Robin's Camp III

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of young children. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]

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Robin was able to keep that promise for about a week and a half. Libby was there every day, unhappy, but there, none-the-less. She didn't make any more mistakes, but then again, Robin didn't let Libby out of her sight for a second. Robin couldn't trust her. The kids didn't seem to notice that Robin and Libby weren't friends. They did everything they had to do, and tried not to get in each other's way.

A few more parents had brought their kids back after hearing good things from the other parents. Now they had seven kids. And even better news was that Karen was given a clean bill of health and was able to come back to the camp. Robin was very happy about that.

It was Wednesday morning, when Karen came back to work. When she saw Libby, her mouth dropped open.

"Wh-what's she doing here?" Karen asked about Libby.

"Oh, she works here now, too. Don't worry, I don't like her either," Robin admitted.

"I absolutely hate Libby. And I won't work with her. It's either her or me!" Karen announced.

By this time, Libby had come over to where Robin and Karen were standing, and had overheard what Karen had said.

"Well, I don't like you either, Karen, if it makes you feel any better," Libby said nastily.

Oh, God, not again, Robin thought to herself, "Aww, come on girls, we can all work together for the sake of the kids, can't we?"

"NO, I'm sorry, Robin, I can't work with Libby. You have to decide, either she goes or I do," Karen said, and then crossed her arms across her chest.

Robin didn't know what to do. Even though she would have liked at this point to get rid of Libby, she knew that Libby owed her mother money.

Libby said, "I'll make it easy for you, Robin. I'll go, but then you have to pay the rest of the money to your mother. How's that?"

Robin looked at Karen and then nodded, "Yes, okay, I'll do it."

"All right, I'm outta here," and with that, Libby was gone in a flash.

Having settled that matter, Karen got right to work setting up for the children. They would be arriving any minute.

Robin sat down to count the money she had made so far over the summer. After having to buy stuff for the camp, and then paying her mother back for what Libby did, she didn't have much left for herself. But she had proven she could make it work, and that's all that mattered to her at the moment.

Of course, when her mother came home that afternoon and wanted to know where Libby was, Robin was too afraid to tell the truth.

"Oh, Mommy, she quit. She and Karen aren't friends, and when Libby saw Karen, she just left," Robin sobbed. She hoped her mother didn't know she was faking it. "But I don't care, I'll just give you the rest of the money that Libby was supposed to give you. I'm glad to be rid of her anyway."

"Are you sure, Robin?" Lisa asked concerned.

"Yea, it's fine, it's worth it to me, to be rid of Libby," Robin answered.

Unbeknownst to Robin, Lisa called Mary to tell her about Libby's latest irresponsibility. Of course, Mary told Lisa that Libby said Robin had fired her. Neither mother knew which girl to believe.

After dinner, Charlie and Lisa called Robin into the living room.

"Robin, is there something you didn't tell us today about why Libby left?" Charlie asked, always wanting to give the girls the chance to come clean.

Of course, Robin didn't know that her mother had spoken to Libby's mom, so she continued with her story. "NO! Whadda ya mean, Daddy? I told you she saw Karen, and just quit. They hate each other!"

"Hmmmm," Charlie said.

"It's funny, Robin, because Mary said Libby told her that you fired her. Was she lying?" Lisa asked.

Robin's mouth dropped to the floor when she heard Lisa say Libby's mother's name. She hadn't thought that her mother would call to check her story. She didn't know whether to continue to lie or come clean. She decided she had better tell the truth.

Robin sobbed, "Well, um, I guess Libby wasn't lying, Mommy."

"You'd better tell us the whole story, little girl," her father said.

Robin told her parents what happened when Karen came back that morning. "And she would have left if Libby didn't. I didn't know what to do. I would have rather worked just with Karen than with Libby," she sobbed.

"So you thought lying to us was better, too?" Charlie asked.

"And in addition to lying to us, now you have to pay back all that money, too," Lisa said.

"Yes, ma'am," Robin said.

