Robin and Jennifer in Junior High

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


The twins were twelve; they had just started junior high.  It was a scary time for both of them.  For Jennifer, it was scary because she was trying so hard to fit in and be popular.  She wanted to wear the right clothes and say the right things.  She did not want to look or sound like a geek.

For Robin, it was scary because everyone seemed so much more mature than she.  Everyone was into boys, and makeup, and clothes.  Everyone, including Jennifer.  But not Robin.  She still liked all-girl parties, hanging out with her family, and playing with Barbie dolls.  She still collected stickers and wanted her dad to give her a bath and tuck her in at night.

Jennifer said she was a big baby.  Robin thought Jennifer was being stupid-talking on the phone all day, talking about boys, and makeup.  They were not getting along at all.

One day, after school, Robin had one of her friends over.  She and Debbie had all the Barbies spread out over the whole room.  They were pretending it was Skipper's birthday and there was going to be a big fancy party.  Robin liked when she could dress Barbie up real fancy.

Jennifer walked into the room and said, "Oh, brother, I feel like I've walked into a two-year-old's room!  You guys are so immature!"  Robin and Debbie just looked at each other and laughed.

Later on, Jennifer was crying and screaming at Robin and her friend.

Her mother came upstairs and said, "What's going on?"

Jennifer said, "Robin and Debbie are teasing me!  They read my diary and are teasing me about everything that's in it.  I hate sharing a room with a baby, and I have no privacy!"

Lisa was very disappointed in Robin.  "You know better than to read your sister's diary!  How could you do that?"  Lisa yelled at Robin and she started to cry.  "Debbie, I think it's time for you to go home."

"Yes, Mrs. Clemente, I'm really sorry.  I guess we shouldn't have done that.  Bye, Robin, talk to you later.  Bye, Jennifer, Sorry!" said Debbie before she left.  Jennifer replied, "Yeah, I bet you are!"  Lisa frowned.

When Charlie came home, he was very disappointed to hear what Robin had done.  After dinner, he gave her a stern lecture about respecting other people's privacy.  Then he gave her a spanking and sent her to bed.  Jennifer was still fuming and refused to even talk to Robin or listen to her apologize.  She said she absolutely hated sharing a room with Robin.

A few days later, Jennifer had her new friend, Lindsay over.  She was so happy because Lindsay was a popular girl, and Jennifer wanted so badly to be popular.  They were upstairs hanging out in her room.

At one point, Robin walked in the room.  Jennifer told Robin to leave.

Robin said, "No, it's my room, too.  I can stay if I want to."

And with that, she sat at her desk to do her homework.

Jennifer said, "Look, you were in here with Debbie last week, and I didn't bother you, so you can go and do your homework downstairs!"

Robin said, "I can't, the babies are sleeping, and besides, you can entertain in the playroom, that's what it's there for, Daddy said so."

Jennifer replied, "Look, Robin, I still remember what you did to me last week, now Lindsay and I are going downstairs to get a snack, and when we come back up, you had better be gone.  I don't care where you go, but I better not see you here."

And with that, she stormed out of the room, with Lindsay following her.  "See what I have to put up with?" she asked Lindsay rhetorically.

Robin was so mad.  She wasn't going to let Jennifer kick her out, and get the best out of her.  She decided she was going to play a trick on Jennifer, teach her a lesson.  Of course, she didn't think about the consequences.

Jennifer and Lindsay came back to the room about 15 minutes later, and did not see Robin.  "Good," said Jennifer, "she's gone."  Little did she know Robin was hiding in her closet.

Boy could Jennifer and Lindsay talk!  They talked about boys, about what pizza they liked best, what was the best makeup to buy, the best shows to watch on t.v., etc.  They talked so much that they finally just stopped. Robin was glad, because she figured that meant Lindsay was going to leave. Her foot was getting cramped, and she had to pee really badly.

Then Jennifer said, "What do you want to do now?"

Lindsay said, "I have a great idea.  Let's make crank phone calls."

Jennifer just looked at her.  Robin(in the closet) almost died.

Lindsay said, "It's really fun.  I do it all the time."

Jennifer was weary, but Lindsay convinced her.  Robin was stuck.  The phone was in the hall right outside their room.  There was no way out for her.  She had to get comfortable and make do.

At first, Lindsay and Jennifer just called a few old ladies and pretended they were children home alone without a babysitter, but then they called the pizza place and had pizzas delivered to kids from their school that they didn't like for one reason or another.

Jennifer got so caught up in the fun that she didn't think about what she was doing.  Robin couldn't believe her sister was doing it.  Of course, there was nothing she could do about it.

After awhile, the intercom buzzed.  (The Clementes had installed it because they didn't want to have to scream upstairs for the twins, especially when the babies were sleeping.  It was great.)  It was Lisa asking Jennifer if Robin was in their room.

"I want her to help me finish making dinner and set the table. Lindsay's mom called and asked if Lindsay could stay for dinner.  So I said yes."

Jennifer said, "Cool.  Well, Robin's not in here, but I'll check the playroom."  Robin peeked out the door, but Lindsay had stayed in the room.

