Camp Roanoke II

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Camp Roanoke Part II by Randy

The following weekend, Mr. Zemmer took three cabins of boys and counselors on a four-day camping trip with canoes and tents. On Saturday night, I slipped out of my cabin an hour after lights out and wound my way quietly up to the Zemmer house. A few lights glimmering through the curtains indicated Mrs. Zemmer was still up. As I approached the house, I heard the sound of water splashing. Creeping over to a one of the few lit windows, I peered through the crack at the side alongside the window shade. There just a few feet from me, was Mrs. Zemmer, sitting in a tub of soapy water and washing herself with a sponge. I'll never forget the sight of her very large, swaying breasts covered in soap suds with little rivulets of soapy water running off the pink nipples. I was hard as a rock in a half second and completely glued to the window. My vague plan that night was to stop by for a visit and try to bring up the topic of spanking. But once I found myself spying on Mrs. Zemmer in her bath, I knew I couldn't make my presence known in any way. I would just have to enjoy the moment for all it was worth, sneak back to my cabin, and return another time. Part of that enjoyment included rubbing myself through my pants. As my excitement mounted, I couldn't resist unzipping myself, lowering my clothing, and masturbating in the cool night air. Unfortunately, my self-pleasuring got the better of me and I managed to bump a nearby garbage can sending the lid clattering to the ground. Terrified, I turned to flee but tripped on my lowered jeans and fell directly onto the lid, making an even louder racket. Just as I tugged my jeans and underwear up, the window shade snapped up and an powerful exterior floodlight came on. In the next split second, an angry familiar voice called out.

"David Wilson, stay right where you are. Don't you dare move an inch or you'll be in even worse trouble."

What else could I have done but freeze. No more than ten yards from the window, I could see a dripping Mrs Zemmer slipping into a bathrobe before she disappeared through the bathroom door into the hall. A few seconds later, the front porch door banged open and an angry Mrs Zemmer strode across the grass, her loosely tied bathrobe parting to show her wet thighs with each step. By then, I had managed to get my pants and underwear all the way up and zipped but the button and belt were still undone. Before I could take care of that, she seized me by the ear and dragged me inside. Since I had been caught red-handed, I knew there was no point resisting nor did I protest when Mrs Zemmer urged me forward with five or six hard spanks to my blue-jeaned bottom.

We passed through the living room down a little hall and into Mrs. Zemmer's bedroom. Placing me in a corner of the room and ordering me not to move with another few spanks as reinforcement, she left the room and returned moments later carrying the straight-backed chair she had used to spank Tommy. She then fetched a handkerchief from a nearby dresser, led me from the corner over to the chair and sat down.

"Young man, I am appalled to discover you outside my bathroom spying on me. The better part of me says I should call your parents immediately and send you home but only after Mr Zemmer returns and hears about this."

"Please, Mrs. Zemmer, please don't tell your husband or my parents. I'm sorry. I really am. I wasn't planning on spying on you. I was just taking a walk and I saw a light, honest. Besides, I really need this job to earn money for college next year. Please don't tell anyone. Can't we keep this between us?"

"David Richards, it's quite clear you did not get outside my bathroom window by accident. That simply won't wash. You've behaved abominably, especially for someone of your age who we have entrusted with the responsibilities of junior counselor. Sneaking around at night and peeping through windows is what I would expect from a thirteen year old. And that's exactly how I should treat you right now, isn't it?"

In response, I just hung my head guiltily and said nothing.

"I know I should just send you home, but that would leave us without a junior counselor in cabin D. And I have to admit I've heard good things about you from the senior counselors. It would be a shame to have to send you home, wouldn't it? If you want, I suppose I could handle you myself and not let my husband hear about all this."

"Oh yes, please, Mrs Zemmer, please, settle this any way you want, only please don't send me home or tell Mr. Zemmer. Please don't tell anyone."

"OK, David, you have a deal. I won't tell anyone about this incident as long as you agree to let me punish you as I see fit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Zemmer, please handle this yourself. Please."

"I certainly am going to handle this myself, young man, and we're going to start right now. Since you've acted like a naughty child, I have every intention of punishing you like one. You've earned a good spanking on your bare bottom and that's exactly what you're going to get. It's also going to be a lot longer than anything Tommy Finley got. Do you understand?"

