The Family of Stephen Woolner and Honor Poll

Picture Name Born Married Died Job
Stephen Woolner 1811 in Hethersett 1. ? Wife Died

2. To Honor Poll in 1841 in Hethersett

Agricultural Labourer
Honor Poll 1812 in Wymondham To Stephen Woolner in 1841 in Hethersett
Robert Woolner 1835 in Hethersett (From Stephen's 1st marriage) Agricultural Labourer
James Woolner 1842 in Hethersett
Stephen Woolner 1844 in Hethersett
Mary Woolner 1846 Died before 1851? Not on census
John Woolner 1848 As above
Ismael Woolner 1848 As above
John Woolner 1849
Honor Woolner 1852
Ismael Woolner 1854
Daniel Woolner 1857 in Hethersett To Harriet Ester Quadling Agricultural Labourer


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