"Great!" Robin sighed.

Jennifer pressed the intercom to let her mom know that Robin was not in the playroom.  "Well, that's strange," said Lisa, "Where could she be?"

Just then, Charlie came home from work.  Lisa told Charlie that no one could find Robin.

"Well, she has to be around the house somewhere, if she didn't leave," said Charlie.

Lisa confirmed that Robin had not left the house.  Everyone looked around the house for her.  Charlie said to Jennifer, "Are you sure she's not in your room?  Maybe she's hiding."

All of a sudden, Jennifer got a sick feeling inside her stomach.  She ran into their room, and threw open Robin's closet, and there was Robin. Jennifer started screaming, and soon both Charlie and Lisa came running.

Jennifer was screaming at Robin at the top of her lungs.  "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE IN THE CLOSET.  YOU'VE BEEN SPYING ON ME ALL AFTERNOON.  I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS, ROBIN."

Lisa took a fuming Jennifer and Lindsay downstairs.  Charlie was left alone with Robin.  "Get out of there this instant, young lady.  You are in big trouble!"

Robin started to cry as Charlie screamed at her. "You were just punished the other day for not respecting Jennifer's privacy, and you did it again.  I don't understand you."

Robin had never seen Charlie so furious.  She went into the bathroom to clean herself up.  She had had to go in her pants since she had been in the closet so long.  Charlie was even angry about that.  When she came out, he gave her a spanking and told her to stay in her room.  She couldn't even come down for dinner.

Charlie declared, "You will have dinner later, after we do.  And as soon as Jennifer's friend leaves, we are going to have a family meeting."  And with that, Charlie left Robin crying into her pillow.

Dinner was interesting, to say the least.  Jennifer was screaming and fuming throughout the meal, until finally Charlie had had enough.

"Jennifer, we will have a family meeting as soon as your friend leaves, and we will talk about everything.  Got it?"

Jennifer nodded, but looked down at her plate.  She couldn't even make eye contact with Lindsay.  She was so embarrassed.  She thought that Lindsay would never speak to her again, and tell all the kids at school about what had happened.  Jennifer would be surprised.  A few minutes later, Lindsay's mom showed up.

As the girls were saying goodbye, Lindsay said, "Bye, Jennifer, I'll call you tomorrow.  I had a lot of fun today, considering.  Don't worry about it, I'm not going to tell anybody.  I really like you."

Jennifer hugged her then and Lindsay left.  Charlie let Robin come down and have her dinner, while Jennifer went upstairs and got ready for bed.

Then they all went into the family room to have their family meeting. Charlie and Lisa told the girls that they were to respect each other's privacy.  And in no uncertain terms were they going to tolerate anything like what Robin did that day.

Jennifer was feeling pretty uppity at this point of the conversation, until Robin said, "Well, what about what Jennifer and her friend did.  Don't you want to know?"

Charlie answered, "I don't want to know anything about what you heard when you were in that closet."

"Even if it was illegal?" Robin asked.

"Illegal?" Lisa asked, and looked at Jennifer.

Jennifer turned on Robin, "Don't you dare!"

And then Robin spilled the beans.  "Jennifer and Lindsay were making crank phone calls.  They ordered all these pizzas and had them sent to different kids' houses.

Charlie and Lisa were stunned.  They looked at Jennifer.  "Did you do that?" they asked.  Jennifer looked as though she were about to cry and just nodded.  Charlie said he was very disappointed in her and she would have to make restitution for it tomorrow.

The next day was Saturday, and Jennifer spent the early part of the day making phone calls.  She had to call the pizza place and all the kids' houses they had sent pizzas to.  She was so embarrassed having to explain it all to the other kids and their parents.

But Charlie and Lisa had discussed it, and felt that it was a reasonable punishment.  Also, both girls were grounded for the entire weekend.  And Robin had to prove that she could be trusted again.  Her parents told her it would take awhile for her to earn back their trust.

A week later, Robin was tidying up her room, when she noticed a book sticking out of Jennifer's mattress.  Curiosity got the best of her and she pulled the book out.  It was a new diary.  Robin looked around, and then opened it up.  Inside the front cover, Jennifer had written: Jennifer Lynn Clemente's New Diary.  Jennifer had written that she started a new diary because Robin had read the other one.

Robin knew she shouldn't be reading the diary, but she couldn't contain her curiosity.  Robin continued to read: " and Mommy said that if Robin continues to show responsibility, they will throw her a big party. That kind of makes me mad after all she has done, but I guess she learned a good lesson.  I will try to help out all I can.  Maybe if Robin is nicer to me, and does stuff for me, I won't be angry with her anymore."

Robin couldn't believe it: a party for her?  She was so excited.  She vowed right then to try really hard to be responsible and cooperative.  She started helping her mom out with the babies, cleaned the living room, even polished Jennifer's shoes for her.

Charlie and Lisa couldn't believe the change in Robin.

"Well, I guess she's trying so hard to earn back our trust," Lisa said.

