Innocentata I

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Criminals are sentenced to be rejuved to a young age, and to serve one or more 'cycles' of growing up again. As punishment is a part of the process, in addition to rehabilitation, the first portion of a sentence is typically spent with 'spanko' foster parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank the subject as often as possible, IN ADDITION TO as often as he or she deserves...

Author's Note:  The following stories are based on the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon (LD) on the SSS newsgroup.  The stories are archived at, and are collectively known as the Melody stories.

These new stories depend on the reader being quite familiar with the Melody tales, as I don't attempt to explain again the various aspects of the 28th century. The reader is encouraged to read (or reread) about Melody's trials and tribulations, prior to reading these stories.  

This is the first attempt at posting anything to any news group I have made. While I am interested in any constructive criticism, pro and con, please be kind. You can post comments publicly (I normally skip replies, but I will be sure to read any for posts of my own), or you can send email privately to [email protected]

  There is not as much explicit spanking in these stories (or at least in the ones I have completed to date) as in the Melody stores. The reason is that I don't write the "blow by blow" descriptions very well. If anyone has specific suggestions for situations where Dani can get "corrected", I am interested. Please remember, however, that I am trying very hard to stay completely realistic and in character.  

I have written the first few chapters of this series, and will be writing the rest as time permits. Therefore, the posting frequency might be erratic. This will be a rather long tale, somewhat similar in size to the original series, so it might take a while. Please bear with me.  

Lastly, these stories contain NC abuse of an (apparent) minor, and are not intended for non-adult audiences.  

Now, on to the "Good Stuff":

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Innocentata 1: Dani's First Birthday  

Frank and Jenny Roberts arrived at the Department of Corrections to meet their new son. They were very excited. This was their third penitatas child that they would be "adopting", and they were eager to assist the new child to come to terms with his crime, and to start the process of making a new life for himself. Dan Wilson, they already knew, had been convicted three days ago of aggravated slicing. Slicing was the crime of breaking into computers. Normally, this is an offence not dealt with very harshly, but in Dan's case, there were other factors which increased the seriousness of the charge, and the amount of punishment.  

Dan Wilson had been convicted of breaking into Kindern's computers, and terrorizing them with unauthorized messages and graphic files. Since he was the president and founder of Home Systems Incorporated, which was the premier supplier of household computer systems for most of the world, it was most shocking that he would be involved in such a perversion. He had been sentenced to 8x6-12, or eight cycles of being age 6 thru 12. The first three of those cycles, at least, would be spent as a "hard time" penitatas, with "spanko" parents like Frank and Jenny.  

When the Roberts entered the Corrections building, they were met by one of the staffers. Unlike earlier times, they were led to a conference room, instead of directly to the judicial rejuvenation chamber. In the conference room, they were met by their supervising contact, James Carpenter.  

"Hi, Frank, Jenny. How are you?"  Carpenter said, somewhat distractedly.  

"Fine. Is something wrong?" Frank replied.  

"Well, the rejuve on Mr. Wilson is complete. We did, however, run into the 'Century' problem, so I wanted to warn you."  

The rejuvenation process was almost foolproof. There was only one remaining problem, that no amount of tinkering had so far solved. Since the race the rejuvenation system was developed by had only one sex, there was a bias toward like chromosomes. The first rejuves always resulted in female children. Even now, centuries after rejuvenation technology was introduced, there was still a 1-in-100 chance (hence the slang name for the problem) that a male subject would be rejuved into a female. This could normally be corrected by another rejuve, but this was almost never done for penitatas subjects. First, most pennys were rejuved to an age young enough that a further 3 year reduction in age created dangers. Secondly, female subjects were normally easier to handle then males, even to the point that some serious offenders were intentionally made female. Also, it could be considered an additional risk of being convicted of a crime, and would act as a slight additional deterrent.  

Frank looked at Jenny. She just smiled back at Frank. Frank said, "I don't think that will be necessary. We like girls just fine. Although little Dani's room is currently decorated in a blue motif, we still have the clothes from our last child. They should fit, and we can get more tomorrow."  

"There is, however, another problem. The nano-web didn't work on this subject."  

When a criminal was rejuved, an important part of their sentence is that they thought and reacted like the child that they had become. While the simple process of placing the mind in the younger brain and body had some of this effect, for penitatas, a device called a nano-web was used to enhance this process. The web was installed in the brain, and partially controls and overrides emotional reactions, forcing the mind-set into a more childish and malleable form.  

"What do you mean, it didn't work? I thought that the technology was fool-proof."  

"In almost all cases, there is no problem whatsoever. In fact, the current technicians have never seen such a case, although it is written up in the literature. While there has never been a conclusive study, primarily due to the lack of sufficient examples, the current theory goes something like this: If a person has a sufficiently ordered and controlled mind and personality, with significant mental training, their sub-conscious mind notices that a thought or emotion has been changed by the nano-web, and fights back. The sub-conscious and the nano-web start a war in the brain, which causes the conscious mind to shut down. To outward appearances, the person seems to be in a coma, but their EEG shows massive amounts of brain activity, and their brain chemical balance is quickly disrupted."  

