The Wallet

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


One day after school, Lisa told Robin and Jennifer that they could play in the apartment building complex playground until their father came home from work. Lisa asked Jennifer if she had to go to the bathroom before they went down.

"No, Mommy, I just went."

Lisa said, "Well, if you have to go, make sure you come right back up. Understand?" Jennifer nodded. Lisa said, "Robin, you remember for your sister, too, I don't want any accidents, okay?" Robin said, "Okay, Mommy."

The girls went down to the playground. There were a few kids they knew, and they went over to play with them. After a little while, those kids had to go in. Robin looked toward the parking lot, "Nope, still no sign of Daddy's truck. What do you want to do now, Jenn?"

Jenn seemed a little uneasy. "Um, I don't know."

Robin noticed that Jennifer had her legs together, and said, "Jennifer, do you have to go to the bathroom? C'mon, let's go. Mommy said 'no accidents today', remember?"

Jennifer said, "Okay, I guess I should go. I really wanted to play until Daddy came home, though."

Robin said, "Well, after you go, maybe Mommy will let us come back here."

Jennifer thought it over, and said, "Yeah, maybe, let's go."

The girls started to walk toward the gate when something caught Jennifer's eye. "Hey, look, Robin, what's that?"

They walked over and saw a little black pocketbook lying aimlessly on the ground. Robin said, "Hey, somebody must have dropped it. Let's see if there's a name inside."

The girls opened the pocketbook. There wasn't much in it: some candy, a couple of pennies, a hair band, and a little wallet with silly little cards in it. Robin said, "This looks like a little kid's pocketbook; someone probably dropped it here. I guess we should just leave it. C'mon let's go."

Jenn said, "Wait, maybe there's more, let's just look."

Robin said, "Jennifer, you're going to have an accident, and then I'm going to get into trouble, too."

Jenn said, "Just one more minute." Jennifer continued to root through the pocketbook. Just then the sound of a car door slamming made Robin turn to look.

"Hey, it's Daddy, he's home. C'mon. Drop that dirty thing, and let's go."

Robin watched as Jennifer dropped the pocketbook and started to run for the gate. Jennifer watched her sister run into their father's arms. She hesitated, and then turned back and grabbed the pocketbook. She hid it under her shirt. She walked slowly to where her father and sister stood. She was in no hurry to get upstairs. She knew her parents would be disappointed in her, for she had wet her pants, after all. As Jennifer got closer, Charlie said, "Hi, honey, have fun playing?" Jennifer was surprised. Her father didn't notice her wet pants, or the fact that she was hiding something under her shirt. She was very quiet in the elevator ride up to their apartment.

Finally, as the doors opened, Charlie turned to her and said, "C'mon, honey, let's go." Jennifer didn't budge. Robin looked at her sister. She realized that Jennifer couldn't possibly still be holding it in. She said, "C'mon, Jenn, it's all right."

Charlie said, "What's the matter, honey? What's wrong?"

He pulled Jennifer into the apartment, and sat her down at the table. When Jenn still wouldn't answer, he asked Robin, "Honey, do you know why your sister is upset?" Robin looked at her twin and silently asked if she wanted her to tell or not. Jennifer just looked down.

Charlie said, "C'mon, baby, you can tell me."

Jennifer said, "Daddy, I wet my pants."

Charlie said, "Oh, I see. Well, then you'd better go change. Then Mommy and I will come in and talk to you."

Robin watched Jennifer walk slowly out of the room; she had her head down. Robin said to Charlie, "Daddy, please don't spank her. It wasn't her fault. We were on our way upstairs so she could use the bathroom, when we found a pocketbook."

Just then, Lisa came into the room. "What's going on?" Robin said, "Mommy, don't be mad, but Jennifer had an accident."

Lisa said, "Oh, for crying out loud, Robin, I told you to keep an eye on her."

Robin said, "I know, Mommy, but listen, I was just explaining to Daddy what happened. You see, Jennifer had to pee, and we were on our way up here, when we found a pocketbook."

