Jennifer's Guilt

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young girl. It is only a story.

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Jennifer sat staring out the window, slow tears sliding down her face while her twin sister Robin slept, totally unaware of her pain. For the hundredth time she wondered how she could have gotten herself into such a mess. Robin and Jennifer had started high school and it was so big and intimidating. Not at all like in elementary school where her uncle was principal. Or even in junior high, where no one took you very seriously. Here, none of her friends were in her classes, and Robin didn't even have the same lunch period she did.

She had felt lost and bewildered until she met Claire, Sarah, and Pam. She didn't know why they had begun talking to her and being friendly, but they had, and Robin knew nothing about it. Because of their different schedules, things were easier to keep from her than before, and the twins had really gone in different directions. At this point, thinking about it, Jenn wished that she had stayed more in line with Robin, but it was way too late to think of that now.

She looked down and opened her hand, looking at the expensive watch she held there. Last week Claire, Sarah and Pam had told her that in order to be initiated into their club and to meet other cool girls like them that she had to go to the mall, and shoplift something from the department store jewelry counter. She knew it was wrong and had agonized over it all day, but after school, she called her mom and told her she had to go to the library to work with some girls on a project, but instead headed to the mall with her new friends.

She wished she were anywhere but there at that moment, but she felt she had no choice, that she could not back out, and yet, that nagging voice knew that she was breaking every rule in her parents' book.

Recently, she had felt really lonely, depressed, and had been doing worse in school than usual. Her parents were so busy with her younger brother and sister that she felt that she couldn't talk to them, and besides, what would they understand about how she felt, they didn't know anything about anything, did they?

Even being a twin didn't help because she just couldn't tell Robin and trust her not to run to their parents. Her sister was a real snitch sometimes. She knew that her father felt that everything in life could be solved with a lecture and a spanking, but somehow, Jennifer felt that she was way too old for that, and in any event it sure wouldn't help.

Finally, exhausted, she slipped back into bed and drifted off into a dream-filled sleep. Waking up, she felt exhausted, and was in a really downer mood.

Rushing downstairs she grabbed a quick glass of orange juice and a donut, and headed out quickly before her mother could insist she eat some yucky oatmeal or something equally gruesome.

As she got to the high school campus her new friends were waiting for her with a new adventure. They told her the club was having a co-ed party at Claire's house on Friday night, and they wanted her to be there. Claire started telling her that her parents were out of town, there would be lots to drink, and to tell her parents that she would be spending the night. That way, no one would know they had been drinking.

Jenn knew she couldn't say no, and yet also knew her parents would never let her spend the night at someone's house they didn't know, and would certainly check to see if her parents were home, and insist on talking to them. Ohhh god, what was she going to do?

That night she told her parents that the Clarkes had asked her to babysit. She had done that before so they had no objection, just asked the usual annoying questions and then had no problems with letting her go. Fooling them was getting easier and easier, and Jennifer, although she was feeling bad about doing it, decided it was ok, because she could get to do what she wanted.

Friday came and she was sooo excited. This would be her first co-ed party, and she had already decided on borrowing a really cool, short dress that hugged her in all the right places. Dressing in jeans and a tee shirt, and carrying a Disney movie, she left the house and headed to Claire's. She knew she couldn't pull off staying overnight, but figured that she could just leave around midnight and her parents would be none the wiser.

Unbeknownst to her, the Clarkes called after she left to talk to her mom about an upcoming meeting at the elementary school. Jennifer had forgotten that Mrs. Clarke was on a committee with her mom and often called her to chat. Her mom, after hanging up the phone called her dad at work. She gave him a quick rundown of the situation, and the fact that she had no idea where Jennifer was. She called Robin down and thoroughly cross-examined her, but Robin had no clue where Jenn was, and her mom, finally believed she was telling the truth.

Charlie told Lisa to calm down, that he would get someone to cover for him and would be home in an hour or so. Around 10, Robin decided to go read in the room she shared with Jennifer, knowing full well that Jenn was in some serious trouble.

