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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


I woke up and continued to lie on my bed on my stomach. My butt hurt so much from yesterday. It felt like I had just gotten the spanking instead of it being from yesterday afternoon. I had never been hit with a brush before and it really hurt a lot. I am never going to do anything again to make Mommy want to hit me with a brush. I really was sorry for those things I had said to Jennifer. I don't know why I said that she liked to wet her pants. I guess I really was starting to think it was true. I mean she did it practically every day. And then she got so much attention from Mommy and Daddy. I think it was when I said that she liked to get spankings that I went too far. But she does get them more than I do. She gets one like once a week. Wouldn't you think by eleven years of age that you would know the kinds of things not to do so you won't get a spanking?! Of course, look at me. I didn't know I would be over both my mommy's and my daddy's lap!

I looked over at Jennifer; she was still sleeping. I started to think again about what I had said to her yesterday. I really, really felt bad. I know I apologized to her yesterday, but I think I will do it again today. I mean, Mommy and Daddy made me apologize last night, but it was one of those apologies like when you're at school and the teacher calls you over and says, "Mary told me you said something nasty. We don't say nasty things. Say you're sorry." And you say you're sorry, but you say it like you don't really mean it, and the teacher says to say it like you mean it, so you do, but you don't really mean it. You only say it that way because the teacher told you to. That was kind of how I apologized to my sister last night. I really did mean it, but for some reason I didn't say it like I meant it. I guess I wasn't ready to make up yet. But now I am.

"Jenn?" I whispered.

"What?" she said.

"Are you up?" I asked.

Jennifer sat up. "Obviously, Robin, if I'm talking to you," she said.

I answered, "No, I mean, are you awake, you know, like can we talk?"

She looked at me and said, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Look," I said, "about yesterday,"

She cut me off. "Forget it, Robin, you already apologized. I don't really want to talk about it."

"Please, Jenn, I just wanted to say I was sorry again. I mean it, I'm really sorry. I don't know why I said those things to you. Do you forgive me?" I asked Jennifer. All of a sudden, it really mattered to me whether she would forgive me or not. I felt like I would die if she didn't. In that moment, I truly loved my sister.

Jennifer was silent. Then she said, "I forgive you, Robin, but I just have one question. Did you really think I liked to wet my pants?"

I said, "Um, yeah, I guess I started thinking you did. I guess that was kind of silly. I mean, no one wants to have an accident. Especially at 11 years of age. I'm really sorry, Jenn."

Jennifer said, "That's all right. Let's forget about it. Hey, what time is it? Don't we have to get up for school soon?"

"I don't know. I don't want to go to school today, though. It's going to hurt for me to sit at my desk," I said.

"You really got it good yesterday, huh? Daddy was so mad. I've never seen him that mad," Jenn said.

"Yeah," I said, "he was pissed. And Mommy was really angry. She even spanked me with the back of a hairbrush. After Daddy spanked me. That's why I'm still in pain."

Jennifer said, "Really? With a hairbrush? Ouch, that must have really hurt."

Just then, there was a knock on the door. We both yelled, "Come in." Daddy came in the room.

"Good morning, girls!" He said, and gave us each a kiss on the cheek. "There's no school today. It snowed last night."

We both jumped up. Ouch, I shouldn't have done that.

"Really? It snowed? But it's April," Jenn said.

Daddy said, "I know, but it did. They just announced on the radio that school has been canceled. So I guess you two get another day to rest. And to unpack. We can work on the playroom today."

I don't know about Jenn. But my heart fell. When I heard snow, I just wanted to get all bundled up and go outside to play. But obviously, Daddy had other ideas.

I said, "But, Daddy, can't we go play outside in the snow? You're off today; you can help us build a snowman."

Daddy turned to me and looked at me like I was crazy. "I don't think so, Robin, you are grounded, for two weeks, remember? Maybe Jennifer would like to go outside a little later, but I'm afraid you're not going out until school tomorrow," he said.

