The Twins Get Lost in Disneyworld

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of teenage girls. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


The twins were 15. Their parents treated the whole family to a trip to Disney World. The girls were excited; they had never been. But all their friends had told them how great it was.

The first day, they went to Epcot. Lisa and Charlie thought it would be very educational for the girls. They went to many of the events, and then went to the countries. They decided to go to Mexico for lunch. The girls were psyched: tacos, yes! The girls finished eating first and asked if they could take a look at the gift shop. Lisa looked at Charlie. He said, "Okay, we'll meet you there in 20 minutes, okay?"

The girls unanimously agreed. They walked away, and Lisa and Charlie helped five year old Steven and three year old Melissa finish their lunch.

At first, Robin and Jennifer were excited by what they saw in the gift shop. Then their eyes looked away toward other things in Mexico. "Wow, look at that, Robin!" said Jennifer. Robin looked. There was a long line and what looked like a boat.

Jennifer said, "C'mon, let's check it out."

Before Robin could answer, Jennifer was pulling her along. They pushed through the crowd, and kept walking. They didn't realize they had gotten into the queue, and were on line for the Mexico ride. When they did realize it, it was too late, they were being put on the boat.

"Wait!" Robin said, "We're not supposed to be here."

The Disney employee looked surprised. "I'm sorry, girls, you've gotten this far, it's too late to turn back now. Don't worry, it's not a scary ride. Enjoy!"

And with that, the employee closed the door to the ride and they were in motion. Robin looked at Jennifer. She was as scared as Robin was. Robin started to cry. "Oh, Jennifer, what are we going to do? Daddy's going to kill us."

Jennifer was about to answer when something caught her eye. "Oooh, look, Robin, over there, isn't that cool?"

Robin couldn't believe how relaxed Jennifer was, but she, too, got caught up in the beauty of the surroundings in the ride.

Meanwhile, Lisa stood waiting in front of the gift shop with Steven and Melissa. Then Charlie came out of the store.

"Well, did you see them?" she asked.

"No," Charlie said, "where could they be? We told them to wait for us right here."

The miffed parents checked all over but could not find the twins. They finally went to security and had Robin and Jennifer paged.

Robin and Jennifer were just exiting the ride, when they heard their names being paged over the loudspeaker. The fun they had just had disappeared and Robin started to get all upset again.

Before Robin could say anything, Jennifer grabbed her hand and said, "C'mon, I have an idea!"

Robin couldn't believe it. They were on line again for the boat ride. "Jennifer, what are you thinking?"

When they climbed onto the boat once again, the same Disney employee saw them and said, "See, what'd I tell you? It's fun, right? Going for another round?" The girls nodded. Robin said to Jennifer, "You're crazy, what are you thinking? Daddy's looking for us already. We are going to be in so much trouble." Jennifer just ignored her sister; she had her own agenda.

A while later, Robin and Jennifer were walking around Epcot, when they saw their parents. Charlie and Lisa decided that they couldn't be in Mexico anymore. They figured the girls had gotten lost and went looking for them elsewhere.

Right before Charlie noticed them, Jennifer shouted, "Daddy! Mommy! Oh, my god, there you are! We got so lost!" The girls ran to their parents.

Lisa said, "Oh, thank god, are you two all right?"

Robin just stood there shocked. She could not believe her sister was able to carry a straight face. Charlie was both angry and relieved.

"Where have you girls been? We told you to wait for us right outside the gift shop in Mexico. When we got there, you were nowhere to be found."

Jennifer said, "Oh, Daddy, we went to look at something, and then the crowd pushed us, and we got caught up in the crowd and ended up on the boat ride. Right, Robin?" Robin nodded. She didn't trust herself to speak.

Lisa said, "But, didn't you hear us page you?"

Jennifer said, "No, you paged us? We must have been on the ride then. We didn't hear it."

Charlie and Lisa exchanged glances. Neither of them were sure whether or not to believe the girls' story, but they didn't say a thing.


The next day, they all went to the Magic Kingdom. They walked around, went on the rides, and took the little ones to Toon Town. At lunchtime, they decided to go to Swiss Family Robinson. It was across this little river, and they had to take a boat across. But when the queue ended, there was only room for two more people on the boat. Charlie said Robin and Jennifer could go across first.

He said, "Look, over there, you see that little picnic area? Here's some money, you can get some lunch and sit there and wait for us. Okay?"

The girls nodded. Jennifer didn't see the picnic area, but she figured Robin did. Robin didn't see it either, and she knew Jennifer probably couldn't see it, but they'd find it when they got there.

When the boat docked, Robin and Jennifer looked around for the picnic area, but did not see it. They decided to try to walk to the spot where their father had pointed from across the river. After walking for about ten minutes, they decided to ask a Disney employee. He told them where to go. Robin and Jennifer did not know there were two picnic areas. They had walked so far that they were closer to the other picnic area. They bought some sandwiches, chips, and sodas, sat down and ate, and waited for their parents.

