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Other Roles
Robert Bruce
Warren Clarke

Miriam Karlin

Katharina Kubrick
Patrick Magee
David Prowse
Pat Roach

Philip Stone

Katya Wyeth

Demons of the Mind
- 5 ACO actors!
Straight on Till Morning - 2 ACO actors

Ad Mats

Complete list from the US and Australia


Articles Page
Pottsville teen and her brother explore world of horror film conventions 6/9/08 | A fancy-dress character from the cult film A Clockwork Orange walked free 1/9/08 | Clockwork Orange character faces jail for punching a Vicky Pollard lookalike 12/3/07 | Leaving The State's Cities To Predators 9/10/06 | Complaint against a TV show for showing an ACO clip as Rated G 8/14/06 | Richard E Grant talks to Marc Lee about ACO 5/06 | Patrick Barry Garnett Dies 5/06 | Sometimes artists use the rules to their advantage 1/25/06 | Clockwork Orange killers set woman on fire for fun 12/24/05 | Should We Cure Bad Behavior? 6/1/05 | Tortured for 75 pounds 5/29/05 | Alameda library's Between the Covers shows youngsters' varied literary interests 5/10/05 | Killer Music? 4/29/05 | 70th anniversary of Penguin Books 3/11/05 | New instructor in charge of JCC Winter Film Series 1/6/05 | Popular courses fill in minutes 10/29/04 | Racist killer hides behind movies 11/20/04 | Movie industry sues file swappers 11/17/04 | 'Clockwork Orange' killer jailed 12/10/03 | When gays were 'cured' 11/11/03 | Clockwork Orange 11/9/03 | Student teacher transferred over Kubrick film 5/9/03 | Student teacher in Derby put on leave 5/6/03 | Superintendent of Derby views film 5/1/03 | Commentary on the Derby Story 5/1/03 | Violence of ACO riles Derby parent 4/30/03 | CIA mind-control trials 10/13/02 | The Creator, A Clockwork Orange and War 4/2/02 | Total Film 11/01 | ACO for real 10/01/01 | TV Debut for Clockwork BBC 7/4/01 | The Future's Orange 7/01 | ACO Gets First British TV Airing 7/01 | British TV screens long suppressed ACO 7/01 | British TV screens ACO 7/01 | Sexual aversion therapy 2000 | Italy softening on ACO 4/18/98 | Kubrick Fails to Shake off Shadow of ACO 2/10/98
Total Film 11/01 Scan


The Mind of Alex
There was me Alex...

Kubrick 1971 painted by me


Information on how to obtain a Malcolm McDowell autograph as well as authentic scans of his, Burgess', Kubricks' and more.


44th Academy Awards Page

Won - Best Film + Best Director - New York Film Critics
Won - Best Drama - Hugo Awards
Nominated - Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture + Best Writing - 44th Academy Awards
Ballot and Envelope for Best Picture
The other nominees for best picture were Fiddler on the Roof, The French Connection, The Last Picture Show and Nicholas and Alexander.

Nominated - Venice Film Festival
Nominated - Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor - Golden Globes
Nominated - Best Drama Adaptation - Writers Guild of America, USA
Nominated - Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Film, Best Film Editing, Best Screenplay + Best Sound Track - BAFTA - British Academy Awards
Won - Best Director - Italian National Syndicate
Won - Golden Spotlight Germany
Won - Special Award Union de la Critique in Belgium

BBC Tonight

The first chapter of the novel was dramatized on this show shortly after the novel was published in England, 1962. I have no pictures, no articles or further information and it is believed to have been erased.

Behind the Scenes Pictures

Click here to go to the Behind the Scenes page.


ACO Soda
Not an official item. Made by Spar


Actor Date
Katya Wyeth January 1, 1948
John Clive January 6, 1938
Madge Ryan January 8, 1919
Anthony Burgess February 25, 1917
Sheila Raynor March 15, 1908
Carol Drinkwater April 22, 1948
Carl Duering May 29, 1923
Patrick Magee March 31, 1924
Godfrey Quigley May 4, 1923
Virginia Wetherell  May 9, 1943
Gillian Hills June 5, 1946
Malcolm McDowell June 13, 1943
Anthony Sharp June 16, 1915
Miriam Karlin June 23, 1925
Neil Wilson June 24, 1916
Clive Francis June 26, 1946
David Prowse July 1, 1935
Stanley Kubrick July 26, 1928
Steven Berkoff August 3, 1937
Paul Farrell September 1, 1893
Margaret Tyzack September 9, 1931
Robert Bruce November 3, 1943
Adrienne Corri November 13, 1933
Philip Stone November 18, 1924
Michael Bates December 20, 1920
Michael Gover ? 1918
John Savident ? 1938
John J. Carney ? 1940
Vivienne Chandler ? 1947


Complete History of ACO Book Editions from around the World
Cambridge Film Handbook Complete Review

Read the novel

Bowler Hats

Go to the Bowler page for an article and notes.

Anthony Burgess

Information and Publishing History
ACO Resucked

21st Chapter
The lost 21st Chapter of the novel

Walter Carlos

Go to the Walter Carlos Page.

Cast and Crew Credits

Full Movie Credits

Philip Castle

The man who painted the poster and more for ACO.


Cast list
Unknown Characters

A Clockwork Orange 2004

The 1990 musical based on Burgess' 1987 novel ACO: A Play with Music.
It has it's own page here.

Comic Book

I translated the entire film into a comic that I drew.

Crime Headlines

Just like the headlines of the papers in the film when Alex was released from prison, so was in real life when the UK papers had a field day of ACO inspired crimes.

Cut Scenes

Detailed information and pictures on deleted scenes.

Dim holding the first actress to play Mrs. Alexander
After repeated takes of the rape scene the actress walked.


People involved with the film who have unfortunately passed away.

Date Person Roll
6/75 Paul Farrell Tramp
1/11/78 Michael Bates Chief Guard
6/1/79 John Barry Production Designer
8/14/82 Patrick Magee Mr. Alexander
7/23/84 Anthony Sharp Minister of Interior
7/28/86 John Alcott Cinematographer
11/21/89 Peter Burton Junior Minister
11/22/93 Anthony Burgess Author
1/9/94 Madge Ryan Dr. Branom
9/7/94  Godfrey Quigley Chaplain
2/24/95 John J. Carney Tom
2/17/98 Shelia Raynor Em
3/7/99 Stanley Kubrick Director
8/24/02 Ted Ashley Head of WB at the time
6/4/03 Edmund M. DiGiulio Worked for Kubrick
6/14/03 Philip Stone Pee
7/17/04 Pat Roach Korova Bouncer
05 Barrie Cookson Doctor Alcott
8/21/05 Robert Moog Synthesizer Inventor
5/4/06 Patrick Barry Garnett Chelsea Drugstore architect
3/2/09 Robert Bruce Korova Bouncer

Desktop Theme

Download the zip file w/instructions
Once the sounds are unzipped you can switch them around any way you please.

Go here to pick and choose other sounds if you wish


Was Kubrick fascinated with doubles? Click here to go to that page. 


Scene Index and Pictures
DVD Commentary

Durango 95

For the history of the real car click here

eBay fun

100% real fun and stupid ACO related auction titles.


Every character, location and term from the book and film from A-Z
(in progress)


The errors have the own page with pictures here.


In the book the outfits the droogs wear are very different than in the movie.
"The four of us were dressed in the heighth of fashion, which in those days was a pair of black very tight tights with the old jelly mould...fitting on the crutch underneath the tights, this being to protect and also a sort of a design you could viddy clear enough in a certain light...so that I had one in the shape of a spider, Pete had a rooker [a hand]...Georgie had a very fancy one of a flower, and poor old Dim had a very hound-and-horny one of a clown's litso [face]...Then we wore waisty jackets without lapels but with these very big built-up shoulders...We had these off-white cravats which looked like a whipped up [potato] or spud with a sort of design made on it with a fork. We wore our hair not too long and we had flip horrorshow boots for kicking."

ACO inspired Garb from Jane Magazine September 2001
Kylie Minogue 2002 tour in ACO routine

ACO 2 Sided Hooded Sweatshirt - Logo Front

ACO 2 Sided Hooded Sweatshirt - Tunnel Back

ACO Hooded Sweatshirt - Alex holding glass of teeth

Filming Locations (All England/UK)

Filming Locations page with then and now scans

Films Referenced

During Alex's lovely pictures sequence:
Cavemen shots are from 1966s "One Million Years B.C."
Hanging shots are from 1965s "Cat Ballou"
Ludovico Nazi footage is from 1936s "Triumph of the Will."


Chocwork Orange
Limited edition candy bar from Australia 2001 featuring droogs artwork.


A Korova style font for word programs.
Extract the font using a program like winzip. Take the extracted font (A True Type font) and put it in the c:\windows\fonts folder. The font will install automatically.

Foreign Titles

Country Title
Belgium Orange Mechanique
Czech Mechanicky Pomeranc
Finland Kellopeli Appelsiini
France La Mechanique de L'orange
France L'Orange Mechanique
Germany Uhrwerk Orange
Italy Arancia Meccanica
Italy Una Arancia a Orologeria
Norway Den Mekaniske Appelsin
Poland Mechaniczna Pomaraocza
Portugal A Laranja Mecanica
Russia Mekhanicheskiy Apelsin
Russia Zavodnoi Apelsin
Spain Naranja Mecanica
Sweden En Apelsin med Urverk
Turkey Otomatik Portakal

The actual Russian characters can't be written in English. Click here for a scan of the Russian title.


History of home video formats from 8mm through VHS


How to Make an Alex Costume
How to Make costumes for the droogs

How to Make a Billyboy Costume

In Print

List of Related Magazine, Newspaper articles and Books


* = Exclusive to this site.

