the left, SPANK, then the right, SPANK. Left, SPANK, right, SPANK, left, SPANK, right,SPANK. He spanked many times, until Jennifer was sobbing.

Charlie knew she had had enough, and stood her up. He looked at her and very calmly said, "Okay, now I want you to lay on your bed. And you will stay there for two hours. Do you understand me?"

Jennifer shook her head yes. Then she put her arms around her father's neck and hugged him. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I don't know what got into me. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I'm sorry," she sobbed.

"Okay, little girl, I know you're sorry, now. Shh- it's all right." Then Charlie pushed her away from him and said, "Are you ready to do what I told you now?"

"Yes, Daddy." Jennifer stepped out of her pajama bottoms and panties that had been at her ankles, and went and laid on her bed. Charlie brought her pantsies over and put them on her.

"I think, little girl, that you need to go back to sleep for a little while. Then when you wake up, you can think about how you're going to show me that you can behave." Charlie kissed Jennifer on her forehead. "I love you, baby."

Then he picked up his belt, and left the room.


Downstairs, Robin sat in the den watching tv, waiting for Betsy to come over. Betsy was mainly Jennifer's friend, but Robin and Betsy were friendly, too. They often played together at recess, when school was in session. Betsy came over to their house a lot, also. And when Jennifer was in a good mood, she would let Robin play with them. Now, Robin would have Betsy all to herself.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Charlie was there, ahead of Robin. Charlie opened the door to Susan and Betsy.

"Hi!" "Hi, oh, thank you so much, Charlie, we are very fortunate to have good friends like you. I'll call later when I know something. Good-bye Betsy, be good!" Susan said in a rush, and was out the door before you could say, "Boo!"

Charlie chuckled. "Come on in, Betsy. You can put your bag in the guest room. I don't know if your mom told you, but Jennifer is being punished."

"Yeah, she told me. That's okay. I brought a book I'm reading," Betsy said.

"Ahh, forget the book. We'll play together. Okay?" Robin asked.

"Sure, that'd be great!" Betsy said.

"Okay, but it's too nice to stay inside. Why don't you two girls go outside and play?" Charlie asked.

"Okay, hey, Daddy, can we go in the sprinkler?" Robin asked.

"Sure. And Betsy can borrow one of Jenn's bathing suits, if she didn't bring one. I'll go turn it on. Robin, you need to go get some towels," Charlie said, pleased that he was finally going to get some peace and quiet.

The two girls were excited and ran to change. "Okay, Daddy, we're going!" Robin called.

"Okay, sweetheart, you know the rules. Have fun!" Charlie said.

The girls went outside and played in the sprinklers. Suddenly, Robin heard her name being called. It was her friend, Danielle, who lived right across the street.

"HEY! Come on over, we're in the sprinkler!" Robin called to her.

Danielle had her bathing suit on, too, and came over. Robin introduced Danielle to Betsy. They already knew each other, so it wasn't awkward. The three of them played in the sprinkler for awhile.

Then Danielle said, "Hey, Robin, my mom got us a new swing. You want to come over and try it out. Betsy, you can come on it, too. It seats four people. It's really cool!"

Robin looked at Betsy. "You wanna?" "Okay," Betsy said.

"C'mon!" Robin started to follow Danielle. She turned around to make sure Betsy was following. "Aren't you coming, Betsy?" she asked.

"Are you allowed to go, Robin?" Betsy asked, tentatively.

"Yea, of course, C'mon!" she said.

Betsy added, "But we don't have shoes on!"

Danielle said, "SO? It's only across the street. C'mon!"

Betsy said, "Okay," and followed Robin and Danielle. They went on the swing. It really was a lot of fun.

Charlie looked out the window, saw the sprinkler on, but no girls. "Hmmm, that's strange. Where could they be?" He looked across the street. The fence was in the way of the swings, but he had an idea.

He called Danielle's mother. "Hi, Pat? Is Robin and another little girl over there with Danielle?"

Pat looked out the window and answered, "Yes, they're on the swings. You want me to send Robin home?"

