Robin's Camp IV

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of young children. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]

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There was one more week to go before summer ended. Robin said to herself, "Okay, I've made it this far, with a few problems. I only need to make it one more week. I know I can do it." After this little pep talk, Robin got her supplies ready for the day ahead.

Karen came, and the girls set up. They were having a carnival, and had gotten all kinds of special treats. They even got those little hot dogs in the blankets. The kids arrived, and practiced the play they were putting on for their parents. At the end of their rehearsal, Robin and Karen clapped and clapped.

"Bravo! Brava!" "Hooray!" "I think you guys are ready!" they both said.

After lunch, the kids went through the tents, and played the games. They had so much fun. Robin noticed that Karen was sitting on a crate clutching her stomach.

"Karen, what's the matter? Are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"Yeah, I think so, uh, no, oh, god, I'll be right back," Karen put her hand over her mouth and ran inside. She came out ten minutes later. "Robin, I'm really sick. It must have been those hot dogs. Sometimes they don't agree with me. I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to go home."

"Um, yeah, of course, Karen, you go. I'll be all right. Jennifer will be home from summer school soon. She'll help me clean up. I hope you feel better," Robin said.

"Yeah, thanks, I'll be okay. Sorry to leave you this way," Karen said.

Robin said, "Don't worry about it, just feel better. We only have four more days to go and I need you here, okay?"

After Karen left, Robin tried to get the kids to go inside and watch a video, but they still wanted to play the carnival. It was difficult for Robin to keep an eye on all seven kids. She heard the door slam, and knew Jennifer was home.

Looking over her shoulder, she yelled to Amy, the eight-year-old, "I'll be right back, Amy, you watch everyone for a minute, okay?" She nodded.

Robin ran into the house and called out to Jennifer. "Jenn, come here, I need you!"

Jennifer appeared in the kitchen, saw Robin's face, and said, "What's the matter, Robin?"

"Look, I haven't asked you all summer, but I really need your help, please!" she begged.

"What do you need my help with?" Jenn asked.

Just then, they heard a scream.

"Oh, my god!" Robin yelled and ran out the back door. Jennifer soon followed.

Little Tommy Jones was lying on the ground next to the old stump in the backyard. He was crying, and his knee was bleeding.

"Tommy, what happened?" Robin asked. Tommy didn't answer; he was crying too hard. "Jennifer, please go get the first-aid kit. It's on the kitchen counter."

"Where's Karen?" Jenn asked.

"Jenn, please, I'll explain later, just get it," Robin yelled. Then she turned to Amy, "What happened? You were supposed to be watching!"

Amy shrugged. "I don't know. We were all playing, and then I saw him crying."

Susan, who was standing nearby, said, "I saw, Robin, Tommy jumped off the stump, and when he came back down, he hit his knee against it. It looked like it hurt, too."

Robin scowled. "Thanks, Susan." Robin tried not to be mad at Amy. After all, the kid was only eight, and Robin shouldn't have left her in charge, even if it was only for two minutes.

Jennifer came back with the first-aid kit. Robin cleaned the scrape, and put on a Batman band-aid. Tommy was happy again.

"Tommy, you know better than to jump off that stump. I must have told you a million times this summer," Robin warned.

Tommy looked down. "I know, but I just wanted to try it once. And you weren't here, so I thought I could do it. Sorry, Robin. Please don't tell my mom."

"I won't, Tommy, now run along," Robin said. She was thinking the same thing as Tommy. She didn't want her mother to find out either, so it was good that Tommy wasn't going to say anything.

"C'mon kids, it's time to go in," Robin called. Jennifer helped Robin round up the kids and clean them off. Then the twins popped on a Disney classic and made some popcorn. Once the movie had started, Jenn pulled Robin aside.

"Now what's going on, Robin? Why are you here by yourself? If Mommy and Daddy knew, they'd have a fit!" Jennifer said.

"That's why they're not going to know, Jenn. Look, Karen got sick and had to go home. I knew you'd be home soon, so . . ." Robin looked into Jenn's face.

"Oh, no! I am not helping you to babysit these bratty kids. I have homework to do," Jenn stated.

"Please, Jenn, it's only for a few more hours, please!" Robin begged.

"A few more hours? You mean, THREE more hours! I don't think I can stand it, Robin!" Jenn protested. "Besides, I have homework to do!"

"Jenn, look, they'll be busy watching this movie for the next two hours, and then there will only be one more hour. I'll do an art project or have story time or something. Really, it won't be that bad. You can do your homework here in the dining room," Robin said gently, "Please! I'm desperate!"

"Okay, fine, I'll sit here, and they will be right there watching tv, right?" Jenn asked.