"In one early case, the decision was made to leave the nano-web in place and active, to see what happened. Within twenty minutes, the patient died. Even an emergency rejuve was not capable of saving the personality." Both Frank and Jenny recoiled in horror. "Since that occurrence, at the first sign of this type of disorder, the nano-web is removed."  

The Roberts both relaxed upon hearing this. "So, what does this mean?"  

"Well, there is an older technology that is available. It is a nano-net, which simply acts as an emotional amplifier. It slightly increases the intensity of the emotions, which is the primary effect of the nano-web anyway. Since it is mostly chemical in nature, instead of working at the higher thought level, the sub-conscious does not detect it. This means that, whatever emotion the subject experiences is that much stronger. So, the humiliation will be greater, and the sorrow, fear, and regret will be enhanced. It isn't as seamless as the newer unit, there will be some periods of complete calmness, and others of great emotion, but it should give you the help that is needed."  

"OK. I take it that it hasn't been implanted yet?" Frank asked.  

"No. The subject is being given some rest after the ordeal of the nano-web. It will be installed later today. That is not, however, the end of the matter. Have you read the file on this subject?"  

"Yes, of course."  

"You know that the subject never confessed. In fact, he maintained his innocence right up until he was rejuved. The severity of the sentence was due, in part, to the fact that the subject is obviously unrepentant. I bet it cost him at least one extra cycle, maybe two."  

"For this reason, as well as the situation with the nano-web, he has been reclassified as a high-risk subject."  

Jenny gasped. "But we aren't qualified for a high-risk penitatas!" she exclaimed. "We are only class three rated."  

In the penitatas system, there were four classifications of host parents. The lowest level, grade one, was for soft-time penitatas only. All that was required was the normal parenting class, and a brief department of corrections course in the penitatas system.  

Grade 2 was the first level which kept hard-time penitatas. These were entry-level spankophile's, and they were allowed to keep non-first-cycle hard-timers. In addition to the grade one requirements, applicants had to take the advanced course, and had to pass a test (baby-sitting for a hard-timer for a week).  

To be qualified to keep first-cycle penitatas, the host couple had to first obtain a grade 2 rating, keep a second or third cycle penny for one full cycle, and be recommended by their supervisor.  

There were, however, a small percentage of convicted criminals who were considered 'high risk'. These involved those whose crimes involved violence or death, and certain other subjects with unusual circumstances or requirements. Only the most experienced of host couples were permitted to care for these subjects. The requirements included keeping six first-cycle pennys, and normally involved couples who had undergone rejuve themselves.  

"I know. We have two options. If you prefer, we can arrange another host couple, one with more experience. I know that you weren't expecting this type of situation."  

"What is the other option?" Frank asked.  

"I have already discussed the situation with the department. You are outside the usual limits but, if you agree, the department has agreed to promote you to Grade Four immediately."  

Frank looked at Jenny, and she smiled and nodded. Frank said, "We will take him, er, I mean, her. We'll do our best. Thank you for the vote of confidence."  

"Fine. There are some logistical issues to take care of. This afternoon, Special Services will be out to go over your home. They will make sure that all of the safeguards are in place and working. Also, since our little Danny is a slicer, they will install extra restrictions on your home computer, and put an external logger on the communications lines."  

"Now, we will be keeping your new daughter overnight anyway. I want you both to review your course material on the procedures for high-risk subjects. Even though there is no violence in this one's background or psych reports, you know my motto: If there is no violence in the subject, prepare for it. In particular, remember that all potential weapons need to stay in locked storage. All your cabinets, drawers, closets, etc, will stay locked, and the computer will only open them for you. You need to remember to put things away after use. Also, never turn your back on her. I know I sound like an old woman, but I haven't had any of my "parents" seriously hurt yet, and I don't want to start with you two."  

"We'll be fine. And, before you say it, we will also be careful. Thanks again."  

"See you two tomorrow."  


Dan was distraught. After he awoke from the sleep period that occurs after a rejuvenation, he realized that, on top of everything else, he was now a girl. It was just sinking in that he had a 48 year sentence, and that at least the first 6 years of it would be spent as a girl. On top of everything else, he just broke down and cried. Even while he was crying, he was thinking to himself how unusual it was. He never cried. He never felt his emotions so strongly. Then it hit him: The Nano-web!  

Dan tried to get hold of himself. He had partially succeeded, and was meditating when several adults entered the room.  

"Well, Dani, I see that you have discovered exactly how "lucky" you are. You are one in a hundred, literally. I know Y-regression was not part of your sentence, but this happens sometimes. Normally, it can be reversed for your next cycle. Hopefully, you will treat it as a learning experience" Carpenter said.  