"No, that's okay. I just wanted to know where she was. Thank you!" Charlie replied. After hanging up the phone, Charlie went outside and shut off the sprinkler. Then he went back in to enjoy the quiet. Boy, he missed Lisa!

Across the street, Danielle said, "This is fun. But now I'm hot! Let's go back to the sprinkler." "YEAH!" "OKAY! Let's go!"

The girls looked both ways, then started running across the street. "OUCH!" Betsy yelled.

Robin, who had already gotten to the other side, looked back and said, "Betsy? What happened?"

Betsy was standing in the middle of the street. Thankfully, it wasn't a busy street and there were no cars coming. "I stepped on a rock or something. Ow, it really hurts!" she cried.

Danielle and Robin stood with her in the street. "Well, can you walk on it? Come on, Daddy'll know what to do!" Robin said.

Danielle helped Betsy over to Robin's side of the street, while Robin ran to get her father. "DADDY! We need you! Betsy's hurt!" she called through the open windows. She knew better than to go in the house when wet.

Charlie came running out. "What happened?"

"I stepped on a rock, or something. My foot really hurts," Betsy replied.

Charlie picked Betsy up and carried her into the house. Robin and Danielle followed. They weren't very wet anymore, anyway. As they were walking, Charlie asked, "Where did you step on a rock?"

"Crossing the street," Betsy responded. Charlie put Betsy on the dining room table. Then he got a tub of water, and put her foot to soak in it. All the while, he was talking to her.

"Without shoes on? Where are your shoes?" Charlie asked.

Betsy said, "I don't know, in the guest room, I guess."

Charlie looked over at Robin. Then he turned to Betsy and said, "Okay, I want you to keep your foot in that water. I'll be right back."

Pushing Robin into the den, with Danielle close behind, Charlie turned to her and said, "And where are your shoes, young lady?"

"I don't know," Robin answered quietly.

"That's not a good answer, and you know it, young lady. Where are your shoes?" "Up, in my room, Daddy," she said softly.

Charlie looked at Danielle. "And where are your shoes?" Danielle, also speaking softly, said, "At my house."

The girls knew they were in trouble. But before they could wonder what was going to happen, Charlie grabbed Robin and gave her one good smack in the middle of her bottom. Then he did the same to Danielle.

Robin and Danielle both put their hands to their bottoms. They were both wearing wet bikinis and that one slap had really hurt.

When Robin overcame her shock, she said, "Ow, Daddy! That hurt! What was that for?"

"It was supposed to hurt, Robin. You know better than to walk around bare-footed, especially on the street. You could have stepped on glass, or god-knows what else. You are very lucky you weren't hurt. Now the next time you," Charlie paused and looked at Danielle, "or you, think about going into the street bare-footed, I want you to think about how much that slap hurt."

Charlie left the girls in the den thinking about what he said, and went back to check on Betsy. "How're you doing? Let's see." Charlie lifted Betsy's foot out of the water. Robin and Danielle came back into the dining room.

"It feels much better. Thank you," Betsy said.

Charlie looked at her foot. "Okay, you were very lucky. It didn't break the skin." Charlie helped Betsy down from the table. As he set her down on the floor, he applied one smack to the middle of her bottom.

"OW! What was that for?" Betsy asked.

"That, was for going in the street without any shoes on. Next time you think about doing it, remember that smack. And if I'm around, and you do decide to do it again," he looked at all three girls, "you'll be across my knee. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir!" "Yes, Daddy!" "Yes, Mr. C."

"Okay, now go put on some shoes, and go back outside to play!" Charlie said.

"But, Daddy? What about the sprinkler? Why'd you turn it off?" Robin asked.

"Because, Robin, no one was using it. What have I told you? If you don't use something, put it away. You went across the street. You didn't even tell me!" Charlie cautioned.

"But we weren't finished with the sprinkler, Daddy!" Robin whined.

"Well, now you are. And no whining!" Charlie warned.

"But Daddy, I want to go in the sprinkler. It's hot!" Robin continued to whine.

Charlie stared at her. She never seemed to learn. He turned to Betsy and Danielle. "No more sprinkler today, girls. Why don't you both go change and put some shoes on?"

