Spanking Begins at 13 (II)

From: [email protected] (Gary)

It was two days following the twins' thirteenth birthday. It was on
that day that they found out for the first time what it was like to be
spanked. And they found out it was not to their liking at all.
Unfortunately, teenagers can have short-term memory loss, or so it

Ricky and Jimmy, his friend and next door neighbor, were in the kitchen, doing their homework, while munching on chocolate chip cookies. During the course of the afternoon, their conversation had shifted to something that Jimmy had done that had gotten him in trouble at home. Since Ricky already knew that he was a frequent recipient of spankings at home, Jimmy was only slightly embarrassed by mentioning that he got tanned soundly for his latest escapade. Not wanting to admit that he too was subject to being spanked, Ricky lied and said that he was glad HE wasn't spanked. Unknown to Ricky, that statement was overheard by his mom, who was in the room next door and happened to be passing by the kitchen when he said that. She shook her head, but didn't call Ricky on this erroneous statement. There would be time for that later, she thought.

Later came very shortly afterwards when, cleaning in the living room, she found an apple core under the couch. She knew who was responsible as it was wrapped in a paper towel, which is what Ricky did when eating an apple. She also remembered reminding Ricky the previous evening to make sure he put it away properly, to which Ricky had insisted he would do so. This time, she decided, she wouldn't wait. Taking the apple core, she walked to the kitchen.

"Richard, does this look familiar?"

Ricky looked up and gulped. "Ah, I guess I forgot. I'll put it away now." Ricky got up to put it away, but was stopped by his mom.

"NO, I will put it away. I asked you to do last night, and you were so indignant that I would think that you wouldn't do it. Well, I am tired of cleaning up after you and your sister and listening to your excuses."

"Oh, mom, please, it's no big deal."

"Oh, really, no big deal? Well, let me tell you, young man, I think it's a big deal. And I will make it a big deal." Then turning to Jimmy, she continued. "Jimmy, earlier Richard lied to you. I couldn't help but overhear him tell you that he was glad he didn't get spanked. Well, that was a lie, wasn't it, Richard?"


"Wasn't it, Richard? Answer me!!"

"Yes...", he mumbled.

"What's the matter, something wrong with your vocal cords? No matter, it will be apparent in a minute anyway."

She then walked over to Ricky and took his wrist and began pulling him over to the kitchen stool.

"MOM! Please, not in front of Jimmy!!"

"Why not in front of Jimmy? You've seen him be spanked, haven't you? You probably have reminded him in the past that YOU didn't get spanked. Well, it's just too bad, I will spank you when, where, and in front of anyone I choose. We'll show Jimmy that YOU DO get spanked."

They had reached the stool and she had Ricky stand in front of her. Unlike two days ago, there was some preparation involved to get her son ready for his spanking. She reached for his belt and unbuckled it. Then she unbuttoned the top of his jeans and then unzipped them and began tugging his jeans down. As this was happening, Ricky was very nervous and felt very childish having his mom undress him. He also hated the thought of having Jimmy witness his spanking. Too soon, his jeans were at his knees. He then felt himself being shifted to his mom's right side and he tensed as he awaited his trip across his mom's lap. For the first time, he would be alone over his mom's knees. Then he felt himself being turned up and over his mom's waiting lap. Again, he felt helpless, as his underpants were pulled down.

"He doesn't look so high and mighty now, does he, Jimmy? Mister "doesn't-get-spanked" looks like a little boy, doesn't he?"

While he felt bad for his friend, Jimmy couldn't help but admit to himself that the sight of his friend being over the knee and about to be spanked had given him a small sense of satisfaction. No stranger to being spanked, he remembered all the times that Ricky had witnessed him being on the receiving end, as well as all the times that Ricky had mentioned that he didn't get spanked. Well, now, the shoe was on the other foot.

Ricky felt really uncomfortable as his mom began the spanking. She only used her hand, but spanked fast and furious and Ricky soon was crying from the pain. Unlike his first experience with being spanked, the spanks didn't end with 50 as the spanking continued on past that number. Not a inch of his behind got missed as it turned read from the barrage of spanks. Ricky kicked, twisted and squirmed, but failed to escape even one spank from his mom's punishing hand.

His cries soon turned to outright sobbing as he found it harder and harder to withstand the onslaught. Then, finally it ended.

"You're lucky, young man, that I don't use the hairbrush as well. Or have you stand in the corner, like the naughty little boy that you are."

Jimmy's eyes widened at that. Seeing his friend having to stand in the corner would be quite a sight, he thought. He couldn't help but hope that someday he would see it occur.

If Ricky felt relieved at escaping cornertime, he was still embarrassed by being spanked in front of Jimmy as well as his mom's mention of being put in the corner. He was still about to be further embarrassed.

"I won't put you in the corner, though you deserve it, because Jimmy is here and he shouldn't have to wait for you. But, instead, I think you can forfeit your jeans for the day.

Ricky was about to protest, but thought better of and didn't say a word, as he felt his shoes and then his jeans being removed. Then his mom pulled up his underpants and let him off her knees. Then, red-faced and red bottomed, he went back to the kitchen table and sat down gingerly, wincing as his sore bottom made contact with the hard chair seat.

It was not the end of it, either, though his further punishment came later, just prior to his bedtime. He was in his room, in pajamas, when his mom came in and told him to come with her to the bathroom. There, he watched his mom took a bar of soap and wet it thoroughly. Not quite sure of what was about to happen, he cringed as his mom then told him to open his mouth. He then experienced the unpleasant taste of having his mouth washed out. He barely avoided choking on the taste and even after his mom washed it out with water, the aftertaste remained. Then he was led back to his room where he was taken over to his chair and turned once again over him mom's knees and his pajama bottoms lowered. Scolding Ricky for his behavior and especially his lying, she began Ricky's second spanking of the day. This time, the bedtime spanking ended at 50 spanks, enough to leave Ricky crying hard. Then she replaced the pj bottoms over the reddened bottom and let Ricky up.

With a few consoling words and a kiss goodnight, she sent her tearful son to bed with one final pat to his pajama-clad bottom and left his room. For Ricky, it would be a night of sleeping on his stomach.

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