The Saturday Program

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


When the girls were 10, their parents enrolled them in a Saturday program at the Public Library. At the time, Lisa was pregnant, and Charlie worked a lot. They both felt it would be good for the girls to get out and do creative things with other girls their own age. Robin was very excited; she had enrolled in a painting class; she loved to do art. Jennifer, also, had enrolled in a creative class: a ceramics class. She thought it would be fun. It wasn't. Jennifer hated it. She was bored by it after only two weeks. She begged her parents to let her quit. "Jennifer, you've barely given it a try. Go for a few more weeks. I bet if you make a friend there, it will become more fun," her mother said. Jennifer said, "Fine." But she was not happy.

The following week, Charlie dropped the girls off at the library on his way to work. Things had been rushed that morning, and Jennifer had not had time to use the bathroom. She had to go real bad in the car, but didn't tell her father. Because of her bladder-control problem, he would have been angry that she didn't make time to go before they left the house. When they arrived at the library, Robin went straight to her class, and Jennifer rushed to the bathroom. But it was too late. She was cursing at herself for not having gone before she left the house. Now what was she going to do!? She didn't want to call her parents because she figured they would be mad. She also didn't want to go to her stupid class with wet pants. She sat inside the stall and began to cry. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Hey, you all right in there?" Jennifer said, "Yeah" real quietly. The voice said, "Doesn't sound like it. Why don't you come on out? Maybe I can help you."

Jennifer came out of the stall. The voice belonged to a girl, older than she, maybe 12 years old. The girl said, "So, what's your problem?" Jennifer couldn't believe she didn't notice, and not sure why she trusted this complete stranger, but decided to tell her, "I, um, had an accident." The girl looked down. "Oh, I didn't notice, well, maybe you could call your folks to bring you a change of clothes. By the way, my name's Danielle." Jennifer answered, "Oh, hi, I'm Jennifer. I really don't want to call my parents. They would be really mad at me. Trust me, it's happened before. And now I have to go to this stupid ceramics class that I hate, and I really don't want to go." Danielle said, "Well, I know how that feels. I was just going to take a walk, want to come?" Jennifer said, "Yeah, that would be great!" A walk right then sounded super to her.

The two girls walked out the back door of the library, and all around the neighborhood. They went for pizza and played a really great video game. The girls laughed as though they had been friends for years. Jennifer could not remember a time when she had felt so free, and had so much fun. Danielle was a little older and very smart. Jennifer felt older just hanging out with Danielle. She wished this day would never end. Then Danielle looked at her watch. "We'd better get back. The classes are going to end soon." Jennifer didn't know that Danielle was skipping out on a class, too.

When Lisa picked the girls up, both Robin and Jennifer told their mother what a great time they had. Of course, Lisa didn't know that Jennifer was speaking of her day on the town, and not of her ceramics class. She said, "See, honey, I told you if you gave it a try, you would like it." Jennifer answered, "Yeah, you were right, mommy." Jennifer did not even feel bad lying to her mother. She had had a great day.

Jennifer and Danielle met every Saturday in the bathroom from then on. Each week, they walked downtown, went to the pizza place, and played the video game. It was so much fun. They never seemed to get tired of it. It was exciting to them just knowing they weren't supposed to be there. This continued for several weeks. Of course, all good things must come to an end.

One week, Charlie dropped the girls off at the library. He was off, for a change, and told them after their class, they would all go out to lunch. Robin skipped to her class, and Jennifer went to meet Danielle at the bathroom. She said, "Hey, there, what should we do today?" The two girls looked at each other and laughed. They had done the same thing every Saturday since they hooked up together. While they were gone, the library program director went into each class. She said to each teacher, "Do you have any children on your roster that have not shown up? We have a waiting list a mile long." The ceramics teacher answered, "Well, this girl, Jennifer Clemente, came a couple of times, but hasn't been here in over a month. I guess she's not coming anymore." The program director, whose name was Mrs. Feinstein, called the Clemente house. Charlie answered.

"Hello, Mr. Clemente? This is Mrs. Feinstein at the Public Library. We were wondering if you were planning to send Jennifer to ceramics class anymore? Because if not, we could use her spot. It seems we have quite a waiting list for that class." Charlie was confused and did not answer right away. Then he turned to Lisa and said, "Honey, you take this call, something's not right, I'm going to go down to the library right now." Lisa got on the line. She heard, "Hello? hello? Are you there?" Lisa said, "Hi, this is Mrs. Clemente." Mrs. Feinstein said, "Oh, hi, I was speaking to your husband." Lisa said, "Yes, well, he's on his way down there right now." Mrs. Feinstein said, "Oh, but I don't understand. I called to..." Lisa was shocked as she heard Mrs. Feinstein explain.

Charlie searched for Mrs. Feinstein as soon as he arrived at the library. He told her that Robin was also enrolled in an art class in the program. "Maybe it's possible that Jennifer is in the same class as Robin, or in a different class." Mrs. Feinstein said, "Well, it's possible, why don't you come with me? There aren't that many classes. I'm sure we'll find her. It's probably just a mix-up." Charlie and Mrs. Feinsten went to every class. When they got to Robin's painting class, she looked up and saw her father. She ran to him, "Hi, Daddy, what are you doing here?" Charlie didn't want to worry her, but he asked, "Hi, honey, have you seen your sister?" Robin answered no, that she never saw Jennifer the whole time they had been going. "I'm always so busy, Daddy, come and see what I made." Charlie looked quickly and then told Robin, "Honey, I have to go find your sister. I'll see you at the end of class. Okay?" He kissed her on her forehead. Robin was confused, but it quickly went away as she got back to her project.