Over at the party, Jennifer was having a terrific time, drinking beer, dancing and finally, trying a cigarette for the first time in her life. She didn't care much for the beer or the cigarettes, but boy did she ever feel cool! She could even look down at the watch she had shoplifted and not feel guilty at all. Right after midnight, she suddenly realized the time and told Claire that she had to get home.

"Why, do you turn into a pumpkin at midnight?" she slurred.

"No time to explain," a tipsy Jennifer replied, swaying slightly.

Realizing that no one was sober enough to drive her, Jennifer left. Off she went and she walked over a mile to get back home through deserted streets with the cold air sobering her up enough for her to realize what she had done. She walked into the house and hoped that her parents would be asleep, but as she closed the door she heard them call to her to come into the living room.

"Where have you been, Jennifer?" her dad asked her loudly.

"And, Jennifer," asked her Mom, "what are you wearing?"

Jenn looked down and realized she hadn't changed and knew that she was in for it. How could she explain her way out of this?

Jennifer tried to lie. "Mommy, Daddy, you know that I went to babysit at the Clarke's. I'm sorry I'm home so late but they stayed out later than usual," Jennifer said.

"I see," said Charlie. "And since when do you wear clothes like that babysitting?"

"Well, I, um,. . . " Jennifer couldn't even go on.

Her mother said, "You might as well tell us the truth because we know you weren't at the Clarkes. Mrs. Clarke called me about the next PTA meeting. I was a little surprised considering I thought she was out for the evening."

Jenn said, "Oops!"

"That's all you have to say, is "oops"?" Where have you been all night, young lady?" That from her father who was very angry.

"I, um, oh, I don't feel so well," Jennifer said. Then she ran into the bathroom and threw up.

Robin had been listening outside the door. When she saw her sister run into the bathroom, she went in to see if she was all right.

"Jennifer! Are you okay?" Robin asked.

Jennifer stood up, flushed the toilet, and splashed cold water on her face. "No, I don't think so." Then she brushed her teeth, but she couldn't get the cottony taste out of her mouth.

Robin walked with Jennifer back into the living room where her parents were waiting.

"Jennifer's sick," Robin announced.

Charlie said, "Come here, Jennifer." Charlie sniffed her hair and her clothes and then her breath. Even though Jennifer had tried to hide the alcohol with mints and toothpaste, Charlie knew what his daughter was up to.

"You've been drinking," he stated.

"No, Daddy! I would never!" Jennifer insisted.

"I wasn't asking you, Jennifer. I was stating a fact. Don't even try to deny it! Were you smoking, too? You wreak of cigarette smoke."

Jennifer considered lying again, but knew she was in over her head at this point. "Yes, sir, but I just tried it once. I didn't like it."

Lisa, who had been quiet all this time, finally spoke, "Well, where were you, Jennifer?"

"I, I, I was at a party." Jennifer looked up at her parents' faces. She knew she had let them down.

Charlie looked at his watch and said, "You know what, it's really too late for this. Tomorrow's Sunday, and I'm off from work. We'll have the whole day to discuss this. You're not going anywhere anyway. Go to bed, and we'll talk in the morning."

Jennifer walked slowly up the steps, with Robin beside her. Once inside their bedroom, Jennifer started to undress and then looked over to see Robin just staring at her with worried eyes.

As guilty as she felt, she didn't need Robin hovering over her, so she just said, "Ohhhh, leave me alone," and ran into the bathroom.

She knew she couldn't go to sleep smelling like she did, so she took a quick hot shower, and sobered up quickly. Her head was pounding, and she still felt like she could throw up at any minute, but at least she felt clean again. She thought of the looks on both of her parents' faces, and knew that her dad was not only tired, but confused as well as angry.