"And," Charlie said, "you're going to be punished for lying to us. And it won't just be washing your mouth out with soap, young lady. Because you not only lied to us, but you lied and almost got Libby in trouble. You might not like her, but that's no reason to get her in trouble. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," Robin said.

Lisa said, "Now, I want you to go call Libby and apologize to both her and Mary about your lie." Robin didn't move. "Right now!" her mother shouted.

Robin turned to leave the room. "And then you can meet me in my bedroom," her father said.

Robin looked back at her father. "Yes, sir."

She called Libby's house, and even though it was difficult, managed to apologize to both Libby and Mary for her deception. She thought she could hear Libby smiling over the phone. Then she went into her parents' bedroom.

Charlie heard his daughter hang up the phone and went to his room to take care of the unpleasant business of spanking her.

"Come here. You know why you're getting a spanking, young lady?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, Daddy, I lied to you and Mommy, and I almost got Libby in trouble," Robin said glumly.

"And I really don't understand it, Robin. This all could have been avoided," he said.

Then Charlie pulled Robin's pants and panties down to her knees. As he laid her over his lap, her pants dropped to her ankles. He brought his hand down again and again on Robin's backside, alternating cheeks until she was sobbing. Then he stood her up, and told her to lay on his bed and cry it out.

After Robin calmed down a bit her mother came back into the room.

"Okay, Robin, you still have another punishment to go," Lisa said.

"Please, Mommy," Robin sobbed, "please don't use soap in my mouth. I promise I wont lie again, I promise!"

Robin is almost hysterical, and Lisa feels kind of sorry for her, but she doesn't want her to know it. She walks over to Robin, and gently takes her face in her hands. "Robin, you know you could have avoided all this, don't you?"

"Yes, Mommy, I know, but I just didn't know what to do," Robin wailed.

"Well, right now you do, you will come with me into the bathroom, and you will sit on the edge of the tub, and hold the bar of soap in your mouth for five minutes. Now come, and let's get this over with," Lisa said.

Robin sat, unable to move. Her mom took her by the hand, and pulled her up. Robin still didn't move, so Lisa gave her a quick swat to get her moving in the right direction. Robin sat on the edge of the tub and kept the soap in her mouth for the full five minutes while Lisa lectured her on lying, and its consequences. After her time was up, Robin rushed to rinse her mouth out again and again, and almost threw up.

"Now Robin," her mom said, "go to your room and think of all the trouble you got into today and I will call you when dinner is ready."

Robin feels so sick to her stomach that she asks to be excused from dinner. "All right," Lisa tells her, "but you may not watch TV or talk on the phone either. You may read until bedtime if you don't want to eat with us."

Jenn came home shortly after Robin slipped into bed. Seeing her sister there, looking pale, Jenn was immediately concerned. "What happened to you?"

Robin decided to give Jennifer the short version. "Um, basically, Libby and Karen hate each other, and Libby left and I lied about it and I got into trouble, and, and . . .," Robin just couldn't go on. She started to sob again, and Jenn went over and held her until she calmed down.

"I am soo sorry, Robin, but Libby is SUCH a loser. She will do anything to get out of work," Jenn explained.

Trying to change the subject, Robin asked, "How was your day, Jenn?"

"Well, I hate to admit it, but I didn't do very well on my midterms. Mom and Dad are definitely NOT going to be pleased, after they paid for my summer school classes. I really thought I could do this, and I studied and studied, but I still got C's on everything. Damn, Daddy is gonna be mad," Jenn said.

"Maybe not Jenn, he knows you have been working hard. Just tell him," Robin advised.

Jenn walked downstairs and saw her dad reading the paper in the living room. "Umm, Daddy? I need to talk to you for a sec, okay?"

"What is it, Baby?" Charlie asked.

"Well, I got my midterms back and they weren't the grades that I had hoped for. I got all C's. But Daddy," Jenn rushed on, "I really studied hard, I did!"

Her father sighed. "Jennifer, I know you did and if a C is the best you could do, then that is the best it is. Look, I know you are used to being a straight A student, but that is in regular classes. You took these classes so that you could catch up and be in honors next year. So just do your best, okay?"