Lisa said, "A pocketbook? What kind of pocketbook? Where is it?"

Charlie said, "Yes, where is this pocketbook?"

Robin said, "Well, it was just a little kid's pocketbook. You see, we opened it up, to see if there was anyone's name in it, and all that was in there, was some coins, toys, hair stuff, candy, and other little junk. Then we saw Daddy, and I told Jennifer to just leave it there."

Lisa was amazed, "You just left it on the ground in the playground?"

Robin nodded. Suddenly she thought maybe she was in big trouble. "Was that wrong? I thought the kid who lost it would come back looking for it, and if it wasn't there, she'd be more upset."

Charlie said, "Well, if you lost something, and someone found it, wouldn't you want it to be returned to you?"

Robin said, "Yes, but..."

Charlie said, "Well, I think you should go back and if it's still there, and bring it up. Then later on, we could go around to some of the kids in the building, and see if anyone lost it."

Robin said, "Daddy, will you come with me?"

Charlie said, "Honey, you're a big girl, you can go by yourself, besides Mommy and I need to have a little talk with your sister." Robin nodded, and went out the door.

Charlie and Lisa knocked on the girls' bedroom door. When Jennifer heard the knock, she pushed the little pocketbook between the mattress of her bed.

"Come in," she called. Charlie and Lisa came in and sat on the edge of Robin's bed, which was directly across from where Jennifer was sitting on her own bed.

"Jennifer, we need to talk about what happened just now."

Jennifer said, "I'm sorry, Daddy, Mommy, it was an accident. Did Robin tell you? We were on our way up when I saw something."

Lisa said, "Yes, Jennifer, we heard about the pocketbook. Now why don't you tell us about you having to go to the bathroom?"

Jenn said, "I don't know what you mean, Mommy, I told you I had to go, and then..." she fumbled for the word.

Charlie helped her out, "then you got sidetracked by the pocketbook."

Jennifer said, "Yeah!"

Lisa said, "And?"

Jenn said, "And what?"

Lisa said, "Jennifer, don't be impossible. You know, Daddy and I just want to find out exactly what happened. We don't want to punish you, if indeed, it really was an accident, but you know the rules."

Jennifer nodded. She knew that if she had to go to the bathroom, and didn't go right away, and then wet her pants, that she would be punished. But if she truly tried to go and get there in time, but didn't make it, it was considered an 'accident', and she wouldn't be punished.

Her parents were trying to figure out what the case was this time. She could have made it easy for herself and lied, but she knew that wasn't the right thing to do. Besides Robin knew the truth. And even if Robin agreed to go along with it, Jennifer would feel guilty.

Charlie said, "Jennifer, we're waiting."

Jenn said, "I know, I just, well, uh, um, I guess I'd better be punished." There, finally, she had just said it.

Her father said, "And why do you say that, Jennifer?"

She said, "Well, I knew I had to go and I stopped to look at the wallet, and even when we realized there was no name in it, I still wanted to look through it, even though Robin reminded me I had to go, and..." Jennifer ran into her father's arms and started to sob.

Lisa said, "Well, I am kind of annoyed that you didn't come right up, Jennifer, but since you were trying to find out who the pocketbook belonged to, I guess your accident was for a good cause. What do you think, dear?"

And she looked over at Charlie. He seemed to be thinking it over. "Hmm, well, have you learned your lesson, Jennifer?"

Jennifer was too shocked by her mother's comments to answer her father. Was it true? Was she really going to get out of a spanking? Cool. Finally, she remembered her father's question. "Yes, Daddy, I promise, it won't happen again. The next time I have to use the bathroom, I will go right away."

Charlie said, "Okay, honey, I'm glad to hear that. Oh, I think I just heard Robin come back in."

The trio went into the kitchen. Robin was glad to see that Jennifer did not look as though she had been crying. Lisa said, "So, what happened? Any luck?" Robin said, "Nope, it was gone, I guess the little girl that lost it went back for it."

Charlie said, "Or someone else took it." Jennifer looked down. She was sure her parents knew she had taken the pocketbook.