Date Publication Person
1/72 Show Magazine* Malcolm McDowell
1/3/72 NY Times* Stanley Kubrick
1/9/72 NY Times Stanley Kubrick
1/30/72 NY Times Malcolm McDowell
2/13/72 NY Times Hechinger vs. SK & MM
1972 Speech to New York Film Critics Anthony Burgess
1972 Screen and Television Stars Malcolm McDowell
1972 Review with William Everson* Malcolm + Burgess
3/19/72 Crawdaddy* Malcolm McDowell
Spr 72 Sight & Sound Stanley Kubrick
5/72 Film Review Malcolm McDowell
1974 Italy Anthony Burgess
1980 Michael Ciment* Stanley Kubrick
1/90 20/20 Malcolm McDowell
1990 Unknown Excerpt Adrienne Corri
1997 Italian Magazine Milena Canonero
9/3/97 Venice, Italy* Malcolm McDowell
11/97 MalcolmMcDowell.net* David Prowse
3/14/99 The Guardian Unlimited Malcolm McDowell
9/9/99 APBnews.com Malcolm McDowell
2000 Elise Harris Warren "Dim" Clarke
3/3/00 telegraph.co.uk Malcolm McDowell
4/00 Uncut Magazine* Andrew Loog Oldham
5/01 DVD Talk Leon Vitali
5/12/00 BBC* Malcolm McDowell
11/30/01 editorsnet Bill Butler
7/02  Anchor Bay Virginia Wetherell
7/02 Luke Ford Si Litvinoff

Stanley Kubrick

Information, news and Filmography
The Invisible Man documentary

Kubrick Trademarks

Katharina Kubrick in ACO

Find out about Stanley's oldest daughters' cameo in the film.

Kubrick's Letters

Letters he wrote before during and after the films release.

License Plates

DAV 485Q - CA (Mary)
CLOK WRK - CA (Nicolas Cage)


Media Mentions - TV, Movies and Music
The Top 10 List in the Record Shop


Saint of the Day 3/29/05 - could be the inspiration behind the technique in the book.

    Born in Casoria (near Naples), Arcangelo Palmentieri was a cabinet-maker before entering the Friars Minor in 1832, taking the name Ludovico. After his ordination five years later, he taught chemistry, physics and mathematics to younger members of his province for several years.
    In 1847 he had a mystical experience which he later described as a cleansing. After that he dedicated his life to the poor and the infirm, establishing a dispensary for the poor, two schools for African children, an institute for the children of nobility, as well as an institution for orphans, the deaf and the speechless, and other institutes for the blind, elderly and for travelers. In addition to an infirmary for friars of his province, he began charitable institutes in Naples, Florence and Assisi. He once said, "Christ's love has wounded my heart." This love prompted him to great acts of charity.
    To help continue these works of mercy, in 1859 he established the Gray Brothers, a religious community composed of men who formerly belonged to the Secular Franciscan Order. Three years later he founded the Gray Sisters of St. Elizabeth for the same purpose.
    Toward the beginning of his final, nine-year illness, Ludovico wrote a spiritual testament which described faith as "light in the darkness, help in sickness, blessing in tribulations, paradise in the crucifixion and life amid death." The local work for his beatification began within five months of Ludovico's death. He was beatified in 1993. From Day by Day With Followers of Francis and Clare.

Lunch Box

Homemade metal lunchbox and thermos


Satellite TV Europe July 2001 Cover
Total Film 11/01 Scan
Razor March 2003 Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Alex

EW 1/15/05

Malcolm's Introduction

    What can one say? I feel like I am repeating myself now. This is one of the great, great parts that an actor can possibly be asked to play. I was so lucky that Stanley Kubrick saw if...., the first film I made with Lindsay Anderson, it was from seeing that film that he cast me. I didn't have to audition or anything like that. I was making my third film called 'Long Ago Tomorrow/Raging Moon' out at Elstree and I get a call from my agent who said, "Stanley Kubrick is trying to get in touch with you." I went, "Wow! OK." It was those heady days when lots of exciting things were happening to this young fellow here and I sort of took it in my stride because I wasn't exactly sure who Stanley Kubrick was! I called my friend Lindsay Anderson who said, "Good lord Malcolm! Don't you know he's one of the great? You must see him. Blah, blah, blah." I went out to see him and he took me into a huge, big house and all the house was an office except for a kitchen and a tiny little sort of 12 x 14 room with a television set and a sofa. We sat down and literally talked small talk for a half an hour or so and I then I said to him, "Well, was there anything you wanted in particular?" He said, "There's a book that I want to make into a film." I said, "And that would BE? It has a title Stanley?" He went, "Um...OK." He obviously didn't want anyone to know and he showed me the book. I said, "Oh, Clockwork...(zips up)"   He instructed me to read it and call him. Now I didn't know that he was paranoid, he didn't leave his house and when he did he drove in a Mercedes with a crash helmet on. I didn't know any of those things. I just thought he was a normal human being - which he appeared to be from our first meeting. I go home and I start to read this book. Every two minutes I'm sort of looking at the glossary in the back because I cannot figure out this language. It is driving me nuts! Of course it is sort of Russian, Hebrew, bits of Polish and god knows what else thrown in. I read it once and because I'd been flipping back so many times I really didn't get a sense for the continuity of the book. So I read it again and then the third time I read it I just went, "Wow! My god! Now I know what all the fuss is about - why The Rolling Stones keep singing about it." Incidentally Mick Jagger had the rights to do it. Thank god he didn't! He's never really talked to me since. He was going to play Alex and the Stones were going to be the droogs. (Note: None of the Stones stuff is true, it was a hoax. read here for the true story.)   Without Stanley Kubrick - you ain't got much. He was amazing.
    Quick story, I'll make it the short version of it. I called him up and said, "I loved it! God what a great, great book! I don't know how the hell you are going to make this into a film." He didn't really say much. He just went, "Good, good, good." Big, long pause and I said, "Are you offering me the part?" Being rather naive about these things I thought I'd better cut to the chase. There was a long pause from him and he was audible, but only just and it was, "Yes." "Oh! good, thank you. Could we meet at my house sometime to talk about it?" Another long pause. "Where do you live?" He came. I live in a cul de sac and I saw three cars coming, the forward one a Land Rover with Stanley in it, a white one and then another car behind it. Three of them come slowly down the cul de sac. He gets out and he came into my house and then the rest is history I guess. We spent five months working on the look. I lived just off the Church Street in Kensington. They had this store there at the time called "Beba" which was really at the center of swinging London.  It was a great store, there's a lot of them around now, boutiques. I went into the store and saw they had a yard of eyelash. I thought, "Wow! That's cool. You just cut off as much as you like." So I bought this yard of eyelash and took it up to Stanley because I went out every day he's send a car. I'd go up and I'd wear the cricket trousers with my jock strap not on the inside of the pant, but on the outside of the pants. He liked that - a cod piece effect. It was all from cricket gear that I had. I came up with the yard of eyelash which he thought was terrific. He'd take stills of everything because he was a camera man, a stills man. Every step of the way he'd take stills. One eye - stills, two eyes - stills. The next day I came in he'd show me this and said, "We'll just put them on the one eye. Which eye do you want?" "Well, how about the right eye? Right handed." So that's where that came from. I told him I didn't want to wear colored make-up on my face because I figured I had a long way to go with this part and I didn't want to be encumbered by any color. I wanted it to look off just a little bit. We went through this whole process and we started shooting. We shot in the Korova Milkbar, the opening shot of the film, and the young lad on the end Mike Tarn, was sitting there. Warren and I were friends, Warren Clarke who plays Dim, and we were kind of bored sitting there waiting for the lighting - it was endless. So we said to this Mike guy, "Is there anything that you can do that is going to get you noticed?" We're winding this guy up really being very wicked. He goes, "I don't know. I can flutter my eyelids like this." I went, "That is so cool! What do you think Warren?" "Yeah! Yeah!" Stanley's ready - OK action! Big shot here (on his face), zoom lens and a pull back on a dolly. Suddenly, "Michael!! What the hell are you doing?!" "Well, he told me to!" "Don't look at me! I didn't tell him." Ruined the shot. Goofing around - Stanley didn't like that. We teased him a lot.
    He had the most amazing intellect and I must there is no way I could've played this part without really having a great time. Every single bit of it I was laughing and I was thinking we were making this great comedy! It is a total comedic performance as far as I'm concerned. I was shaken and shocked when people could only talk about the violence when it came out. I think as time as gone on the humor is more evident. The shock value was then because no one had ever seen the Korova Milkbar and this wonderful photography which is basically Stanley. Now I think with time the humor of the piece comes out. It does stand the test of time because of Anthony Burgess' brilliant book. It is his masterpiece. It is an amazingly faithful adaptation to film, of course Kubrick has put his genius on it, the look is incredible. It is really Anthony Burgess because without him I wouldn't be talking to you and Stanley wouldn't have made that film or anything like it. So thank you Mr. Burgess. It is your night as well as mine as well as Stanleys' - so enjoy it.

Making of

Great Bolshy Yarblockos!: Making of A Clockwork Orange special


List of all known items from Licensed to Fan Made


Alex Resin kit w/removable base, bust and maskie
Alex Resin kit wearing mask w/cane + base


Soundtracks + Related Music
The Adicts page
Cervelli Stanki page
The Cretins page
Devotchkas page
Lower Class Brats page

Major Accident page

My Reviews

Seeing ACO in the Theater for the 1st time
WB's 75th or Suffering Tortures of the Damned 6/19/98


English to Nadsat Glossary
Nadsat to English Glossary with Word Origins

Nadsat to German Glossary


ACO will be playing 3/1-3/24 at the BFI in the UK w/an Introduction by Michel Ciment, 3/10 at 8:20pm.