"Yeah, okay, I'll be outside," Robin said.

"Wait, why?" Jenn asked.

"Someone has to clean up the carnival. YOU want to do it?" Robin asked.

"No," said Jenn.

So Robin went out back to clean up. Jennifer went upstairs to get her homework. When she came down, she assumed the kids were still in the den watching the movie. There was a large sliding door on the room to the den with no windows and she didn't bother to check. She heard the Disney music and Robin had said that would keep them entertained for a good two hours. Jennifer sat down to do her homework.

About forty-five minutes later, Robin came back in.

"Oh, finally, I'm finished. It's a lot easier setting up a carnival with two people than it is to clean up with one person. How're the kids?" she asked.

"They're fine. Still into the movie," Jenn said.

Suddenly they heard a loud crash coming from upstairs.

"What was that?" Robin asked, running into the den. She was shocked to see the movie running but no kids. "Uh-oh!"

Both Robin and Jennifer ran upstairs and into the playroom. They could not believe their eyes. Every game, every toy, everything they owned was scattered all over the room.

"Oh, my god!" Robin yelled. She started to cry. Jenn took her aside.

"You can't cry in front of them, Robin. Don't you know that? You can't let them see that they got to you!" Jenn said quietly.

"But they did get to me," Robin whined, "Look at this mess. This will take hours to clean. Mommy and Daddy'll freak!" She continued to sob quietly.

Jennifer said, "You kids are bad. I want you to clean up this mess right now!"

The kids just laughed. Jennifer had no patience. She just turned towards Robin. Robin had her mouth dropped open. She was staring at their bedroom.

"What is it, Robin?" Jennifer asked concerned.

Robin just pointed toward their bedroom. "LOOK! Oh, Jenn, I-am-in-so-much-trouble!"

Jennifer looked toward where Robin pointed. Their bedroom looked almost as bad as the playroom. All the desk and dresser drawers had been dumped, and clothing, books, papers, and other tchotchkes were strewn around the room.

Robin and Jennifer walked into their bedroom. They could not believe the kids had time to make this much of a mess. Robin looked at Jennifer with a question on her face.

"Oh, no, Robin! I AM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU CLEAN UP THIS MESS! You can forget it!" Jenn said and turned to leave.

Robin grabbed her sister. "Please, Jenn, if you help me, it won't take as long. Please!" Robin knew she was begging, but she didn't care.

Suddenly, Robin looked around. "Wait a minute, where are the boys?"

Susan answered, "They were in your brother's room."

Jennifer and Robin exchanged looks. "Oh, no!" They both ran down to Stephen's room. It was as they expected it to be. A bigger tornado than when Stephen himself messed it up, had been there.

Robin crumpled down in the hall outside his room. "What am I gonna do? Mommy and Daddy are gonna kill me!"

Jennifer said, "I have homework to do. This is your mess, Robin, sorry I can't help you."

"I'll tell them that you were helping me, Jenn. You'll be in trouble, too. You said you would watch them while I cleaned up outside. How could they get past you? The dining room is right next to the den. This can't all be my fault, Jennifer!" Robin yelled.

Jennifer said, "I told you these kids were bratty. And they are sneaky, too. Who knows what they did! But they are your responsibility. That's what Mommy and Daddy will say, so it's your job to clean up the mess they made!" Now she was shouting.

"Fine!" Robin shouted. "Okay, c'mon boys. Let's go. GIRLS, come down here, please!"

Robin ushered all seven kids back into the den. "Okay, you didn't wanna watch the movie, you should have just told me. What you did upstairs and in my brother's room was really bad! Now are you gonna help me clean it up, or do I tell your parents?"

One smart kid said, "Go ahead, tell my parents, and I'll tell them that we didn't know where you were. Then you'll get in to trouble, too."

Robin looked at the kids. They were all shaking their heads, even the little ones. "Fine, who wants to do an art project?"

"Me!" "I do!" "I wanna!" "I want the blue one!"

Jennifer couldn't believe it. When she went into the dining room, she saw Robin sitting with the kids doing an art project.

"Uh, Robin, what about the mess?" she asked.

Robin answered, "Well, you didn't want to help me clean it up, so I have to entertain these kids. I guess the mess will have to wait until they leave."

Just then, the front door opened. Robin looked at the clock. "What was that?" she asked.

Jenn answered, "I think, my dear sister, that it's Mommy coming home. Boy, are you in trouble!"

Lisa came in with Stephen and Melissa. "Jennifer! Robin! Come here, please!" Both girls greeted their mother at the door.

"Hi, Mommy, what are you doing home so early? I thought you were going food shopping!" Robin said innocently.

