Robin's Book

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


At school one day, Robin's second-grade teacher, Ms. Cassidy, brought in a very special book. It had been given to her when she was a child. It was covered with fabric and lace. The children loved to touch it. Ms. Cassidy said she would let the children read it if they were very careful with it. She also told the children when they were finished with it to put it back on the table in the library. She didn't want them to take it home with them. One day, Ms. Cassidy announced to the class, "I can't find that book. Does anyone know where it is?"

The children looked alarmed. They all searched the room and the library shelves.

"I don't understand," Ms. Cassidy said, "Where could it be?" She asked the children to check their desks and bookbags. Maybe it had gotten misplaced. That afternoon, at home, Robin sat by her bed, admiring the book. She ran her fingers across it, and pet the book. She opened it up and looked through the pages. She stood in awe of this wonderful book. Jennifer came into the room. "What's that, Robin?" she asked.

"It's a book." Robin answered.

Jenn asked, "Where did you get it?"

Robin said, "My teacher gave it to me. Isn't it beautiful?"

Robin let Jennifer look at the book. Jenn ran her fingers over the soft fabric. "It's so nice," Jenn said.

Robin said, "You can look at it, but be careful with it. My teacher trusts me with it."

The next morning at school, Ms. Cassidy went to see Mr. Levine, the principal. "I know how that might sound, Mr. Levine, but I only want my book back. I'm not going to accuse the children of taking it, but I want the parents to be aware that it's missing. Maybe one of the children brought it home by mistake. I'll just write that I want them to look around for it." Mr. Levine said, "Okay, you can send the note home."

Later that day, Charlie left early from work to pick the twins up from school. Lisa was sick in bed with the flu. Jennifer was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. Charlie was preparing dinner and taking care of Lisa.

Jennifer noticed a note on the table and read it. Her eyes opened wide. She said to Charlie, "Daddy, I know where this book is." Charlie looked at Jennifer and at the note that Ms. Cassidy had sent home. Jennifer said, "Robin has it, under her bed, in a box. She told me the teacher gave it to her."

Jennifer didn't realize just how much trouble she had gotten Robin into. Charlie went into the girls' bedroom. Robin was not in there. He called out, "ROBIN!"

A voice answered, "I'm in the bathroom, Daddy!"

Charlie reached down under Robin's bed and pulled out the box. He opened it up. Inside was the book. He opened the book. Inside the front cover, it said, "Property of Joanna P. Cassidy".

Robin came into the bedroom. Charlie said to her, "Can you explain why this book is under your bed?"

Robin's mouth opened wide. "I, uh, my teacher let me borrow it."

Charlie said to Robin, "Don't you dare stand there and try to lie to me!" He went and got the note Ms. Cassidy sent home. "She didn't let you borrow it, because she doesn't know where it is!"

Charlie started screaming at Robin, "You took it, didn't you?"

Robin started to cry. "I didn't. She gave it to me. She likes me. She let me borrow it."

Charlie said, "Come over here, little girl."

Robin said, "No, Daddy, I didn't..."

Charlie did not let Robin finish her sentence. He grabbed her and pulled her to his side. First he pulled her pants down, and then her panties, which fell to her ankles. Then he lifted her onto his lap, so that she was staring down at the floor. Then he began to smack her bottom. First one cheek and then the other.

Robin yelled out, "Daddy, NO! I didn't do anything wrong. Don't spank me!" She cried and cried, as her daddy continued to spank her.

Finally, he stopped. Robin just sobbed. He put her onto her bed and kissed her forehead. "Okay, now it's over. You cry it out and then we'll talk it over. I love you, honey."

Meanwhile, Jennifer had gone into her parent's bedroom, where Lisa was laying in bed. "Mommy, Daddy's spanking Robin."

Lisa asked why, and Jenn told her. Then Charlie came into the room. "Jennifer, Mommy doesn't feel well. Let's let her rest." Lisa asked what happened with Robin. Charlie looked at Jennifer. "Jenn shouldn't have bothered you with this nonsense. I'm taking care of it. Jennifer, go and finish your homework." Jenn left the room.

Lisa said, "Honey, I know I'm sick, but we've been married 2 years. When are you going to start letting me into your childrens' lives?"

Then Charlie felt bad. He told Lisa what Robin did. "I guess I went a little crazy." he said, "I didn't even let her try to explain. But when she started to lie to me, I just lost it."

