Bobby and Indira

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This story depicts nonconsensual discipline of a minor. The characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional, any resemblance to real persons or circumstances are coincidental. Minors and persons not interested in this type of story should stop reading now. Should this story be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, proper attribution is to be maintained and the title must remain unchanged.


Growing up together Bobby Smith and Indira Patel often got into mischief together and it was not uncommon for one to see the other spanked on the seat of the pants for whichever transgression they may have committed that day. As they got older however this became a rarity. Both Bobby's and Indira's parents were quite strict when it came to punishing their respective child. The two children were given quite a bit of trust and opportunity to have fun by the parents. But any betrayal of their parents' trust would be countered with serious consequences.

In the neighborhood where they grew up there was an old, abandoned house. So this became the neighborhood's haunted house. Kids would dare others to go up onto the porch and ring the doorbell and other such tests of bravery. Indira was the oldest in the group of kids that hung out together, she had an older brother and sister, and a younger sister but they weren't in the same circle of friends. One day the other kids dared Indira, who was becoming less of a tomboy now that she was 15 and a half, to go into the house and open a window on the second floor. Indira was afraid and began to try to get out of it by calling it silly, but Bobby offered to go in with her. Bobby had just turned fourteen but really liked his friend Indira. Indira is a very slight girl of Indian descent, with dark skin, black eyes, and her hair pulled back into a long black ponytail that just stopped below the waist of her pants. Bobby is of mixed European descent, such a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, Italian and Dutch ancestry that there is no way to describe him other than white with light brown hair and brown eyes.

Together the two friends went in an open window around back and made their way through the old dusty house. They finally made it to the appointed room and through the window they saw their friends, but the glass was so dirty they could not make out their friends' faces just the fuzzy shapes on the overgrown lawn, waiting for the window to open. Bobby saw that the window was not locked and tried to push it up but it wouldn't budge. They tried again, this time Bobby and Indira both tried, again nothing happened. Bobby thought for a minute and remembered what his father did when a window was stuck. He looked around for something heavy and found an old shoe in a closet. It was a big man's shoe with a bulky heel, and Bobby figured it would do just fine. He went back to the room and drew his arm back but Indira grabbed it and yelled to stop. Bobby explained, in the condescending manner of all men who just learned something new, that he wasn't going to break the window, just smack the frame to loosen paint so the window open. Indira released Bobby's wrist and Bobby smacked the window frame with the heel of the shoe. The sound of shattering glass could be heard one block in each direction.

These old abandoned houses always seem have at least one very old, very nosy neighbor living next door or across the street to report the names of the kids who enter it to their parents. This one was no exception. Mrs. Parker watched the four children dart from the front lawn on their bicycles, but rather than grab the phone to start calling parents she waited, there were two more bicycles and these would belong to the real troublemakers who broke the window. She saw Bobby and Indira run from around back and before they got onto their bicycles she had already started dialing Bobby's number. Mrs. Parker explained to Bobby's father that she saw the kids enter the house and was surprised when they broke the window, "especially since Bobby is such a good boy." She also explained that she doesn't want to be a busybody but "since the house is abandoned it's quite dangerous" and she couldn't live with herself if something happened to one of the kids.

Bobby's father patiently waited for Mrs. Parker to finish explaining how she "didn't want to get Bobby in trouble", just to "make sure nobody got hurt." Bobby's father knew this was bullshit, Mrs. Parker was a nosy old biddy when he was growing up, but he couldn't say anything because he knew she was right, plus he didn't want her getting her ancient nose out of joint and calling the police to report the vandalism. Bobby's father told his wife what just transpired and explained what would happen to Bobby when he got home. Bobby's parents waited twenty minutes, getting angrier by the second when Mr. Smith finally decide to take a drive around the neighborhood to see if he could find the kids, particularly his own son. Another twenty minutes passed and there was no sign of any of Bobby's friends. Mr. Smith asked some other children who were outside playing if they had seen Bobby, but nobody had. When Mr. Smith let word that should they see Bobby to tell him to "get right home" everyone knew that Bobby was "gonna get it."

Mr. Smith returned home and was pacing around the living room, while he was out Bobby's mother had brought a strap downstairs and left it draped over the back of the couch. It was the norm that if she received a report that Bobby had been misbehaving Mrs. Smith would confront him in the doorway as he entered and if warranted she would administer a dose of bare bottom discipline while Bobby bent over the back of the couch. This was usually done with the strap or a wooden spoon, regardless of who may be watching from the open front door or any visitors who may be present. Today she fully intended on spanking him the moment he walked in the living room door. Both parents were quietly stewing in the living room when they heard the back door open with a crash. Mrs. Smith was closer but Bobby's father beat her to the kitchen to find Bobby and Indira, all out of breath and giggling.

"And just where were you two this morning?" Mr. Smith's voice boomed.