11:55 p.m. Saturday, Art Theatre, 2025 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, CA. $10. (562) 438-5435 www.arttheatrelongbeach.com
Dress as a droog and get in for only $5.


Cult Classics Double Feature: Clockwork Orange and The Warriors screen Sat. at midnight at Rio on Broadway. Vancouver, Canada.


Pittsburgh, PA Melwood Screening Room, Oakland, Thurs. 7 pm (reception follows). 412-682-4111 or www.pghfilmmakers.org


More ACO in the theater. Jan 14 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Riviera Theatre, 50 N. Main St., Three Rivers, MI. www.trriviera.com.
Jan 16/17 - Music Box, 3733 N Southport Ave (between Grace St and Waveland Ave) Lakeview/Roscoe Village/Wrigleyville, Chicago | 773-871-6604


Sat, 12/6 7:00 pm, Alamo Drafthouse - Lake Creek 13729 N Highway 183 Austin TX 78750
P. Kellach Waddle and the musicians of PKWproductions bring you at least perhaps their most requested "new" production - the legendary 1971 ultra-violent masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange - presented in honor of Beethoven's Birthday! Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven will be presented along with pieces based on Beethoven themes.


The Belfast, Ireland Free Library continues its Friday Film Series with a tribute to Stanley Kubrick throughout December. Kicking off the retrospective Friday, Dec. 5 is the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. All of the movies are free and shown at 7 p.m. in the Abbott Room of the library. An audience discussion will follow each of the screenings.


Aug. 14: Fear and Desire and A Clockwork Orange 8:15 pm. The movies will be shown at 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted, in the film/video theater of the Wexner Center for the Arts, 1871 N. High St. Tickets cost $7, or $5 for members, students and senior citizens. Call 614-292-0330 or visit www.wexarts.org.

The Savoy Theater presents Sci-Fi at its theater, 26 Main St. in Montpelier on weekends July 4-July 27 w/ACO. Screenings are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; tickets for all Sci-Fi films are $5. www.savoytheater.com


Landmark's Clay Theatre - 2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA will show ACO on 5/9 & 5/10


San Diego, CA - Landmark La Jolla Village will show ACO on 5/2 & 5/3


Charlotte, NC will show ACO during the Retro Movie Series on weekends. Ballantyne Village Theatre: www.bvtheatre.com


Harvard professor of psychology and biology Dr. Marc Hauser whose research sits at the interface between evolutionary biology and cognitive neuroscience and is aimed at understanding how the minds of human and nonhuman animals evolved will lend his insight into Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange as part of the Science on Screen series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline MA tomorrow at 7 p.m. (617-734-2500 or official site).


Lewis University in Romeoville, IL will present the lecture "Books (Movies) That Inspire: A Clockwork Orange" at 7 p.m. Tuesday. The free lecture will be in room A133 of the academic building on the Lewis main campus on Illinois 53. Buzz Pounds, assistant professor in Lewis' English department, will be the presenter. He will explore the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange," directed by Stanley Kubrick. Pounds will discuss how the movie's difficult themes and cinematography create cognitive dissonance in those who view it.


Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ Fri & Sat


American Film Institute kicks off a retrospective for the late director Stanley Kubrick on Jan. 26. $6.75-$9.25. AFI Silver Theatre, 8633 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring. 301-495-6720.


Saparov Film Club Program is playing ACO St. Petersburg Russia Dec. 4, 9 pm.


ACO is being screened at 7 p.m. at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, 230 N. Rose St. Michigan. Rated R, repeats at 3 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $5, or $3 for students with ID. 373-7990.


"Violence in Art" course at Bowling Green University will show the film on 11/27.


2230 Shattuck, Berkley; (510) 464-5980 www.landmarktheatres.com Call for price. Fri-Sat, midnight.


The Tate Center in Athens GA will show ACO on 10/31/06 


The State Theater in Michigan will show ACO midnight 9/30/06.


The 14th Raindance Film Festival in London, England will show ACO Fri 9/29/06 - 9:30pm.


The Carolina Classics series of film screenings will continue with ACO, which will be shown at 7:30 p.m. 9/13/06  in the Carolina Theatre, 310 S. Greene St.


River Flicks shows ACO as the sun sets and you snack on free popcorn. 8:30pm, Hudson River Park NY, Pier 54, Free


Open Cities Cinema Festival will show ACO on 1/16/07 www.opencitiescinema.org


HarperCollins will re-launch its Caedmon Audio Imprint this September with the release of the unabridged audio editions including Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.


IMDB 1990-09 best of lists - totals fluctuate since voting is live.

The Novel (eBook)

Read Part One
Read Part Two

Read Part Three

Other Roles

Other roles actors have played who were in the film
Straight on Till Morning


A Crockwork Lemon - Mad Magazine
Eminem as Alex - Spin Magazine 1/01

Eminem as Alex - 2002 Calendar

The Goodies 1973 page

Rob Zombie
Screenshots from his ACO Tribute video "Never Gonna Stop".


Behind the Scenes
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Film Related
Exclusive - 1972 Paramount Theater Marquee in Wilkes-Barre PA during the flood

Katharina Kubrick coming out of a door and walking toward Alex - on the left
Katharina Kubrick walking behind Alex and the girls - on left again
ACO vs. The Passion of the Christ
Attack near the library cut scene
Adrienne Corri headshot from the presskit

Sonietta in Record Shop

Alex walking through record shop

Alex on floor in Mr. Alexander's house - Viddy Well!

Record Shop w/Katharina Kubrick
/ Record Shop w/kchh 2
Alex sitting on Dim's lap close-up of Dim

Spanish Lobby Card - Alex with Bloody Face in Police Station
The 1972 Ballot and Envelope for Best Picture

Michael Tarn (Pete) During May 1999 interview

On Demand Order Screen 8/08
Free Preview screen
- which is the trailer


EW #1042 Magazine 4/10/09 Bill Hader ACO reference
EW #1041 Magazine 4/3/09 Ultimate Guide to Heroes & Villains - Malcolm in black / Malcolm in white
Premiere 4/06 Cover
Premiere 4/06 fold out of Alex poster

Stella Artois lager ad 6/05
Alex #68/100 in Premiere 4/04
IRA Poster from 2003
2003 ACO softball team article
2003 Syracuse Orangemen newspaper scans
Total Film 11/01
Satellite TV Europe July 2001 Cover

Mad Magazine Cover 1973
Brainwashed tagline Ad Mat 1972

Exclusive - painting of Alex by Kelley McDowell

Alex Paper Doll
Dim Paper Doll
1st print 1962 HC Book - DJ front  Black Boards Dust Jacket 16s Purple Boards Green Boards Title page
2nd print  HC Book - DJ back
1992 UK Hat Cover Book
1998 UK softcover text cover book
2000 UK Film tie-in book cover
2001 UK Milk Glass book cover
1965 US paperback cover
1994 US Arena Brains II book cover
2001 Russian Cramps Book cover - Exclusive picture of the artist holding the book for the first time Front Cover  Back Cover  Original artwork
2000 UK Stanley Kubrick Film Book cover front  Back
Clockwork Orange Matches
Droogs Don't Run Black Long Sleeve - Front
Droogs Don't Run Black Long Sleeve - Back
Supreme T-shirt #3 ACO design

Homemade Alex Pog
Homemade ashtray + lighter

WB 75th Ticket Stub and Flyer 1998
6/29/99 1st DVD Release Cover

6/12/01 2nd DVD Release Cover

11/6/01 Special Edition DVD Box Set w/CD, poster, book and film clip

German Kubrick Collection 2 DVD Cover
Murder in a Blue World VHS Cover - Front
Murder in a Blue World VHS Cover - Back

Murder Lobby Card - droogs with whips

Israel VHS Cover - Front

Israel VHS Cover - Back

Lobby Card #6 - R-rated 8x10 - Dim smashes one of Billboy's gang with a window
Corgi Toys Whizzwheels #384 1:64 Adams Bros. Probe Red - in box
Philly Fest After Party Flyer
Philly Fest Ticket Stub

Exclusive - Malcolm's son Charlie doing his best Aleeexx
Alice Cooper in a bowler
Bart Simpson as Alex
got milk?
Jack Osbourne wearing an ACO shirt
Jamie Kennedy's house with ACO poster on the far wall
Janet Jackson Superbowl 2004 ACO garbed routine
Kylie Minogue Live tour photo
Per Gessle wore an ACO shirt on an awards show
Sid and Nancy ACO reference
Wolfsbane ACO shirt CD Cover

Iraqi Disinformation Minister 1

Iraqi Disinformation Minister 2

Iraqi Disinformation Minister 3


At the grand opening of Milk Bar in Columbus, OH during December 2007s Gallery Hop, there were approximately 150 exquisitely dressed people watching Stanley Kubrick's movie while listening to A Tribe Called Quest. Co-owner Kani Brown: "In the movie, the milk bar would be the first thing they would do before going out, before they had 'fun,' or their idea of fun-the medium or the place you go to get dressed up or fly before you go out. The style here is for going out."

Milk Bar Japan

Pictures from 9/04
Outside Sign - Movie Poster

Corner with Korova style walls

View from the bar

Red leather seats - 'Drencry' wall

Baby bottles

Pictures from 11/06
Outside Sign

Close up sign - Film Review poster

Bar with female mannequin

Mannequin close up

Large baby milk bottles, ACO poster & TV

Glasses of milk and menu

Korova Milk Bar Australia

Opened 5/07 at 12 Bourke Street Melbourne
It has a black and white look, but doesn't have an match to the film

Korova Milkbar New York City 200 Avenue A between 12th & 13th streets
Closed 11/06

Treasure Island's bar/club Tangerine in Las Vegas has Clockwork Orange-inspired decor as well as DJs spinning house music ($20 for men, $10 for women, free to hotel guests; www.treasureisland.com.