"Yes, well, I have to meet your father at the store, and I thought it would just be easier to drop the kids off here. Jennifer, you don't mind looking after them for a little while, do you?" Lisa asked.

"Well, I have homework to do," Jenn said.

"Jennifer, it will only be for about an hour. Besides, they can join Robin's camp, and Robin and Karen are here, too," Lisa said.

Robin jumped in. "Oh, yeah, that's no problem, right, Jenn?"

Jennifer looked at Robin. "If you say so, Robin."

"Okay, great, it's settled. Do you girls need anything from the supermarket?" their mother asked.

"No, we're fine. See you later, Mommy," Robin said.

o 0 o

Robin kept tight watch of the clock, wishing the last of the parents would come so she could start cleaning before her mom came home. She heard a car door and rushed to open it, startled that it was her mom. Robin began to panic not knowing how she was going to clean everything and not get into trouble. Her mother asked her to give her a hand with the groceries, so she took Stephen with her to help unload.

After the third trip to the house, the last mom arrived and all of Robin's charges were gone. Looking around, she didn't see Stephen and suddenly she heard this loud howl of indignation coming from his room. Lisa and Robin looked at each other, and Lisa rushes to Stephen's room before Robin could stop her.

Stephen stood in the middle of his room crying. Melissa, having been woken up, started to cry as well. When Jennifer heard her sister crying, she came running to see what the matter was. She looked over at Robin and tried to figure out how her sister was going to talk her way out of this one.

"Stephen, look at your room," Lisa said. "How on earth did you make this much of a mess in such a short time?"

"But, Mommy, I didn't do it! Somebody wrecked my room!" Stephen said and started howling again.

"Stop that this instant," Lisa warned. She turned around to Robin and asked, "Is there something you want to tell me, young lady? Why weren't you and Karen more careful? We have discussed this and you knew that your charges were not allowed in Stephen's room. How could you let this happen?"

Robin knew that her mother was beyond mad. She didn't know where to start. "Well, Mom, it's, umm, kind of a long story. I'll help Stephen with all this, I promise."

Lisa took Stephen into her arms, and said to Robin, "Okay, I'm listening."

Robin began, "Well, you see, Karen got sick, and had to go home, so I was all alone with the kids. I knew Jennifer would be home soon, and I asked her for some help. I put a movie on in the den, and the kids were supposed to be watching it while I cleaned up the carnival, but they got away from Jenn because she was studying really hard."

Jennifer looked over at Robin, touched that she tried to shield her.

Lisa turned to Jennifer, "Did your sister ask you for help, Jenn?"

"Yes, mom, she did," Jenn admitted.

"And did you agree to help her?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, Mom, but I had a lot of homework, and I thought they were all watching t.v. and I didn't know they had gotten away," Jennifer said carefully.

Lisa, also speaking carefully, said, "Well, it seems to me that I have two very irresponsible daughters. I have had it with this camp idea. Robin, this was your responsibility, and Jennifer, if you promised to help, you HELP. You do not promise and then just decide NOT to do something!" Their mother was now shouting.

"Mom, look," Robin said, "I know you're angry, but I really did the best I could under the circumstances."

"Did you, Robin? You left your sister alone with the kids, which I might remind you were your responsibility. Was that fair or right?"

"But I went to clean up, Mommy!" Robin whined.

"Stop whining, you are supposed to be a big girl. So you chose to clean instead of watching them, right?" Lisa asked.

"But Mom, I thought you would be mad if you came home and the yard wasn't cleaned up," Robin said defensively.

"So instead, we have this whole house a mess, instead of the yard, which could have waited until the kids left, right?" her mother asked.

Robin answered slowly, "Well, I guess so, I didn't think of that."

"You just didn't really think, either one of you. I'm going to take Stephen and Melissa upstairs into the playroom for awhile, while you and Jenn clean his room, together. I will call your dad and discuss this whole camp situation with him. I'm afraid this might have been your last day!" Lisa said and turned to leave.

"But Mom," Robin said, "the camp has four days to go, and you have told me many times to finish what I start. How can I let those parents down at the last minute like that? They won't have a place for the kids to go!" She tried not to whine as she said that last part.

Her mom must have noticed, and said, "I will think about it. And your father and I will discuss it. Now get to work."

Lisa grabbed Stephen's and Melissa's hands and turned to leave. Jennifer coughed to get Robin's attention.

Lisa turned around and asked, "Jenn, is there something you wanted to say?"

Jennifer said, "Well Mom, umm, I think Robin should tell you."

Lisa's eyebrows went up as she asked, "Well? Robin? Is there more I should know about?"

Robin gulped as she realized that she had to tell her about the playroom and her bedroom. "Well, Mom, the kids kind of split up and messed up more than Stephen's room. They also ran wild in our bedroom, and the playroom."