Meanwhile, Charlie, Lisa, Melissa, and Steven had docked. They walked to the picnic area. They looked around but did not see the twins. Charlie started to get really angry.

"I can't believe they did this again. I'm going to kill those two."

Lisa said, "Now, now, honey, I'm sure they're close by."

Charlie turned to his wife, "You know, I had a feeling we should have told them yesterday that we were on to them." They started walking around looking for the twins.

Meanwhile, Robin and Jennifer were getting worried. "They should have been here by now, don't you think, Jen?" Robin asked.

Jen agreed. "Maybe we'd better go looking for them," she said.

"But, they told us to wait for them here," Robin said.

Jen said, "Maybe there are two picnic areas. What if we're at the wrong one?"

The girls got up and walked away. They asked the first Disney employee if there was another picnic area. He said there was one on the other side of the island. They started to walk there. Of course, while they were walking there, Charlie and Lisa were walking to the other side. They were both walking around, still as far from each other, as when they had started. Finally, the girls had to give in and admit defeat. They went to the Lost Children's area and told the employees their names. All Disney employees were then given this information.

At one point, Charlie and Lisa saw a Disney employee and told her that they could not find their children. She told them to try the Lost Children's area. Finally, they were all reunited.

Charlie started to scream at the twins. "We told you to stay at the picnic area. And when we got there, you weren't there, AGAIN! How stupid do you think we are? We're not going to fall for the same thing twice!"

Robin and Jennifer tried to explain about the two picnic areas, but Charlie wouldn't hear of it.

"It doesn't matter. You two are going to be punished. I have had it. You two disappeared yesterday and now again today."

Robin was scared. She hadn't been spanked in a long time, but she knew her father meant business.

Jennifer said, "Okay, Daddy, I'll admit, we did wander off yesterday. But today, we really did get mixed up. We didn't know there were two different picnic areas. We're really sorry!"

Charlie said, "You're going to be sorry later, when you're stuck inside a hotel room, at Disney World."

They stayed at Swiss Family Robinson long enough for Steven and Melissa to have lunch. Then Charlie and Lisa decided to bring everyone back to the hotel. The little kids started to cry.

Lisa said, "Don't cry, we're going to go to the pool. We'll finish Magic Kingdom tomorrow. Okay?"

Both kids nodded. They'd been in Florida for two days, and hadn't gone swimming yet. The twins, though, were not too excited. They knew they wouldn't be going swimming. They were each in for a spanking. And they were not too happy. After all, today wasn't their fault. But after what they pulled yesterday, their parents didn't want to hear about it.

When they got back to the hotel room, Lisa put the little ones into their bathing suits, kissed Charlie on the cheek, and headed out. She did pause to give a disapproving look to both Robin and Jennifer.

Charlie said, "Okay, Jennifer, you're first. Robin, go wait in the bathroom until I call for you." He turned to Jennifer. "Do you know why you're getting a spanking?"

"Yes, sir," Jennifer admitted, "I lied to you about getting lost in Epcot."

Charlie frowned. "That's it?" he asked.

Jennifer said, "That's all I'm guilty of, Daddy. Today was not my fault. You just wouldn't listen."

Her father was very angry with her. "Excuse me, young lady, I don't want to hear you talking to me in that manner."

"But it's true, if you'd only stop to listen. There were two picnic areas. Robin and I waited for you and Mommy at one of them. Then when we realized our mistake, we went searching for you. When we couldn't find you, we turned ourselves in to the Lost Children Area. I think, considering, that we handled the situation really well."

Charlie was shocked. Jennifer was right; he hadn't listened to their explanation. It was true, too, about the twins' handling the situation maturely and responsibly.

"Okay, Jennifer, you are right. I didn't listen to you. I won't punish you for that. Now tell me about Mexico."

Charlie listened as Jennifer admitted to purposefully wandering away and going on the boat ride twice. Then she admitted to concocting the story about being lost.

"I know it was wrong, Daddy, and Robin didn't really want to do it. I kind of made her. It was all my idea!" Jennifer started to cry.

Charlie was torn. He had watched his daughter admit her mistake like a big girl. But he knew she should be punished for having deceived her parents.

"Jennifer," Charlie said and waited until his daughter looked at him. "I've decided to punish you because you disobeyed your mother and me. And then you lied about it, and I will not condone that. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Jennifer said.

Charlie removed his belt and told Jennifer to lean over and put her hands on the edge of the bed. He then pulled her pants down, but left her panties on. He swung the belt and hit her with it ten times. By this time, she was howling with pain.

"All right, Jennifer, it's over. You can pull your pants up. Go lay on the bed and rest for a while."

Charlie turned away. He did not want her to see the tears he had in his own eyes. He then called Robin out.

"Robin, I'm not going to punish either of you for what happened today at the island. Now let's talk about yesterday. Jennifer tells me you had nothing to do with wondering away in Mexico. She said you only went along with it because she made you. Is this true?"

