Innocentata VIII

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Criminals are sentenced to be rejuved to a young age, and to serve one or more 'cycles' of growing up again. As punishment is a part of the process, in addition to rehabilitation, the first portion of a sentence is typically spent with 'spanko' foster parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank the subject as often as possible, IN ADDITION TO as often as he or she deserves...

Author's Note:  The following stories are based on the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon (LD) on the SSS newsgroup.  The stories are archived at, and are collectively known as the Melody stories.

These new stories depend on the reader being quite familiar with the Melody tales, as I don't attempt to explain again the various aspects of the 28th century. The reader is encouraged to read (or reread) about Melody's trials and tribulations, prior to reading these stories.  

This is the first attempt at posting anything to any news group I have made. While I am interested in any constructive criticism, pro and con, please be kind. You can post comments publicly (I normally skip replies, but I will be sure to read any for posts of my own), or you can send email privately to [email protected]

  There is not as much explicit spanking in these stories (or at least in the ones I have completed to date) as in the Melody stores. The reason is that I don't write the "blow by blow" descriptions very well. If anyone has specific suggestions for situations where Dani can get "corrected", I am interested. Please remember, however, that I am trying very hard to stay completely realistic and in character.  

I have written the first few chapters of this series, and will be writing the rest as time permits. Therefore, the posting frequency might be erratic. This will be a rather long tale, somewhat similar in size to the original series, so it might take a while. Please bear with me.  

Lastly, these stories contain NC abuse of an (apparent) minor, and are not intended for non-adult audiences. These stories may be archived or shown on web sites, provided that the entire story, including this header portion, is included, no fees are charged, and no AVS or other pseudo-fees are used.  

Now, on to the "Good Stuff":

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Innocentata 8: Diaspora  

Diaspora was a worldwide holiday, a celebration of the discovery of faster-than-light travel, and of technology in general. For Penitatas, it was a celebration of a different sort. On this day, all hard time Pennys had a date with the SpankMaster 3000.

Dani was going to be a problem. The school officials knew it, the Department of Corrections representative (at the school specifically because of Dani) knew it, and Dani's "aunt and uncle" knew it. There had been discussions about how to handle the situation.

It was very unusual for there to be any trouble with a Penitatas on Diaspora day. The Pennys knew that, if they were so much as five minutes late for their scheduled time, the delay would be taken into account by the machine, and their punishment would be increased. The machine was programmed to impersonally deliver punishment, and to take all factors into account. Any failure to cooperate (for what little cooperation was required) would be dealt with.

It was felt, however, that Dani's history predicted that she wouldn't enter the SpankMaster voluntarily, much less cooperate in any other way. Therefore, a plan had already been made. Two adult monitors were waiting near Dani's classroom. The child would be given the opportunity to comply. If she didn't, the monitors would deliver her to the SpankMaster, and make sure that she was left in it's restraints.

The time for Dani's appointment with her fate came, and went. The monitors looked at each other, shrugged, and entered the classroom. "Dani," the teacher said, "you are late for your appointment. Please go to the playground now. Your due in machine 42315233."

Dani just starred at the teacher. She sighed, and nodded to the monitors. They walked over to Dani, and picked her up. Dani didn't resist as she was carried to the playground, and to the SpankMaster.

The monitors inserted their supervisory card into the door slot, and the door opened. They carried Dani into the compartment, set her down, and said, "Please follow the machine's instructions. If you don't you know that it will go worse for you." Dani just stared.

The mechanical voice said, "Please remove all clothing and deposit it in the receptacle on the door," in it's impersonal and dead-sounding way. Dani did nothing. The monitors calmly stripped her, depositing the clothing in the bin.

"Beep. Very good. Place yourself in front of the panel. Please insure that all lights turn green." The monitors didn't even wait for Dani to follow directions. They positioned her as directed, and the restraints encircled her limbs. At this point, the machine, recognizing that the non-cooperating mode was in place, instructed the "assistants" to leave, and the door locked behind them. There was no further cooperation required by the subject, thus no further need for assistance.

The monitors walked back toward the school building. Mrs. Garrett, as was her habit, had taken the duty of monitoring the spanking booths, and the area around them. Sometimes she had to assist a student in finding his or her proper machine, and there was always the possibility of some type of unforeseen problem. There had, of course, been the Melody situation a couple of years previously, but that had been due to deliberate sabotage, and all of the SpankMasters had been modified to prevent any reoccurrence.

Within two minutes of the door closing on Dani, the assistance needed light on the Spankmaster started flashing, and the audible alert sounded. A chill went down Mrs. Garrett’s spine. Thoughts of the last time rushed thru her head, and she dreaded what she would find. "Please, not another seriously injured kid," she thought. The principal rushed up, unlocked the door, and looked in.

What she found puzzled her. Everything looked very normal. It looked like the spanking hadn't even started. Dani was restrained as she was supposed to be, bent over the bolster.

Following her training, she hit the emergency release, and pulled Dani from the machine. She appeared unharmed, but let out a deep breath as soon as the restraints released.

"What happened, Dani?"

