Interrogative Words: Forming Questions

enθina             why

enθ               what

θ                 which

r                  who

enθina ň avide pyaθ ?     (lit: why you went there? )

Why did you go there?   

θ yiruňňu paθθonpaθm ňτandile τavum valiya smrrjyam ? (lit: which - was - nineteenth -  in century - biggest - empire )

Which was the largest empire in the nineteenth century ?

rude kde avan pyaθ ?  (lit: who with is he went. Note the use of possessive case of r. The preposition kde - with causes the noun or pronoun to takee tthe possessive case )

Whom did he go with?

rd codicu ?  (Note the use of parlative case of r and the omission of the pronoun 'you' )

Whom did you ask ?

rkke koduθu ? (rkke is the accusative case of r)

Whom did you give ?







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