Lisa said, "Why don't you bring her in here and we'll try to figure out what happened?"

Charlie went and got Robin. Her eyes were red, and she stood there rubbing her bottom. Lisa said, "Robin, why don't you tell us why you had that book?"

Robin looked at Charlie and said, "I told Daddy. My teacher let me borrow it. She trusts me." Robin continued to cry.

Charlie left the room to help Jennifer in the bathroom, and Lisa and Robin continued to talk. Robin insisted that Ms. Cassidy had lent her the book. She couldn't explain the note. Robin had just convinced herself that what she did was right.

At dinner, Robin was very quiet. She could barely eat. She just pushed her food around on her plate. In her mind, she was going over what she had done, and how she justified it. She was also thinking about what her parents had said to her.

Jennifer was telling Charlie some story about what happened at school. Lisa was still sick in bed. She couldn't even come to the table.

"Robin, I want you to eat that chicken. Let's go!" Charlie said.

Then Robin started to cry. Charlie asked Jennifer if she was finished. When she said she was, he excused her from the table. He said to Robin, "Come here." He took her in his arms and held her while she cried.

"I was bad, Daddy. What I did was bad! I stole something from my teacher. I can't believe I did that!" Robin cried into Charlie's shoulder.

The phone rang. Jenn answered. It was Jack. Charlie said, "Tell him I'll call him back later."

Jennifer took a bath, while Robin finished her homework. She and Charlie had had a long talk about what Robin would have to do in the morning.

"I don't want to tell her the truth. I'll just put the book back. Please, Daddy, she's going to be so disappointed with me. She'll hate me."

But Charlie insisted that she had to face up to what she did, and tell the truth. Charlie was cleaning up the dinner dishes, when he heard Jennifer jump out of the tub and yell his name. He ran in, and found Jennifer throwing up into the toilet. He felt her head but she did not have a fever.

"Oh, honey, I hope you didn't catch the flu from Mommy," Charlie said. He put both girls to bed, and went to check on Lisa. She was up. He filled her in on the rest of the evening's events.

The next morning, Charlie went to check on Jennifer. She was in the bathroom with an upset stomach. "You're not going to school today," he told her.

He went into his bedroom. Lisa was in their bathroom. He said, "Well, I guess I'm taking off work today. Jennifer is sick."

"Oh, no!" Lisa said, "I'm okay. I can take care of her. You go to work."

Charlie wasn't sure, but Lisa insisted she would be fine. "If you can't handle it, do you promise you'll call me at work or at least call your sister?" Charlie asked.

Lisa said she would. Charlie brought Robin to school. They went into the principal's office. Charlie made Robin tell her uncle what she did.

Jack said, "I'm very disappointed in you, Robin. I didn't think you would do such a thing."

Jack called Ms. Cassidy to the office. Robin told Ms. Cassidy about the book. Charlie assured Ms. Cassidy that Robin had been properly punished. Mr. Levine told Ms. Cassidy that if she wanted the incident written up, Robin would be suspended for a couple of days.

Ms. Cassidy didn't think that was necessary. She was disappointed in Robin, also, but she was glad to get her book back. "It will take me awhile to trust you again, Robin." Robin's heart sank. She had let down her teacher. She was going to do whatever it took to gain back Ms. Cassidy's trust.

Ms. Cassidy thought Robin had been punished enough, and was punishing herself enough, and decided not to tell the other kids that Robin had taken her book. She just put it back on the library table, and faked surprise when the other kids found it. She and Robin exchanged a wink.

Robin tried very hard the next few months to win back Ms. Cassidy's trust. She helped out whenever she could. Even the other kids noticed that Robin was becoming Ms. Cassidy's class pet. But they didn't care. They knew that Robin was a sweet little girl, and they knew she was very helpful. Robin even helped the other kids in the class with their work. She was one of the smartest kids in the second grade, and she wasn't mean about it.

One day, Ms. Cassidy borrowed a book from Mrs. Fox. It was called Elmer, and it was about a patchwork elephant. The children loved the story, and they even did an art project and a writing assignment from the book.

Ms. Cassidy placed the book in the reading corner and told the children to be very careful with it, since it did not belong to her. She also told them they could not borrow it to take home, because it belonged to another teacher and she was responsible for it.