Milk Plus - Feb 1993 picture of Brick NJ convenience store
I used to live near this place, it is long gone. When I first saw it I had to go in and ask if the name was ACO inspired, but it was some Pakistani guy who had no clue what I was talking about.

Moloko on Kneza Mihailova in Belgrade
CURB w/Korova Milkbar weekends in Oslo, Norway
The World 7070 Hollywood Blvd - Clockwork Orange Fridays at 9PM

Clockwork Orange Club at 29th and Payne in Cleveland, OH. Gone since the 70s.


The original ACO 2004 by the RSC 1990
Full coverage of ACO 2004 in Boston 8/04

Full coverage of ACO 2004 in NYC 2/05

All other productions


1974 - Banana Mechanica (Clockwork Banana) - parody of the title mostly
1990 - Banana Mechanica remake
1995 - A Clockwork Orgy - attempts to stick to the film

Pop Culture

This page documents when ACO is used to describe something or as a comparison in the media.


Alex Close Up - Korova
Droogs Clapping in Tunnel


UK X-rated Quad


Si Litvinoff 2002 Interview

Letter from Si Litvinoff to prospective director John Scheslinger in 1968, "This film should break ground in its language, cinematic style and soundtrack (The Beatles love the project and Mick Jagger and David Hemmings have both been keen to play Alex)." Note: He didn't know that Jagger's name was only being used to help get the film made. - released 4/02

Jeffrey Berg takes credit for reading the ACO script and passing it along to his bosses. "I found those projects at a relatively young stage in my life and I thought, 'I like this. This is interesting'."

Click here for a scan of the letter below.

A letter from Stanley Kubrick to Roger Caras June 5, 1970

Can you sit down and think for 60 secs. and immediately send me a letter listing the names of the companies who have branches in England, who were prepared to supply modern bio-medical monitoring devices, medical chairs and medical miscellania for '2001'. If you have the names of any people, contacts, addresses, telephone numbers, they would be appreciated too. This is of course in connection with 'Clockwork Orange'.

Best regards, 
P.S. USA companies, too.


Pictures and text from the US 1971 Pressbook
Orange Times
UK Program


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Q&A with Malcolm

At the NY premiere of the New Print of the film in New York 5/25/02


From Malcolm McDowell, Stanley Kubrick, Adrienne Corri and more.

During one of Danny Boyle's many forays to Bolton, he was fired up by Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. He was indelibly affected by its "violence and sex and style". 2/09

"It's very worrying not to have seen A Clockwork Orange when like Nicolas Sarkozy one has been in charge of the interior ministry and handled violence," mocked Delano's cultural attache, Christophe Girard. 1/20/09

The love of language. Burgess, who invented his own language in Clockwork Orange, was a real linguist himself; the relish, the celebration of language. Why say something in the dull way when you can say it like this?" Kevin Kline 1/09

Director Jeff Lipsky lists ACO & OLM! among his 20 favorite films.

Are you scared of eye drops from doing ACO?
" No! I wish they would take that off the f--king internet! (imdb)" - Malcolm 7/19/07

Radio Spots

There were 8 different in 1972 and I've transcribed them on their own page.

Release Dates

USA 12/17/71 - Sneak preview
USA 12/19/71 - 4 theater premiere
UK 1/13/72
USA 2/9/72 - limited
West Germany 3/23/72
France  4/1/72
Denmark 4/21/72
Sweden 4/26/72
Japan 4/29/72
Finland  10/27/72
USA 1/1/73 - R re-release
Italy  1/1/73
Norway 4/12/73
USA 6/82 - 10th anniversary release
Argentina 7/25/85
Italy 5/29/98 - re-release
Australia 6/18/98 - re-release
UK 3/17/00 - Ban ends re-release


Mini Reviews/Sound bites from critics


Murder in a Blue World/Clockwork Terror (1973)

The Rolling Stones

This interview gets behind the myth.
Andrew Loog Oldham on The Rolling Stones and ACO


Shooting Script September 1970
Shooting Script - downloadable pdf file

The Annotated illustrated ACO screenplay
The Complete Dialog for ACO

Second Life

In Italy they've made a Korova milkbar. Go to the page for pictures and a description.


The page for official and unofficial sequels of all kinds

Sound Clips

The largest online collection of MP3s from the book and film


Kubrick's instructions to exhibitors back then, at least as I was told was the curtain was to ALWAYS remain open, even between showings and no trailers could be run. The theatre was sent 2 prints of the film and would run the first print for two weeks and then switch to the 2nd, sending the 1st one back and then they were sent another new print. - Reader to the site

I remember seeing ACO in a theater, where I sat behind an elderly lady and two young people, one or other being her grandchild. The lights were still up and the elderly lady said to the very sadistic young persons beside her, ' I hope this isn't one of those sex and violence movies, I'd be horrified.' Oh no, one of the young persons said, either lying or being an idiot, not at all, this isn't that kind of film. So I thought, this should be interesting. I checked in on the elderly lady growing more elderly by the minute as the first bit of ultra violence came up, and then a little later when the phallic sculpture was used. Throughout the film she did not say a word, her head was still at a position where her eyes, if opened, could see the screen. I feared she had died because not the smallest oh my stars was heard. After the film, I watched them leave. All three made it without having to the carry the old lady. Perhaps at this point, all two were rubbing their hands in glee. The theatre was still fairly dark, so I couldn't see their faces, but they said nothing. I figure this was my first witnessing of grandmother corrupting and I was proud to be there for it. - Barry

    In March of 2002 The Mall of America had a "tribute to the R-rating" movie festival (funny thing is most were rated X or NC-17). Each weekend a different film would play at midnight. The weekend it was A Clockwork Orange I was obsessing over it. My best friend watched it and wasn't too impressed, but that would soon change. I still convinced him to go see it with me.
    So we get to the theater, get our tickets and while we head to our seats, The Subversives, a punk rock band is playing. Yes, a live band opened for a movie. The place was completely packed with punk rockers. When the band finishes the crowd is hot and a local DJ starts asking Clockwork trivia and gives away Glitter CDs (the bad Mariah Carey film) these were of course destroyed immediately. When the film finally starts the print is terrible, but who cares? It's full audience participation - people are saying lines and going nuts. It was like being at a rock concert. When the first notes of the William Tell Overture started people broke out in thunderous applause. The crowd was so punk that a fight almost broke out for reasons I can't remember. Afterwards my friend who originally did not like the film was completely converted and now views it as one of greatest films of all time. I have seen the film 5 times in theaters since then and none of them even came close to that experience. Matt P

Max Raab made the studio rounds with Clockwork, but no one would touch it until Kubrick expressed interest. Raab sold the rights, taking 2 1/2 points and an executive-producer credit. When Raab saw the movie, he didn't know whether he liked it or not. "Now I love it. It made me a pile of money." 2005

Lindsay Anderson Diary Entry - Aug. 26th, 1970
A consistent annoyance has been auditioning for a replacement for Warren (Clarke, who was acting in Anderson's production of 'Home')...How many times have I cursed Stanley Kubrick, and Malcolm, and most of all of course my impulse which led me immediately to say to Warren, when I spoke to him, that of course he should do it and I would try to make it possible for him (1) ... And I cursed more than ever after I'd read the script - I can see A Clockwork Orange being another outstanding technical strike for Stanley K. - but I wouldn't mind betting that Malcolm will be the only actor to make a mark in it.'
1. To play 'Dim', Malcolm's sidekick and rival in 'A Clockwork Orange'. He got the part. The part of Malcolm's father, was played by Philip Stone, taken from the cast of 'The Contractor'.

From the book 'Inside the Prisoner' by Ian Rakoff

    'I was at actor Malcolm McDowell's flat.  This was at the end of a cul-de-sac in a smart part of Notting Hill Gate, behind Kensington Church Street.  Malcolm's place was tucked in the furthermost corner of a dead-end street.  There was almost no frontage, just enough for a door.  Once inside it was like a scaled down church interior, spacious and light.  Massive windows and a narrow balcony overlooked a small bank of greenery.  The feel and design of the structure definitely had clerical origins.
    We were messing about on an idea for a feature film.
    Sitting cross-legged on the floor, I asked Malcolm to do Singing in the Rain for me.  This referred to the very sinister scene from the recently released A Clockwork Orange.
    Malcolm obligingly limbered up and set to.  The song didn't falter and the kicks whizzed by my ears, perilously close and with full force.  He was quite a kicker.  As it went on into escalating frenzy, I froze.  I was nailed to the floor.  The performance was chilling.  Up and over my head his foot sped.  He was the perfect ballet dancer, and he was the perfect, vicious street fighter.  He was phenomenally agile.  I could detect no flaws in his body movements or in his singing.  I wondered how many set-ups it had taken Kubrick to get the fluent, sinister effect that he wanted right through.
    Malcolm gave me the works, all of it, from start to finish.  There was no make-believe.  There was no actor performing.  It was all for real and I could feel myself starting to sweat as the footwear just slightly touched my hair.  He was swinging his leg closer and closer, as he hopped about.  One slight miscalculation was all it would take for me to lose my head.
    Then it was over, and I was relieved.
    "Come on," Malcolm said. "Let's take Alex for a walk."  He attached a lead to the collar of his large, sleek, black dog.  "I let him loose in the park."  Malcolm paused at the front door.  "Maybe we should take some rotten tomatoes to throw at the Royals.


Learn about the group - Terry Tucker, Erika Eigen & Freya Houge.