Robin said, "Yeah, I guess we should have brought it in. Oh well, at least there was no money in it."

Lisa said, "That's true. C'mon girls, go wash up, it's time for dinner."

After dinner, both girls took a bath. Jennifer was in their room putting on her pajamas while Robin was in her bath. Jennifer couldn't resist one more look through the pocketbook. She played with the little toys, combed her hair with the little yellow comb, and opened the wallet once more. She knew it was empty, but she liked it anyway.

All of a sudden, a twenty dollar bill fell out. Jennifer grabbed it up, "Oh, my god, money!" She then searched through the little wallet. There were many secret pockets inside the wallet, and tucked into each of them were bills. Jennifer counted. Together, there was 37 dollars. She couldn't believe it. Then she heard footsteps. She threw the money back into the wallet, threw the wallet back into the pocketbook, and stuffed it into her mattress. She would decide what to do with it, later.

The next day, after school, Jennifer told Robin that she had to stay after, and she would get a ride home with Uncle Jack.

Robin said, "Okay, are you in trouble, Jennifer?"

Jennifer said, "No, my teacher asked if I could stay after and help her in the classroom. Okay, so just tell Mommy when she comes." Robin agreed.

As soon as Jennifer saw her mother and Robin drive away, she started to walk off school property. She knew that what she was doing was really wrong, but she couldn't help it. She had $37.00 burning a hole in her pocket. She went into several stores downtown. Hmm, what could she buy with all that money?

Meanwhile, at home, Lisa was worried that Jack had not dropped Jennifer off. After all, it was almost 6:00 and Charlie would be home soon. Dinner was almost ready. She decided to call Jack at the office. "Hmmm, there's no answer. They must be on the way."

About ten minutes later, Charlie came home. He kissed Lisa, "Hi, honey, where are the girls?" Lisa answered, "Well, Robin's in the den watching tv and Jennifer's not home yet. I'm really starting to get worried."

Charlie said, "Why? Where is she supposed to be?"

Lisa said, "Well, Jennifer told Robin she was staying after to help her teacher and that Jack would give her a ride home. I just called the school and there was no answer, so I figured they were on their way."

Charlie said, "That's strange."

Lisa said, "What do you mean, strange, honey?"

Charlie answered, "As I was leaving work, I ran into Jack. He stopped at the store to pick up stuff for dinner. He didn't mention that Jennifer was in the car. And why wouldn't he have dropped her off first? My store is right near their house."

Lisa said, "Maybe I'd better call Joan."

Jennifer was feeling proud of herself as she came out of the last store. She had gotten herself some nice toys and some for Robin. She had also gotten her mother some perfume and a pocketknife for her father. As she stepped out of the store, she realized it was getting dark. "Oh, no, I'd better get home." She ran home as fast as she could.

When she got to the apartment building, she stopped, and tried to catch her breath. "Ok, calm down, remember, Uncle Jack dropped you off at the corner, and you ran up here, okay, I can do this."

Jennifer rode up in the elevator. When she got to her door, she reached for the doorknob. Before she could find her key, the door swung open. There was her father and mother staring at her. Charlie said, "Where have you been?"

Jennifer said, "I, uh, um, Uncle Jack just dropped me off at the corner. I, uh, I, um, I ran the rest of the way."

Her father just stood there, and her mother shook her head from side to side. She said, "I don't think so, young lady. I spoke to your uncle not 10 minutes ago; he didn't know of any plans to drive you home; in fact, your teacher was absent today."

Charlie said, "So, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Jennifer was scared. She knew she had blown it. She was in very big trouble; her parents looked furious. Charlie said, "Well? We're waiting."

Lisa went over and closed the door to the apartment. Then she took Jennifer by the hand and brought her over to the table, and sat her in a chair. She said, "Go on."

Jennifer thought fast. She said to herself, "C'mon, think. What could I have been doing? Where could I have been?"

Charlie said, "Okay, I've waited long enough, let's go, into my bedroom and wait for me, I'll be right in." He sounded furious.