Charlie and Lisa headed to their bedroom after checking on little Steven and Melissa, who were both, thankfully sound asleep. Charlie sat on the bed and put his head in his hands, and Lisa saw that his shoulders were shaking and knew he was crying. She sat down gently beside him and pulled his head onto her chest.

"Honey, its okay, I know what you are thinking and it isn't true. You are a great dad, so please, let's talk this through."

Charlie looked up finally at Lisa, and said, "You know what, I feel like such a failure. How could I not see this coming?"

"Teenagers have to spread their wings, Hon," Lisa said. "Jennifer is not a bad kid, she just needs some redirection. We will all talk it through tomorrow, and you will see that it is going to be just fine."

Both of them finally laid down and curled into each others arms. Their marriage was one of communication, strength and shared morals. They both really did know that Jenn was in serious trouble and headed down the wrong path. They only hoped they could help her change and make the right choices.

The next morning, Jenn was badly hung over. Robin didn't know what to do for her, so she went to ask her Mom. Lisa said she needed a big favor from Robin.

"Sure, Mom, what?" Robin asked, forever pleasing her parents.

"Please take Steven and Melissa and go over to Aunt Joan's for the day. Your dad and I really need some alone time with Jennifer."

Robin looked at her mom and saw not anger, but sadness, and it almost broke her heart. Instinctively, she put her arms around her Mom and told her, "Mom, it's gonna be okay. I love you, and so does Jenn, and we will all work this out."

Her Mom squeezed her so hard that she knew how much she was hurting over this. She hoped that Jenn would understand what she had done, and things could go back to the way they were before.

Charlie came into the kitchen for breakfast carrying Steven, with Melissa's thumb in her mouth clinging to his pants. He tried to sound cheerful but he didn't fool either Lisa or Robin. He, too, looked drawn and like he hadn't slept at all. Lisa told him quietly that Robin was going to take the kids and go to Joan's for the day.

"Thanks, sweetie," Charlie said, kissing Robin on her head. "I do appreciate this. I know you probably had other plans today, but we need you to be with the kids, okay?"

"Sure Daddy. I just really wish though . . ."

"What? Robin, why did you stop mid-sentence?" Lisa asked.

"Dad, Mom, I don't think you know how hard things have been for Jenn, even though we don't share as much as we used to, I am still her twin, and still know when she is hurting, and she has been since school started. Please listen to her, and don't just yell, okay?"

Charlie was shocked to hear this from Robin.

"First of all Robin, when do I just yell?"

Robin hated to say this to him, but felt it was time. She took a deep breath and told him, "Dad, you ALWAYS yell, and then you spank us, and then you forgive, but Jenn and I are 15 years old now. It just doesn't work anymore. It just isn't always the solution."

Robin felt like someone had tied her stomach in knots. This was something she had wanted to say for a long time. Both girls did. Robin had never had the courage to do it for herself, but she felt she just HAD to for Jenn's sake. She knew that if pushed too hard, Jenn might do something even more stupid than she already had.

Charlie just stood there looking crushed, and all his fears during the night seemed to be coming true. Here was Robin, telling him he hadn't parented HER well either. He didn't know what to say and felt soooo hurt, that he just turned and walked out of the house.

Robin stood there crying, but knew she had done what she needed to do. She looked up at her Mom who was staring at her as if she didn't know her. "Oh my God! What have I done?" she thought. She knew she couldn't swallow a bite, so she decided to pack up the kids' stuff and get ready to leave. She felt heavy hearted, and wanted to explain more to her dad, but he had driven away, and she didn't know where he had gone.

Charlie drove for a bit, and wound up at Samantha and Darren's house. Darren had been his best friend over the years. He and Sam had helped him through some tough times in the past, and he needed their calmness and wisdom in this situation, one which he never thought he would find himself in. They were surprised to see him, but ushered him in and got him a cup of coffee.

Charlie slowly told them everything that had happened, and they listened quietly to his pain. Finally, when he had run out of steam, Samantha leaned over and hugged him.