My Summary

Part 1

    The film opens on the face of Alex, staring evilly, saying nothing, while mesmerizing music - the like we have never heard before plays over it. The camera slowly pulls back and Alex narrates the story, he speaks English, but also uses words that are foreign to us, a futuristic language called Nadsat (teen) - a mix of Russian and British. He and his three droogs (gang members, Dim - the big oaf, Georgie - his friend and Pete - the loner) are hanging out in a local milkbar - The Korova (cow). The bar serves milk laced with three choices of drugs so it all seems legal. The drugs make them more violent and heightened in their awareness. There are many other young people in this bar doing the same thing. The furniture is shaped like naked women with brightly colored hair. After the drugs kick in they go out and wreck havoc.
     The first victim is a drunken tramp lying in an underpass. He is singing away when the boys arrive and they applaud him. Thinking they like him, he asks for some space cutter (money). In fact, they hate him and since Alex can't stand him singing away, he hits him. The bum wants Alex to kill him because he is old and has nothing to live for anyway in this stinking world. "What's so stinking about it?", Alex asks him. He tells them there are men spinning round the moon, but no attention paid to Earthly law and order anymore and lets people like him get away with their crimes. When the tramp starts singing again the four droogs proceed to kick and tolchock (hit) him senseless.
    Soon after they come across rival Billboy and his gang in a derelict casino. They have kidnapped and planning on raping a young girl who is fighting them until Alex breaks it up. He calls him out with insults and soon the girl is forgotten and a knock down drag 'em out fight ensues. Bodies are flying through the air and windows, glass is breaking, fists are flying. Even though Alex's gang is outnumbered, Dim can handle the extra guy and before long all of Billyboy's gang has had the cal (shit) beat out of them. The only thing that saves them is the sound of approaching police sirens.
    They take off and steal a car out of the lot and play hogs of the road (chicken). They run many vehicles off the road, cause a few crashes and even drive under a broken down semi. Eventually they stop at a remote house called "home" for the old surprise visit. Alex knocks frantically at the door yelling that his friend was just hit by a car and is lying in the road bleeding. He needs to use the phone to call an ambulance. The woman who answers is hesitant to open the door at such a late hour and tells them they have no phone, but her writer husband tells her to let them in. The group coming pouring in hidden behind masks. Dim grabs the woman and Alex kicks the man in the head. Alex has Pete check the rest off the house while Georgie holds the man down. Alex goes around knocking things over and toppling bookcases. He begins to do a song and dance routine to "Singin' in the Rain". He tapes balls in the mouth of the man and woman and then kicks and hits them to the beat of the music. Eventually he slowly cuts the womans' clothes off in preparation for a gang rape while the man is forced to watch.
    They return to the Korova for a nightcap. Dim demonstrates how the milk is dispensed from his favorite, Lucy. Dim puts his pretty polly (coins) in the slot, pulls a lever between her legs and milk comes out of the giant naked woman's' nipple. There are a bunch of sophistos (yuppies) from a nearby TV station there. When the music in the club stops one of the women is heard singing a piece from Beethoven's 9th - Alex's favorite. Dim makes a loud raspberry and Alex smashes him across the legs with his cane and tips his drink to the lady. Dim is pissed and has words with Alex. He won't stand for him aiming tolchocks at him reasonless. Eventually he backs down claiming he is a it shagged and fagged and fashed (tired and fatigued) and they all head their separate ways.
    Alex is shown heading to his flatblock. It is a rundown area where everything is smashed, broken and has graffiti on it. Large paintings of men on the walls have penises drawn on with captions like "Suck it and see" written over them. He takes a leak, throws his loot in a drawer, grabs his giant pet snake Basil and cranks up the Ludwig Van. He enjoys seeing many violent pictures like explosions, himself as a vampire and a hanging as he sits there masturbating.
    The next day his Em (mom) tries to wake him up for school and that he hasn't gone all week. She can't get in the bedroom because the door has a combination lock. He tells her of an intolerable pain in the gulliver (head) and that he can probably sleep it off. If not, he's bound to miss more school. Em goes to the breakfast table and her husband asks when he came home last night. She doesn't know, she took her sleepers (pills). He wonders just what the heck it is that Alex does to get all the money he comes home with. She said helping people like is what he does.
    When he finally does unlock the door and gets up, he walks to the kitchen in his underwear. As he passes his parents bedroom he sees someone sitting there out of the corner of his eye. He goes back and sees it is Mr. PR Deltoid, his post-corrective advisor. Deltoid is wearing a long coat and ends most of his sentences with yesss? He heard that in the hospital Billboy mentioned it was Alex and his friends who beat him up and Deltoid thought it was time for a visit. He ran into his mother on the way and she gave him the key to get in. He tells Alex he knows he is up to no good at night' but of course no one can prove anything. Alex tells him he has been out of the rookers (arms) of the millicents (police) for quite a long time. "That's what worries me little Alex", Deltoid says. It is too long by his calculations and he about due to get picked up. One more screw up and it will be the barry place (jail) and he won't be able to help him. He has tried to help keep Alex out of trouble, but knows he has failed. Deltoid wants to know what gets into people his age, what makes them do these horrible things? He's smart, ahs a loving home, it doesn't make sense to him. Alex blows him off, but Deltoid holds him down on the bed and squeezes his sharries (testicles). Alex gets up in pain and Deltoid warns him one last time. Alex says his point is as clear as an unmuddied lake and he can count on him to stay out of trouble.
    Alex then gets dressed up and heads to a local music bootik (store) to pick up an album he has ordered. When the man goes in the back to look for it he flirts with two cute young girls who are looking for music from the popular groups on the Top 10 list. They are smecking away at phallic shaped ice pops, so Alex knows they are dirty. He tells them the pops are a bit cold and pointless aren't the? The blond girl, Sonietta asks if he is getting the Heaven 17 or Johnny Zhivago (a Russian reference). He tells them they probably have little save portable picnic players at home and that he'll take his new record and show him his 50 speaker sound system at home. This way they can hear music proper. "Come with uncle, you are invited!"
    In his bedroom they proceed to have a menage a trois and then he has them one at a time. They scene is shown at high speed to the music of the William Tell Overture (AKA The Lone Ranger them). When he leaves for the Korova, his droogs are down in the lobby waiting for him. For what does he owe this surprise he asks? They were drinking away at the knify Moloko and when he didn't show up they came to see if he was OK. He tells them about the gulliver pain he had. He must've really had a hangover because there is no need to lie to them like he did his Em.  Dim says maybe it was because he was thinking too much about being a leader that made his head hurt. Alex is not amused by this talk and goes over and plops down on Dim's lap. George tells him not to pick on Dim any more, that it is part of the new way. Alex realizes they came up with some rules and plans behind his sleeping back and is not amused, but he plays along asking "Oh, what's this about a new way?" Georgie tells them how one of the other gang leaders - Will the English - was bragging about man-size crasts he was pulling off. They want to be like him  and they want to score the big, big money. Alex asks him what tare they going to do with this big, big money? He tells them they have everything they need and anything they want they just take it. Georgie tells him he talks like a child. They decide to discuss it back at the Moloko because Alex needs to sharpen up and they are way ahead of him.
    They all walk along a concrete walkway next to a shallow canal. Alex is raging inside at this insubordination. Even though he is the youngest, he feels that he is the leader and is going to show them who is boss. When he hears the sounds of Beethoven coming out a nearby window he realizes thinking his for the gloopy (dopey) ones and the oomy (strong) ones live by action. He slams his cane into Georgie's crotch and kicks him right into the water before he can react. Dim unwinds his chain to attack, but there is little space to maneuver. He lunges for Alex and he ducks under him, hitting him as he goes by into the water. Alex reaches over to help him, but secretly pulls a hidden britva (knife) out of the end of his cane. Pete stands by and doesn't attack. When he reaches out to pull Dim out he instead cuts his hand. Dim is shocked and falls back screaming.
    Eventually they wind up at the Duke of York instead of the Korova. Georgie and Dim are all wet. Alex didn't cut into any of Dim's main cables (veins), so he isn't seriously hurt. He feels they have learned their lesson and now wants to hear Georgie's plan to get the big, big money. Georgie is shagged and doesn't want to, not this night, not this nochy (time) he tells them. Alex uses his words against him telling him they aren't children and can handle it. So Georgie tells of a rich ptitsa (woman) who is all alone on a health farm with only her cats. There is a lot of money there for the taking. Alex decides it sounds like a good idea and they go.
    They arrive at the house and Alex uses the same routine he did last time about his friend lying n the road bleeding to death and his need of using the phone for an ambulance. Miss Weathers, the cat lady, is a tough old soomka (bag) and isn't falling for it. She suggests he go to a place down the road and he agrees that she can't be too careful these days. She immediately calls the police because the words he used were just like the ones quoted in the newspaper from the attack on the writer and his wife the night before. She says it is probably nothing and he has gone by now, but the police insist on sending a car around.
    Meanwhile Alex has found an open second story window and with a boost from Dim is on his way in to open the front door. Instead of letting his droogs in he arrives at the room where the cat lady just got off the phone. "What the hell do you think you are doing?", she asks him. He tells her he is selling magazines for a contest. "Cut the shit, sonny." she snarls at him, not intimidated at all. He then notices a giant phallic sculpture on a nearby bureau. "My my my, what a filthy old soomka!", he exclaims. She tells him to leave it alone as it is an important piece of art and to get out of her house. He pushes down on the head of the penis and rocks back and forth. She gets very upset and he continues to do it. She won't stand for it and grabs a bronze bust of Beethoven to hit him with. "I'll teach you to break into real people's houses", she insults him with. He grabs the giant penis and pokes at her with it, effectively keeping her at bay. A mad dance of sorts ensues with her swinging at him and Alex dodging and spinning in a circle with cats everywhere. Eventually she goes down and he smashes her in the litso (face) with the sculpture. Then police sirens are heard in the distance and he realizes it is time to leave. He runs outside where his droogs are unhappily waiting for him. He tells them they have to take off with the police coming. "One minoota, droogie.", Dim tells him and then smashes a milk bottle across his face, knocking his mask off. They run away laughing and leave him. He screams that he is blind and can no longer see and screams at them. There is no way for him to escape the police when they arrive.