Charlie followed Mrs. Feinstein back to her office. She was very upset. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Clemente, I've never lost a child, like this." Charlie was very quiet. Then he thought of something. "Is there a child named Danielle in any of these classes?" Jennifer never stopped talking about how great Danielle was. Mrs. Feinstein frowned. "Did you say, Danielle? That's so strange. There was another child that stopped coming to the classes who was named Danielle. It was weeks ago, but I remember thinking how odd it was. I called the mother because the girl had never shown up. The mother seemed shocked, and told me that Danielle would be there the following Saturday. Well, that Saturday, the girl showed up in my office with a note that said, 'I'm sorry, but I've changed my mind again. Danielle won't be enrolling in this class. Thank you.' Isn't that strange?" Charlie nodded. "I think you'd better call this Danielle's mother and get the whole story," he said.

Charlie waited while Mrs. Feinstein called Danielle's mother. After she hung up the phone, she turned to him and said, "Mrs. McKeegan is coming right down. It seems she never authorized Danielle to quit. She's been dropping Danielle off each week; she thought she'd been attending, just like you with your daughter. I guess they're together. I'm really sorry about this, Mr. Clemente." Charlie wanted to blame this woman, for not having better security, but he didn't. "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll turn up," he said.

Charlie stood waiting for the girls at the end of the class. Robin came skipping out. "Hi, Daddy, I love that class. It's so much fun." Charlie kissed her. He was so mad at Jennifer but he had to remember not to be mad at Robin, too. Sometimes it was hard for him, with them being twins, for him to separate his feelings. "Honey, why don't you go wait for us in the car?"

A few minutes later, Jennifer came walking out. "Hi, Daddy, sorry I'm late, the teacher asked me to stay and help her clean up." Jennifer lied right to her dad's face; she didn't know he knew the truth. He said, "Oh, really?" Then he said, "Isn't that your friend, Danielle? Looks like she's in a bit of trouble with her mother." Jennifer turned around to look where her father had been pointing. She saw Danielle being swatted on the behind by a woman, who must have been her mother. Danielle's mother was smacking her backside and screaming, all the way to their car. Jennifer just shrugged. She didn't even think to ask her dad how he knew that was her friend. Charlie was already disappointed in Jennifer for lying to him. He didn't know if he should accuse Jennifer or wait for her to come clean. He thought about it in the car on the short drive home.

Luckily for Jennifer, Robin rattled on and on about her class. Jennifer couldn't get a word in edgewise, and therefore couldn't dig herself deeper into her hole of lying. When they pulled up to the house, Robin said, "Should I go get Mommy? Are we going out to lunch?" Charlie said, "Not right now, your mother and I need to speak to Jennifer. You and I can go out later, okay, honey?" Robin nodded and went into the house. Jennifer reluctantly followed her dad into the house. "What do we have to talk about, Daddy?" Jennifer asked. Charlie didn't answer her. Instead he pointed to the dining room table. He asked Robin to go upstairs.

Lisa joined Charlie and Jennifer at the table. They told Jennifer that they knew about her skipping out on her class. Jennifer gasped. They demanded to know where Jennifer went and why. She told them where she went each week with Danielle, and what they did. "And how long did you think you could do this and get away with it?" Charlie asked. Jennifer started to cry. Charlie said, "You'd better hold that crying until later, you're going to need it when I'm finished with you." Jennifer recalled how that first week she had wet her pants. "I was afraid you'd be mad at me for having an accident. I didn't want to go to the class. And Danielle gave me a way out; I guess I wasn't thinking." Her parents couldn't believe it. "So, this is all because you thought we would be mad that you wet your pants? You think skipping out on your class and then lying about it is better?" Jennifer thought about it. "I guess it sounds stupid, now. But I just thought, well, I guess I didn't think." Lisa said, "Well, you're going to have a long time to think about it now. You're grounded for a month. And I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap for lying." Charlie added, "And don't you ever disappear like this again. You're very lucky nothing happened while you were gallavanting around town. Now let's go into my bedroom. You're getting a spanking."

Jennifer started to cry again, and put her hands on her backside protectively. She followed her dad into her parents' bedroom. She knew it was no use to argue. She knew she had earned this spanking. Charlie told Jennifer to use the bathroom first. He didn't want any more accidents. When Jennifer came out, he took her by the wrist, and in one fell swoop, pulled her pants and panties down, and guided her over his lap. He spanked her bottom one hundered times. Jennifer thought this was the worst spanking she had ever gotten. At the end of the spanking, Charlie stood her up. He gave her a hug and rubbed her bottom. "Up or off?" he asked pointing to Jennifer's panties draped around her ankles. She didn't even look down. "Off." Jennifer stepped out of her underwear. Her bottom was on fire, and she couldn't even imagine pulling them up. Charlie told Jennifer to lie on his bed and cry it out. "You can come out when you've calmed down. Okay?" Jennifer nodded, and Charlie kissed her forehead, "I love you, sweetie."

Charlie called Robin downstairs. "Okay, honey, you ready to go out to lunch, just you and me?" Robin nodded. She was excited to have her daddy all to herself. They promised Lisa they would bring her back some lunch. "Have fun!" she called after them.

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