"What you need to do, Charlie, is to listen," Samantha began, "That needs to be the first thing with both Jennifer and Robin. Robin is right, they are not little girls anymore, and although you don't want to admit it, you can't always treat them that way."

Charlie felt like a bomb had been dropped on his head. "So I just let Jennifer off with a lecture or what?"

"No," Darren said, "I don't think that's what Sam meant. She's not saying to let Jennifer get away with anything. But first listen to why she's done the things she did, ok?"

"Yeah," Charlie said, "I'll try. Thanks for listening. You two are such good friends."

Charlie drove home quiet and subdued, and by the time he got there, Robin had left with the kids and Lisa was alone at the kitchen table.

"Has Jennifer gotten up yet?" Charlie asked.

"I just heard her in the bathroom," Lisa answered.

"Okay, let's tell her we need to talk," Charlie said.

Lisa went upstairs and asked Jennifer to come down. She came down looking pale and shaky, and both her parents' hearts go out to her as they look into her face.

"Look at me," Charlie asks her quietly.

"I can't, Jenn replies, "I just know how much you hate me right now."

"We don't hate you. Come here." Charlie goes over, and pulls Jenn onto his lap, and holds her tight. At this unexpected kindness, Jenn breaks down completely. Through her sobbing, she tells Lisa and Charlie how she hates herself, hates her life, hates that she isn't good enough at anything.

Lisa and Charlie are so shocked, they can't believe what they are hearing. Jenn confesses to the shoplifting, and everything that she had done since school started, including hiding grades so that they wouldn't see how badly she had been doing.

She finally slowed down, and looking up said, "Okay Daddy, I'm ready."

"Ready?" Charlie asks, "For what?"

"Well, Daddy, I know you intend to spank me, so let's just do it and get it over with."

Charlie looks down, and tells her, "No, baby, I am not going to spank you right now."

Jenn wasn't sure she heard him right. Charlie doesn't look angry but looking at him closely she sees how incredibly sad he seems. Realizing that she had been the one to put that look on his face made her sob anew.

"I am soooo sorry, Daddy, I really am. I just got myself into trouble and didn't know what to do," Jennifer sobs.

"Why didn't you come to me, sweetie? Or to your mom?"

"I couldn't," she sobbed. "You would just have lectured me, then spanked me, and nothing would have been solved!"

This was the second time today that Charlie had been told essentially the same thing.

Charlie said, "Tell me what you mean, Jenn?"

Well, she took a deep breath, and looked down at the ground, while she twisted her ring around and around her finger.

"Daddy, I am not the smart one, or the good one. I don't get good grades, and I don't have many friends. I wanted sooo much to fit in when I got to high school, to be accepted, but I wasn't, not like Robin was. She always has friends, and never has problems with her school work. I knew if I tried to talk to you, you would just have patted my head, told me everything would just be fine, and that you loved me. I know you do, both of you, but that doesn't help any of the rest of it, does it? And, most of the time lately, I know I haven't deserved that love either. I don't even like MYSELF anymore."

Jenn at this point was too exhausted to even cry, and just laid her head on her dad's shoulder. Holding her tight, Charlie looked over her head at Lisa, and a tear started down his face, and fell into Jenn's hair. After a few minutes, Jenn fell asleep in her dad's arms, and he gently laid her down on the couch. Lisa covered her with a blanket, and they tiptoed out of the room.

"What are we going to do, Lisa?" Charlie asked, "I had no idea that Jennifer felt this way."

"Well, as soon as she wakes up again, we'll talk to her. We have to straighten this out. Some of what she said isn't even true, and I'm sure Robin would be shocked to hear her sister say some of that stuff," Lisa said.

Lisa looks at Charlie. He had his head in his hands again.

"Honey, this is not your fault! You can't feel like you've let Jennifer down. She's a teenager, and she's got to learn when to make the right choices. Obviously, this time she didn't," Lisa said.