"No, Daddy, it's just that, um, well, I, uh, I wanted to buy you a present. Here." Jennifer handed her father her packages. She said, "Yours, is in the little bag." She waited until her father had found the pocketknife.

He looked at her and said, "Jennifer, where did you get this?" Jennifer beamed. She thought her dad would be happy with it. His pocketknife had broke and he'd wanted to get a new one for a while.

Charlie repeated himself, "Jennifer, where did you get this?" Something was wrong. Her father didn't sound happy; he sounded angry.

"Don't you like it, Daddy? It looks just like your old one." Charlie looked at Lisa, who shrugged. He said, "Jennifer, Mommy and I have to talk. I want you to go to your room and start your homework. We'll call you for supper. Go on." Charlie pushed his daughter toward her bedroom.

Charlie dumped the contents of the bags onto the kitchen table. He said, "Would you look at all this stuff? Where do you think she got it from?"

Lisa started to look through the stuff, as well. She said, "There don't seem to be any receipts. Oh, Charlie, you don't think..."

Charlie said, "That's exactly what I think. Our daughter stole all this stuff!"

Lisa said, "No, that can't be it. There's got to be a better explanation for it. Maybe she bought it."

Charlie said, "Lisa, be reasonable. This pocketknife alone costs almost twenty dollars. And how about that perfume? Where would a ten-year-old get this kind of money?"

Lisa said, "What are we going to do?"

Charlie said, "Well, I guess we should eat dinner. Then Jennifer is getting a spanking for lying to us and not coming home. Then we'll deal with 'this' later."

After dinner, Charlie led Jennifer into his bedroom. He said, "Jennifer, do you know why you're getting a spanking?" She shook her head yes. Her father said, "Tell me."

Jennifer hated that part. She said, "Um, I lied to Robin about where I was going, and then I didn't come home until after 6:00, and then I lied to you that Uncle Jack drove me home."

Charlie said, "That's right. And your mother and I do not condone you lying to us, do you understand?" Jennifer nodded. Then her father said, "We'll talk about your 'presents' later, got it?" Jennifer nodded.

Then Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her over to him. He took hold of her pants and lowered them down to her ankles. Then he did the same with her panties. "Now, step out of them." Jennifer did as she was told. Then Charlie guided her across his lap.

Jenn started to sob. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm sorry, please don't spank me."

Charlie said, "Jennifer, don't. Don't even try that!"

With that, Charlie's hand landed right in the middle of her bottom, over and over again. He smacked first one cheek, then the other, over and over again, until Jennifer was sobbing uncontrollably. Then Charlie stood her up. He took her in his arms and patted her back and her bottom, as she cried into his shoulder.

"Daddy, I'm sorry I lied to you and Mommy."

Charlie rubbed her back and her bottom for a little while and then laid her on his bed. He went into the bathroom and got one of her overnight diapers. He laid it under her and fastened it on. She would fall asleep after a little while. Then later, Charlie would wake her up, change her, give her a bath, and put her into bed.

Half an hour later, Jennifer was soaking in the tub. She liked being in the bathtub after a spanking; the water felt good on her bottom. Her father had washed her hair and told her she could play for ten minutes. She had all her dolls in the tub and she was making up a story with them.

Then her father came back into the bathroom. "Okay, honey, time to pull the plug."

Jenn said, "No, Daddy, just five more minutes, please?"

Charlie said, "No, I'm sorry, baby, we still have to talk about those presents you brought home, and it's getting late. C'mon now, up you go."

Charlie helped Jennifer step out of the tub. He grabbed her towel and helped her to dry off. "Okay, go put your pajamas on and Mommy and I will come in, in a few minutes. Go on, now." And he smacked her lightly on her backside and sent her on her way.

While Jennifer waited for her parents to come in, she looked through the pocketbook. She knew there was no more money, but she figured she'd look through it again anyway. She was so absorbed in what she was doing, that she didn't hear her sister come into their room. Jennifer tried to hide what she was doing, but it was too late. Robin had seen.