Lisa let go of the little kids' hands and left to survey the mess upstairs. Shaking her head, she returned to Stephen's room where the girls were still standing where she left them.

"Looks like you two will be busy for quite awhile," is all she said.

"But Mom," Jennifer whined, "I have homework to do. Isn't schoolwork more important?"

"Nice try, Jenn, but you will work with your sister, clean up this mess, and we will discuss all of this again when you are done," their mother said.

By the look on their mom's face, the girls knew they were in for a spanking. She walked away, bringing Stephen and Melissa with her, while Jenn turned on Robin.

"This is all your fault, you and your stupid camp idea," Jenn said.

"Look, Jenn, I didn't mean to get you into trouble, but if YOU had just watched the kids a little closer, this wouldn't have happened," Robin reasoned.

The girls quickly started bickering and yelling at one another, and neither of them saw their mother come back into the room with a hairbrush in her hand.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" she yelled.

The girls stopped and saw their Mom, hands on her hips, staring at them.

"You are both in trouble. This is both your faults. Robin, I will see you in my bedroom, NOW! Jenn, keep cleaning."

"Yes, ma'am!" Jenn said.

Lisa took Robin into her bedroom, sat down on a chair and quickly pulled down Robin's shorts and panties and turned her over her knee. Without even a warmup, Lisa started in with the hairbrush. She alternated cheeks, first one, then the other. After the third smack with the hairbrush, Robin started to yelp with pain She cannot believe how much it hurt.

"Robin, SMACK, you were trusted, SMACK, with a job, SMACK, and I SMACK, trusted SMACK, you to do it, SMACK SMACK SMACK, is that right? SMACK."

"Yes, Mommy, ohhh please Mommy stop, it hurts soooo bad," Robin cried.

"It is supposed to, SMACK, young, SMACK, lady, SMACK. And instead, SMACK, of cleaning just now, SMACK, you decided, SMACK to argue, SMACK with your SMACK sister, SMACK SMACK. I am SMACK very SMACK disappointed in you SMACK!"

Her mom continued until Robin was hysterical, and her bottom was a uniform crimson color. As Lisa stood her up, she said, "You may go to your room and compose yourself for five minutes, and then I want you to be back out and cleaning something. I do not want you and your sister in the same room. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes, Mommy, I do," Robin sniffed. She tried to stop the tears but her bottom was burning and hurting terribly. She couldn't remember her mom ever spanking her so hard.

"You can also count on another spanking later tonight, young lady, when your father gets home," Lisa said.

Robin was shocked. She never got spanked by both parents in one day. She was too nervous to ask why, so instead ran to her room for her five minutes.

Lisa went next door to get Jennifer. "Okay, young lady, your turn."

Jenn had hoped that her mom was only going to spank Robin. After all, it was her camp, and her job. She tried to tell that to her Mom, who already was not too pleased with her attitude.

"I think, young lady, what you need, is an attitude adjustment," Lisa stated.

Quickly, she pulled down Jenn's shorts and panties, and flipped her over her lap. SWAT, the hairbrush went to work on Jennifer's bottom quickly and painfully. Jenn, not being too stoic, began to sob and howl as the hairbrush worked its magic. Her mom didn't leave an inch of her bottom alone.

"I SWAT, do not SWAT , like SWAT, your SWAT attitude SWAT young SWAT lady SWAT. It will SWAT change SWAT immediately SWAT, understood?" SWAT SWAT SWAT.

"Yes ma'am," sobbed Jenn.

After about 50 hard swats with the hairbrush, Lisa was done with Jennifer. She pulled her up and sent her to stand in the corner.

"I want you to think, young lady, about what it means to be in this family, to help when you are asked, and to do it competently. Understood? Your father and I will be discussing this again with you tonight," Lisa stated.

Jenn's heart sank. She knew she couldn't stand another spanking in one day. After about 10 minutes, Jenn was breathing normally and her tears have about stopped, and Lisa came back in.

"Robin is cleaning Stephen's room. You may start on your own. I don't want to see you until it is entirely clean. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jenn said.

Lisa went to the kitchen to make dinner. Jenn snuck into Stephen's room, before going upstairs.

"Are you okay, Robin?" Jennifer whispered.

"Noooo," Robin said, "my bottom hurts soooo bad and Mommy said I will be spanked again when Daddy comes home."

"Yeah, me too!" Jenn sighed.

The girls hugged and united in sympathy for one another.

"I'm sorry about all this, Jenn," Robin said.

"Me too, Robin. We better get going. Maybe Daddy won't be as mad if he doesn't see the mess that Mommy saw," Jenn said.

"Good idea," Robin said.

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