I laid back down on my bed, on my stomach of course. I was so bummed. The first snow in months and I wasn't allowed to go play in it. I probably wouldn't see sunlight for months. Suddenly, I was so angry at myself for being in trouble. And it wasn't fair if Daddy let Jennifer go out and play in the snow, but not me. We had both been grounded over the weekend because of what we did at the amusement park. I would have been allowed to go out today if I hadn't said those horrible things to Jennifer yesterday. I'm so stupid. But wait! Jennifer had forgiven me. Maybe she would help me tell Daddy it was okay if I went out because we were friends again.

I tried, hoping Jennifer would back me up. "Daddy," I said, "I apologized to Jennifer again this morning, and we had a nice talk. She forgives me. Would it be okay if I went outside just today, because it's a special day, with the snow, and then I'll be grounded the rest of the time, like you said?" I looked over at Jennifer. I mouthed, "Please."

She piped in. "Yeah, really Daddy, Robin and I made up. I know she didn't mean what she said. And anyway, it wouldn't be any fun for me to play in the snow without her."

Daddy looked at me and then at Jennifer. I had my fingers crossed behind my back silently praying that he would relent. He didn't. I should have known. He said to Jennifer, "Well, that's up to you honey, but I'm afraid Robin's not going out anywhere today." Then he looked at me, "Nice try, though."

I was so bummed. Here it was snowing in April. All my friends and all the neighborhood kids would be out pulling their sleds, and making snow forts, and having snow ball fights, and I would be stuck in my room, unpacking. Life was so unfair.

"Why don't you girls come down for breakfast? And then I'll come back up with you, and we can get started on the playroom," Daddy said.

We both got up. I mean, what choice did we have? It was already settled how I would be spending the day off. What a bummer!

We went downstairs. Mommy was in the kitchen feeding the baby. Steven got lots of attention, too. It seemed that everyone got a lot of attention, except me. I would have to think of something to change that.

Mommy said, "Good morning, girls. How'd you two sleep? Do you like your new room?"

Why was Mommy so cheery? Didn't she remember what she had done to me yesterday? Well, she could be happy-go-lucky if she wanted to, but I wasn't going to be cheery back. Jennifer answered her but I didn't say a word.

She looked at me and said, "Robin, aren't you talking to me today?" I just shook my head no. She said, "Okay, I understand. You'll talk to me when you're ready." And then she just went back to feeding the baby. She didn't look upset at all. Boy, if someone wasn't speaking to me, I'd be really mad. I'd want to know why, and I would make a big stink until that person talked to me. And here Mommy didn't even seem to care that I wasn't talking to her! I'll never figure parents out.

After breakfast, true to his word, Daddy came upstairs with us and started helping us to set up the playroom. Playroom! Can you believe that's what they called it? Jenn and I thought we should call it the Recreation Room, or Rec Room for short, maybe even the Entertainment Room, after all, we are eleven years old. But you know how mommies and daddies are, they think their children never grow up. So the playroom it is!

We told Daddy where to set up the shelves and the couch that they bought just for us. We also had some bean bag chairs for our friends to sit on. I was going to set up all my Barbie stuff in one area, and Jennifer was going to put her boom box and cassettes in another corner. Also, we had a large red metal shelving unit. Daddy wanted us to put all our board games and puzzles on it. And Mommy wanted us to put all our stuffed animals on the top. She hated having them all around the place. In the apartment, they were everywhere, and it used to make her crazy.

Daddy told us to try to get as much done as we could today, so that we would know where everything was. Also, as soon as it was set up, we could start having friends over. Well, at least Jennifer could. I would have to wait two weeks. Before he went downstairs, he told us not to go into the two big walk-in closets in the room. They were filled with lots of junk, and in the back of each closet, was the access to the attic. Well, he didn't have to worry about me; I didn't want to go into the attic. It sounded scary!

We worked and worked. Everything was starting to look really good, when Mommy called us to lunch. She had made chicken soup. And we had crackers to dunk into the soup. I was starting to feel better toward Mommy, but I wasn't ready to tell her yet, so I didn't. She made small talk with Jennifer.