"Uh, we were out with the other guys." Bobby answered cautiously, knowing that his father knew something but not quite sure what. The old house, even the property was off limits. Bobby knew from the look on his parents' faces that he was in trouble but not how much trouble.

"Oh, you were just out riding around?" Bobby's mother asked, baiting the trap.

"Yeah." Bobby answered quickly.

"Where were you riding?" Mrs. Smith continued.

"Oh you know, just around. No place special." Bobby replied cautiously, thinking that his parents know something but he didn't want to divulge anything.

"Is that right Indira, you kids were just riding around? You didn't go anywhere in particular?" Mrs. Smith sweetly asked Bobby's friend, if she can catch one in the trap maybe she can nab them both.

"Yes Mrs. Smith, we just rode around with the other guys. Oh yeah, we did go to the deli to get some sodas and stuff, but they had to go home." Indira thought that she could bluff her way past Mrs. Smith, the deli was the opposite direction from the "haunted house." Bobby's eyes went wide with terror, he wasn't outright lying, just skirting the answer that his parents were looking for, but one look at his mother's cat-who-ate-the canary expression and he knew he was busted.

"Well," Mr. Smith took over the inquisition, "at what point of your 'ride' did you two go into the old McArdle house and break out the windows."

Bobby thought panicking for a few seconds, "It wasn't "windows" it was just one, and it was an accident, I was just..."

"You were just lying!" Mrs. Smith pounced. "You both had ample opportunity to tell us what happened. Instead you both tried to play us the fools. Now what made you think that you could get away with that. Bobby you know how we feel about lying. And Indira, well, I'm just disappointed."

Tears were welling up in both children's eyes. During the ensuing silence Mr. Smith pulled a chair out from under the kitchen table and placed it in the middle of the room. Bobby began sobbing and muttering "No dad."

Mr. Smith grabbed Bobby's arm and pulled him over to him. He said nothing, just looked at Bobby and nodded slightly. Bobby knew what was expected and reluctantly unfastened his jeans and pulled them just below his bottom. Mr. Smith bent Bobby over his lap and placed his left hand on Bobby's back. Seemingly oblivious that Indira was present Mr. Smith pulled Bobby's pants and then his white jockey shorts down to Bobby's knees. Indira watched stunned, not expecting this, Bobby just wailed in embarrassment. Indira hadn't seen Bobby spanked in over a year, and that was with his pants up over his mother's knees. Indira knew from talking to Bobby that he was still spanked, but it was usually lying on the bed or bent over the back of the couch. Bobby's mother stood next to Indira, with her hands planted on her hips.

Bobby's father began lecturing him about lying and vandalism, accenting every third or fourth word with a spank to Bobby's pale bottom. Bobby tried explaining that the window was an accident between yelps, but Mr. Smith didn't care, he was more concerned with the lying. Bobby was crying within minutes, his once white backside was quickly painted red by his father's big hand. Once Bobby was crying, his father stopped lecturing and just concentrated on the spanking. The slow steady spanking picked up pace and soon his father was landing a spank every other second. At first his father alternated spanks on each bare bottom cheek but now the spanks were random, with some spanks covering the lower part of both cheeks. Bobby's legs were kicking wildly, sending both his jeans and underwear down to his ankles, held on only because he was wearing sneakers.

Mr. Smith ended the spanking with six hard spanks to Bobby's left cheek, then six hard spanks to the right cheek then six more in the center. The concentration of spanks to Bobby's already burning bottom was more than the boy could stand and Bobby was reduced to a crying wreck. When the spanking first started his main concern was his mother and friend looking at his bare butt, now all he cared about was the fire that was burning on his seat.

Bobby continued to cry for another minute or so, lying across his father's lap, his hands gripping the legs of the chair, while his bright red bottom clenched and relaxed as though anticipating additional spanks. After Bobby had forced himself to stop crying and started to compose himself he started to stand up but his father's hand held him in place.

"If you ever do anything like this and try to lie your way out of it I'll take a belt to you out in front of all of your friends. Understand?" Bobby's father asked. Bobby's father gave one more spank; probably the hardest of the day, right in the center of Bobby's burning backside.

Bobby yelped loudly, and then sniffed out, "I won't Dad." Then he remembered Indira was still there and he started crying again.

Mr. Smith pulled Bobby upright and gave his son a big hug and said, "What are you waiting for? Get upstairs, we'll call you for dinner. And I guess we'll have to go to the movies some other night, I don't think you'll feel like sitting even if you deserved a treat." Indira watched as Mr. Smith gave Bobby another spank, but this was much lighter, almost playful.

Bobby remembered that they were supposed to go to the movies, but his father was right, he didn't feel like sitting down. Bobby was sobbing trying to pull up his pants and underwear, but he was standing on top of them and they were a tangled mess turned inside out at his feet. Mr. Smith gave Bobby a playful smack, his expression and voice much softer than before and said almost jokingly, "Just take them off Bobby. You'll be here all day that way, and I want to talk to Indira."