A few days later, Mrs. Fox asked Ms. Cassidy if she was through with the book, because another teacher, Mrs. Penner, wanted to borrow it. They were at lunch, and Joanna said, "Sure, Denny, I'll send it down to you after lunch."

When they got back to the classroom, Ms. Cassidy looked in the spot where she had put the book. It wasn't there. "Boys and girls, do any of you have Elmer?" The children all shook their heads. "Well, does anyone know where it is? I have to give it back to Mrs. Fox; she needs it."

The children began to search the room. No one could find the book. Ms. Cassidy asked the children to check their desks and bookbags, thinking they might have put it in there by mistake.

"I don't understand where it could be," Ms. Cassidy said. Then she had a thought. She called Robin over to her desk. "Robin, did you take the book?"

Robin was shocked. "NO, Ms. Cassidy, I didn't take it."

Ms. Cassidy asked, "Are you sure? Tell me now. Did you take the book?"

Robin shook her head vehemently. Ms. Cassidy addressed the class, "I didn't see Elmer on the table this morning. Who was the last person to read it?"

A little boy, named Rob, said, "I saw Robin and Patty reading it yesterday afternoon."

Ms. Cassidy turned to Patty. Patty replied, "We were, but then I had to go to my tutor, so I gave it to Robin."

Robin said, "Yea, but then when I finished, I put it back on the table. I think Walter was reading it after me."

Everyone looked at Walter. He said, "Uh-uh, I didn't even read Elmer yet. I didn't have it yesterday."

All the children looked back at Robin. Ms. Cassidy said, "Well, Robin, you were the last to have it. Are you sure you didn't take it home by mistake?"

Robin said, "No, Ms. Cassidy, I put the book back on the table when I was done with it."

Ms. Cassidy took Robin aside. "We're going to gym in a few minutes. You'll come with me to see the principal and we'll get this matter settled."

As much as Robin hated gym, she did not want to go to the office. She knew she did not take the book. She was very upset that her teacher did not believe her.

Ten minutes later, Robin and Ms. Cassidy were waiting to see Mr. Levine. When he opened the door to let them in, all Robin wanted to do was run into her uncle's arms and be picked up, but she could not. Ms. Cassidy explained the situation to Mr. Levine. He listened and nodded his head. Robin started to cry. "I didn't take the book. I didn't." Mr. Levine said, "Well, you took a book once before, Robin. Ms. Cassidy doesn't know if you're telling the truth. And the kids say you were the last one to read the book. I think we should call your parents and let them know what's going on." He tried the house, but there was no answer. He knew Lisa was at work, but he just did it for the teacher's sake. Then he called Charlie at work.

When Charlie came to the phone, Jack said, "Yes, Mr. Clemente, this is Mr. Levine, the principal at your daughter's school."

On the other end, Charlie said, "What's the matter, Jack? Somebody in the office with you?"

Jack said, "Yes, I'm here with Robin and her teacher, Ms. Cassidy," and he went on to explain what she told him. Mr. Levine then handed the phone to Ms. Cassidy and she spoke to Charlie.

Charlie said, "Well, did Robin say she didn't take it? Did you take any of the other kids aside and ask if they might have taken the book? Obviously, no one's going to admit to stealing in front of the whole class."

When Ms. Cassidy said no, she had no reason to believe any of the other kids did it, Charlie got mad. He felt she was singling Robin out. He asked to speak to Robin.

Robin very tentatively picked up the phone. "Hello? Hi, Daddy," she said timidly. Charlie asked her if she took the book. "No, Daddy. I read it yesterday and then put it right back in its spot." She listened. "Yes, Daddy, I told her, but she doesn't believe me."

Then Robin started to cry. She also started to jump a little. Jack recognized it as "the pee-pee dance". Charlie said, "We'll talk about this when I get home from work. I'll be home at dinner time tonight. Now you calm down, and go wash yourself up. We'll work it out, okay?"

Robin said, "Okay," and handed the phone back to Jack. Jack listened.

Charlie said, "Tell Ms. Cassidy that we will look for the book tonight. And that I will speak to Robin about this matter further."

Jack returned the phone to the cradle. Then he said, "Robin, why don't you go back and use my bathroom, and wash your face?"

Ms. Cassidy thought that was strange. "Do you always let students use your bathroom, Mr. Levine?"

Jack said, "Yes, of course. If they're in my office and they have to use it, I do. It's much better than sending them with a pass down the hall, to end up getting in more trouble."

