Short Stories VIII

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher IV

My Freshman Spanish Teacher V

My Freshman Spanish Teacher (Final)

My Freshman Spanish Teacher IV

By near Christmas of my freshman year I had settled into a pattern of being spanked by my Spanish teacher Mrs. Johnson or by my math teacher Ms. Clark about twice a month. These two teachers really knew how to keep me in line, and it sometimes felt as if they went out of their way to spank me, even for small offenses.

About two weeks before Christmas vacation we had an exchange teacher from France and 5 of her students attend classes at our school for a week, and they were in my math class. One of these girls was really cute and I went out of my way to show off for her whenever I got a chance. After about 4 days I made a couple of really wise remarks when asked questions by Ms. Clark and really got the class off track. When class was over Ms. Clark told me to come in after school to talk about my behavior.

I arrived in her office at 3:45 and was told that we were going to go to Mrs. Johnsonís office where she could take care of my problem the old fashioned way. I knew that I had a spanking coming, but it had been worth it to show off for this girl.

When we arrived at Mrs. Johnsonís office and the door was closed I was surprised to see the French teacher and her 5 students sitting in the class talking to Mrs. Johnson. The two teachers then told me that I would receive my punishment in front of these visitors and that I should take off my pants. I argued that they did not have the right to do this, but after being told that I was going to be spanked, but if I did not hurry up it was going to be much more severe. I removed my pants and underpants and Ms. Clark turned me over her knee while Mrs. Johnson got out a kitchen timer and set it for 10 minutes. I had been spanked by both of these teachers several times before, but always from 30 to 50 swats, they had never used a timer before. Mrs. Clark began to apply the ruler to my bare behind and by the time 5 minutes had passed my behind was on fire and I realized that I was going to get one of the worst spankings I had ever had, right there in front of these French students, and especially the girl I wanted to impress. By the time the timer went off I was bawling like a baby and my behind was on fire. I had to stand in the corner until I stopped crying and then Mrs. Johnson turned me over her knee, reset the timer for 5 minutes, and proceeded to blister my behind again.

After the second spanking, I stood in the corner for what seemed like an eternity while my teachers talked to the French teacher about discipline in American schools, while the girls giggled and talked to each other in French.

The next thing I knew the French teacher had my hand and led me back to the chair, where she turned me over her knee. Mrs. Johnson set the timer for 5 minutes and gave her the ruler which she proceeded to use in giving me my third very hard spanking for the afternoon. When she was finished, I was allowed to put my underpants and pants back on.

The three teachers left for the office and the girls were told to meet their teacher in the office in 30 mintes because the teachers had something to discuss.

I was now in the Mrs. Johnson's classroom with the 5 French students. These 5 girls were all 14 years old and in one grade ahead of me, and spoke fairly good English. They asked me how often I was spanked at school and at home and if it was always done the way they had observed.

I described the spankings I got at home and they admitted that they all received spankings from their parents and occasionally their teachers at home.

Then one of the girls asked me if she could spank me, because she always wanted to see what it was like to give and not receive. I did not like the idea but the other girls thought this was a great idea and closed the door to Mrs. Johnsoní office and gathered around me.

These girls grabbed me while one pulled down my pants, and turned me over the knee of the girl I had been showing off for. She pulled down my underpants and gave my very sore red behind about 30 swats with her hand. This was followed by my ending up over each girls lap with my bare behind receiving anywhere from 30 to 50 swats.

When they were finished, they talked about how much fun it was to spank me and the first girl gave me a second spanking, before they had to leave and meet their teacher.

The next day at class these girls spent the majority of the time looking at me and smiling about the secret we shared, but I still had a very sore red behind to remind me.

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher V

In January of my freshman year I had grown accustomed to the fact that two of my teachers were willing to spank me if I misbehaved, and that I got one of these spanking about every two weeks. My main joy was that none of my other teachers had joined in this method of discipline.

My English teacher was named Ms. Keller and was about 25 years old and was beautiful which was a change from all of our much older teachers. One week I had been causing a lot of trouble in her class and finally she asked me to come in to see her after class. I arrived and found her at her desk talking on the phone. When she was finished talking she had me sit down and started discussing what I had been doing or not doing all week. She told me that she was aware of the punishment I had been receiving from two of my other teachers, but that she thought she could make me behave using he own techniques but that she was obviously wrong and that I only responded to being spanked.

With that statement she told me to report to Mrs. Johnsonís office and that she would meet me there in a few minutes to be punished for my misbehavior and attitude.

I went into Mrs. Johnsonís office and she was expecting me. I was told to remove my pants and underpants and to wash the caulk boards until Ms. Keller arrived to deal with me. About 5 minutes later Ms. Keller arrived carrying a short leather strap about 16" long and 3" wide. She had me bend over a desk and used the riding strap to raise welts all over my bare behind. When she had finished spanking me, I realized that I would have trouble sitting down for days and had trouble stopping the tears from flowing. I stood in the corner for a few minutes and then Ms. Keller took my hand and led me to a chair where she turned me over her knee and gave me a second spanking with a ruler on top of the welts caused by the strap, and which felt like each swat was going to explode my already sore behind.

After the spankings I was told that in the future if I misbehaved in her class I would make additional trips to Mrs. Johnsonís office, and that I would get a much more severe spanking.

The next day in English class all the students were all talking about the strap that was hanging on a hook by Mrs. Keller's desk and wondering what it was for. I knew what it was for.

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher (Final)

Earlier I had described how in January my English teacher Mrs Keller had joined in the group of teachers who spanked me when necessary. I received her strap twice within two weeks and then she never had reason to spank me again, but she did use some other punishments.

After the second spanking by Mrs. Keller I managed to stay out of trouble until the last 6 weeks of my freshman year when my Spanish teacher Mrs. Johnson got a senior girl named Pam as a teaching assistant.

The second day that Pam was trying to teach class I wised off so much she was in tears and Mrs Johnson had to take over the rest of the class. Mrs Johnson told me to report to her office after school and I knew I was in trouble. It had been December since my last visit to her room, but nothing had changed. Upon arival I was told to remove my pants and underpants while I washed the boards and awaited my punishment. A few minutes later my math and English teachers arrived to witness the spanking and then Pam came in. When the four of them were there, Mrs. Johnson turned me over her knee and used the ruler to blister my behind. When she was finished it was Pam's turn. Pam turned me over her knee and used her open hand to spank me. This was a big girl who had been on the basketball team and was very strong, so each swat left its impression on a freshman who was balling like a 6 year old. It was embarrassing to have a senior girl spank my bare behind, but it hurt so much that I forgot who was spanking me, all I wanted was for it to stop.

When Pam was finished I was made to stand in the corner until I stopped crying and then they all left me to get dressed and go home. The last six weeks of school were unbelieveable, I could not stay out of trouble in Spanish and I received at least one spanking a week from Mrs. Johnson and Pam, with the other teachers witnessing each one.

The next to last day of my freshman year I was in trouble again and when I got to Mrs. Johnson's office I received a spanking from each of the teachers and two from Pam.

That summer my folks were gone out of town a lot and did not trust me to stay at home alone and they hired a girl that had just graduated to stay at our house and take care of me. I was not very lucky, because they hired Pam and while they were out of town I received a lot of bare bottom spankings from this experienced babysitter.

I never got paddled again at school, even though my dad still used the strap on me more than occasionally until I turned 17.

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