Once again I just hung my head in silence and nodded. Telling me not to move, Mrs. Zemmer bent forward and untied my sneakers before removing them along with my socks. Snorting at the sight of my still unfastened belt and pants button, she tugged my jeans down to my ankles and slapped my hands to my sides when I tried to cover my underpants. This left the large erection straining against the front of my white cotton briefs plainly visible. When Mrs Zemmer bent to remove each foot from my tangled jeans, the side of her head even brushed me down there, causing me to jerk backwards a few inches and almost lose my balance. Straightening herself after removing my jeans, Mrs Zemmer began lowering my underpants. When they promptly snagged on my penis, she calmly reached in and grasped my erection causing me to gasp and jerk backwards again. This time, I was held securely in place as she slipped her other hand down the back of my briefs and gradually slid them down, palming my fanny as she did. When my underpants reached mid-thigh, she gave me three or four more spanks while squeezing me gently in front.

"My goodness! ... I didn't realize you were such a big boy, David. SPANK SPANK SQEEZE SQUEEZE Hummm? It looks like you've been naughty in two ways, doesn't it ... spying on me and playing with yourself. SPANK SPANK SQUEEZE SQUEEZE I'm speaking to you, David." SPANK SPANK

Though I was too red-faced to say anything, I did manage to respond with another nod.

"I thought so, you bad little thing. What do you think happens to naughty children in my home, David, even big boys like you? SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SPANK SPANK Hummm? SPANK SPANK Answer me, or we can postpone your punishment until my husband returns in a couple of days. You wouldn't want that would you?"

"No, Mrs Zemmer, please ... no," I stammered.

"That's better. Now tell me what you're about to get, David."

"A ... a spanking, Mrs Zemmer".

"That's right, David, and what kind of a spanking".

"A ... a sound spanking ... on ... on ... my bare fanny."

"Right again, David. I'm going to turn you over my knee like a small child and spank your naughty bottom until you're crying like a baby and have learned a very, very good lesson. SPANK SPANK You can kick and struggle all you want but you're not getting off my lap until you've been properly punished for your behavior. Do you understand me, David? SPANK SPANK"

"Ye ... ye ... yes, Mrs Zemmer." By now, my voice was already quavering and a few tears had begun to roll down my cheeks.

"Good, I'm glad you understand why you need to be punished. And I'm glad to see you're not one of those boys who think's he's too big to cry during a spanking. Sooner or later, every child cries after they go over my knee, regardless of their age. In my experience, the sooner a naughty big boy breaks down and starts crying like the little child he is, the sooner he starts learning a good lesson. SPANK SPANK Since you're quite a big boy SQUEEZE SQUEEZE I'm going to have to secure your wrists with this silk handkerchief so you can't reach back and protect yourself."

With that, Mrs. Zemmer tied the handkerchief around my wrists and drew me slowly over her lap. Since she had undressed me from a seated position, her bath robe had fallen open around her legs revealing the bottoms of her thighs. When she drew me across her knees, I ended on lying on the bare part. It was not, however, to be my final position. For Mrs. Zemmer spent the next minute pulling me further across her lap so my feet lost contact with the floor. She then pushed my tee-shirt up to my shoulders, leaving me all but completely naked and feeling terribly vulnerable as a result. As she leaned over me, making various adjustments, I felt her large, breasts through the terricloth robe repeatedly brush against my bare back. To complete my preparations, she pulled me closer until I was snugly anchored against her body and more firmly under control. As I slid up her legs, my body pushed her bathrobe opened further so that I ended up pressing deeply into the tops of her plush, warm thighs, still damp in spots from her bath. In that position, her breasts rubbed against my back with every movement she made. Needless to say, I was positively throbbing against her thighs.

When the first real spank fell, I instinctively jerked away from it, pressing deeply into her soft lap. Another spank landed and again I thrust instinctively into the comforting flesh below me. As if to encourage me in this, Mrs Zemmer spanked slowly at first and leaned forward so that the heaviness of her breasts was even more apparent, dragging and jiggling against my back with each spank. Even though her spanks was fairly hard, there was enough time between them to make them bearable. Thus they heightened the exquisite combination of a spank followed by one of my little thrusts into Mrs. Zemmer's thighs.

