"xo bri xoxo me xoxoxo love you christy": a novel in email by Max Shenk

xo bri xoxo me xoxoxo love you Christy

A novel in e-mail

by Max Harrick Shenk

View from the ridge near where Brian and Margo live, Adams County, PA, Thanksgiving weekend, 2004

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OTHER STUFF on this site

For the last couple years, I have been posting new character emails at blogspot, on my site e-pistolary.
I've never been totally happy with the way that site is arranged, though... it's tough to navigate logically. So, starting soon, and hopefully sooner than soon, I will be posting new links to new character emails on this site.
Stay tuned for more info...
Eventually, I hope to start a Character email archive page on THIS site, containing ALL of the "bonus" emails I've written since opening this site in 2004. This will be (to understate matters) a little bit of work but again, stay tuned.
In the meantime, some VERY old character email threads can be found by clicking here

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E-pistolary (selected character emails 2005-2008)
Excerpts from my novels
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