Danielle said, "But, Mr. C, my shoes are at home."

Charlie chuckled as he realized the girl's dilemna. "Okay, why don't you borrow Betsy's shoes, and go home and get yours! Okay?"

After the other girls left the dining room, Charlie took Robin's hand and led her into the living room.

"Daddy! I don't want to change. I want to go in the sprinkler!" Robin stamped her foot. She was having a temper tantrum.

Charlie smacked her on her rear end. "You know I don't like that, young lady!"

Robin began to cry, while she rubbed her bottom. "Daddy! STOP! That's not fair! I'm hot, and I want to go into the sprinkler!" Robin was out of control.

Charlie stood up and said, "ENOUGH! The only place you're going is over my knee!" He picked her up and carried her into his bedroom. She was crying the whole way.

When they got to the bedroom, Charlie sat down in the big red chair. Robin was still carrying on. "STOP IT! NOW!" Charlie said. He applied a sharp smack to Robin's bottom. Then he pulled off her bikini bottom, and put her over his knee.

He started to spank hard and fast. He did not alternate cheeks, but just kept applying smack after smack in the middle of her bottom. Over and over, Charlie smacked Robin's bottom. She was kicking and screaming and crying the whole time.

"You just turned 10, and you're acting like a two-year-old. I won't stand for it!" Charlie roared, as he continued to smack her. Finally, Robin stopped kicking and squirming. She just laid there, sobbing. Charlie knew this was the sign that she had had enough. He lifted her off his lap and stood her up.

He looked at her. "I hope that temper tantrum is out of your system now," he said calmly.

Robin looked up at her father. "Yes, Daddy, I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry, too," Charlie said. He pulled Robin's bikini bottoms up. They were completely dry now. He led her over to his bed and lifted her up.

"I think you need to take a little nap, young lady. You are much too cranky to be entertaining two friends. I want you to stay on this bed for ONE hour. I don't care if you sleep or not. But you will stay here. Got it?" Robin nodded.

Charlie closed the door and went back to the living room. Danielle came back. She was dressed now in a white t-shirt and blue shorts. She also had her own shoes on, sneakers, in fact.

Betsy came in from the guest room. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, as well. She was in her socks. Danielle handed Betsy her sneakers. "Here, thanks!"

While Betsy put on her sneakers, Danielle looked around. "Where's Robin?" she asked.

"Robin is having a time out. I'm afraid she won't be able to play with you girls for a little while," Charlie said.

"OH!" Betsy said, "I guess I'll just read my book, then." She turned to leave the room.

"Can Betsy come over and play at my house for a little while, Mr. C?" Danielle asked cautiously.

Charlie looked at Danielle. He turned to Betsy. "Would you like that?"

"Sure," she answered.

"Okay, I don't see why not. Have a good time!" Charlie said.

"I will!" Betsy answered.

"And Betsy, if you go anywhere else, you must come and tell me, okay?" Charlie informed her.

"Okay, I will!" Betsy said, and ran out the door after Danielle.


A little while later, Charlie was in the living room, reading, when the phone rang. It was Danielle's mother.

"Charlie? It's Pat. Is Danielle over there with the girls?" she asked.

"Noooo. Isn't Betsy over there with Danielle?" Charlie said concerned.

"Who's Betsy?" she asked.

"Betsy's Jennifer's friend. She was over there playing on the swings earlier. She and Danielle are supposed to be there now," Charlie said.

"Well, they're not here. I don't know where that girl is," Pat stated.

Charlie frowned. "Okay, well, I'll come out in five minutes and help you look for them, okay? Okay, bye."

As Charlie put down the phone, the intercom buzzed. Charlie pressed the button and said, "Yes?"

"Daddy, it's Jennifer. Could I take a shower now? It's been more than two hours."

"Yes, baby, okay. Oh, and Jenn? Robin is taking a nap in my room. I need to go outside for a little while. Just wanted to let you know," Charlie said.

"Okay, Daddy," Jenn said.

Before going outside, Charlie went to check on Robin. He peeked in the room and saw that Robin was awake. Robin sat up when she saw her dad.