"Jennifer, is that the pocketbook we found outside the other night?" Jenn didn't answer. Robin said, "It is, isn't it? I can't believe you've had it all this time. Why didn't you say something? Come on, let's show Mommy and Daddy that you have it. Then we can try to find out who it belongs to."

Jennifer jumped up, "No, Robin, please don't tell Mommy and Daddy that I have it. Um, they'll get mad."

Robin was confused. "Why?"

Just then, Charlie and Lisa knocked at the door. Jennifer looked at Robin and said, "Robin, please, don't tell them," and she threw the pocketbook under her bed. There wasn't even enough time to stuff it into the mattress. Robin told her parents to come in.

Lisa said, "Robin, your bath is ready, c'mon, I'll get you settled in the tub." Robin took one last look at Jennifer and said, "Um, okay." She followed her mother into the bathroom.

Charlie sat on Jennifer's bed and motioned for her to join him. He had her ''presents'' in his hand. He said, "Okay, Jennifer, it's time for you to tell me about these."

Jennifer looked at her father. "What do you want to know, Daddy?"

Charlie frowned. He said, "I would like to know where all this stuff came from."

Jennifer said, "Well, let's see, I got the toys for Robin and me at that store next to Baskin Robbins. I forget the name of it. And I got your pocketknife at..."

Charlie cut her off. "Jennifer, what I meant was, how did you get all this stuff? It must have cost a lot of money. Where did you get the money for all of it?"

Jennifer said, "Um, I had it saved up, from my piggy bank."

Charlie looked at her, "I don't think so, baby. Just last week you were complaining that you had no money. All right, let's just say you did have the money and you bought all this stuff, what made you lie to us about where you were going? You obviously didn't want us to know, or you wouldn't have snuck downtown to buy everything."

Jennifer said, "Um, well, I wanted it to be a surprise."

Charlie said, "Jennifer, you're going to have to do better than that. I want to know how you got all this stuff. The only thing Mommy and I can think of is that you stole it. Please tell me you didn't steal all these things."

Jennifer was shocked. "No, Daddy, NO! I didn't steal anything, honest."

Charlie said, "Jennifer, tomorrow is Saturday. I'm going to give you the whole weekend to come up with a better story. You're grounded, so you'll have plenty of time to think about what you've done. Do you understand me?"

Jennifer said, "Yes, Daddy."

Then he said, "Now, I want use to go use the bathroom and then brush your teeth. I'll get you all ready for bed."

Jennifer came back a few minutes later, and her father put on her pantsies. (This is the name Jennifer gave her diaper-like garment that she wore to bed. She had been wetting the bed since she was a little girl. She had a very bad bladder-control problem, and often had daytime accidents, as well. The doctor kept assuring the Clementes not to worry; someday she'd grow out of it. Jennifer hoped so; it was always so embarrassing, and it meant that she couldn't enjoy sleep overs.)

The next morning, Jennifer woke up and instantly put her hand under the mattress. The pocketbook was gone. She jumped up. Then she remembered that she had thrown it under the bed when her father came into the room the night before. Jennifer got out of bed and looked underneath. Nothing. She went and turned on the light, and looked again. It was still not there. Then she looked over at Robin's bed. Robin was not in it.

"OH!" she said aloud. She went running into the kitchen. Robin and her mother and father were all sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. There, laying on the table, was the black pocketbook. Jennifer was shocked.

Charlie said, "Well, good morning, sleepyhead." Jennifer went over to her father. She waited for the yelling and the big lecture. She was in for a surprise. No one said a word. Charlie just tousled her hair. Lisa said, "C'mon, baby, let's go change you." Jennifer was still shocked; she didn't move.

Charlie said, "Jennifer, go with Mommy, to the bathroom. Go on."

Jennifer went with Lisa into the bathroom. Lisa took off her wet pantsies and put them in the garbage. Then Jennifer sat on the toilet and peed. Then Lisa took some baby wipes and cleaned her up. Jennifer went into her room to put on clean underwear. Then she went back into the kitchen. Lisa came in and said to Jennifer, "Do you want cereal or eggs, honey?"