Robin looked at her father. Then she looked over at Jennifer laying on the bed, sobbing quietly. She thought about what she would say.

"Well, Daddy, I was surprised at what Jennifer did. But I felt like I had to go along with it. It was either that, or leave her alone and go back to you. I didn't want my sister to be alone in Epcot. So I guess I was wrong, too. I mean, I had the chance to tell the truth to you, and I didn't. I lied by keeping quiet."

Robin was proud of herself. That was probably the most unselfish act she had ever committed. She could just as easily put all the blame on Jennifer and come away scot-free. But she didn't. She knew what they did was wrong, and that she should be punished as well.

Charlie said, "Okay, Robin, if you're sure, then let's go. Lean over the bed and hold onto the edge."

Then Charlie pulled down Robin's pants and hit her with his belt, also ten times. When he was done, he pulled up her pants, and told her to go lay on the bed. Before Robin walked away, she turned and hugged her father.

"I love you, Daddy," she said.

"I love you, too, sweetheart, and I'm sorry I had to punish you while we are on vacation," Charlie answered.


Later on, after everyone had calmed down and had taken naps, Charlie and Lisa were getting the little ones ready to go out to dinner. Robin and Jennifer were sitting on the edge of the bed holding the room service menu.

"Well, it's still nice, but it's not as nice as going out to dinner. I hope you two have learned a good lesson about wandering off," Charlie said.

Both girls said, "Yes, Daddy, we won't do it again."

"Okay, we're going now. Room service should be here within a half an hour. You two are not to leave this room. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," they both said.

After their parents left, Jennifer and Robin poured themselves the sodas they had gotten. Jennifer took a sip.

"Yuck, it's warm. It needs ice."

She went to the refrigerator but there was no ice inside. She turned to Robin, "We need ice. I'll be right back."

Robin looked at the bucket Jennifer had in her hand.

She said, "I'd better come with you. I don't want you to get lost."

The girls went out to get the ice. Just then, downstairs, Lisa and Charlie and the kids were waiting for the valet to bring their rental car around.

Lisa said, "Oh, honey, I forgot the diaper bag. I really should go back and get it."

Charlie said, "Okay, let the kids stay here with me. We'll wait for you." He chuckled.

Lisa opened the door to their suite with her key card. She couldn't believe it. There was no sign of the girls. She looked out into the hall, but did not see them. She called the front desk and asked for Charlie. Charlie came to the phone and Lisa told them the girls were not in the room. He was furious. He asked the concierge to page them.

Robin and Jennifer were coming down the stairs when they heard over the loudspeaker, "ROBIN AND JENNIFER CLEMENTE, PLEASE REPORT TO THE FRONT DESK OF THE LOBBY IMMEDIATELY!" The girls knew they were in big trouble. They took the elevator to the first floor and walked over to the front desk. There stood their parents with wild eyes and looks of rage on their faces. Charlie grabbed each girl by the wrist and dragged them to the elevator. No one said a word in the elevator ride to their floor.

"Daddy, let me explain," Jennifer said.


Jennifer and Robin nodded and cried. Robin said, "We just went to get ice, Daddy."

Jen added, "Our soda was warm. And then the ice machine on this floor was broken, so we went up one floor. We're sorry, Daddy!"

Charlie was so mad; he didn't even want to hear their excuses this time.

When they got to the hotel room, Charlie slammed the door shut. He turned to the twins and said, "You were told to stay put, and you didn't listen. Now, when you act like little girls, you're going to be treated like little girls. Jennifer, come over here."

Jennifer was scared. She hadn't seen her father this mad in a really long time. She went to stand next to her dad.

Charlie pulled down her pants and her panties and laid her across his lap. "You-SPANK-are not to-SPANK-do anything-SPANK-like this-SPANK-again-SPANK-Do you-SPANK-understand me? SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Charlie added those last few spanks for good measure. Then he stood Jennifer up and pulled up her pants and panties.

The whole time her father was spanking Jennifer, Robin watched with her mouth dropped open. They were 15 and their father hadn't given them an over-the-lap spanking with his hand in at least two years. Now it was her turn. Robin started to cry as Charlie beckoned her over to him.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, really. We just went to get ice. We didn't think you'd mind," Robin cried.

"Never mind your excuses, little girl, let's go!" Charlie stated. Lisa and the little ones were still down in the lobby waiting for him and he wanted to get this over with.

Once Robin was standing next to Charlie, he pulled her pants and panties down just as he had with Jennifer. But he didn't lecture her as he spanked her. He figured she had heard what he said while he was spanking Jennifer. Charlie just hit Robin several times on her bottom, alternating cheeks. Robin began to remember what these spankings felt like. She then remembered why she had tried to be a better behaved girl. She vowed right then and there to keep that promise to herself.

The girls never forgot that memorable trip to Disney World.

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