"Has it been an hour yet, Daddy? I don't remember what time it was when you left," she said.

Charlie looked at the clock. "Just about." He noticed she was still in her bikini. "Why don't you go upstairs and put some clothes on? I need to go outside with Pat."

"Why?" Robin inquired.

"Never you mind," Charlie stated.

Charlie met Pat outside. While they were deciding where to look for the girls, they saw Bob Abrams leading Danielle and Betsy by the arms.

"Uh-oh!" Charlie said.

Bob said to Pat, "I believe this one belongs to you." He sort of threw Danielle at her mother. "I found them in my backyard. They were trampling through my garden."

Pat put her hands on her hips and looked at Danielle sternly. "Danielle, you know better than to go into Mr. Abrams' backyard. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Danielle looked up at her mother. "I'm sorry, Mommy."

"It's not me you should be apologizing to, young lady," Pat said sternly.

Danielle turned to Mr. Abrams, "I'm sorry, Mr. Abrams, I won't do it again."

"HUMPH!" was all he said.

"Come along now, Danielle, you are in big trouble!" Pat said leading Danielle next door to their house.

"And who does this one belong to?" Bob said, indicating Betsy.

"Me," Charlie admitted.

Bob just looked at Charlie. Was there something his neighbor didn't tell him?

"I mean, just for today. That's Betsy. I'm watching her," Charlie clarified.

Charlie squatted down and looked at Betsy. "Don't you have something to say to Mr. Abrams, Betsy?"

Betsy looked up at Charlie and then at Mr. Abrams. "I'm sorry, Mr. Abrams. Danielle said it was okay for us to be back there. I didn't know we were messing up your garden."

Bob said, "HUMPH!" and walked away.

"Let's go," Charlie said, and led Betsy back across the street to his house.

No one said a word as the two of them walked into the living room. Finally, Charlie said, "Betsy, you must have known it was wrong to be in someone else's backyard."

"Well, at first I did. But then Danielle said the neighbors didn't mind. She said they did it all the time. We were playing detective. We were looking for clues," Betsy informed him.

"Betsy, didn't I tell you when you left with Danielle to tell me if you went anywhere else?" Charlie demanded.

"Yes, sir, you did," Betsy cried.

"If your mother and father were here, they would punish you, wouldn't they?" Charlie asked.

Betsy looked at her feet. "Yes, sir."

"Well, I'm afraid since I am in charge of you, and you directly disobeyed me, that I will have to punish you. Do you know why you're going to get a spanking, Betsy?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, I didn't tell you where I was going. And I got caught in the neighbor's backyard. I'm really sorry, Mr. Clemente," Betsy exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, too, Betsy. Sorry that I have to punish you," he said.

Charlie pulled Betsy's shorts and panties down. He realized that this was the third spanking he'd had to give today. And he was none too happy. He lifted Betsy up and laid her across his lap. He then began to apply several smacks to her bottom.

Charlie smacked first the left cheek, then the right, hitting harder and harder as he went. He wanted Betsy to know she couldn't get away with things just because her parents weren't around. Charlie smacked her about two dozen times. Betsy laid there sobbing. She knew better than to make a fuss.

Charlie stood her up and pulled up her shorts and panties. Then he hugged her. "I know you are a good girl, Betsy," he said. "Now, usually my girls lay down after a spanking, would you like to go lie down?"

"You mean I don't have to stand in the corner?" Betsy asked surprised.

"No, I don't do that," Charlie explained.

"I guess I'll go lay down in the guest room, if that's okay," Betsy said.

"Yes, go ahead. Maybe in a little while, you and Robin and Jennifer can watch a video. Okay?" Charlie asked.

"Okay, thank you. And I really am sorry, Mr. Clemente," Betsy stated.

"Well, it's over now, Betsy, and you're forgiven. And you know what else? Every time you call me Mr. Clemente, I look around for my father. Why don't you call me Uncle Charlie? That's what most of our friends' children call us! And you're practically a member of the family, anyway. Okay?" Charlie asked.

"Okay, Mr. Cl, I mean, Uncle Charlie!" said Betsy.

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