Jennifer just looked at Robin with a face that said, "how could you?"

Robin said out loud, "What?"

Jennifer nodded toward the pocketbook, "Where'd that come from?"

Robin said, "Oh, Mommy met Mrs. Thompson in the laundry room this morning. Right, Mommy?"

Lisa said, "Yes, Mrs. Thompson was telling me how Beth lost her little pocketbook, and I told her you girls had seen it in the playground the other day, and she said, 'oh, well, it's not there now, we've looked everywhere for it, Beth is really upset', and when I came back up, I was telling Robin all about it."

Robin said, "Yeah, so I took it out from under your bed. I thought you wouldn't mind now that we knew who it belonged to. I thought you and I could bring it up to Beth after breakfast."

Charlie said, "Well, Jennifer is grounded. She's not going anywhere after breakfast. And may I ask why you didn't tell us you've had this pocketbook all along, young lady?"

"Here it comes," Jennifer thought. She just looked at the floor. "I don't know."

Lisa said, "You don't know? What kind of an answer is that?"

Jennifer started to cry. "I don't know. I thought you'd be mad, I guess. I figured if we found out whose it was, I'd give it back, but then we didn't, and I guess I liked it, and..."

Charlie said, "You seem to be doing a lot of guessing. Come here."

Jennifer hesitated, then went over to her father. Charlie lifted Jennifer into his lap. "Why don't you just stop guessing, and start telling the truth? You've already been spanked, and you're grounded. I think you'd better come clean."

Jennifer debated with herself. "Um, that's it, Daddy, I brought the pocketbook up the first time we saw it, and I've had it ever since. I just liked it. That's all."

Charlie put Jennifer into her own chair so she could eat her breakfast. He wasn't buying her story, but figured he'd wait it out. He thought to himself, "She always comes clean eventually."

After breakfast, Robin got permission to return the pocketbook to Beth. "And can I stay and play with her for a little while, too, Daddy?" Robin asked.

Charlie said, "Okay, come back for lunch, though, okay, honey?"

Robin said, "Okay!" She kissed her mother and father, grabbed the pocketbook and headed out the door.

Two minutes later, she was knocking on the Thompson's door. Beth opened it. "Hi, Robin." She saw what Robin had in her hand. "Oooh, my pocketbook, you found it, oh, thank goodness, come on in. Mommy, look, Robin Clemente is here, and she found my pocketbook!"

Mrs. Thompson came into the living room, where the girls were sitting. "Oh, hello, dear, my goodness, that was fast, I was just telling your mother about that this very morning."

Robin said, "Yeah, I know, she told me. Hey, Beth, my Dad said I could stay and play, you want to?"

Beth was so happy to have her pocketbook back, she agreed to anything. She would wait until Robin was gone to check her money stash.

Robin and Beth played Barbies, and watched a little tv, and colored. Around 12:15, the telephone rang. It was Lisa. She wanted Robin to come down for lunch. The girls said goodbye and Robin went home. Jennifer was just waking up. She had fallen asleep on the couch while watching tv. Lisa had to change her, because she wet herself.

The family was just about to sit down to lunch, when the telephone rang. Robin grabbed it. "Hello?" she said. "Oh, hi, Beth, what's the matter? Money? No, I don't know what you're talking about. My sister had it, I don't know, I'll ask her. Hold on." Robin put her hand over the receiver. "Hey, Jenn, it's Beth, do you know anything about there being money in the wallet? You know, the one from the pocketbook?"

Uh-Oh, everybody looked at Jennifer. Charlie looked at Lisa, and Lisa looked at Charlie. Charlie said to Robin, "Uh, honey, ask Beth just how much money she's missing."

Robin said, "Okay, Daddy." Into the phone, she said, "Beth, my dad wants to know how much money you're missing? 37? Okay, I'll tell him. No, Jennifer didn't say."

Lisa said, "Robin, tell Beth you'll call her back after lunch." She did and hung up the phone.