"I guess that the machine doesn't want to spank me. What do you think?" Dani said, somewhat sarcastically.

"Well, we will just see." She hit the reset button, and soon Dani was restrained again. When the door closed, the principal waited outside the door, just in case.

Once again, in less than two minutes, the assistance required light started flashing. When she had the door open, the scene was exactly like the last time. After extricating Dani from the machine, she called the corrections representative outside to ask his opinion.

It was decided that there might be something wrong with the machine (That was an understatement - The general opinion was that Dani had somehow tampered with the Spankmaster's programming. The booth was taken out of service, and a team from the manufacturer was summoned). Dani was led over to another unit, and was once again placed inside.

As feared, within two minutes the assistance light was once again flashing.

After a brief conversation, and some yelling at Dani (which she ignored), the group (the principal, the corrections rep, the two monitors, and Dani) went to the principal's office, and called the SpankMaster manufacturer. After explaining the problem, a conference call was set up with the entire Spankmaster development support team (since the major use of the SpankMaster 3000 on Earth was for Diaspora day, the team was assembled and waiting, just it case of problems).

First, the records of the two machines they had tried were uploaded to the technicians, and hurriedly reviewed. Immediately, the cause for the assistance light was discovered.

"The records say that the subject's breathing stopped, and that the blood pressure exceeded tolerance limits. Are you sure that the kid is OK?"

The school nurse was called, to give Dani a brief checkup. A couple of minutes later, Dani was pronounced fit, without so much as elevated blood pressure.

The department of corrections representative said, "This subject is a convicted slicer. Do you think that she was able to hack into the software which runs the machine?"

Before anyone spoke, Dani answered. "It is impossible to modify the code in any way in a SpankMaster 3000. Any change would cause CRC and other integrity checks to fail, and the machine would power down."

The adults stared at Dani, but the SpankMaster software team member said, "She is essentially correct. There is no way to modify the code from the system we designed for it. When we make a modification, it goes thru fifteen separate security checks, and requires hardware changes to each SpankMaster."

The Mrs. Garrett chimed in. "How about modifying the firmware, like what happened several years ago?"

Dani once again answered. "It is no longer possible to modify firmware on the SpankMaster. The same integrity features are in place there, and the ability to modify firmware in the field has been disabled"

"Once again, she is correct, although I would like to know how she knows that. Some of those features are proprietary," said the hardware team member.

"Dani, how did you discover that information?" the principal asked.

"As the man said, trade secrets," Dani replied.

"Are you saying that you penetrated Spankmaster? Are you admitting to slicing that machine?" said the Department of Corrections rep.

"Oh, don't be silly. As I just told you, it is not possible to slice the SpankMaster. Larry and Steve just confirmed it, not two minutes ago!" said Dani, indignantly.

Both members of the SpankMaster team shouted at once, "How did you know our names? Who is that?"

"Dani Roberts," said the corrections rep.

"My last name is not Roberts!" Dani shouted.

"Ok, Dani Wilson," said the Principal.

"Dani Wilson?" said a voice on the other end of the line. "Dan Wilson? Oh, brother! I never would have thought! Dan, how are you?"

"How the fuck do you think I am, Charlie?" Dani replied, in an exasperated tone.

By this time, all of the adults were wide-eyed, and staring at Dani. "Who is that? How do you know Dani?"

"I am Charles Lockwood, president of SpankMaster. The way I know Dan Wilson is that I hired him as a consultant after the Melody affair, to review the situation and recommend ways of improving the firmware security. You do know that he is THE recognized expert in firmware design? Dan, I will be very disappointed if I find out that you took advantage of our trust and built in a back-door while you were here."

Dani thought a moment. "Charlie, since you will undoubtedly find out before next year, I will give you a hint. I had no idea two years ago that I would, or even might be in this position now. Even if I had, I take my oaths seriously. I did nothing to compromise the security of any part of the SpankMaster."

"That's not much of a hint."

"Well, I have confidence that you will figure it out. In the meantime, I haven't had this much fun on a Diaspora day in years."

"Well, we will have to see about that, won't we Dani? Can the machine be set to run with one of us inside?"

"No. It is a safety measure."

"How about leaving the door open?"

"Nope. Once again, with the subject restrained, the locked door is a safety measure."

"OK. Dani, I am afraid that we will have to give you your Diaspora instruction by hand, as it were." It was decided that her spanking would be delivered using the old-fashioned, personal method. She was led away to her new fate. Even though she still had a severe spanking waiting for her, possibly even harsher than the machine would have delivered, she had a smile on her face.


Three months later, the investigation team concluded that it was just barely possible, assuming full and detailed knowledge of exactly how the Spankmaster worked, and where all the sensors were, that Dani could have held her breath for long enough to fool the breathing sensor, and that by clenching her muscles, in particular her diaphragm and her left arm, she could have raised her blood pressure enough to exceed the tolerance. While the machine would have been able to handle one or the other of those actions, both of them together indicated a potentially serious medical problem. The machine would have waited for 60 seconds to let the subject recover, and then call for help if the condition persisted.

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