Father/son Discipline Story

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Dad was home from a hard day at the office. Mom waited a few minutes before she informed him of a parental problem that they would have to deal with. Then she told him that 16-year-old son Todd had an argument with his sister today, and it ended with Todd using crude language and calling his 18-year-old sister a "dumn bitch." She had ordered Todd to go his room and stay there until his father came home. "Well, this is the second time he has done something like that! We're certainly not going to tolerate behavior like that in this house!" Dad responded. I'll go right up there and speak to him about this."

Dad found Todd waiting for him. Dad demanded that Todd explain such an outburst, not there could be an acceptable explanation. Todd just said he had lost his temper. "Well, what you said to your sister was inexcusable, young man," Dad scolded, "and we're not going to have language like that in this house!" Todd just stood there, waiting to learn what the consequences would be. The last time something like this had happened Dad had let him off with an apology to his sister. What would happen this time? Dad finished his lecture by saying, "Now you're going to have to apologize to your sister again, and this time I want a promise that you will never say anything like that again!"

"Is that it?" Todd wanted to know. He didn't expect to get off so easy this time. He thought for a moment, and then asked, "What if I don't apologize?" His father, surprised at such a question from Todd, responded, "Then you'll get a good hard spanking with the hairbrush! I'll give you five minutes to think about it!" Dad left the room and went to tell Mom that Todd had the nerve to threaten not to apologize to his sister.

When the five minutes were up, Dad returned carrying the hairbrush, confident that when Todd saw that it would change his rebellious attitude. Dad held up the hairbrush and asked Todd whether it was going to be an apology or a spanking. To Dad's surprise, Todd answered "I'll take the spanking, Dad!" Dad shook his head in disbelief. He pulled the chair out from behind Todd's desk and sat down. It had been awhile since this had happened, but Todd remembered the procedure: he approached Dad and raised his arms while Dad opened his pants and pulled them down. Then he got across Dad's knees for his bare-bottom spanking. Dad got right to work with the hairbrush, whacking Todd's behind with gusto as a result of what he considered Todd's insolence in refusing to apologize to his sister. "I hope your sister can hear this!" Dad blurted, as he whacked away with the hairbrush, "You've just got to learn to be more courteous to people!" Todd squirmed and groaned under the hairbrush, trying not to cry. His spanking finally came to end with several hard smacks. They got up from the chair and Dad left the room, again shaking his head that Todd had actually chosen to take this spanking.

Soon it was time for dinner. The others were already at the table when Todd walked in the room. He turned to his sister and said, "I'm sorry about what I said today, Sis! You know I didn't mean it. I'll try not to lose my temper like that again." Mom smiled and got a pillow to put on Todd's chair. They all laughed at that, and they had a pleasant dinner.

Todd was in his room after dinner when Dad came in. He said he was puzzled why Todd wasn't willing to apologize to his sister earlier, and not have to be punished first. Todd answered, "You let me off like that last time, Dad. This time I deserved that spanking!"

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