Part 2

    Alex is now in police custody. His nose is bandaged and bloody. The inspector is not happy with his kind at all and views him as scum. He asks how he got the cut on his face and taunts him that his victim did it to him. When he pushes down on his nose wound Alex grabs him by the testicles and squeezes. The other two police men jump and and pull him off and hit Alex, leaving a bloody stain on the wall. Soon after Mr. Deltoid arrives having just come back from the hospital to see the cat lady. Deltoid and the Sergeant are familiar with each other, he must have had to do this type of thing before. Alex begs him to tell him how good he is and that it wasn't his fault and that he needs to get a hold of his traitorous droogs as they forced him to do it. Deltoid ignores him, he tells him he is now a murderer as his victim has died. Alex doesn't believe him. "Say it isn't so. This is some new form of torture, brother?", Alex asks. "I hope it tortures you to madness", Deltoid tells him. The inspector tells him he'll hold Alex down if he'd like to bust him in the chops as he must be a great disappointment to him. Instead Deltoid shocks Alex by spitting in his face and leaves.
    Alex is sentenced to 14 years and is taken off to jail, the real weepy and tragic like part of the story. First he is taken to inspection by a sergeant who yells everything. He is given the number 655321 which will replace his name and forces to turn in all his clothes and possessions. He begins to place his item on the counter in front of the sergeant and the man who puts them away. He is yelled at for crossing a yellow line on the floor when he approached the counter and is forced to stand behind it. The line is very far from the counter and forces him to toss the items, getting him yelled at once again. Alex has to lean over, pick it up and put it down gently. He checks off each item - one watch - "time-a-wrist", one pen-red, one comb, etc. This continues on until everything is gone. He is told he'll lose the cigarettes and chocolate he has. He removes his underwear and has to bend over and touch his toes while the sergeant questions him and inspects his anus with a penlight. "Are you or have you ever been a homosexual", "What religion are you" and so on.
    When we next see Alex it is a couple years later. The prison charlie (chaplain) is giving a sermon. He is telling them that hell awaits them and it is real - he has seen it. They are not interested. Alex is up on stage to the side of the altar and one convict makes a kissy face at Alex. Others laugh and when one burps the sergeant yells at them and it is time for a hymn. "And show a little reverence you bastards!", the sergeant instructs them.
    Alex's job is to turn the projector that shows the words on a screen so they can sing along. "I was was a wandering sheep, I did not love the fold. I did not love my shepherds voice, I would not be controlled." Afterwards Alex goes back to the library to read the Bible. Not because he has been born again, but because he likes all the stories with violence and chellovecks getting it on with their wives handmaidens. He envisions him self as a Roman soldier in the height of fashion armor fighting and later whipping and tochocking Jesus as he carries the cross.
    The charlie comes over and sees him with the Bible and quotes a passage which Alex finishes, he is pleased with him. Alex tells him he wants to speak to him privately and of course he agrees. He tells him he understands the temptations of the flesh and Alex tells him it is nothing like that. He asks the priest if he has been good and he admits he has. Alex asks him if he has shown progress and the priest admits he hasn't been guilty of any major infractions and has shown a real desire toward change. Alex then tells the priest he wants him to recommend him for the new treatment which gets you out of prison fast. The priest wants to know how he knows about this. Two people talk and another overhears, or someone finds something wrapped in a scrap of paper and talks about it, Alex tells him. The priest says he must be referring to the Ludovico technique. Alex admits he doesn't know or care what it is called - that he just wants to be good. In truth, he just wants out of prison and has no idea what he'd be getting into. The priest tells him that he and the warden do not believe in this treatment and that it is the idea of the new Minister of Interior.
    Soon after the Minister comes to Parkmoor prison where Alex is being held. He walks down the corridors inspecting cells while the prisoners are forces to walk around in a large circle in the courtyard. he stops in Alex's cell and is surprised to see a bust of Beethoven there. The sergeant brings him out and the prisoners are told to line up in two rows. The Minister explains that he is looking for the right candidate for the Ludovico technique. He explains that prisons do not work , they do not rehabilitate. When hit, they hit back - there is no curing them of their violent ways. Alex sees his chance and says, "You are absolutely right, sir." The Sergeant screams at him and the Minister hold him off. He asks what he is in for. "The accidental like killing of a person, sir." The sergeant tells him he brutally murdered a woman and was sentenced to 14 years. The Minster is pleased - he is young, brash and aggressive - the perfect candidate for the treatment. He doesn't want to see anyone else.
    Alex is taken in to see the warden who tells him he probably doesn't understand what he did. He calls the minister a "new broom: who is eager to please the voters with this unproven technique. The warden also informs him that he'll be free to go in a fortnight. "I suppose this prospect please you?" he asks Alex. When Alex goes to respond the sergeant screams, "Shut your bleeding hole!"  The warden has him sign six pieces of paper. When Alex stops to read one the sergeant yells at him again, "Don't read, sign!" The warden tells him that the papers state he agrees to take the treatment instead of finishing out his jail term. Alex tells him he is grateful to all involved for this chance. The warden warns him it isn't going to be easy and he'd best make the most of it.
    The sergeant and another officer escort Alex to the Ludovico center and hand him off to the doctors there. He is given a room and is given a shot that he is told are vitamins because he is undernourished. Dr. Branom tells him the way the treatment works. He'll be watching some movies. Alex is happy, "Like going to the sinny? I like to viddy the films now again." Yes, she tells him - just like going to the movies.
    Alex is put in a straight jacket and clamped into a chair in the front row of a movie theater. His eyes are held open with lidlocks so he can't close them and a doctor is in place to drop water on his eyes so they don't try out. There is no chance to turn back or turn away from the large screen. They show World War II reels and bombing and violence. Alex is enjoying it. He is then shown a sort of snuff film with boys like him and his droogs fighting and beating a man bloody. "It's funny how the colors of the world only look real when you viddy them on the screen", he tells us. Then seven guys throw down a girl to gang rape her. One after the other Alex watches them licking and smecking away. By the time the sixth or seventh guy has his turn he starts to feel sick. Dr. Brodsky who is in charge of the experiment watch in a booth in the back with some colleagues. He tells them how now the drugs are taking effect and how early test subjects described it as a feeling of paralysis.  Alex screams to turn it off and that it is horrible and that he is cured. Brodsky tells him that it is too early for him to be cured.
    Alex is back in his room and telling Dr. Branom how horrible it all was. She tells him that is how he is supposed to feel about violence and that tomorrow he'll be watching two films. Alex is shocked. One film was unbearable and he'll never make it through two films. Of course he has no choice and viddy films he does.
    The next day is much worse and he is getting sick from the film. At one point during some Nazi footage, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony comes on. Alex starts freaking out screaming "It's a sin!!!" over and over. Brodsky asks him "what's all this about sin?" He tells him Beethoven never harmed anyone and that he is innocent. Brodsky isn't a music lover so he doesn't understand. Are you talking about the soundtrack? Yes!! Alex screams. So you are a music lover? Yes!! He tells him that it can't be helped an unforeseeable part of his cure and not to worry, that in a fortnight he'll be a free man again.
    So Alex watched more films and was pronounced cured. Now it was time to show the world. A special presentation is arranged where the Minister of the Interior introduces Alex is cured. he tells him how even two years in prison he hasn't changed, that he learns to play the game - to give a false smile, to pretend he is good, when he is really still evil. Alex is brought out on stage in the suit he wearing when he was put into prison. The minister sits down and his aide tells him his ass is really on the line here. The minister tells him he has complete faith in Brodsky.
    Lardface comes out and insults Alex, tells him he smells, he doesn't bath and that he just doesn't like him. Alex can't understand this. He has bathed that day and he has never met the man before, he has done nothing to provoke this attack. The man is upset and knocks him to the floor and steps on his chest pinning him back. Alex tries to fight back, but starts to get sick. The man tells him that the only way he'll leave Alex alone is that Alex has to lick his shoe clean. Alex so wants the man to go away so he won't feel sick that he does lick the bottom of his shoe. The man gets off him, takes his applause and leaves.
    Alex gets to his knees trying to get his wits back when a young woman walks out on stage. The woman wears a shoulder length white wig and to the surprise of the audience, especially the sergeant from Alex's prison, she is only dressed on panties. Alex looks up, surprised as well as she stands over him. He reaches up to grab her breasts, he desperately wants to give her the old in-out, in-out there right on the stage real horrorshow. As his hand get within an inch of her breasts he falls back down gasping and feeling sick again. The girl back up and bows to thunderous applause, then exits.
    The minister retakes the stage while the applause is still going. Alex seeks approval and asks the minister if he has done well. He tells him he has done fine. He stands next to Alex and explains how he has now become the perfect Christian - ready to turn the other cheek instead of fighting. He would becomes sickened at the thought of even hurting a fly. He is drawn to the good by being incapable of doing evil. He is now ready to go back into the world.
    "Choice!" a voice proclaims. It is the priest from the prison. He takes the opposite view. He says his free will has been taken away. He has become incapable of choosing his behavior. He doesn't want to be good, he is forced to be. When a man loses the ability to chose, he is no longer a man. He might as well be mechanical on the inside (like a Clockwork Orange). The crowd sides with the minister and the display of sex and violence and the next day Alex was sent home a free man.