Jennifer had heard her parents talking. Even though they were sitting in the kitchen, talking quietly, she had heard what they said. She sat up and tried to think. Her head had finally stopped hurting.

"I am never drinking again," she said to herself. "It's not worth it."

Jennifer went into the kitchen to join her parents. "I'm hungry, but my stomach still feels a little funny."

Lisa said, "Why don't I make you some scrambled eggs and toast? Huh? Then after you eat, we can continue talking."

"Okay," Jenn agreed.

After Jennifer finished her breakfast, the three of them went back to the living room.

Charlie said, "Jennifer, your mother and I had no idea you felt this way. I wish you had been able to come to us."

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I just didn't think you'd understand,"

"Jennifer, your father and I were teenagers once, too. And we know there are a lot of pressures, but we both feel that we raised you and Robin to make good choices. We don't understand your need to lie to us, about last night, and about your grades," Lisa stated.

"I told you, you wouldn't understand. It's been years since you were teenagers. You can't possibly know what it's like for me. Besides, I told you, I'm not Robin!" Jennifer shouted.

Charlie warned, "Jennifer, there's no reason to shout. We know you're not Robin, we don't expect you to be the same person."

"But you do. You may not realize it, but you're always comparing us. Robin gets such good grades; I can't possibly keep up. Robin's such a good artist. Robin gets along with everyone, and she has such nice friends. . . Sometimes I just can't stand it!"

"We had no idea. We're sorry, Jennifer," Lisa said. "But some of the things you said earlier were just not true. You said, you didn't have any friends, you have lots of friends."

"Not like Robin has, she has real friends, who like her for who she is. The people I'm friends with are only friends with me, because I tell them I like the same things as they do, and because I tell them how great they are."

"Well, that's what you wanted, Jennifer. You were always trying to get in with the popular girls. I think you're finding now, that that's not always the best way to go. You have to learn to be yourself," Charlie stated.

"But I don't know how, Mommy, Daddy, I'm confused, I don't know what to do. I didn't want to steal that watch, and I did it. I knew it was wrong, and that it was really bad, but I still did it. I'm a bad person."

"Jennifer Lynn Clemente, you are not a bad person. What you did was wrong, and you will return that watch, but you are not bad."

"No, Daddy, please don't make me return the watch. It was from Macy's. They'll arrest me. Please!" Jennifer shouted.

"Jennifer, that's enough shouting. You will return that watch. They will not arrest you. We'll work something out with the manager," Charlie stated.

"As for your grades, Jennifer, just how bad are they?" Lisa asked.

"Uh, I'm not sure. I think I'm failing Spanish and math," she said.

"Well, math never was your strong point. And Spanish can be difficult. We'll get you a tutor every day after school and you'll be grounded until you bring your grades up," Lisa said.

"That's it?" Jennifer asked.

"We didn't say that," Charlie answered. He continued, "First of all young lady, we are going to Macy's today, and you are going to talk to the Manager, apologize for your actions, return that watch, and tell him you will NEVER do anything like that again. Do you understand?" Charlie had raised his voice a bit.

"Yes, Sir," Jenn replied, hanging her head, "but Daddy, how do you know he won't have me arrested? I'm really scared."

"Well, he could young lady, and that would be appropriate, but I think if you are sincere, and talk to him, he will agree not to press charges if we assure him you will be properly punished," Charlie stated.

At this, Jennifer winced, knowing what her dad meant when he said that particular statement.

"Jenn, you need to THINK about your choices, not just act. We need to get to the bottom of WHY you feel so down on yourself."

Jenn didn't know what her dad meant. The only bottom she could think about was her own, and she knew it was only luck that her bottom wasn't very red just yet. She knew it wouldn't last. Jenn decided not to ask what her father meant. She was too busy dwelling on the upcoming humiliation of having to talk to the Macy's manager and admit that she shoplifted something.

