Intensive Care

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Hospital was never like this, but I sure wish it had been. This is pure fiction for adults only. If the spanking of children offends you, please read no further.


"I'll swing for that child, Alice, honest I will!"

Alice didn't need to ask her colleague to which child she was referring. Jimmy Evans had been making life hell for his nurses ever since he arrived in the children's ward. Constantly pestering them for the most frivolous reasons, moaning endlessly and, worst of all, being rude and upsetting to the other kids.

He was missing home, of course, Alice acknowledged. But there were far sicker children than Jimmy - he had only been in to have his tonsils out - and he was making life hell for them while he recovered. It really wouldn't do.

"What's the matter this time, Sue?"

"Little bugger threw a glass of Ribena over my uniform." replied the staff nurse, almost in tears. "Just 'cos I said he ought to have eaten his vegetables."

"Oh, he did, did he? It's about time that boy and I had a little word."

Alice walked down the ward, a trim, pretty sight in her deep blue uniform, her ginger hair worn up in a smart bun. She had not been a sister long - she was only 31 - but had been a popular choice. She was understanding with both staff and patients, but stood no nonsense from either.

Pausing only for a quick stop at the drugs trolley to collect a few things on a kidney dish, Alice walked briskly over to the 10-year-old's bed.

"Right Jimmy, what's all this Nurse Groves tells me about you throwing your drink all over her?"

"She's a nasty cow! She tried to make me eat carrots. Yeuch!" Inwardly Alice was seething, but she managed to maintain an outward calm. "That isn't a nice thing to say, you know. Nurse Groves only wants you to get strong and well again. Carrots are very good for you."

"She's an old cow! An' so are you," spat the unrepentant youngster. That was enough. As her staff well knew, it took a lot to provoke Alice but once you had it was unwise to get within a half-mile radius of her. Standing up, her face flushed, she began drawing the curtains around Jimmy's bed. As she drew the last one Catherine, a pretty curly-headed six-year-old in the next bed, looked up and asked: "Whatcha doin' to him?"

"Smacking his bottom, that's what," the nurse snapped back. Jimmy felt the colour drain from his face as he heard these words. "You can't do that! You're not my mum and anyway, I'm poorly!" Alice finished establishing a little privacy and sat down on the boy's bed. "Jimmy, while you're in here I take the place of your mummy. I feed you, wash you, give you your medicine, take you to the toilet - so I'm certainly within my rights to spank you. You're a nasty little boy who needs a lesson in manners, and I'm about to give it to you. Get out of bed!"

Jimmy made no move. "All right, young man, if that's the way you want it. But let me tell you this. I'm going to smack bare bottom, and if I have to come and get you I shall draw the curtains back first, then all the other children will see your behind getting tanned. Is that what you want?"

Jimmy reluctantly slithered from beneath the sheets, a brown study in blue striped pyjamas. It was bad enough that the other kids would hear him being done, let alone see it. He made one last conciliatory effort. "Please, sister, I'm sorry."

"It's too late for sorry, I'm afraid." Alice's thumbs went in the waistband of his pyjama bottoms and smartly yanked them down to his ankles. "Over my knee, you naughty boy."

Jimmy fell forward over Alice's lap in the traditional punishment position for children. He felt the coarse cotton of the nurse's uniform against his groin, and his pyjama top being lifted clear of his behind. A healthy-looking bottom, Alice noted approvingly, quite a high pink colouring to it already. Time to adjust the shading. She inserted her left hand firmly into the small of his back seconds before her flattened right descended on the chubby little buttocks. The smart was immediate and intense. Jimmy bawled like a child half his age as a relentless rain of smacks warmed his bottom. What he did not know was that Alice was an experienced spanker, having two small boys of her own who were frequently put across their mum's knee for misbehaving.

Jimmy felt his tears soaking the bedspread as Alice made every inch of his bottom sore, including some very painful smacks on the tops of his thighs. Alice knew from experience that this was an important area in making sure it hurt a child to sit down afterwards.

Suddenly it was over, and the ward which had been filled with the sound of slaps and tears fell silent. All the other children had listened in awe to the punishment behind the curtains, each resolving to be on their best behaviour for the rest of their stay. Jimmy made as if to get up from the spanking position, but Alice's hand in his back prevented him. "Hold your horses, young man. It's time for your medication, so you might as well stay where you are for a moment."

Jimmy heard the kidney tray rattling ominously, then one little square of his hot bottom became mercifully cold. For an instant he relaxed, but suddenly he recognised the smell of alcohol and realised what was going to happen. He screamed.

"Jimmy, don't be silly. It's time for your injection and that's that. Be a brave boy." She quickly inserted the needle in the boy's left buttock and depressed the plunger.

Jimmy yelled and cried for all he was worth. The prick of the needle, coming so soon after a hard spanking, was agonising. But his reaction cut no ice with his nurse. He again tried to stand up, but was held in place. "Stay put when you're told! You've still got to have your temperature taken, and if you're going to behave like a baby, you can have it taken like a baby." Alice shook the thermometer vigorously, then applied a little KY jelly to the bulb. She moved her left hand deftly southwards and parted Jimmy's now-crimson bottom cheeks, then swiftly pushed the thermometer into his anus.

Jimmy now cried freely. This really was too much to bear. First, a hard spanking that had left his bottom buzzing, followed by a nasty, painful injection, now the cold glass in his rectum. But things began to feel a little better as the nurse tenderly stroked his still-bare backside as she waited for the temperature to register. After what seemed an eternity of humiliation she pulled the thermometer out of his back passage (which felt even worse than it did going in!), wiped it clean and made a note of the reading.

She let him off her lap, pulled up his pyjamas and settled him back in bed. Then she handed him a tissue and tenderly stroked his tear-stained face. Now her voice was gentle again. "Going to be a good boy for us from now on?" Jimmy was still too tearful to speak, but he nodded his head vigorously. He had never been more sure of anything in his whole life. "Good. Well, I must get ready for visiting time." Alice moved back the curtains and unveiled the repentant, naughty boy to the hushed ward.

Sue returned from her lunch break to find the desk unattended. Suddenly Alice reappeared. "Where have you been?" Sue asked her. For answer, Alice held up her right hand, its palm an angry red. "No prizes for guessing whose bottom that matches?" grinned Sue. "No prizes whatsoever," Alice replied.

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