Jenn's Test

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


It was a Monday morning, one day when the twins were 8 years old. Robin woke up not feeling very well.  She went into the kitchen and told her mom and dad.

Just then, Jennifer burst into the room and told Robin she had to talk to her.  The two girls went back to their room.

Jennifer said to Robin, "Please, just do me this favor, just this once."

"No, I said no, Jennifer."

Jennifer thought fast.  "Please, Robin, the test is going to be so hard.  I just need you to take good notes and then explain it to me after school.  You'll really help me."

Robin thought about it.  Jennifer pleaded with her.

"I just don't think it's a good idea for us to switch places today, Jennifer, I really don't feel well,"  Robin said.

Jennifer continued to plead with Robin until she finally agreed, mostly just to shut Jennifer up.  The girls went back to the kitchen all dressed.

Charlie said to Robin, "I thought you weren't feeling well, honey!"

Robin told him she felt better now.  Lisa was relieved, because she had a doctor's appointment, and it was also Charlie's day off.

"Well, if you don't feel well later, you call me, I'll be home," Charlie told her.  The two girls went off to school.

Robin sat in Jennifer's class waiting for the lesson to begin.  All the children were talking, but Robin just sat there.  She felt horrible.

Suddenly, the teacher announced, "Everybody ready?"

All the children said yes and cleared their desks, except Robin.  She took out Jennifer's notebook and math textbook.

The teacher said, "C'mon now, Jennifer, put everything away, you know you can't have that out for the test."

Robin was shocked.  "But, the test is tomorrow!  We're supposed to review, today!"

"No," said the teacher, "we reviewed it all on Friday, remember? Here, give me your homework notebook and I'll show you the note I put there to remind you."

Robin gave her Jennifer's notebook and Mrs. Brown showed her the note.  Robin couldn't believe it.  She was so mad at Jennifer.  She started to cry.  She raised her hand.  When Mrs. Brown called on her, she said she didn't feel well.

"Now, Jennifer, don't start, you must take the test now, just like everyone else."

Not knowing what else to do, Robin began Jennifer's test.  When she was almost done, she started to cry again.  Emily, who was sitting next to her noticed, and called Mrs. Brown over.

Robin explained, "I really don't feel well.  My dad said I could call him."

Mrs. Brown said, "Okay, just finish up those last few problems, and you can go down to the nurse."

Charlie was watching tv when the phone rang.

"Hello? Yes, this is Mr. Clemente."

"Yes, hi, this is the nurse at Camp Avenue School, we have your daughter here, she's not feeling very well."

Charlie replied, "Yes, okay, I can come and get her.  Just tell Robin I'll be right there."

"Um, no, I'm sorry, sir, it's not Robin, it's Jennifer."

"Jennifer?  Are you sure?  Well, I'll be right there," Charlie said, surprised.

Charlie went into the nurse's office, and saw Robin laying there crying.  "There, there, sweetheart, Daddy's here, it's okay.  I guess you weren't up to coming to school after all, huh?"  Robin nodded.  Charlie continued, "But, I do have one question, why does the nurse think you're Jennifer?"

Robin started to cry and told her father the whole story of how she and Jennifer switched places, and how she was supposed to take notes for Jennifer's math test, and how she had to take the test instead.

"I know it was wrong, Daddy, but I just couldn't say no to her.  She seemed so desperate.  And now I know why, she set me up.  I should have just stayed home in bed like I wanted to," Robin cried.

Charlie was furious.  He hated when the girls switched places with each other.  They looked exactly alike and only close family were able to tell them apart.

Charlie and Robin sat down in the principal's office.  "Now, Robin, I want you to tell Uncle Jack the same story you told me."

Robin told her uncle what they did.  Jack was furious, as well.  He arranged for Jennifer to be brought to the office without knowing why.  When Jennifer came to the office, she saw Robin and her dad and knew she was in trouble.

When they asked her about the test, she kept insisting it was tomorrow.  Just then, a student from Jennifer's class brought her bookbag full of books.  Robin showed her dad and uncle the note from the teacher about the test being on Monday.  Jennifer still denied knowing the test was today.

Charlie said, "Jennifer, you are in very big trouble and you will be punished when you get home."  He took Robin and they went to the car.

Charlie brought Robin home and put her to bed.  Lisa called and Charlie told her that Robin was home sick.  She asked him why he sounded mad. He replied that he would tell her when she got home.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jack put Jennifer to work in his office.  He had her teacher and Robin's teacher send down lots of classwork.  At 3:00, Jennifer went up and told Mrs. Brown what she did.  Mrs. Brown was very angry, but agreed to give Jennifer the test the next day.

Before Jennifer left, Mrs. Brown said, "Tell your sister she did very well on the exam.  She got a 96."  Jennifer went outside to wait for her dad.

Meanwhile, at home, Lisa was shocked to hear what her daughters were up to today.  "Well, honey, you know, Jennifer is not the only one who was wrong."  Charlie said, "Yes, I know, Robin will be punished as soon as she is feeling better."  Then he went to pick Jennifer up.

Jennifer was crying when Charlie came to get her.  She told him how much work she had to do and how hard it was to tell her teacher what she did. Charlie said that what she did was very wrong, and they would talk about it when they got home.

Charlie and Lisa sat Jennifer down and lectured her about being deceitful, and also lying.  He also told her it would be awhile before they could trust her again, and said from now on, they would be checking her homework assignments and signing her homework.

Charlie washed Jennifer's mouth out with soap for lying.  Then he took her by the hand into his bedroom.

"Come here," he told her.

Jennifer did as she was told.  Charlie pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles.  He told her to step out of them.  Then he pulled her up and laid her across his lap.

Charlie spanked Jennifer very hard.  He alternated cheeks as he spanked.  As he had already lectured her, he didn't say a word.  The only sound in the room was Jennifer's sobbing and kicking and crying.

Finally, when Jennifer's bottom was bright red, and she had gone limp over his lap, Charlie stopped.  He began to rub her bottom.  Then he lifted her up and hugged her to him.

"I love you, baby.  But you know we don't approve of the switching. Don't do it again, okay?" Charlie asked, sternly.

"Okay, Daddy.  I'm sorry," Jenn sobbed.

"That's my good girl.  Now, come lay down here, and rest until dinner.  I love you," Charlie repeated.

"I love you, too, Daddy," Jenn replied.

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