Interview with Jessica Calvello
The voice of Cutey Honey

Jessica had the distinct honor of being cast by Cutey Honey creator Go Nagai himself. Under A.D.V. Films, she also voiced Minerva in Princess Minerva, Fam in Ruin Explorers, Yuri in the Original Dirty Pair series. Since her move to New York in 1999, Jessica has done voiceover work for Central Park Media and the Right Stuf.

Conducted 4/8/2000

  Jessica Calvello

Your comments on your character Cutey Honey...

Comments? Well, Honey is everything pure and good. She fights for love and justice and always looks good doing it. I love her outrageous outfits and monologues that go with the action when she is doing her famous "HONEY FLAAAAASH!!!" I also really love the character because she ONLY fights when it is necessary, and is always clear about it. She is loyal to those she loves and will die for any of them. Of course, Honey can't die. 

What did you enjoy most about playing Cutey Honey?

My measurements: 44-22-44, or something like that. I can always wish for that kind-of voluptuousness, can't I? :) Actually, I loved that I got to use such a wide vocal range for her. Honey has many emotions and I got to explore that with my voice. She was a challenge!

Which is your favorite scene in the series?

Two of them, actually. The scene where Honey keeps changing into characters, but that pervert keeps stripping her down! Is it Volume 3? It was some hilarious voice acting by Rob Mungle that really made it work. And my favorite line, (after Honey has changed into Sakomoto) "I'm going to have to get Medieval on yo' ass."

Then there is the scene with Chokkei up on the roof in Volume 3. I think that was some of the most real acting between two characters I have ever heard. David Nance really captured the essence of Chokkei and I think the scene really defines the relationship between Honey and Chokkei.

Ok, well, three scenes, really. The last episode, V4, when Honey is tied up in the same room with Devilman, voiced by the awesome Brett Weaver. Honey is trying to be so cool and so "manly" and she just can't help but be a little freaked out by the "psychopath set" known as Devilman. Perhaps, she is a little attracted to him, too. Ok, well maybe I am a little attracted to him! But how could you not be?! Honey doesn't want to blow her cover, but she realizes too late that saying she is Leader of the Honey Angels Biker Gang, or whatever she calls it, just doesn't sound that threatening. Her reaction to herself after that line always makes me laugh.

My favorite scene with Honey is in volume 3 when she is up on the roof with Chokkei. Your comments on that particular scene...

Ah, yes! You like that one, too? It is one of my favorites as I stated in Question 3. At this point in the series, Chokkei has grown up more and knows that Honey has so much love for him. I think that the boyish crush that Chokkei used to have on Honey in the beginning of the series is disappearing and Chokkei sees her more as a kind-of mother figure. The way that Honey has always protected and fawned over Chokkei confirms that she only wants the best for him. Now he has matured. I think the scene is really more about Chokkei than Honey. It is a definite turning point for his character. For Honey, it is simple. She knows that Chokkei is growing up, and I think that even though she tickles and plays around with him, she knows that he is "outgrowing" the crush and seeing her for something deeper. Honey knows that she can still get a rise out of him (and I don't mean the word "rise" as a pun at all!) and embarrass him a little, but she also knows that the relationship between them has gone to another level. I think it may make Honey a little sad, I mean it is the same instance were someone dotes on your every word and looks at you with googly eyes, and then over time, they see you for more than just "attractive" because they KNOW you. They recognize your wonderful qualities, and they love your heart, and then they can't think of you in the original way that they used to because now the feelings have gone to another place. In this case, Chokkei's feelings have become aware to him, and he doesn't want Honey to play with him in that sexual manner, because it cheapens the "real" feelings that he has for her now. Honey is all aware of this, but she still likes to tease!

Your comments on the series overall...

Well, of course, I love the series. I think the animation is so pretty, and I love the pureness of Honey and what she stands for. I love the relationships between the characters and the way that they all grow as the series progresses. Nothing is more boring than a series with the same thing happening over and over again. But with each volume, we see growth within characters and relationships. Chokkei grows and matures, so does Natsuko. Even Daiko has a breakthrough at one point. And Honey, well what an extraordinary being: to be an super android with super powers and to possess the real emotions of a human. One of my favorite endings is (I think it is volume 3) the episode with Yasha, and how Honey felt connected to her, and was truly sorry that she couldn't get through to her. Honey experienced great sorrow when Yasha was destroyed. She wished that they could have been sisters. Such emotional expression is human growth and this is what keeps the Cutey Honey series alive for me. It isn't just T&A, but sympathetic and endearing. Ok, it is a LOT of T&A, but hey, it is Go Nagai!Cutey Honey

Thank you for your time, Jessica.

Thank you, Edgard, for these wonderful questions! It has been a while since someone has gotten me to thinking about Honey, and the series. It has been nice for me to take the little anime walk down memory lane...

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