"Yes, Sir," Jenn answered with a smile. "Thank you, Daddy." Then Jenn said to herself, well, Robin was right, I can't believe he didn't get mad. Maybe Daddy's softening in his old age. Then she chuckled and ran upstairs to tell Robin.

Charlie shook his head and went to the kitchen to help Lisa. She is over by the kitchen sink scowling as she peeled vegetables.

"What's up, hon?" Charlie asked as he sees her face.

"Well, it's Stephen. He has been surly and unpleasant ever since we got home from Joan's. I swear I don't know what's wrong with that boy. One minute he's the cutest thing, and the next, he's just plain bad. I realize he's only four, but I think you need to have a talk with your son," Lisa stated.

Charlie went down the hall to Stephen's room. He knocks and his face drops open as he walks in. Stephen's room looks as if a tornado has hit it.

"What on earth happened here?" Charlie asked rather loudly.

Stephen glanced up, and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just playing, Daddy. Don't have a cow!"

"Where did you hear that from, young man?" Charlie asked.

Stephen didn't answer. He was too busy building with his legos. Charlie pushed all the toys off the chair at Stephen's desk and turned it around.

"Come here, young man," he said firmly.

Stephen looks up from his building at his daddy's angry face and knows he is in deep trouble. He can't seem to move from his spot.

"I said, COME HERE!" Daddy is now shouting, but Stephen is sooo scared that he remains still.

Charlie takes this as total defiance, and says, "If I have to come get you, you will be one sorry little boy."

Stephen rushes over to his dad, and Charlie pulls him between his legs. "For one thing, young man, when I talk, YOU LISTEN, understood?"

Stephen just nods, afraid to speak.

"Secondly, I hear you have been a naughty little boy this afternoon for your mom. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Stephen has no clue what his daddy wants him to say, and looks at his feet.

"I don't know," he says.

"That is NOT an acceptable answer. You should know why you have behaved this way." Charlie pauses. "Well, young man, you have earned yourself a trip across my knee."

Stephen didn't move. He wasn't sure what was expected of him. He knew he had been bad and that Mommy had yelled at him a lot, but still. Charlie quickly pulled down Stephen's pants and underwear, and pulled him over his knee. He spanked first one cheek, then the other, over and over again. Stephen couldn't believe how much it hurt, and began to cry almost immediately.

"I be good, Daddy, I be good!" he shouted, hoping that would make his daddy stop.

"I am sure you will be son, and SWAT, I SWAT, better SWAT, not SWAT, get SWAT, another SWAT, report SWAT SWAT like this SWAT, from your SWAT SWAT mother SWAT, understood? SWAT SWAT SWAT?"

"Yes, Daddy." Stephen was hysterical by now, and Charlie quickly pulled his pants up, pulled him to his feet, and into his arms. "I am sorry, Daddy, really sorry."

"I know that, son. I know you can be a good boy. Now I want this room cleaned before dinner. When I come to get you, I will check, do you understand?" Charlie asked.

Stephen nodded. His tiny bottom was on fire and he would have promised his father anything at that point. Now that he had his first spanking, he knew there would be more if he didn't mind his parents.

After Charlie leaves, Jennifer goes into Stephen's room and gives him a big hug. She had heard the spanking and realized it was his first. Stephen starts to cry all over again, and Jenn holds him close and whispers in his ear soothing nonsense until he quiets down.

"I got a spanking, " Stephen tells his sister.

"I know, I heard, but you'll be okay, it only hurts for a little while. You just have to remember what you did wrong, and not to do it again, okay?" Jenn asks him.

"Okay, and I have to clean my whole room, too," Stephen cried.

Jenn offered to help, and immediately the two set to work. Jenn tells Stephen that Robin would have come to help too, but she was grounded to her room.

Stephen looks at Jenn and says, "I am gonna be soooo good, Daddy won't ever spank me again."

Jenn laughs, and says, "Good luck, little brother."

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