Part 3

    Alex heads home to surprise his parents carrying a bundle with all his stuff. They are not surprised because every newspaper proclaims him the miracle cure on the front page. When he comes into his pee and em's house he is surprised to see another man sitting on the couch between them munching on lomticks of toast. His room is now full of boxing photos and his parents are bailing. They tell him he should've let them know he was coming home. They reveal that the man is Joe and they have rented out Alex's room to him and his next month's rent is paid in advance. Alex is shocked. He wants to now what happened to Basil - his snake. His father tells him the snake has died and all his stuff was taken away as compensation for the victims. In one fell swoop he realizes all his stuff his gone and he has essentially been replaced and his parents have no intention of letting him stay there. It gets worse when Joe gets in his face. He tells him he is more of a son than a lodger and he is sickened by what Alex put his parents through. Alex doesn't want to hear crap from this stranger and goes to tolchock him in the face. Joe backs off and Alex starts to get sick. Em doesn't want any fighting and starts crying and Joe goes to comfort her. All three of them huddle on the couch and Alex realizes when he is not wanted. He tells them he is leaving and not coming back and hopes it lies heavily on their souls. He leaves his house for the last time.
    In despair he heads down to the riverbank near a bridge. He stares blankly at the water and is lost in this new world he inhabits. So it is no surprise when Alex doesn't notice a familiar voice begins asking if "he can spare some cutter, me brother?" He doesn't know that it is the tramp he and his droogs beat up and left for dead near the beginning of the story. After the third time the tramp asks, Alex finally notices him and reaches into his pockets to grab some coins. When he turns to hand it to the tramp, the man suddenly recognizes Alex. "Jamey Mack be the hokey fly!" he exclaims. "You are the one that tried to do me in", he accuses. Alex tells him he has no idea what he is talking about, he has never seen him before. The tramp tells him he never forgets a face and Alex is now trying to get away from him. He heads toward the bridge and there is an underpass there. The tramp is shouting to his other bum friends that this is the hoodlum who beat and laughed at him and left him for dead. Suddenly Alex is attacked by 20 or so dirty, filthy drunkies and is powerless to stop them. He goes down to the ground with his package in almost a fetal position. He feels he is no danger because their blows have no power behind them.
    Soon after two policemen come along and break it up. The tramps disperse and they go to lift up Alex to see what is wrong. To his absolute horror they are his old droogs - Georgie and Dim! "It can't be.", Alex gasps. "Evidence of the old glazzies, little Alex. No magic here, a job for two who are now of job age - the police." This shows how the government has turned, they are now hiring thugs as police. Alex tells Dim he is a victim and Dim tells him they know all about him as their supervisor was reading it to them from the paper. Dim also tells him not to call him Dim any more, but to now call him officer.
    They lead him away, but not too safety. Instead they throw him in the back of the police vehicle in handcuffs. They drive out to some remote area in the country. Alex says that they aren't angry about the old days still and they tell him no. Dim can't really remember those times he tells him. They lead him over to a dirty bathtub in a clearing. It is filled with scummy water and they push his face down in it and beat him repeatedly with their night sticks and leave him bruised, bloody and gasping for air.
    A raging storm begins and Alex crawls his way to a nearby home. In his diminished state, he doesn't realize that it is THE home from before. It is the same place where he beat up and raped Mrs. Alexander years earlier. He gets to the door and basically falls in. Julian, the bodyguard, carries him in all wet and bloody. When Mr. Alexander, now in a wheelchair, asks what happens he tells him the ghastly police beat him up. Mr. Alexander tells him he is a victim and Alex agrees. He says they police are fond of beating people up and leaving them out there. Then he recognizes him. Not as the boy who beat him up, because they had their maskie disguises back then, but as the victim of the state that is in all the papers. Alexander is thrilled and believes he was delivered to him by god and that he wants to help him. Alex is grateful, though he has no idea what he is in for. He has Julian prepare a hot bath for him to clean him up.
    While Alex is relaxing in the bath tub, Mr. Alexander gets on the phone. He is a famous underground writer who is against the new government. He calls up fellow conspirators to tell them that they can use Alex as the perfect tool to take down the new government which they despise. Alex has a hot towel over his face and forgetting where he is starts to sing and splash the water to the beat. The song he sings is "Singin' in the Rain". Mr. Alexander is in the next room and suddenly notices. He wheels over to the door and starts to go crazy as he finally realizes who Alex really is.
    When Alex is done he grabs a bathrobe and comes out. There is no one around, but there is spaghetti and wine at the dining room table. He's hungry and since it is there, so he digs in. Soon after Julian carries Mr. Alexander, wheelchair and all, down the steps and they sit down. Alex thinks he is in trouble for eating, but Mr. Alexander brushes him off as it is for him. He tells him his wife used to do everything for him and leave him to his writing. Alex asks if she is away. "She's DEAD!", he yells at him. Alex knows he is in trouble as Mr. Alexander now seems crazed. He explains how she was attacked and brutally raped in this very room and he was left as an invalid. Eventually because of her wounds she died is what he believes, though the doctors didn't agree. He also explains how he called a bunch of friends over to help Alex. Alex says that he is kind, but doesn't want to be a burden and he should be going. He knows he is in trouble for the fourth time in a row here and is desperate to get away, but is powerless to fight his way out. Nonsense, Alexander tells him. He also tells Alex to try the wine. Alex feels that there is something bad in the wine, so he stalls. He reads the label, pours, sniff it and once again realizes there is nothing he can do - so he drinks it. He doesn't drop dead, so it feels it is safe and drinks again when Alexander offers him more.
    The other people in Alexanders' group arrive and sit down with him at the table. The woman conspirator, Rubinstein, wants to interview Alex. She is mainly interested in the conditioning and the affects of music. He tells her it isn't all music that makes him sick, only Beethoven's 9th and that it wasn't planned. She asks him how it makes him fell. "Like  I want to snuff it", he tells her. She doesn't understand, he has to explain it is basically a suicidal feeling. He just wants to die and feel like no pain. She asks if he feels like that now. He explains that he is constantly feeling like something bad is going to happen to him. Then suddenly he goes face first into his spaghetti. Alexander picks him up by the hair and looks at him menacingly.
    When Alex finally awakes he is dressed in his suit again and locked in an upstairs bedroom. Below a pair of speakers are blasting upwards the sounds of the Ninth symphony. The group waits below in the pool room for Alex to crack. One man, Dolan, rolls pool balls. Mr. Alexander just stares upward with an insane glee. Alex screams, tries to cover his ears and pounds on the door and floor for them to turn it off. He screams and screams and realizes it is futile. He then goes to window, opens it up and jumps out.
    He doesn't die, but instead breaks many bones and winds up in a coma. His arm, legs and head are now in a plaster cast. A doctor and a nurse are having sex in a nearby bed one night when he starts to moan. The nurse runs over to him half dressed to check on him.
    The next day his parents show up with a get well basket. Alex asks them what makes them think they are welcome here? His mother starts crying and his father tells him they have heard he was a victim and feel really bad about all this and he can come home whenever he is ready. 
    Later a female psychiatrist, Dr. Taylor, comes in to check on him. Alex tells him about his dream he has of doctors playing inside his brain. She tells him that is normal. She then shows him five pictures with captions and he has to say what the other person will say. The first is a man looking at a peacock telling another man, "Isn't the plumage beautiful?". Alex says all he has to do is say what the other person will say? The doctor tells him that is right, not to think about it - just say the first thing that comes into his head. Alex doesn't now what to say, "Cabbage...knickers...it's not got a beak." The second shows a woman telling two boys, "The boy you always quarrel with is seriously ill." Alex replies, "And I'll smash your face for you, yarblockos."  The third shows a man returning to a watch store. "You sold me a crummy watch. I want my money back" . He says, "You know what you can do with it - stick it up your arse!" The fourth shows a man climbing a ladder into a woman's room while she is naked in bed saying "What do you want?". Alex replies, "No time for the old in-out, in-out love, I've just come to read the meter." The last shows someone with eggs. "You can do whatever you like with these." Alex responds, "Eggiwegs! I  want to pick em up and smash them." He gets excited and bangs his arm and curses.  She tells him he has done well. He wanted to do more since he was enjoying it. He also wants to know when he is getting out of there. She tells him soon, he is on his way to a complete recovery. It is now clear the Ludovico technique has worn off from the suicide attempt.
    The next day a nurse is feeding him when when the Minister of Interior arrivers. She leaves and Alex struggles to feed himself. The minister takes over and tells him that the man who tried to harm him because he felt Alex had done him wrong has now been put away. Alex tells him he is lonely and has suffered the tortures of the damned. He tells Alex that they made a mistake and they are going to fix everything for him. They were just following recommendations. Eventually they will give Alex a good paying job. "What job and how much?", Alex inquires. He tells him it'll have to be something he is happy with and now that they are friends he can call him Fred. As a gesture of good faith the minister has his aides wheel in two huge speakers playing Beethoven's ninth and a pack of reporters for a photo op. The minister puts his arm around him and Alex smiles and gives a thumbs up. With the music playing he has a vision. He is chasing a naked blond between a row of people in Victorian outfits cheering him. He catches the girl and rolls around with her on the floor. He finally pronounces, "I was cured all right."

