Innocentata IV

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Criminals are sentenced to be rejuved to a young age, and to serve one or more 'cycles' of growing up again. As punishment is a part of the process, in addition to rehabilitation, the first portion of a sentence is typically spent with 'spanko' foster parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank the subject as often as possible, IN ADDITION TO as often as he or she deserves...

Author's Note: The following stories are based on the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon (LD) on the SSS newsgroup. The stories are archived at, and are collectively known as the Melody stories.

These new stories depend on the reader being quite familiar with the Melody tales, as I don't attempt to explain again the various aspects of the 28th century. The reader is encouraged to read (or reread) about Melody's trials and tribulations, prior to reading these stories.

This is the first attempt at posting anything to any news group I have made. While I am interested in any constructive criticism, pro and con, please be kind. You can post comments publicly (I normally skip replies, but I will be sure to read any for posts of my own), or you can send email privately to [email protected]

There is not as much explicit spanking in these stories (or at least in the ones I have completed to date) as in the Melody stores. The reason is that I don't write the "blow by blow" descriptions very well. If anyone has specific suggestions for situations where Dani can get "corrected", I am interested. Please remember, however, that I am trying very hard to stay completely realistic and in character.

I have written the first few chapters of this series, and will be writing the rest as time permits. Therefore, the posting frequency might be erratic. This will be a rather long tale, somewhat similar in size to the original series, so it might take a while. Please bear with me.

Lastly, these stories contain NC abuse of an (apparent) minor, and are not intended for non-adult audiences.

Now, on to the "Good Stuff":

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Innocentata 4: Inoculations

Frank sat down on the couch, after coming down from Dani's room. He was frowning. "This is too hard." he said to his wife. Jenny snuggled up to him.

"I know. I couldn't take it anymore. We are torturing that kid, and she doesn't react."

It was the end of the third day after her return from the hospital. They had given Dani a severe series of spankings for the past three days, just short of special punishment day level. There had even been a few blisters raised. They had used their hands, the helper paddle, two hairbrushes, and a brand new "Dani's Very Own Spanking Paddle". Frank had just come down from finally applying nano lotion to her backside, and putting her to sleep under the delta inducer.

The disturbing thing was that Dani had not said one word since the spankings had started 3 days ago. She had taken her beatings mostly in silence. There had been tears, and some gasps and wordless screams, but no words. In between spankings, she had been either strapped to the CornerStool (now fastened to the floor, to prevent any repeat of the previous incident) or in her room. Even though she had been given time to play, she had spent all free time in her room meditating.

The worst were the looks she had been giving Frank & Jenny. They were obviously looks of anger, hate, & disgust. Although she had been careful not to show it in front of Dani, Jenny had been reduced to tears several times during the punishment. Even Frank had been affected.

"Well, at least it's over" Jenny said. "For now" her husband replied. "You know what the department 'experts' said. They want to turn up Dani's nanonet, to increase the effect of her emotions. They think that that will break her control, and start her down the road to acceptance. I just don't know."


The next day was spent quietly. Even though Dani was not going to be spanked today, she still talked very little with Frank or Jenny. She spent most of the day in her room, meditating. Jenny had asked her if she wanted to watch some holovision, and got a curt "No" from her niece. When she had tried to hold and cuddle Dani, she had twisted violently away from her. Jenny had left, and gone to her room to cry.

The day after that, Dani was scheduled to have her nanonet turned up. Frank woke her up, and dressed her. Then he had to carry her to the car for the trip to the regional corrections center. Since the nanonets and nano-webs were implanted after the judicial rejuvenations, the nano-web technicians were based there, and not the hospital.

It took over two hours to do the procedure. After it was over, the lead technician talked to Frank & Jenny. "We have turned it up as far as we can safely go. What took so long was the testing. Any higher, and Dani will be unable to control herself at all. We had it up higher for about 45 minutes, and she didn't stop crying the entire time. Just try to be careful with her. She is going to react more strongly now than she has before."

Dani had sobbed on the way home. Jenny had tried to comfort her, but had once again been rebuffed. She had gone to her room as soon as they had returned home, and had spent the rest of the day in bed, intermittently sobbing. Jenny had brought her a tray for supper, and she had eaten about half of the food.

The next day, Dani had an appointment with the pediatrician to get a checkup and to get her vaccinations for school. Jenny got her dressed, and took her to the medical complex.

While they were waiting to see the doctor, Jenny gave Dani permission to play with the toys in the kid's waiting room. Dani just looked at her, with an expression, which said, "You've got to be kidding". Jenny simply replied, "Suit yourself."

When they got into the examination room, the nurse, Mr. Bracken, came in. He started by asking Dani to get up on the table. That was when things started to get unusual. Dani replied, "I will not participate in my torture".

Nurse Bracken was a little surprised. He said, "What do you mean?"

"Nurse Bracken, I am not your usual subject. I maintain my innocence. I was wrongfully convicted, and you are part of a system that has destroyed my life. I will not cooperate in any way in the torment that you and your sadistic ilk seem to delight in inflicting. I just suggest that you do nothing you will be sorry for, if and when I am vindicated."

"Well, be that as it may, I have a job to do. Why don't you make it easy on yourself and cooperate?" he said with his best non-penitatas bedside manner.

"You may consider me to be uncooperative" was the only reply. Bracken looked at Jenny, who just shrugged, and picked Dani up, placing her on the table. She started to undress her 'niece'.

Bracken checked her blood pressure and pulse, and then got the thermometer. He said, "Roll over on your tummy, Dani." Dani just stared at him. Jenny grabbed her, flipped her onto her stomach, and started to spank her. Jenny gave Dani what appeared to Bracken to be a severe hand spanking, over 25 swats. Dani took the punishment stoically, neither crying nor speaking.