"Okay, young lady, go upstairs, get dressed and we will take care of this. No sense putting it off," Charlie said, startling Jennifer back to reality.

Jenn just sat there with her head in her hands. "Please dont make me do this, Daddy, please!!!!"

I am sorry, Baby, but you got yourself into this mess, and we are going to help you get out of it, but you are going to have to take responsibility for your actions. Understood?" Charlie didn't even look to see if Jennifer nodded. He continued, "Now get moving. You have fifteen minutes to get ready and be down here or I will come up and get you. Now MOVE!!!!!"

Charlie pulled Jennifer up from the chair and sent her off with a stinging swat to her bottom. Knowing he meant business, Jenn hurried to do as she was told. Fourteen minutes later, Jennifer was downstairs, feeling sick with what she had to do.

No one spoke in the twenty minute car ride to the mall. Charlie knew Jennifer was miserable, but also knew that doing this was important for her development. Together, they walked into the manager's office, and after some prodding, Jenn manages to tell him what she has to. The manager, Mr Todd, looks at her and Charlie, and tells them that normally they would prosecute, but since he felt her apology was sincere, he would not press charges, but he tells her she is NOT welcome in Macy's for the rest of the school year.

Charlie offers to pay any additional damages, but since the watch was not damaged, and was returned, he tells him that although he appreciates the offer, he will let it go. Both Charlie and Jenn are relieved. Charlie, because the family budget is already strained, and Jenn because she knew she would have to earn that money somehow to pay it back. That ordeal over, Charlie takes Jenn back home to continue the discussion with her and Lisa.

"How do you feel now, Jenn?" Lisa asks when she sees her.

"Well, Mommy, I feel better knowing that that is taken care of. I also have to return Claire's clothes, and get my own back."

"That can wait Jenn," Lisa said. "First things first. The first thing is, you may NOT call, or associate with any of these "so called" friends in that club. Is that understood?"

"What?" Jennifer asks, "but, they are my ONLY friends!" she shouts.

"That will be enough shouting, young lady," Charlie warns.

"What happened to your other friends from Junior High?" Lisa asks.

"I don't know," Jenn sobs, "they just don't like me anymore."

"Is that really true, Jenn, or just in your head?" Charlie asks.

"I dont know," Jenn says, and sobs harder.

"Stop saying you don't know. You DO now. Just tell us," Lisa says gently.

"I don--," Jennifer starts, then thinks better of it. "Why should anyone like me? There is not much to like! I can't do this anymore, I just can't."

And with that, she runs from the room. Lisa tries to catch her, but Jenn is too quick for her.

Charlie says, "Okay, let her go for now. We'll talk more later. She needs time to think about what we've talked about so far."

Up in her room, Jennifer has her head down on the pillow. She sobs quietly, even though she knows no one else is around. What am I gonna do? How can I tell Claire and the gang that I can't hang out anymore? They'll make fun of me. And I can't go back to my other friends. They'll never forgive me for the way I spoke to them. I can't believe I told them they weren't cool enough to hang out with. Now I have no friends. I hate High School!

Jennifer sat up when she heard a knock on her door. "COME IN!" she yelled.

It was her father. Oh, great, here it comes! Jenn thought to herself.

"Baby, how're you feeling?" Charlie asked. He went over to her bed and gave her a big hug. "You know I love you, don't you sweetheart?"

"Yes, Daddy," Jenn sobs.

"And you know that what you did last night and at Macy's the other day was wrong, don't you?" her father asked.

"Yes, sir," Jennifer said.

"I'm going to give you a spanking for lying to us about last night, and for stealing the watch. You will not be punished for drinking or smoking, because I understand young girls need to try these things. I just hope you come to your own conclusions about how bad those things are," Charlie paused to see if Jenn had a reaction.

"Well, I didn't even like the cigarettes or the taste of beer, to tell you the truth. I just wanted to fit in with everyone else," Jenn replied.