This went on for about five minutes, accompanied by continual scolding and comments about how she was just getting warmed up. By then, it was clear to both of us where the current spanking was leading though neither said anything. Instead, Mrs. Zemmer just continued her slow, methodical spanks and I responded with increasingly urgent thrusts, whimpers, and low moans. Eventually it happened. With a series of soft cries, I began thrusting rapidly, ignoring the rhythm of Mrs. Zwemmer's spanks. Ever attuned to my response, she speeded up the tempo while lowering the force. And so for the next minute, the bedroom echoed to the sounds of a rapid, bare bottom spanking mingled with the cries of an ejaculating seventeen year old.

Never before had I been spanked on the bare bottom at such an advanced age and never with an erection much less an orgasm. It was a hundred times more intense than any experience masturbating. In fact, I almost passed out and came back to my senses only afterwards when I felt Mrs. Zemmer hand gently smacking, palming, and caressing my bottom.

"I thought that was likely to happen, David, and so I thought it best if we got it out of the way before your real spanking started. Now I know most boys in this state want to be comforted for a while longer but that will have to wait until after you've been properly spanked. Since you've been bad twice tonight, you've earned two separate spankings and I suspect they won't be the last ones this summer. As long as Mr. Zemmer is away and it's so convenient, I want you to report back tomorrow night for your second spanking. Now pay attention because you are about to know what it feels like to be a very well spanked little boy."

With that, Mrs Zemmer began spanking me twice as hard and much faster than before. It didn't take long before a fire began building up in my fanny which I could do nothing to stop. Just as she promised, I began kicking frantically and twisting bask and forth in a desperate attempt to escape. My erection was long gone although my struggling torso slid along the slippery semen covering Mrs. Zemmer's thighs. On and on she spanked, with no signs of slowing down. By five minutes, my bottom felt like it was burning up and I had given way to the open crying of a ten or twelve year old. Indeed, I was learning a good lesson and I knew it was all too clear to Mrs. Zemmer as she spanked on and on.

Finally, after at least ten minutes, the ordeal ended and Mrs. Zemmer allowed me to stumble to my feet. Untying the handkerchief, she let me dance all over her living room, frantically rubbing my scarlet red bottom for three or four minutes. She then took hold of me by the ear and led me back to the corner which was illuminated by a nearby floor lamp. She then opened a magazine and began to read sitting on her bed.

As I cried softly in the corner and reached back with both hands to massage my fanny, I realized I must have looked more like a well-spanked ten-year old than someone going into his senior high school year. Yet strangely enough, I felt little in the way of humiliation. Since I had just been spanked, it was altogether appropriate to be standing in the corner rubbing my bottom. And given Mrs. Zemmer's approach to discipline, she had certainly been justified in putting me over her knee. In short, my time in the corner made me feel even more like a naughty child who had richly deserved his spanking. Overcome by the multiple sensations of physical confinement, childish tears, nakedness, a sore fanny, and the commanding presence of Mrs. Zemmer, I suddenly realized just how juvenile I still was in some ways and why my spanking had been so appropriate and effective. While one part of me still hated to admit that, the rest of me from my tear-streaked face to my rubbing hands told a very different story. It struck me that Mrs. Zemmer was probably well aware of all that as well, especially her extensive experience handling naughty boys. At that moment, I also realized this would not be my last spanking that summer. One way or another, with or without my help, I knew she would find reasons to paddle me again.

After ten minutes, my crying had pretty much stopped and Mrs. Zemmer called me out of the corner. I went over to her, still rubbing my sore fanny, feeling exactly like a well-spanked child and completely unembarrassed by my nakedness. Drawing me over her lap again, she silenced my objections.

"Be still, David. I'm not going to spank you any more tonight, though you certainly deserve it. In fact I'm going to make your bottom feel better by rubbing a little cold cream on it since you've handled your first spanking so well."

Reassured that my punishment was over, I relaxed and stretched out over Mrs. Zemmer's lap, extending myself comfortably on her bed. After scooping out a large glob of Ponds cold cream from a jar on the bedside table, she began spreading it over my sore cheeks and gently rubbing it in. The cool cream was instantly refreshing and I relaxed even more, settling down further onto Mrs. Zemmer's soft thighs. Once again, her bathrobe had already opened at her legs and opened even further as I settled in. Once again, I found myself pressing directly against her flesh. Once again he breasts dragged against my back through the terrycloth. As she rubbed the soothing cream deep between my cheeks, my penis stirred and stirred some more, growing steadily until it throbbed against Mrs. Zemmer's thighs. After a few more minutes, Mrs. Zemmer reached beneath me with her left hand, took hold and began frigging me gently. In response, I quickly raised my loins to give her better access and began thrusting and moaning as she massaged my front and back simultaneously.