Robin came out of the bathroom. She had stopped crying but her nose and eyes were all red. Mr. Levine said, "Okay, Robin, you go back with your teacher." To Ms. Cassidy, he said, "Mr. Clemente told me to tell you that he will speak to Robin tonight when he gets home, and that they will look for the book."

Robin said, "But I didn't take it!" And she started to cry all over again.

When Ms. Cassidy offered Robin her hand to go back to class, Robin wouldn't take it. Mr. Levine looked at his watch. "Ms. Cassidy, why don't you salvage what's left of your prep, it's about 20 more minutes, and then I will send Robin back to class. It's too late for her to join the gym class, and it will give her some time to calm down."

Ms. Cassidy agreed and left. Jack got up and locked the door. He told his secretary to hold his calls and buzz him in 15 minutes. Then he picked Robin up and pulled her into his lap. He let her cry for awhile, while he rubbed her back.

When she calmed down, she asked, "Uncle Jack, you believe me, don't you?"

Jack answered, "As your uncle, I do believe you, but as the principal, I can't say either way." He held her until his secretary buzzed him, and then sent her back to class.

Even the other kids noticed a difference in the way Ms. Cassidy treated Robin the rest of the afternoon. She did not call on Robin for answers, and did not ask Robin to help her clean up at the end of the day. Robin didn't care. She knew she did not steal the book. And she was mad at her teacher for thinking she did it.

At 3:00, Ms. Cassidy waited for the parents to come. When she saw Robin's mother, she pulled her aside. "Mrs. Clemente, I already spoke to your husband earlier today, but I also wanted to let you know what happened today." Ms. Cassidy went on to explain the incident with the book. Robin started to scream and yell, and carry on. She started to cry. "I didn't do it, Mommy, I told her, but she doesn't believe me. I didn't do it."

Lisa said, "Robin, shush, I'm trying to listen to your teacher." But Robin didn't shush; she continued to scream and yell and carry on. Lisa told the teacher, "Well, we will speak to Robin tonight and we will look for the book. If we don't find it, you'll let us know the price, and we'll pay for it."

And then she grabbed Robin and pulled her away. Robin continued to carry on. Lisa picked Jennifer up at her class and they got in the car, and went home.

Robin screamed the whole way home. "I didn't do it. Mommy, I didn't take that book!"

Jennifer pretty much figured out what had happened just listening to her sister whining. When they got home, Lisa said to Robin, "Now, you go in my bedroom and wait for me on my bed."

She poured Jennifer some milk and gave her some cookies, and told her to start her homework. When Lisa got into the bedroom, she said to Robin, "Get over here! Don't you ever do that again. You embarrassed me and you embarrassed yourself, throwing a tantrum like that. You're too big for that!"

Robin shouted, "But, you weren't listening to me. No one was listening to me. I said I didn't do it!" Robin spat out those last words, and threw herself on the bed crying hysterically.

Lisa said, "Don't you speak to me like that, young lady."

Lisa pulled Robin into her lap. She tugged her pants and panties down to her knees. Then she spanked and spanked until Robin was crying uncontrollably.

Then Lisa said, "And if you ever carry on like this again, and speak to me in that manner, you will get your mouth washed out with soap. Do you hear me?" Lisa asked. Robin nodded through her tears. Then Lisa said, "Now, go wash yourself up." Robin left the room.

When she came back, Lisa said, "Come, let's go look for that book." Robin couldn't believe it. Her mother didn't believe her. She cried even more. Lisa went into the girls' room, and started looking for the book. Robin followed her in. Lisa was looking under the bed. She said to Robin, "Come on, help me look."

Robin said, "No, I don't have to look for it because I know it's not here. I didn't take that book!" Again, she spat the words out.

Lisa was mad. "I told you not to speak that way to me again. Let's go!"

She led Robin into the bathroom. Lisa made Robin sit on the closet toilet lid. It hurt, since her bottom was still sore from her spanking. Robin jumped up and said, "I'll just stand, Mommy."

Lisa said, "Oh, no, you won't, you sit right back down." Then she lightly pushed Robin down onto the toilet and put a bar of soap in her mouth. The phone rang. Jennifer answered it. "Oh, hi, Daddy. Yeah, I'm doing my homework. Mommy's in the bathroom with Robin. She just spanked her." Lisa came in. "That's enough, finish your homework," and took the receiver.