"Let me introduce you to your new parents. This is Frank and Jenny Roberts. They are here to take you to your new home."  

Jenny said, "Hello, Dani. Welcome to the family!", and hugged Dani firmly. Dani did not respond. "Well, lets go. The car is outside."  


The drive home was difficult. Jenny tried several times to engage Dani in conversation, but she just kept looking straight ahead. Several times tears started falling down her cheeks, but even that did not seem in response to anything that Jenny said.  

When they arrived at the house, both Frank and Jenny led Dani to his new room, where he spoke to them for the first time. "We need to discuss a few things, but I am not in very good shape right now. Would you permit me 20 minutes alone to meditate, and then we can talk?".  

Frank and Jenny looked at each other. In all of their previous cases, they had started with the first spanking right away. But, it was obvious that Dani was having trouble adjusting. They were also curious about what she would have to say. Jenny shrugged. Frank said, "Ok. Please come down and meet us in the living room when you are ready. We will see you soon" he finished with, not-so-subtly indicating that she would not be allowed an unlimited amount of time.  


Frank and Jenny were in the living room when Dani entered. She sat down without asking permission, and started speaking immediately. "There are a few things I need to tell you. I'm sure you know that I was convicted of slicing Kindern computers?"  

Both new parents nodded. "What you don't know, and probably won't believe, is that I am innocent. I know there is a lot of evidence against me, and I can't explain how it was manufactured, or who is behind it, but I am not guilty."  

"My name is Dan Wilson. You are not my parents. You are, at best, my guardians, and at worst, my torturers. Due to the unfortunate occurrence with the rejuve, I will consent to answer to Dani, but I am NOT Dani Roberts. I know that you are not part of the reason I am here, and I know that you have to perform the "correction" mandated by the courts. I don't blame you for my situation."  

"While the normal penitatas would be feeling guilt, I will probably be feeling nothing but anger. In the years to come I will do my best not to let that anger turn to hate, or focus on you. Given what I know is to come, I don't think I will succeed. I therefore apologize in advance for what I may do or say to or about you in the future. This will probably be the last time you receive this sentiment."  

Frank and Jenny looked at each other, and Frank smiled. "Well, Dani, I'm sure you know that what you say about your innocence is hard to believe. After all, you were subjected to telepathic examination, as are all defendants, prior to trial."  

"In my case, the telepathic report said that there was evidence of mental tampering. I was accused of hiring a telepath to eliminate the memories of the events in question. I don't know who actually did the tampering, but it wasn't me."  

"But, if you had had the memories of the tampering removed, you would not know you had requested it. You would believe yourself innocent, because you couldn't remember doing the crime" Jenny responded.  

"There is also no evidence of any kind of thoughts about this type of crime. People who do this type of crime have long standing thoughts and fantasies of this type. It is not possible to change the basic makeup of a person's wants and desires. If I had done that type of crime, it would not be unthinkable to me to have done so. I know that there is no way to produce objective evidence of that fact, but it is true nonetheless."  

Frank shrugged. "Be that as it may, you were convicted, and we have no choice but to treat you as such. As for your other statements, your name is legally Dani Roberts, and we are legally your parents, according to the court order entered this morning."  

Dani replied, "I don't care what the legal system calls me. If you wish a response, you will use my correct name. Please understand that this is not personal. I have nothing against you two. I have simply decided not to accept the judgement or the sentence."

  Frank smiled again. "Well, you don't really have a choice about that, now, do you?" he said, laughing slightly.  

Dani stared right at him until he stopped laughing. "We will see" was all she said.  


That evening, Frank and Jenny were talking about Dani's first day. True to her word, she had not cooperated with any of her punishment. She had refused to come when called to get over Frank's knee, and had had to be dragged to the chair and pulled into position. While tears had already started prior to the first blow falling, she had done nothing more than grunt and cry during that first hand spanking. No words were spoken, and no screams or cries were heard.  

She had refused to stand in the corner. Even after two additional spankings with the helper paddle, during which she had finally started to scream and cry, she still refused. Finally, it was necessary for Frank to get the tall kitchen stool, put Dani on it, and tie her hands behind her and her legs to the stool.  

Frank had tried to break her resolve that evening. He had tried to get her to ask for her punishment. Thru tears which had already started, she had looked at him and said, "You've got to be kidding." She had, of course, received an even harsher spanking for the disrespect. Once again, while she did cry and scream, she did not ask forgiveness or beg for leniency. In fact, those five words were the only words she had spoken since that afternoon.  

She was sleeping under the delta inducer, with nano lotion on her rear end to repair the damage. The reason for the sleep assistance was because she had laid for over an hour crying. When Jenny had gone up to sit with her, she had not responded to her, and had just kept crying.

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