Robin's Camp V

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of young children. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]

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Robin finished cleaning Stephen's room, so she went upstairs to see how her sister was doing in their bedroom. When she walked in, she thought to herself, "Not too bad."

"Hey, Jenn, how's it going?" she asked.

Jenn smiled when she looked up and saw Robin. "Okay, I finished my side. I'm having a little trouble with your knickknacks. I don't really know where they all go."

"Here, let me help you. If we work together, we'll get done twice as fast," Robin said.

So they did. Before long, they had finished their bedroom. It never looked so neat.

"Hey, Robin, let's go do the playroom together, too. Maybe we could even finish before dinner," Jenn said.

"Yeah, and before Daddy gets home," Robin added. Both girls laughed.

A little while later, Stephen came upstairs to the playroom. "Hey, Mommy sent me to tell you that dinner was almost ready, and she wants you to . . . Whoa! This place is a big mess!"

"Yeah, we know, thanks a lot, Stephen. But your room is nice and clean now. Why don't you be a good boy and run along?" Jennifer said.

"Well, you're supposed to come and set the table for dinner," Stephen said.

"Okay, tell Mommy we'll be right there," Robin said.

"But Mommy said . . ." Stephen began. Jennifer cut him off, "Okay, we'll be right there!"

"ROBIN! JENNIFER!" The girls heard their names over the intercom.

Jennifer ran to the hall and pressed the button, "Yeah?"

Their mother's voice said, "Please come down and set the table. Your father just walked in."

Jennifer pressed the button again, "Okay, Mommy, we're coming!"

Jenn went back into the playroom. She looked at Robin. "Well, I guess the rest of this will have to wait until after dinner."

"Yeah, it's a shame, too, 'cause we're almost done. If only all these little toys would just disappear," Robin said.

Jenn looked around. "Why don't we just shove everything under the couch? Then if Daddy comes up to look, it will look all finished, and then we can come back later and put it all away."

"You think we should?" Robin asked.

"Sure, why not? We'll be back up after dinner," Jennifer said as the two of them threw all the little things under the couch.

"We'd better get down there. We're already in enough trouble!" Robin said.

"GIRLS!" This time it was their father's voice on the intercom.

"Sheesh! We're coming!" Jennifer said under her breath.

The girls ran down the steps and quickly set the table. It was pretty quiet during dinner, except for the occasional chattering of Stephen and the baby talk of Melissa. Both twins were quiet. They were afraid of getting into any more trouble.

Lisa began telling Charlie about what happened that day. Charlie raised his eyebrows and looked at both girls. They looked into their food.

"Sounds like you have a lot of cleaning to do," Charlie said.

"We're almost finished," Robin said.

"Not in the playroom. I was just up there, and it's a big mess!" Stephen shouted.

"If you're finished, Stephen, you can go watch t.v." Lisa said. Melissa was let down from her highchair. "Here, take Melissa with you," she added.

"Well, girls, seems like you had an interesting day today," Charlie said.

"Yes, sir," both girls said.

"I'm not too happy about this, Robin," Charlie said.

"Me neither, Daddy, I didn't mean for it to happen," she said.

"Are you girls finished?" Lisa asked. They both nodded. "Okay, then go back up and clean some more. Your father and I have to talk. We'll call you back down when we've finished."

"Yes, ma'am!" "Okay, Mommy!"

The girls got up from the table and started to walk away. Their father called them back.

"Uh, girls, take your plates in, please!" They did.

Robin and Jennifer went back up to the playroom. With both of them working together, it wasn't long before they had finished cleaning the room. Even the stuff they had thrown under the couch was removed and put away. Like their bedroom, the playroom had never looked so clean. They even found stuff they had thought they lost.

They went into their bedroom. Robin sat down on her bed and picked up a book she had started reading earlier in the summer. Jennifer sat down at her desk to work on her homework. Neither of them could concentrate. They both wondered what their parents were discussing downstairs.

They were both startled when the intercom buzzed. Their parents had originally installed the intercom when Steven and Melissa were babies. If they needed to talk to the twins, they wouldn't have to yell up the stairs and wake one of the kids. Now, they had just gotten so used to using it.

"Girls!" It was their dad. "Please come downstairs!"

Robin and Jennifer went down the stairs quickly, but walked rather slowly back into the dining room. They sat opposite their parents.

"I've heard everything, and your mother and I talked. Robin, our first thought was to close down your camp. We really didn't think it was going to last this long. But you worked hard, and despite several problems, you made it work, for the most part. We really thought 13 was too young of an age to be responsible. But you did prove us wrong! Until today!"

Charlie paused to gage Robin's reaction. She put her head down. She knew she had let her parents down. She had let herself down.

"I know, Daddy, and I'm sorry," Robin said quietly.

"What did you learn from your experience today?" Charlie asked.

"That even though I wanted to, I couldn't handle the kids on my own?" Robin asked.

"Are you asking us or telling us? What should you have done, young lady?" Lisa asked.

Robin didn't know which question to answer. She decided that her mother's first question was a rhetorical one. "I thought it would be okay, once Jennifer got home," she said.