"Well, Jennifer, I think it's more important that you fit in with yourself. Your mother and I don't know why you are so down on yourself. We want you to like yourself. And we think that it would be a good idea for you to go talk to someone."

Jennifer was shocked. "You mean, a shrink? Oh, Daddy, no! I'm not crazy!"

"Of course, you're not crazy, Jenn. And we don't mean a shrink, a counselor, a psychologist, like when you were younger. Remember Dr. Jane?" Charlie asked.

"Yea, I remember. I used to freak out in elementary school, and the teachers got scared," Jenn said.

"Right, well, you got through it, and Dr. Jane really helped you. Now she's not around anymore, but we're confident we can find you someone nice to talk to. Maybe someone who can really help you understand why you're feeling the things you are feeling. Okay? You agree to try it?" Charlie asked.

"Um, okay, Daddy, I'll try," Jennifer agrees.

"Okay, now, you are going to be punished. Can you tell me why you're getting a spanking?" Charlie asked.

Jennifer sobbed, "Because I lied to you and Mommy last night. I told you I was babysitting, and I went to a party."

"And?" Charlie prodded.

"And, there was alcohol there, and no chaperones, and I wore clothes that didn't suit me," Jennifer sighed. She actually felt better. She always hated this part, having to confess everything, but it did make her feel cleansed.

"Go on," Charlie said.

"And I'm being punished for stealing an expensive watch from Macy's," Jenn finished.

"Okay, let's go," Charlie stated.

"Daddy, wait," Jenn says to her father.

"What, Jenn?" Charlie asks, frowning slightly at what he perceives is delay.

Jenn takes a deep breath, and says, "Dad, I want you to know that I know I have let you down, and I know that what I did was wrong, and that I know you are going to spank me because you love me." Jennifer sighed, "Okay, now I am ready."

She looks down at the floor, and waits for her dad to pull down her pants, but nothing happens. She looks up and sees tears coming down her dad's face.

He says, "Baby, you really do understand, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I do," Jennifer says.

Charlie takes a deep breath, and says, "Okay, Baby, I think this is going to make BOTH of us feel a whole lot better."

With that, he pulls her pants and panties down swiftly, pulls her over his knee, and begins to swat first one cheek and then the other. Jenn tries to stay silent for as long as she can, but as the heat builds up, she can't help saying, "OUCH, ohhh, Daddy, I am sooo sorry."

"I know you are, baby, but you are growing up now, aren't you?" Charlie asks.

"Yes, Daddy," Jenn says as the tears begin to fall.

Charlie leans over and picks up a hairbrush he had left lying on the floor and begins to pepper Jennifer's bottom with hard swats from the hairbrush. Jenn sensing the change, says, "Daddy, NO, please not the hairbrush, Daddy, PLEASE!"

"Sorry, baby. I hope this is the last time you and I will be having this conversation," her father says.

As Jenn's bottom becomes first red, then crimson, and then begins to bruise, Charlie keeps up a steady pace of questions.

"Jenn, will you -SWAT-, EVER- SWAT SWAT, do SWAT, anything SWAT SWAT, like this SWAT, again? SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT"

"NOOOOO!" wails Jennifer, "I promise, I won't ever again."

Charlie slows down, and finally stops Jennifer's worst spanking ever. He stands her gently up, and gathers her into his arms.

"I certainly hope you mean that, Jenn."

"I do, Daddy, I do," sobs Jenn in her father's safe arms.

"Look at me, Jenn."

Slowly she looks up, and sees the love in her daddy's eyes, and also the forgiveness she craves.

"Okay, little girl, we will not mention this again, but you will remember the things your mom and I talked to you about, won't you?"

"Yes, sir. I just want you to love me again," Jennifer says as she holds her breath.

"Jennifer, we have never ever stopped loving you, and no matter what you do, we never will. Understand?"

"Yes, sir, yes, Daddy!" Jennifer says, as she happily burrows her head on her daddy's shoulder.

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