A few words to introduce myself...

I was born at the end of World War II (as it turned out, not to the best place). I lost my father in the war (didn't even know him), and my mother was poor. She never remarried, so no brothers, no sisters. This may be a reason that I am so hungry for companionship.

I liked school, loved to study, but somehow wasn't very successful. Wanted to become an engineer (this was the boyish part in me), but was attracted to books, fiction, poetry, languages (the feminine trait). Finally went to college and graduated as a librarian/adult educator. I got a job in a county library but was too ambitious just to sit and catalog books, I also organized clubs for library users and wrote newspaper articles, drew cartoons, wrote poetry and composed music.

In 1972 I moved to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I worked for the National Library's Library Science and Methodology Center. For family reasons I moved on, to the United States. But because my library degree was not accepted there, I could not work for a long time, I studied, got a diploma as a Library Technical Assistant, just so that I could get to a library. Alas, American professional librarians do not like brainy assistants, in spite of my enthusiasm and fresh ideas I was fired. Then I tried my hand in salesmanship and I even was a lot attendant at a car dealership. Eventually I came back. In Hungary I worked for the Metropolitan Library Systems of Budapest, but I was the happiest when I finally could retire. I am active organizing singles events, moderate several discussion groups and am collecting ideas for my books to be written. I used to be a team player, but now I enjoy my life with no boss. This is when the ape finally gets off the tree and becomes human. :)

Although I stutter a bit, this condition does not prevent me from helping library users, organizing club events and even teaching a library course. My activities in the arts and literature are still going on. Using computers and the Internet is a very strong interest for me. (I used to write my own computer programs and applications, although I am less and less able to keep pace with the rapid development in the industry.)

This is the end of my introduction for the general reader.

Write me for a more personal profile.

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