Robin turned to Charlie, "Daddy, Beth said she had 37 dollars hidden in the wallet. She said it was all separated into different little pockets of the wallet. She said she had been saving up to buy her mother a birthday present. She was playing in the playground, waiting for her grandmother to pick her up to go shopping. That's when she lost her pocketbook."

Charlie said, "Hmm, 37 dollars, honey, don't you think that would be just enough to buy some perfume, toys, and a pocketknife?"

Lisa answered, "Yes, dear, that sounds a bit right."

Both parents looked at Jennifer, but she would not meet their gaze. She was looking straight down into her bowl of soup.

Jennifer knew she was in big trouble. Not only did she take Beth's money, and spend it, but she lied about it, too. And this was not the first time she'd lied this week. She knew she was going to be punished very harshly.

After lunch, Charlie took $37 out of his pocket and told Robin to bring it up to Beth. "Tell Beth that your sister had it, and she will come by later on to apologize."

Robin was confused. "Um, okay, Daddy." She went out the door.

Charlie turned to Jennifer, "If you're finished eating, then you may be excused. I want you to go use the bathroom, and then meet me in my bedroom. You, young lady, are in very big trouble."

Jennifer went into her parents' bedroom a few minutes later. Both of her parents sat on the bed waiting for her. This could not be good, she thought. Charlie said, "Come over here." Jennifer went and stood right in front of her parents.

Lisa said, "What were you thinking, Jennifer Lynn? That you could just steal someone else's money, go on a shopping spree, and we'd never find out? I'm ashamed and disappointed in you, young lady." Lisa turned Jennifer around, and smacked her hard on the behind.

"OW! I'm sorry, Mommy."

Charlie said, "You say you're sorry, now, because you were caught, but you're not really sorry. But believe me, you are going to be very sorry, in a few minutes." Jennifer started to cry. Her father said, "I'd save that crying if I were you, young lady. You're going to need it in a few minutes. What I'd like to know, is why you didn't come clean last night when we asked you where the money came from, to buy those presents?"

Jennifer looked down. She thought for a minute. What could she say that her parents would believe?! Nothing. What she had done was wrong, and she knew she would be punished for it. "I don't know, Daddy, I guess I should have just told you."

Charlie said, "No, Jennifer, no more guessing, you know that you should have told us. You know my policy."

Jennifer nodded. That meant that it was better to come clean and tell the truth before it came out another way. Their father always told the twins to tell him things before he found out from someone else. The punishment was never as severe, if you came clean first. But obviously Jennifer never learned. She always told herself while she was getting a spanking, that next time would be different, but it never was. Oh, when would she ever learn!

Lisa said, "Jennifer, your Daddy and I are very sad, that you lied to us once again. We're also very upset that you took this money that did not belong to you, and went out and spent it. Now Daddy gave the money to Beth, and we're going to take away your allowance until you've paid up the 37 dollars. As for spending that money, you're going to get a spanking. And for lying again, you're going to get your mouth washed out with soap. Now, I think your Daddy wants to be alone with you. You and I have a date with a bar of soap later on."

Lisa got up and walked out of the room. Jennifer looked up after her mother. She wished her mother hadn't left her alone with her father. She knew he was very angry.

Charlie said, "Jennifer, I don't think I have to ask you if you know why you are being spanked, so let's just get this over with. Come here."

Charlie pulled her over to him, as he sat down in his straight back dressing chair. He pulled her pants and panties down and she stepped out of them. He lifted her up and placed her across his lap. He smacked first one cheek, then the other, alternating cheeks, slapping in the same place each time. It really hurt, and before long, Jennifer was sobbing.

After about 50 spanks, Charlie stopped. Jennifer was crying uncontrollably. That had to have been the worst spanking she had ever gotten. Charlie stood her up, then pulled her into his lap. He pushed her into his chest and let her cry it out. He didn't want her to see the tears in his own eyes. He really hated to have to spank one of his little girls.

Charlie rubbed her back and her backside for several minutes. Then he laid her on his bed. She had already fallen asleep. He went and got her pantsies and put them on his sleeping daughter. He kissed her cheek and whispered, "I love you, sweetheart."

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