Jenny finally waved Nurse Bracken to Dani. He decided that he would also give her a few swats, and did so. Now, Mr. Bracken knew that he was a hard spanker, and every time he spanked a patient, he got a response. But this time, there was nothing. All he saw was Dani clenching her fists. He proceeded to insert the thermometer in Dani's behind, and held it there for the required time.

"Normal" he announced. He then left, saying that the doctor would be there in a few minutes. Jenny tried to talk to Dani. "Dani, why don't you just cooperate. This would be so much easier on you if you would just go along!" She got no response.

The doctor walked in, and said "Hello, Mrs. Roberts, I am Dr. Joslin. Hello, Dani." Dani just lay there. He started to examine her, checking her over carefully. After checking her back and anus, he gave her several swats, saying "You will treat my nurses with respect, and do what they tell you!"

The doctor was astonished when Dani said, "Blow it out your ass, you sadist!" The doctor proceeded to spank Dani some more, with harder swats. He said, "You will treat me with respect, and you will not use that language." The response was, "I will not cooperate in this torture in any way, you asshole. I'm sure you get your jollies from beating on little kids, but I will not participate." The doctor turned to Jenny, and said, "I will send the nurse back in with her vaccinations. Afterward, please see me in my office. I want to talk with you."

The doctor left, and the nurse came back in. He had a tray with 6 large syringes, each with a 3-inch needle and about 4cc's of a nasty-looking yellow fluid. "Now, Dani, it is important that each of these injections be properly absorbed, so before and after each shot I'll have to simulate circulation." With that, he gave her left cheek several fast swats.

"Now hold still for your first shot, Dani". No sooner had he said that then Dani started to twist and struggle. Jenny had to hold her down to keep her still. He then proceeded to inject the painful solution.

Every muscle in her body clenched, but she didn't make a sound. He gave her left cheek several more spanks, but over the clenched cheek, it didn't have much of an effect. "You need to relax your muscles to permit the shot to be absorbed, Dani. It will keep hurting until you do so." No response, all of her muscles were still clenched.

"Oh, well" thought Nurse Bracken, "she will find out." He proceeded to spank her right cheek, then injected the next hypodermic. He decided that he would make Dani react. "Now, Dani, I'm doing you a favor, helping you to absorb the vaccine. I think you should ask me to spank you this time."

Dani, without looking around and thru clenched teeth, said, "Go fuck yourself! Dani was now sweating profusely. Nurse Bracken proceeded to give her two more injections, without any spanking to spread the drug. He then asked again. "Dani, do you want to ask me to help you now?" No response. The nurse looked carefully at Dani. The sweat was dripping off of her body, which was still clenched as tight as a drum. Her eyes were closed. He checked her pulse, and found it to be racing.

Frowning, he reached to the wall and pressed the intercom button. "Dr, could you step into room 4 a minute? I would like you to see something." The doctor walked in, he was waved to Dani. He took a look at her, listened to her heart, checked her pupils, and asked "How many have you given her?"

"Four. I felt you should look at this before proceeding. It didn't look like a classical allergic reaction, but..."

"Dani, can you hear me?" the doctor said. He got no response. "Come on, Dani, answer me." He ran his pen down the bottom of her foot. While she was already clenched up, he did get a little response from this standard method of testing involuntary nerves. Giving up, he turned to Jenny. "I don't think this is a big problem, but just to be safe, I think we should keep her here until she is feeling better. Take a blood sample for a standard panel. Oh, and I think she can have the other two via hypospray, from the regular formula."

It was about 20 minutes before Dani began to relax. By this time, all of her muscles were completely exhausted, and she went limp. She was asleep when Jenny finally carried her to the car. She slept the rest of the day.

While Dani had been kept in the examining room, Jenny had been led to the Doctor's private office. They had discussed Dani's situation, her claims, and what had happened since her rejuve. Midway thru the discussion, the nurse had interrupted with Dani's blood test results. The doctor said that there was no allergic reaction to the vaccines, but he was still a little concerned. "I'm not a psychologist, but the dynamics of this case are unusual. If she really believes herself to be innocent, and she is as strong as it appears she is, there will be a lot of anger brewing in her. You say that it has been over a month, and she as not wavered from her belief that she is innocent? No sign of any acceptance of her sentence?"

"No, none. We have punished her, if anything, more forcefully than any of our previous charges, and we get little, if any, response. She has never agreed to or accepted any punishment. Also, she never says anything during a spanking. No pleading for leniency, no promises, no offers, no words at all!"

"Did I see in the file that her nanonet had been turned up recently?" Jenny answered that it had. "I think you will need to be cautious with her. She is under great stress now. Her blood work shows it. I see some of the early signs of long-term stress disorder. This can cause ulcers and other problems. Does she have any outlet for stress? Does she have a Spanking Susie doll?"

"No" Jenny replied. "We were going to get her one for Christmas. I'm not sure that she would use it, even if she had one. She has, to my knowledge, not played with any toy since her rejuve."

"You may want to think about some therapy for her. She needs someone to talk to, some outlet for the stress of her sentence."

"I will talk to Frank about it. We are trying, but she won't cooperate with anything. The only time she acted at all normal was the day after we brought her home from the hospital, after the 'accident' with her CornerStool. She had been told that we weren't to spank her for 24 hours, and she finally relaxed for the day. We watched holovision, and spent time together, and she even talked to me."

"That may be the key. You may want to give her some 'days off', periodically. You might even try to use that as a carrot, to get her to accept some of her punishment."

"We would have to get that approved by the department. I'll include it in the next report. We will see what they have to say."

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