By far my favorite of Arwen's gowns from the trilogy, I spent 8 months planning this gown : what modifications I wanted, picking out my fabrics. Now that school is out and I've managed to actually make some money, I decided to order my fabrics and get to work.

  After reading the costume write-up on Alley Cat Scratch for this gown, I realized that I had some issues with the actualuity and I had prefered my false delusions of this gown's making, therefore I decided to make it with several modifications which would leave me a gown with the same feeling, color scheme, and sleeve design as the original, but still not the "Blood Red Gown." The first change is in the overall construction - I am making a one - piece gown, not a jumper and underdress. For the body of the gown, I am using the Late 15th century kirtle pattern from Katherine Strand Holkeboer's Patterns for Theatrical Costumes (I have become quite fond of that book). Unfortunatly this does commit a major faux pa in the world of elven gowns - I'm using princess seams. Why, you may ask? Because I like princess seams alot as well as the square neckline they create. I am also changing the sleeves a bit. Pretty much, I hate that paisley velvet. On the upper portion of the sleeve I am using red silk organza overlaying the midnight blue velvet. For the lower sleeves I am using satin instead of velvet, because I like shiny sleeves better than furry sleeves.

7 3/4 yds Midnight Blue velvet from
       Denver Fabrics

3 yds Red crepe back satin from
        Warehouse Fabrics inc.

1/3 yd Red siilk organza from
         Thai Silks

1 1/2 yds Paisley Trim from
         Calontir Trim

Fabric Color Palette
Design Sketch
(originally I planned to wear Eowyn's belt with this dress)
My fabric has arrived and I sewed yesterday from 6:45 AM to 8:00 PM, completing most of the dress. What I have left to do is put in the back zipper, since it is very tight fitting, handsew the trim onto the neckline, and hem the gown. Owing to the fact that I was too busy sewing to get dressed or anything, I have no pictures from construction.
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