"Hi, honey."

Charlie asked what happened. Lisa told her what the teacher said, and how Robin carried on. Charlie said, "That teacher made me so mad. If Robin says she didn't take that book, then I believe her. Robin doesn't lie, or at least she always confesses when pressed. If she carried on that much, then she's probably frustrated that no one is believing her."

Lisa said, "Well, I didn't spank her because I thought she stole the book. I punished her because of the way she carried on, and the way she spoke to me. Now she has a bar of soap in her mouth because she did it again."

Charlie said, "Well, I can understand about that. Look, I have to go. I'll try to be home by 6:00 and we'll sit Robin down and talk to her then. See you later, hon, I love you." They both hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Lisa went into the bathroom and took the bar of soap out of Robin's mouth. "Okay, rinse your mouth out."

Robin did it. Then Lisa said, "Okay, now do you have anything you want to say to me?" Robin shook her head no. Lisa said, "Are you sure? Nothing nice you want to say to me?"

When Robin shook her head no again, Lisa said, "Okay, then I want you to go into your room and do your homework and I don't want you to show your face until your father comes home."

Robin grabbed her bookbag and went into her room, and closed the door. Lisa went into the kitchen to start dinner.

True to his word, Charlie was home by 6:00. When he came into the apartment, Jennifer was sitting at the kitchen table coloring. He kissed her on the forehead. He kissed Lisa, and then asked, "Where's Robin?"

Jenn answered, "She's in our room doing her homework."

Charlie said, "Homework in the bedroom? Since when?"

Lisa answered, "Since she wouldn't apologize to me and I made her go in there until you got home" and she filled Charlie in on what happened after they hung up the phone.

He said, "Well, let's go straighten that out right now."

Lisa and Charlie knocked on the girls' bedroom door. No one answered. Lisa said, "She's been in there awhile, maybe she fell asleep."

Charlie pushed the door open. Robin was on her bed reading a book. She looked up. "DADDY!" She ran over to Charlie and threw her arms around his neck. He picked her up and kissed her. Then he put her back down.

"Come, honey, sit down, we have to talk."

Robin looked a little worried. "Daddy, I didn't take that book."

Charlie said, "We'll get to the book in a minute. First, isn't there something you need to say to Mommy?" Robin looked at Lisa, then at Charlie, and then at the floor.

Charlie lifted up her chin, and said, "Robin?"

Robin looked back down at the floor. Charlie said, "I'm warning, you, honey."

Finally, she said, "I'm sorry for the way I talked to you, Mommy, but I was upset that you didn't believe me."

Charlie said, "Robin, we want to believe you, but you must never talk to your mother or anyone else that way again. Do you understand?" Robin nodded. Then Charlie said, "Okay, tell us about the book."

By the end of the discussion, Charlie and Lisa were convinced that Robin was telling the truth. Charlie said, "I'll go into school with you tomorrow, and we'll face Ms. Cassidy together. Okay, honey?"

Robin smiled. "I'm so glad you believe me."

The next morning, Joanna was puttering around in the classroom. Her friend, Fran, came in. They started to talk. "Oh, by the way, Joanna, I have that book," Fran said.

Joanna said, "What book?"

Fran said, "Elmer, the one you borrowed from Denny. I needed it, and when I passed by your room yesterday, I saw it on the table, so I took it."

Joanna looked shocked. Fran said, "I'm sorry, I was going to tell you at the end of the day, but I had to leave right away, and I didn't see you at dismissal."

Joanna was still trying to digest this bit of news. "So, you had Elmer? Oh, shit! Oh, my god, what am I going to do?!"

Fran said, "What? What happened?"

Joanna filled her in on what happened with Robin. She continued, "And that father was so mad at me for accusing his daughter. What's he going to think of me now? Oh, man, I really messed up. Fran, come with me to talk to Mr. Levine. Maybe he'll know what I should do."

Mr. Levine listened as Ms. Cassidy told him what had happened to the "missing" book. He said, "Well, you'll just have to apologize to both Robin and her parents. Now I guess you've learned a good lesson-not to jump to conclusions, huh?"

Joanna nodded. She felt really stupid. She was still in the office when Charlie showed up with Robin 15 minutes later. Charlie was surprised to see Robin's teacher in the office. No one knew they were coming.

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