Suddenly, the baby cried. Mommy went to check on him. She called out to Daddy. Daddy went to see what the matter was. It turns out that Steven was running a fever. Mommy was worried because he had been exposed to chicken pox a couple days before. She wanted to take him to the doctor, but Daddy didn't want her to drive with the baby in the snow. Finally, it was decided that Daddy would take both Mommy and Steven to the doctor.

"Okay, now you two girls go back upstairs and continue working on the playroom. If you need a break, you can watch tv. It's all hooked up in the den. Make sure you write down all phone messages. If you need anything, you can call Aunt Joan and Uncle Jack. They don't live too far from here, and they can be here in two minutes, and...."

Oh, my god! Give it up already! I tuned Daddy out after awhile. I mean, give me a break. They were just going to the doctor's. We've stayed alone before. He went on and on and on. I hoped Jenn was listening, because I just couldn't deal anymore. Finally, after having spent three hours telling us what to do, they finally left. Yes, freedom at last. Since we couldn't go out, at least we had the whole house to ourselves.

We explored the whole house. There were boxes everywhere, but it was still fun. After awhile, we went back upstairs and worked on the playroom. We were pretty much finished in there. Then we went back to our bedroom, and put a few more things away. After an hour, we were bored. We didn't want to watch tv, but there wasn't too much else to do.

Jennifer said, "Hey, Robin, let's look in those two closets. Maybe there's something fun we could play with in there!"

I said, "Are you kidding, Jenn? I'm not going in there. The attic's in there!"

"So? What are you afraid of? Do you think there are bats in there, Robin?" Jenn asked sarcastically.

"No," I said, although I wasn't so sure. We knew a girl who had bats in her attic. Hey, you never know! "Anyway, Daddy told us not to go in there."

"Yea, because there's a lot of junk in there. Maybe we could sort it out. Then Daddy'll be glad that we did it" Jenn said.

I said, "What are you crazy? You would actually tell Daddy that we directly disobeyed him? Jenn, you weren't there last night. You didn't feel how much that hairbrush hurt. Uh-uh, no way! I'm not doing it. If you do, you're on your own."

Nope, that wasn't for me. I was going to be good from now on. I wasn't going to do anything to get Mommy or Daddy angry with me. While I was deep in my thoughts, I heard a noise. I turned around. I couldn't believe it: Jennifer was actually going into one of the closets. Oh, my god, she is crazy! I'm outta here.

I went back to our bedroom. I laid down on my bed and started reading this book I was supposed to read for school. It was called "Tuck Everlasting". It was kind of a strange book about these people who find the fountain of youth, and never grow up. My friend had finished it and said it was good, but I was having trouble getting into it. I needed to read it by Friday.

I tried to get into it. I had read almost ten pages before I realized that I had no idea what I read. Don't you hate that? I realized that I was thinking about what Jennifer was doing. She was probably finding all this really cool stuff, and I was reading this stupid book. I was debating with myself as to whether to go join her in the closet. Hmm, that would be very bad. Daddy told us not to go in there. But maybe there's cool stuff in there. Oh, I don't know what to do!

All of a sudden, my sister yelled, "COOOOOOOOOOL! Robin, come quick, you have got to see this!"

I jumped up and ran into the play room. I didn't see my sister, and both closet doors were open. I didn't know which one she was inside.

"Where are you, Jenn?" I asked.

"In here. C'mere," said a muffled voice.

I followed the voice into the closet on the left. She had pulled the string on the lightbulb fixture, and the whole little room/closet was bright. There in the center of the room, was a giant chest. It looked like a pirate's treasure chest. I couldn't believe it. The sight of it took my breath away. The two of us just stared at it, for what felt like an eternity.

"Cooool!" I finally said. Neither of us moved. We didn't want to touch it. Maybe it wasn't really there. Maybe we were so bored we were imagining it.

"Let's see what's in it," Jennifer said.

"Okay," I said. We went over to it. Gone were my thoughts on how much trouble we would be in for disobeying Daddy. Gone were my newfound thoughts on staying out of trouble. Here was this treasure chest, and I just had to know what treasures laid deep inside of it.

