Innocentata V

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Criminals are sentenced to be rejuved to a young age, and to serve one or more 'cycles' of growing up again. As punishment is a part of the process, in addition to rehabilitation, the first portion of a sentence is typically spent with 'spanko' foster parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank the subject as often as possible, IN ADDITION TO as often as he or she deserves...

Author's Note:  The following stories are based on the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon (LD) on the SSS newsgroup.  The stories are archived at, and are collectively known as the Melody stories.

These new stories depend on the reader being quite familiar with the Melody tales, as I don't attempt to explain again the various aspects of the 28th century. The reader is encouraged to read (or reread) about Melody's trials and tribulations, prior to reading these stories.  

This is the first attempt at posting anything to any news group I have made. While I am interested in any constructive criticism, pro and con, please be kind. You can post comments publicly (I normally skip replies, but I will be sure to read any for posts of my own), or you can send email privately to [email protected]

  There is not as much explicit spanking in these stories (or at least in the ones I have completed to date) as in the Melody stores. The reason is that I don't write the "blow by blow" descriptions very well. If anyone has specific suggestions for situations where Dani can get "corrected", I am interested. Please remember, however, that I am trying very hard to stay completely realistic and in character.  

I have written the first few chapters of this series, and will be writing the rest as time permits. Therefore, the posting frequency might be erratic. This will be a rather long tale, somewhat similar in size to the original series, so it might take a while. Please bear with me.  

Lastly, these stories contain NC abuse of an (apparent) minor, and are not intended for non-adult audiences.  

Now, on to the "Good Stuff":

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Innocentata 5: The First Day of School  

It was the first day of school for Dani. Jenny got her up early, dressed her in new clothes, and fed her breakfast. At the breakfast table, Jenny tried to break the silence.

"Are you looking forward to your first day at school?"

"I see no point in school."

"Come on, Dani, you know that you have to relearn all of the muscle memory you lost in the rejuve. You know you have to learn how to write again, and similar skills." As soon as she had said it, she new it was the wrong thing to say. Dani burst into tears and sobs.

Ever since the nanonet had been readjusted, Dani was prone to crying fits. She would start bawling for almost no reason, and found it difficult to regain control of herself. Interestingly, she didn't cry during spankings anymore.

This was a short episode. It only took five minutes for Dani to regain control. Jenny had been trying to comfort her, but (as usual) was shaken off by Dani.

When she had regained her composure, Dani finally answered her mother. "You don't really believe that, do you? School for me is just an excuse for you and your fellow sadists to practice your art. You know that, after my next rejuve, I will lose all that I would have learned. I have been sentenced to EIGHT cycles. Why should I make any effort at all until the last cycle? I have said it before, and I will say it again, I WILL NOT participate in this unjust torture!"

Jenny didn't quite know how to answer her 'niece'. The normal case, with a penitent penitatas, called for telling the subject that the better they did, and the more they cooperated, the better the review board would feel about shortening their sentence, and/or giving them soft time for future cycles. Knowing Dani's feelings on the subject, however, she knew that that was the wrong thing to say. The other standard answer was that, if the penitatas didn't try hard at school, they were in for a lot more punishment. This also didn't seem to work with Dani.

"You know that, if you don't cooperate at school, they will punish you harder?"

"It is just a difference in degree. The way your system is set up, there is no way to avoid it, so I don't plan to try."

Jenny didn't know what to say, so she cleaned up the breakfast dishes, and walked her 'niece' to school.


Jenny actually walked Dani into her classroom, introduced herself to Dani's new teacher, Mrs. Washburn, and sat Dani down at her desk. She kissed her on the forehead, said "Try to be good, and try to have some fun", and left. Dani didn't respond to her entreaty.

When the bell rang, the teacher called the class to order. There were 10 students in the class, 7 hard-timers and 3 soft-time penitatas (Even though penitatas normally spent only about a third of their sentence doing hard time, Assville had a higher percentage of early-cycle pennys, so this ratio was normal). First, the teacher took attendance. When Dani's name was called, she didn't respond.

"Dani Roberts?" the teacher repeated. "Come on, Dani, I can see you there."

"If you are referring to me, you will need to call me by my name if you expect a response."

"Your name isn't Dani? What do you want to be called?" the teacher said, somewhat amused.

"My name is Dan Wilson. You may call me Dani Wilson."

"My attendance sheet has your name as Roberts, and I just met your mother, Jenny Roberts. Your last name is Roberts now."

"First, Mrs. Roberts is not my mother. My parents are now living off-planet, and I will not dishonor them by accepting anyone else in their place, or by accepting a name change. Second, since I did not consent to a name change, and since I don't recognize the right of the court to impose the name change, I will not respond to it."

"Well, I can't do anything about that. For now, I will just call you Dani." She then continued with calling the role. When she was done, she asked each student to stand, and introduce themselves to the class. She asked them to state their name, cycle, sentence, and offense.

When she got to Dani, the little girl stood up, and faced the class. "I will only say this once. Two months ago, I was wrongly convicted. The details are in the records, and I am sure that you are familiar with them. I maintain my innocence, and I am not guilty of anything. As such, I do not recognize the authority of the state to impose sentence, and I will not participate in any way with the torture you are going to inflict."

By this time, all of the students were stunned, and wide-eyed. They had never heard a penitatas talk like that. Dani continued, "I have a lot of anger right now, and I will probably have more as time goes on. I will attempt not to let it focus on you, but I don't think I will be successful." Dani sat down.

The teacher looked carefully at Dani. She made a decision. "Dani, please state your name, what cycle you are in, your sentence, and your offence." Dani made no response. "Dani, you have already earned a spanking for failing to obey my instructions. If you don't comply now, it will go much worse for you."

Dani, started to say something, and stopped. She looked at the teacher, and sighed. "You are not worth an explanation. You have nothing to threaten me with. You and your system have already done all you can to me." She pointedly turned away from the teacher.

Feeling that she had to assert her authority, she said, "Dani, come here, please". Dani gave no indication that she had heard the teacher. "Dani, come here right now!" Mrs. Washburn said again. Again, no movement on Dani's part.

Committed now, Mrs. Washburn stood up, walked to Dani, and pulled her up from her desk by her arm. She started to pull her to her desk, when Dani went limp and fell almost to the floor, hanging by her arm. The teacher reached down and picked Dani up, and carried her to the desk at the front of the class.

The teacher sat down in her chair, and pulled Dani across her lap. She pulled her skirt up, and pushed her slip up. Then she started a brisk handspanking. Dani took 20 hard swats without any reaction. The teacher then pulled her panties down, and picked up the Grade 1 #1 paddle. She started smacking Dani's bare behind with it.

After 15 progressively harder spanks, Dani still had not made a sound. Surprised, but also determined, the teacher put the #1 paddle back in her desk, and withdrew the grade 1 #4 paddle, the harshest implement she was authorized to use. She started paddling again.

After the 8th swat, Dani gasped. After the 12th swat, she started grunting with each blow. By this time, her rear end was getting purple. She continued until she had given Dani a full 25 swats, which was the most she was permitted to give without special permission. Dani had tears flowing, and had grunted with each swat, but had not broken down. She stood Dani up, and steadied her until the girl was able to stand.

"Now, go to the wall over there and stand facing the board, with your skirt held up. I will tell you when you can sit down." The teacher started to turn her attention to the next victim, when she heard Dani's next astonishing words.

"You have got to be kidding" was what she said. She reached down to pull up her panties, smoothed down her slip and skirt, and started back toward her desk.

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