My Review

    If it wasn't for this film none of us would be here right now. The reason is that it is because of this film that you are reading these words. It is the reason I built this site. Before I saw ACO I had no idea who Malcolm was as did most people. If I didn't see it I am sure I might never have known about Malcolm at all. I certainly wouldn't have seen dreck like Tank Girl, Star Trek, Cyborg 3, In the Eye of the Snake? Please! 
    I can still remember going to Blockbuster in 1989 looking for a movie to rent, this was before unlimited Internet access for $20 a month or less. The big weekend past time was to rent a stack of movies. After clearing out most of the horror, animation and sci-fi films it meant wandering around the store. I saw the box and remembered seeing parts of it on Cable in 1980 and not knowing what was going on it. The image of Mr. Alexander with the ball in his mouth always stuck in my mind as I thought the ball was actually him throwing up into the tape - hard to forget that.
    So I saw the famous Phil Castle poster image on the cover and said to my girlfriend that I always wanted to see it. She had seen it in the drive-in when it was first released, but was freaked out by the violence.
    I watched it totally mesmerized. I saw myself there. I saw how my life was going and how it would probably end up. In short the film was influencing my life without me knowing it.
    On to the film. This is one of only maybe three perfect films. There is nothing wrong with it anywhere. The only minor complaint I have is the droogs' white outfits. Anyone that has ever snuck around at night whether being naughty or wrecking havoc knows you wear black to hide in the shadows. In fact, this is how they dressed in the book. White would be the last thing you would ever wear. But in the film it is more of a futuristic fashion statement that works so well that it doesn't bother me. I would've loved to see the 21st chapter on film as well, even though it would've made the film close to 3 hours. Hell if it were 5 hours I wouldn't complain!
    This is the only film where I watch with a wicked grin throughout. So many times in the media it is referred to as sci-fi, drama, horror or whatever, but I've always seen it as a black comedy. Alex telling his mom he better stay home from school or else he'll miss MORE school! PR Deltoids questions always ending with yesss? The screaming prison guard telling the prisoners in church "Show a little reverence you bastards!" The 'Singin' in the Rain' rape scene, the faces on the men when the topless girl comes out during Alex's demonstration, and on and on - these are all funny moments and bring laughs in the theater.
    One thing I hate is when people carry on and on about how films can only be watched in the theater. That is such a bunch of crap, especially now on DVD. I have had as much or more fun watching tapes at home with friends over. ACO is no exception. It is a great movie to watch at home. There are no special effects so it isn't totally necessary to see on the big screen and with an advanced sound system, you are nearly duplicating the theater experience.
    The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission. The mesmerizing music, like something from another world, Malcolm's hypnotizing stare, the bizarre atmosphere with the tables sculpted like naked women combined with the slick narration make perfect cinema. The close up of Alex and the slow pull back of the camera is timeless, no matter how many times you see it, it never gets old.
    Malcolm's performance is flawless and he plays the role like he lived it. Even more impressive is that he had no idea how to play the role because he never did anything like that growing up. This shows his talent at it's finest. Even though Alex is supposed to be immoral, you find yourself like him, feeling sorry for him and maybe even wanting to be like him or with him! After all, how can someone who loves Beethoven be all bad?
    Alex's droogs had small roles. Michael Tarn as Pete in his film debut had only one line, so anyone could've played him. Warren Clarke as Dim, also in his film debut, was very good as the big, strong child - laughing moronically on one hand, but fighting multiple opponents on the other. James Marcus as Georgie was also good, but again could've been played by anyone.
    The big supporting roles are outstanding. If you have ever seen the late Patrick McGee in other roles you'll know what I mean, like Dementia 13. He goes from obsessed to psychotic in a heartbeat and is brilliant at both. The evil eye he gives Alex after he recognizes him is priceless and speaks volumes. His crazed delivery of lines is fantastic, "More WINE!?" The face he makes when he he hears Alex singing in the tub is one of the best in history or as he calls it, :looks like I was taking a crap." Patrick, like Malcolm, was one of the most underrated actors of his time.
    The late Michael Bates is hysterical as the always screaming Sergeant in the prison. He gets many of the great lines like, "Shut your filthy hole you scum!" His inspection and questioning of Alex is also priceless. Malcolm also gets a great scene at the Ludovico center when the Sergeant orders him to stop and he does an extremely forced stop, practically jumping in the air - mocking him.
    Who could forget Aubrey Morris as PR Deltoid? Though he has only two scenes he really steals the show when he runs of a bunch of sentences that end in yess? For example, "There was a bit of a nastiness last night, yess? Some very extreme nastiness, yess? A few of a certain Billy Boy's friends were ambulanced off late, yess?" Three in a row - bing, bam boom! Very funny stuff. And later when he surprises us by spitting in Alex's face because he is through with him. Aubrey is very talented, try to catch him in other roles, they are usually pretty off-the-wall characters.
    Miriam Karlin as the feisty catlady who fights back against Alex is also great when Alex is messing with the Phallic sculpture. "Cut the shit, sonny." and "I'll teach you to break into real people's houses." are two of her great lines. You would think she'd be afraid of Alex, but she isn't. This makes her an interesting character. Another small role that was pulled off flawlessly.
    David Prowse as Julian the bodyguard is fun to watch because he is mainly known as the man in the Darth Vader suit. This is a rare chance to see him in the flesh.
    Walter Carlos puts together one of the all-time greatest music scores. The haunting moog pieces mixed with classical pieces real give the film a feel that it is from a different time. Sure Alex goes to a store that sells records when 20 years later records were basically extinct, but he also has a micro tape which is almost like the precursor of DAT. His 50 speaker sound system was the forerunner for the massive wattage systems people have today, like home theater surround sound. I always wondered how Alex's parents could sleep while he was blasting the music only a room away? His mom took sleeping pills, but his father didn't. Did he work the night shift somewhere? Wouldn't the neighbors complain? Since the whole moog movement disappeared when synthesizers emerged in the early 80s, there will probably never be another soundtrack remotely like it.
    The film inspired so many. It started the Punk and skinhead movement. It was almost like the ultimate Rock and Roll film since it influenced so many later musicians. David Bowie dressed like Alex, there were bands called Droogs and Heaven 17. Bands used Nadsat and words from the film, some dressed up like them such as Dee Snider, Blur, Echo and the Bunnymen and Megadeth. The poster style has been copied from art exhibition to a John Wayne Bobbitt telethon. Even this year, almost 30 years later Eminem dressed up like Alex on the cover of Spin.
    It is just so amazing on every level - the story, the acting, the directing, the score, the sets, the clothes - all are top notch. There is literally something for everyone. People who like black humor, people who like great and original music, Kubrick fans,  people who like futuristic looks, guys who like violence and action scenes, people who like a great story about how taking free will away from people is evil, enough nudity and sexual imagery to arouse men and women. Also fascinating is the sculptures and paintings. One of my most favorite is the Dancing Christs in Alex's room - always wanted one of those. Innovative filmmaking like the high speed William Tell orgy sequence. It has been parodied and reference in so many other films and TV including multiple times on The Simpsons. Fascinating language. Great poster art by Philip Castle with a perfect rendering of Malcolm. What's not to like? Only someone who is really close-minded wouldn't like this film. It succeeds on so many levels that it is truly a work of art. Beautiful to look at and listen to. I am interested in every detail when I watch it from the masks discarded in the derelict casino to the graffiti on the walls of Alex's flatblock. There is so much detail. Kubrick even made 4 different fake newspapers to show Alex's release from prison as well as his suicide attempt which includes an inside joke. Alex listed as Alex Burgess, a nod to the author. It is also an amazing accomplishment that nearly everything was shot on location. Only 4 sets were built and total cost was under $2 million! That is why ACO is a perfect film in every way.

Rating 10/10


US 1971
Ad mat.
Being the adventures of a young man...who loved a bit of the old ultra-violence...went to jail, was brainwashed...and came out cured...or was he?
Poster Version
Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven.
AU 1972

Being the adventures of a young man...who couldn't resist pretty girls... or a bit of the old ultra-violence...went to jail, was 're-conditioned'...and came out a different young man...or was he?
Censored 1972 version:

Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are ultra-violence and Beethoven.
Italy 1972

Le avventure di un giovane i cui principali interessi sono lo stupro, l'ultra-violenza e Beethoven
US 1982
Winner of 10 Major Awards including the Hugo Award for Science-Fiction.
UK 2000
The Breakthrough Presentation Of Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange For The Millions Who Were Not Allowed To See It Until Now!


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A History of ACO events
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Together Again

Year Actors/Crew Film
1971 Barrie Cookson + Virginia Wetherell Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
1972 John Clive + Katya Wyeth Straight on Till Morning
1972 Patrick Magee, Virginia Wetherell, Gillian Hills, Sheila Raynor, Jan Adair  Demons of the Mind
1973 Malcolm, Philip Stone + Warren Clarke O Lucky Man!
1975 Kubrick, Steven Berkoff, Patrick Magee, Godfrey Quigley, Anthony Sharp, Philip Stone Barry Lyndon
1976 Malcolm, Philip Stone + Carl Duering Voyage of the Damned
1977 John Clive + James Marcus Let's Get Laid
1979 Warren Clarke, Aubrey Morris, Madge Ryan + Philip Stone S.O.S. Titanic
1980 Kubrick + Walter Wendy Carlos The Shining
1985 Malcolm McDowell + Warren Clarke Gulag
1997/8 Warren Clarke, Margaret Tyzack + Philip Stone Dalziel and Pascoe 
2001 Malcolm McDowell + Gaye Brown Princess of Thieves

Malcolm and Aubrey Morris both did different episodes of Tales from the Crypt in 1990 and Patrick McGee was in the 1972 Tales from the Crypt movie!

Together Before

Year Actors/Crew Film/Co.
1965 Malcolm McDowell + Patrick Magee Royal Shakespeare Company
1965 Patrick Magee, Shelia Raynor + Paul Farrell Die, Monster, Die!
1968 Stanley Kubrick + Margaret Tyzack 2001: A Space Odyssey
1970 David Prowse + Neil Wilson The Horror of Frankenstein
1971 Malcolm McDowell + John Savident The Raging Moon


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