"David, I can tell you have learned a good lesson here tonight about spying on naked ladies and playing with yourself. And while it's clear you need more such lessons in the future, starting tomorrow night, it's also apparent you are more than old enough to begin learning some other lessons as well. I mean lessons about being a man. Have you ever been with a woman before, David?"

"No, maam," I whispered.

"Do you want me to teach you a few other lessons tonight before I send you back to your cabin?"

"Ye..esss, Mrs. Zemmer ... yesss ... teach me some more".

"OK then. Let's get you to roll over onto your back and slide down a little. I think I know what you need right now"

With that, Mrs. Zemmer helped me turn face up and move down so my head rested in her lap. She then cradled her left arm around my head, opened her robe with her right, and smothered my face in two hard-nippled, big breasts. I don't know who moaned first as my mouth immediately fastened on the nearest nipple and began sucking greedily. My moans grew even louder when she used her right hand to continue masturbating me. After nursing and frigging me for about five minutes, during which she squeezed me very hard a number of times to prevent me from coming, Mrs. Zemmer pushed me away from her heavy breasts and helped me stand up. Freed of my weight, she swung her legs up onto her bed so she was lying on her back. As she opened her thighs, the robe fell away completely below her waist and she quickly tugged me down again. Before I knew it, she trapped me deep between her thighs, wrapping her legs around my lower back, and guided me inside her with her left hand. Once again, I devoured her waiting breasts as I began thrusting away for dear life. Though I was certainly a novice, I made up for it with enthusiasm. Apparently, Mrs. Zemmer seemed to be more than satisfied because she began moaning loudly and calling out,

"Oh yes, David ... love me ... love me David .. love me good and hard... love me as hard as you can. oh yes ... yeess."

Hearing such language from Mrs Zemmer by itself almost made me come. But when she reached around behind me a few minutes later and began spanking me each time I thrust into her, I completely lost it and began crying out her name over and over as I climaxed deep inside her. Telling me how wonderful I felt inside her, she asked me if I was ready to please her in another way. Of course, I would have said yes to anything and I readily agreed. And so it was that I was also introduced to cunnilingus and intercourse on the same night. Mrs. Zemmer kept me at it for what seemed like a half-hour just so I "learned my new lesson well" as she said. After she had come two or three times, she finally allowed me to return to her welcoming breasts. By then my whole face was wet with pussy juice, semen, and saliva but I didn't care. I just buried myself in her luscious breasts until once again my penis ached from being so hard. Since I was still lying on top of Mrs Zemmer, my lower body wedged between her legs, it was a simple matter to find her wet pussy and slide right back in. Once again, I clung again to her to plush breasts, suckling and thrusting blindly, unaware of anything else. Mrs. Zemmer also began moaning again and calling out my name. Though I was besides myself with excitement, I had already come twice that night and so it was not easy to reach a third orgasm. For the time being, it didn't matter. In fact, it was much better that way, but after about fifteen minutes I found myself getting a little tired from the night's activities. And so I found myself blurting put,

"Make me come, Mrs Zemmer, make me come ... please spank me again like before ... please spank me."

Of course, she wasted no time and began gently spanking me with each thrust. And like a magic charm, it had the same effect. Within thirty seconds, I felt the familiar pressure of an impending orgasm gathering steam and building up. When it came, it was just as shattering as before. Thrusting violently in and out of Mrs Zemmer, I moaned,

"Oh yess, Mrs Zemmer, yes, keep spanking me ... please keep spanking me ... I going to need more spankings ... In know I will. ... ooohhh Mrs. Zemmer."

"I know you will too, David, and I'm going to spank you at least once a week. It's clear to me you are still in some ways a little boy who needs regular spankings from a woman who understands little boys like you. By the end of the summer, you're going to be the most well-spanked child in the entire camp. Do you understand? And we're going to start tomorrow night with the second spanking you've earned. Is that clear?"

"Oh yes Mrs Zemmer ... yes."

After we recovered from our lovemaking, she told me she was quite pleased with my first lesson in bed and suggested that we both take a quick shower before she sent me back to my cabin. She also promised me a second lesson in love the following night, but only after I got my second spanking.

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