Jennifer tried to open it, but she couldn't do it. "Here, let me help you," I said. We both tried. Finally, it opened. We both looked inside. The chest was filled with clothes. At first, we were disappointed. But then we looked at the clothes. These weren't just ordinary clothes. They were clothes fit for a king and queen.

"Oooh, they're beautiful!" Jenn said.

I agreed. "They take my breath away. I wonder who they belong to. I've never seen them before."

Jennifer said, "Let's play dress-up."

"Dress-up? You want to play dress-up?" I was shocked. My sister fancies herself on being very mature. She makes fun of me for still collecting stickers and playing with Barbie dolls.

"But, Jenn," I said, "what about what Daddy said? Um, do you think we should?"

Before I knew it, Jennifer had taken out this long, beautiful dress and put it on over her pajamas. She ran to look at herself in the mirror in our bathroom. When she came back, she took it off, pulled off her pajamas, slipped the dress back on, and ran to look in the mirror again. I guess her pajamas didn't match.

I was still debating whether to try some clothes on. After Jennifer tried on and discarded two dresses, I decided to just look through the rest of the chest. Hey, looking couldn't hurt. Suddenly, I found this beautiful blue dress with flowers on it. It was the nicest dress I have ever seen, and I'm not a dress person. I prefer pants. What could it hurt, to just try it on!? My sister looked like she was having so much fun. Okay, what the hay!

I put the dress on. I went to our bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked so beautiful. I wished I had a camera to take a picture. I went back into the closet in the playroom. Jennifer had some beautiful necklaces in her hands. She was trying to decide which one matched her dress the best.

"Let's have a tea party!" she said.

I looked at her again like she was crazy. I'm sure she would deny this whole day if I ever told any of her friends about it. But it was fun! I liked when she and I got along. It was much better than fighting.

Jennifer set up our little art table. She put toy plates and teacups on the table. Please, don't even ask why we still had a play tea set: my mother never throws anything away. It was fun. We pretended we were high society ladies at the country club. Jennifer and I were giggling and having so much fun.

Then I heard a noise. At first, I was scared. I thought it was a bat in the attic. Then I thought it sounded like footsteps. Maybe Daddy had forgotten to lock the door, and there was a stranger in the house. Maybe it was a burglar who saw all our boxes and was coming to rob us. Could it be a kidnapper? While I was thinking all these terrible thoughts, my sister just started to cry. My back was to the door. I turned around.

There was Daddy standing there. Uh-oh. He wore a frown on his face and had his hands on his hips. He was not a happy camper. I had a feeling we were not going to be happy campers in about two minutes. I decided to play it light.

"Uh, hi, Daddy, we didn't hear you come home. Is Steven okay?" I asked carefully.

Daddy didn't say a word. I'm not sure if he was so mad that he didn't know what to say, or if he was just trying to process my obviously stupid question.

"Steven is going to be fine. Which is more than I can say for the two of you. Just what do you think you're doing?"

Jennifer answered before I could choose my words. "Um, we're having a tea party, Daddy."

Daddy said, "I see. And where did those dresses and jewelry come from?"

I decided that honesty was the best policy. "In the closet, Daddy, there's this big treasure chest. It's beautiful. You should see what else is in there."

"I have seen, Robin. But what I'd like to know is why you have seen it. I specifically told you not to go into those closets!" Daddy was angry! "Now, I want the two of you to take those dresses off immediately. And do it very carefully. That chest does not even belong to us. It belongs to the people who used to live here. They didn't trust the movers to take it, because it's an antique. They were going to come here last night to pick it up, but got stuck when they heard about the bad weather. Go right now!"

Jennifer and I went as quickly as possible. Daddy had said that little speech funny. It sounded as if he had marbles in his mouth. I think he was just very mad. Boy, and I thought he was mad when he heard me say nasty things to Jennifer. I guess I don't know mad too well.

While Jenn and I were changing, we heard Daddy talking to Mommy. He was yelling, but I don't think he was yelling at her. I think he was yelling to her, about us. She sounded like she was trying to calm him down. But I don't think it was working.

Jennifer and I stayed in our room, even after we finished changing. We didn't think Daddy'd want us to leave. After a few minutes, Mommy came to our room. I think she was angry with us, too. But she tried to sound nice, as she talked to us.