With the reminder that Indira was watching him Bobby quickly leaned towards his father, placing his hands on his father's knees, pushing his bare bottom out towards his mother and Indira. The two bright red cheeks were now accented by the pale white crevice that now parted between them demonstrated to Bobby's mother and friend how thoroughly Bobby had been punished. Bobby forced his was out of his sneakers which were still tied and wishing to escape the gaze of the two females, Bobby tried getting his jeans and underwear off by just using his feet, pumping his legs up and down like he was riding a bicycle. Bobby was still sobbing partly from the spanking, partly from the humiliation, and partly because he was getting frustrated that his pants were prolonging this embarrassment and he just wanted to get to his room. Finally Bobby was free of the pants and took off through the swinging door, leaving his pants, underwear and sneakers in a heap in the middle of the kitchen.

Indira hadn't taken her eyes off bobby's backside throughout the entire ordeal. Since she and her family were so dark skinned she'd never seen a boy's backside so white, and then so red before. She'd seen her brother and sisters punished but never seen hand prints so clearly defined before; even when they were caned there were always welts but never the dramatic change of color. Indira stared at the door where she last saw Bobby's red bottom, trying to make sure that the sight was etched in her mind. Everyone in the kitchen heard Bobby's renewed sobs as he ran up the stairs. Indira was still staring wide-eyed and couldn't believe that her heart was beating so fast, she realized that she couldn't control her breathing either. Bobby was her good friend and she did understanding what she was feeling about this, she almost felt embarrassed that she enjoyed this, not that she wanted her friend to be punished, but that's what she thinks she liked.

Once Bobby slammed his bedroom door Mr. Smith spoke, breaking Indira out of her trance and shattering the confused thoughts looping through her head. "Indira, if I knew your parents better I wouldn't hesitate to take you over my knees and spank you right here, and if you were a boy or a little younger, I probably wouldn't let that stop me. The broken window is not as important as the lies that were told trying to get out of trouble. Yes Bobby would have been reprimanded for going into the house, which is bad enough, you all know that is off limits, but not answering our questions honestly and telling a fib was the serious issue."

Mr. Smith continued talking but Indira couldn't hear anything he was saying, she saw his lips moving but the phrase "take you over my knees and spank you" were repeating through her mind like a scratched record. Suddenly she could think of nothing she would rather do than pull down her pants, lay over Mr. Smith's lap and be spanked on the bare bottom. Indira's big black eyes glazed over and she was breathing faster and faster. Suddenly Bobby could be heard wailing upstairs, and everyone in the kitchen was quiet for a few seconds listening to the loud cries.

Mrs. Smith was quite serious and saw that Indira, although possessing very small breasts, had nipples that were quite erect. "Indira, an apology would have been sufficient. We are disappointed that you felt it necessary to lie to us and invent the deli story. I was going to permit the two of you to continue weaving your story but we already knew what we needed to." Indira opened her mouth to respond but Mrs. Smith cut her off, "Wait. Don't say anything yet. I said an apology would have been sufficient, but it is not necessary. When we were waiting for you two to plan your alibis and finally come home I talked to your mother. She is very anxious for you to come home; she knows all about what happened today. She asked me to take you to your home as soon as the two of you got here, she'll be waiting for us."

Indira's big black eyes were moist, big tears rolling down her cheeks, as she quickly said "Goodbye" to Mr. Smith who remained seated. As Indira was led to the door she mumbled "I'm sorry."

The tears kept falling silently throughout the car ride to her house, and Indira felt that Bobby was so lucky. Bobby's father held him snuggly during the spanking, and lectured him, explaining why he was being punished. Indira knew that when she arrived home her mother would not say a word except "Strip." After Indira was naked her mother would beat her with a cane. Twelve times the rattan would strike her naked bottom and thighs. For causing her mother such embarrassment Indira would probably also have her hands caned, perhaps as many as three on each upturned palm. After an eternity of standing naked in front of her family, each member, starting with the father, then her mother, and finally each of Indira's brothers and sisters would get a chance to tell Indira what a disappointment she was. They would all berate her for the shame she caused the family. Only then would Indira be permitted to go to her room and put on clothes.

Indira worried that her family would ostracize her for days, ignoring her and refusing to talk to her until her parents decided that she'd been punished enough. That hurt Indira the most, being ignored, not being cooked for, having to do her own laundry, and being shunted aside. It only happened to her once for a day, but her older sister was once ostracized for six days for getting into a fight at school when she was fifteen. Her parents were outraged by the public humiliation.

Indira began sobbing when she saw her father's car was not in the driveway. She would be caned by her mother immediately, that much was certain. But now she would have to stand naked in the kitchen for her father to arrive. She was jealous of Bobby, and his father's big hands and broad lap.

Indira muttered "This isn't fair," upon opening the front door and seeing her mother standing poised with the rattan cane.

Indira's mother answered with the phrase for "Strip off your clothes," in their Indian dialect.

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