This continued for a couple of weeks.  All the while, Robin was sneaking peeks at Jennifer's diary.  This seemed to be all Jennifer ever wrote about.  One day it read: "And Daddy said he was so proud of Robin, he thinks the party could be next Saturday.  I hope Robin doesn't mess it up."

One day, Robin heard Jennifer on the phone with her friend, Patricia. She heard the word, "Party" and wanted so badly to know what was going on. She snuck downstairs and quietly lifted the phone receiver.  She listened in on the downstairs phone while Jennifer talked upstairs in the hall.  Jenn and Patty were discussing Robin's party.  Robin was so "into" the conversation that she did not hear her mom come into the kitchen.

Lisa said, "Who are you talking to, Robin?"

Robin was surprised to see Lisa standing there.  She covered the mouthpiece, and said, "It's Fran, from school, but she has me on hold.  They have call waiting."

Lisa seemed to accept this, and busied herself making dinner.  Then Jennifer and Patricia said goodbye and hung up.

Robin waited and then said, "Oh, you have to go.  Call me back later. Okay, bye!" and then she hung up the phone.  Robin turned to Lisa, "She had to go. She's going to call me back later."

Just then, Jennifer came running downstairs and into the kitchen. She had a big smile on her face.  "MOMMY!  GUESS WHAT?! Guess what Patty just told me?!"

Lisa looked at Jennifer confused.  Jennifer continued, "I just hung up with Patty and guess what she told me?"  Jennifer stopped.

Lisa looked very confused.  She said, "You just hung up with her? But Robin was just on the phone with Fran.  How could you have just been on the phone with Patty?"

Robin looked down at the floor.  Jennifer just stood there, trying not to smile.  Lisa turned to Robin, "You weren't listening to Jennifer's conversation, were you?"  Robin didn't answer.  "WELL, were you?"

Slowly, Robin nodded.

Lisa was furious.  "GO INTO MY BEDROOM AND WAIT FOR ME."  Lisa looked at Jennifer and shook her head.

"I'll talk to you later, Mommy," Jenn said, trying not to burst into laughter and she ran back upstairs.

Lisa gave Robin a spanking for listening in on Jennifer's conversation, and washed her mouth out with soap for lying to her.  She was very angry and very disappointed in her.  Robin was still crying when Charlie came into the room 45 minutes later.

He was very angry.  "I don't understand you, Robin.  You've been punished several times for invading your sister's privacy.  Nothing seems to affect you.  What is going on?" Charlie asked.

Robin replied, "I don't know.  I feel left out.  Jennifer seems to do all these fun things, and have cool friends, and stuff.  I guess I'm just a baby, like she says."

Charlie didn't know what to say.  He didn't know Robin felt this way.

He was about to try to cheer her up, when Robin said, "I guess you'll be canceling my party now, won't you?"

Charlie was confused.  "What party?  What are you talking about?"

Robin replied, "I know about it.  I know it was wrong, but I read about my party in Jennifer's diary."  And then she began to cry all over again.  Charlie got up, went into the kitchen, and pressed the intercom buzzer.

"Yes?" It was Jennifer.  Charlie said, "Get down here this minute and bring your diary."

Jennifer came down holding her blue diary.  Charlie ushered her into his bedroom.  Robin looked up.

Charlie said to Robin, "Now, what did you read in this diary?"

Robin looked at the diary, then at Jennifer, then at Charlie, and said, "That's not the diary.  The one I read about the party in has red and white stripes."

Charlie looked at Jennifer.  "I only have this one.  I don't know what she's talking about, Daddy."

Charlie said gently, "Jennifer, go upstairs and get the other diary this minute."

Jennifer stood there for a minute, and then seeing how serious her father was, turned and left the room.  She went upstairs and switched diaries.  She brought it downstairs.  Charlie read the first few pages of the diary, and then just looked at Jennifer.

"I had to teach her a lesson, Daddy.  I'm not sorry for it at all. If I get punished for doing it, it will be worth it."

Robin was watching all this, and was very confused.  "I don't understand, what's going on?"

Charlie explained to Robin that there was no party planned for her.

"But what about me showing you responsibility, getting your trust back?" Robin asked.

Lisa had come into the room a few minutes before and figured out what was going on.  She said, "Yes, we wanted that from you, but we did not plan a party for you.  We just expect that of you at all times."

Charlie said, "I'm afraid the party idea you got in your head was just part of a trick your sister was playing on you."

Robin just looked at Jennifer.  She was beaming.  "I got you back, Robin.  I said I would.  I told you the day I found you hiding in the closet that I would get you back.  And I did."

Robin couldn't believe she fell for Jennifer's trick.  She knew she shouldn't have been reading the diary, or listening in on the phone call, but curiosity got the best of her.

Charlie and Lisa did not punish Jennifer for what she did.  They felt both girls had learned a very good lesson.  Robin did, but she still felt Jenn should have been punished.  She told Jenn and her parents that she was going to try hard not to spy anymore.  Everyone was satisfied, especially Jennifer.

Of course, Charlie knew they still had to deal with Robin's feelings about Jennifer.  But that would wait until another time.

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