"Girls, Daddy told you not to go into those closets, but you did it anyway. He wasn't trying to be mean when he told you that; it's just that the stuff in those closets do not belong to us. Maybe we should have told you that, but we really didn't think you would disobey us. Your father is very angry with you right now. He went for a walk in the snow to calm himself down."

Mommy sounded disappointed in us. I started to cry. I knew I should have kept with my instincts. It's just that the treasure chest and the clothes were so cool. Both Jenn and I apologized to Mommy. We knew, though, that it wouldn't be enough.

"You two just stay in your room until your Daddy comes back. I'm going to go try to fold those clothes again. The people are coming next Saturday to pick up their stuff. You will have to tell them the truth when they come. Do you understand me?" Mommy asked.

Both Jenn and I nodded. We knew that would be one of the hardest things we'd ever have to do. We hoped the people would be nice about it. Maybe we could gain their sympathy when we tell them that we were properly punished for it.

Well, there was nothing left to do now, except sit and wait for Daddy to come back. I guess I should try to get into that book now. Yeah, right! Have you ever had to sit and wait for a spanking. It is the worst feeling. Well, maybe not the worst. The worst is the actual spanking. But waiting for it is pretty bad, too.

Daddy came back about an hour later. I had read three chapters. I still couldn't get into the book; it was so dumb. Jennifer had fallen asleep on her bed. Boy, for an eleven-year-old, she sure takes a lot of naps! I heard Daddy's voice downstairs. He was talking to Mommy. Then I heard them; the footsteps on the stairs. This was new to me. We didn't have stairs back at the apartment.

Our door was open, and Daddy came right in. He sat on the edge of Jennifer's bed and gently shook her awake. He asked her if she was wet. And miracle of all miracles, she wasn't. He told her to sit up. He told me to sit up, too. It was hard. My butt still hurt, and now I was going to be getting another spanking on top of it.

Daddy said, "Girls, I am very disappointed that you chose to ignore me today. You know that I love you both, and I only do the things that I do, to protect you. What you did today was very immature and selfish. You had plenty of things you could have done, but instead you chose the one activity I told you not to do. Now you're going to be punished. But before I begin, is there anything you want to say to me?"

I couldn't think of one thing to say in our defense. I knew we had totally messed up. Jennifer, on the other hand, felt the need to say something. What is she, stupid!?

"Daddy, it was all my fault. Robin told me not to, but I opened the closets anyway. She didn't even do it, until I called her to show her the treasure chest. She didn't even want to try on the clothes, but I was doing it, and then she ended up joining me. But it really was my fault," Jenn cried.

Boy, she is stupid! I couldn't believe she went and took the blame for this. It was so obvious that we were both caught, and were both to blame. Then I felt that love for my sister growing inside of me. I just wanted to run over and hug her. But I refrained from moving. I waited to see what Daddy would say.

Daddy looked at Jenn and then at me. He called me over to Jenn's bed. He said, "Girls, I know how hard it is growing up and trying to do the right things. But you two made a choice today. You chose to go into that closet and touch something that didn't belong to you. You both know better than that. I'm afraid that you are going to have to try to learn this lesson, even if I have to spank you for it over and over. Eventually you will learn, and eventually you will make the right choices."

Then Daddy sent me back to my bed to wait my turn. He pulled Jennifer over his lap, and pulled her pajama bottoms and panties right off. He started to spank and spank. I turned away. I didn't want to watch. I laid on my stomach and put my hands over my ears. It didn't matter; I still heard. My sister was crying hysterically and Daddy kept on going. He must have hit her thirty times. Then he stopped. All I could hear was my sister's cries. I looked over. Daddy was kissing her on her cheek. Then he walked over to my bed.

I got off the bed and went to stand next to him.

"I'm really sorry, Daddy," I said.

Daddy said, "I seem to be hearing that a lot from you, lately, Robin. When is it going to stop?"

I just shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't sure if that was the kind of question I was supposed to answer or not. And you know what, I really didn't know the answer anyway.

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