"You could have called one of your aunts. Aunt Sam is home, and Aunt Joan is always home. One of them could have come over and helped you!" Lisa said.

"Or you could have called me at work and told me it was an emergency. I might have been able to help you, Robin!" Charlie said.

"I didn't think of that, Daddy!" Robin said.

"Well, now you know. Anyway, so Mommy and I talked, and decided that since it's only four more days, you can keep your camp open!" Charlie stated.

"Oh, you mean it?! Oh, thank you, Mommy, thank you, Daddy!" Robin ran and gave each of her parents a hug.

"And Jennifer, when you are asked a favor, and you say 'yes', we expect you to do it. Your sister does a lot of nice things for you," Charlie said.

"Yes, Daddy," Jenn answered.

"And to help you remember that, you are going to help her in the camp every day after school for the rest of the week!" he added.

"WHAT?" Jenn said.

"WHAT?" Robin said.

"You heard your father. You will do it, Jennifer, and you will like it. And Robin, you and Karen and Jennifer will all get along, too. Got it?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, Mommy!" they both said.

"Now, I think we have some business to take care of upstairs," Charlie said. "Something that your mother promised you when I got home," he added.

Both girls looked down at the floor. They were hoping their punishment was over. They followed their father upstairs. First, he went to look in the playroom.

"It looks very clean in here. You girls did a great job!" Charlie said.

"Thanks," said Jenn. "Yeah, thank you, Daddy," Robin said quietly.

Next he went into the girls' bedroom. They walked in behind him.

"And your room is so clean. Boy, I should hire those kids to mess it up all the time. I've never seen this room so clean. You should keep it this way," their father chuckled. The girls laughed along with their father.

"Well, I know your mother promised you another spanking when I got home. Didn't she?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, sir," they both said sadly.

"And it wouldn't be right, if I didn't punish you. It wouldn't be consistent of me as a parent, now would it?" Charlie paused, thinking.

The girls didn't know what their father was talking about. Could he actually be thinking of not spanking them? While they were wondering, Charlie said he would be right back. Robin and Jennifer exchanged a look. Their father returned with one of their beanbag chairs from the playroom.

"Okay, let's get this over with," he said. He motioned them to come and stand next to him. The girls did this. Then they watched quizzically as their father went over and touched the intercom button. He fixed it so it would be held down. That meant anyone listening downstairs would be able to hear what was going on upstairs.

"Okay, girls, pull down your pants. Robin, you're first!"

Jennifer and Robin looked at each other again. This was the first time they had to pull down their own pants for a spanking. It was also the first time their father punished them together. Sure, they'd seen each other get spankings from time to time, but never when they both were going to get it. They decided they'd better do what their father asked. He sure was acting weird.

Charlie mouthed to the girls, "Make it sound good," as he pointed to the intercom. All of a sudden, he slapped the beanbag chair.

Robin didn't understand. But Jennifer did. She realized that to their mother the sound of their father's hand hitting the beanbag chair would sound like he was slapping their bare bottoms. Jenn tried not to laugh.

Charlie hit the beanbag chair again. He pointed to the intercom again. Finally Robin got it!

"OUCH! Ow, Daddy, that hurt! Ow! Please stop, Daddy, I'm sorry! I've learned my lesson!" Robin yelled.

Then Charlie really did smack Robin's backside. One loud smack that you could probably hear in the next town. Robin, who had no idea it was coming, was shocked. Then reality set it.

"Ow, Daddy!" and she started to cry for real.

"Okay, it's over now, Robin, go lay on your bed and cry it out. Your turn, Jenn."

Jennifer went and stood next to her father. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles. She knew there would be at least one real spank. You would have thought Jennifer was trying to win an Emmy for this performance. She really laid it on thick.

"Oh, please, Daddy, don't spank me. PLEASE! I'm sorry. I'll be good, I promise. Please, my butt still hurts from this afternoon. Daddy, please don't sp. . ." Jennifer's words were cut off, when Charlie bent her over his lap and gave her one good solid smack."

"OUCH! DADD-EE! Ow, that hurt!"

"It's supposed to hurt, young lady. Now lay still while I finish this," Charlie said.

Jennifer stood rubbing her bottom while her father hit the beanbag chair over and over again. She put in the occasional "ooh" and "ow" and "ouch". Eventually, Charlie went over and turned off the intercom.

Downstairs, Lisa was shaking her head and grinning. She figured the girls had gotten what they truly deserved.

And that's exactly what Charlie thought upstairs, too. He felt the twins had had enough when Lisa spanked them with the hairbrush that afternoon. He told the girls to pull up their pants and come to him.

Charlie sat on the beanbag chair and pulled both girls into his lap.

"I think you both learned some good lessons today. I know this," Charlie pointed to the beanbag chair, "will be our little secret."

The girls hugged their daddy. It had been years since they had a secret just with him. They knew better than to ever tell their mother the truth.

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The last four days of Robin's camp went off without a hitch. Robin and Jennifer and Karen had it all under control. And everyone got along. On the last day, the children put on the play for their parents, and they were all a big hit (no pun intended). Robin and Karen each got a lot of money in tips. That made their whole summer worthwhile. But Robin knew she would have to wait until she was older before she would ever run another camp!

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