Estimado Maitani:

La Pen F/FT son lo mas hermoso y original que ha fabricado hasta el presente Olympus. En el 2013 se cumplirán 50 años de su ingreso al mercado. Sus opticas son de extraordinaria calidad y aun hoy vemos pagar altos precios por las mismas. Quienes las usamos intensamente sabemos de su rendimiento.

Por lo dicho se me ocurre sugerir que Olympus debiera preparar para celebrarlo, una emisión especial "50 Aniversario": una "Olympus Pen FT Digital Micro 4:3". La misma debería respetar el formato original (si fuera posible tambien el obturador rotativo) y la posibilidad mediante adaptador de utilizar las opticas Zuiko Pen originales.

Adhieren a la propuesta? Olympus tiene aun 4 años para pensarlo.

Un abrazo y felicitaciones por los logros obtenidos



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Dear Maitani:

The Pen F / FT is the most beautiful and original that it has manufactured to present Olympus. In 2013 will mark 50 years of its entry into the market. Its optics are of superb quality and we still pay high prices for them. Whom we know of his intense performance.

I suggest that I think that Olympus should prepare for the event, issuing a special "50th Anniversary": an "Olympus Pen FT Digital Micro 4:3." It should respect the original format (if possible also the rotary shutter) and the possibility of using an adapter optical Zuik Pen originals.

Adhere to the proposal? Olympus has 4 years to even think about it.

A hug and congratulations for the achievements



05 February 2009



I presently own an Olympus OM3 as well as a newer novice camera called the OM2000.

I believe that the OM Series design is very comfortable and Olympus should, again, engage your services to design a comfortable digital SLR.

Additionally, I believe that the actual digital image collector should be field-interchangeable. As digital technology is refined and evolves, the camera should not need to be replaced nor should the lenses.

I think you know what I mean.

Ohan Karagozian

28 September 2008



Spettabile sig. Maitani,

mi unisco al coro che unanime si alza dalle gole di appassionati di OM1:

proponga un dorso digitale, da 24x36 millimetri, per dare nuova vita e
nuovi slanci a tanti amatori.

Sinceramente suo


Vicenza, 24 aprile 2008



Dear Maitani San,

I have returned to the Olympus OM system.I went through using digital and all manner of high end elecronic camera systems but none could match the genius and usability of OM.There is in no doubt a yearning by serious photgraphers for Olympus to recommit to the OM system.

John Joe O'Neill

4 May 2007




If only someone would design a digital back for the OM1, this would become the cult status camera of the new century, and life would be perfect.

Eugene Ward

26 October 2005



Dear Sir,

What the world needs from you is some support and production of digital backs for the OM series cameras.

I do believe this is quite a serious issue since the production has been stopped and I have been unable to deduce a reason why digital backs were not offered to the many existing users of the OM system. It occurred to me that this should have been done or at least a market survey of users carried out to see if they would support a digital back before production was halted. Many long time camera users have over the last few years been sitting on the fence with regards to their future purchases. Some have purchased digital compacts and quasi digital slrs, perhaps waiting for the day when their long term systems would be supported with digital conversion. This may be the true answer to why the OM system sales went down so far that it was uneconomical to continue. I doubt very much indeed if it was because of no interest in the product. What we were all waiting for was your move. At the same time you were wondering why we were not buying. I do not for a moment suggest I can teach Olympus how to suck eggs and do their marketing, but there was a fundamental error here. Basically Olympus did not asks us what we wanted them to do.

There is, I believe, a rather large following out there, which if offered digital backs would indeed support and revive the OM system for the 21st century.

When I replaced my OM2 with an OM4Ti late in 2003, I had no idea I was buying into a dead system and I am shocked of the loss we face. The OM cameras are very very fine products. I will not buy a plastic camera - not even your own e-300. To me its like buying a Roberts radio. It must be wood. There is a product ethos here, and the contracting out of manufacturing to specialist mould designers etc is not what I am looking for from a camera.

You are no doubt a wizard, and I am sure you can observe how several manufacturers are now trying to move their top end systems to digital slr. Why not the OM system. All the accessories are still perfectly good. An OM Digital back simply puts you back on A-list with a first class product you have already done all the development on.

Is the development of a digital back too remote? The OM system could be revived in a big way with this. The dreadful trading conditions of the last 2-3 years is in my view because there is massive overcrowding in the compact digital market. There are a great many of us out there who will not switch to plastic 2-year wonders where support is just ditched at any moment the maker has something new to offer. These plastic / polycarbonate cameras including those of Olympus do not inspire me.


Richard Newton

14 July 2005



Dear Mr. Maitani

Please, please, please, please, please exert any influence you can to get a digital back introduced that will take the amazing Zuiko / OM lenses and other OM accessories into the digital age. I continue to buy these lenses second hand. I still love film, though I use digital as well. I don't know how much longer this will last, but it will have a lot to do with your product strategy.

I have regretted seeing long-term Nikon and Canon camera users being given a route into the digital age which protects their investment in lenses and other accessories while no such route has been offered to loyal and dedicated Olympus users. Much as I regret it this has moved Olympus out of the top league for many serious photographers. While I have no doubt that new digital Olympus SLRs are good quality, the lack of a digital path for long term Olympus users is an unfortunate sign that Olympus does not consider long-term customers to be important.

If there was a digital route I would happily continue with my faithful Zuiko companions and spend new money on new Olympus equipment. As things currently stand I can see that one day I will reluctantly part with my old Olympus gear and cross into the digital SLR world with the likes of Nikon, or Canon, who have rewarded their customers' loyalty.

Please, please, please, Olympus, reconsider your strategy. Provide a digital path for long-term loyal customers. Prove to them that their loyalty matters to you. Just about every one of them could be the best advertisement you could possibly have for your equipment, thanks to the genius of Mr. Maitani's OM design, if you would only give them the chance. Please help us to help the company we learned to love in the brilliant days of the Olympus OM range of cameras.

Yours Sincerely,

A long-time, loyal, Olypmus OM user, who would dearly love to remain so.

22 March 2005



Mr. Maitani,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a part of your dream.

15 July 2004



Keep Going!

The Olympus OM system has been the stuff of my photographic dreams since childhood. I refused to believe the system was dying the first time I read the news.

My OM1n chrome and OM2n black cameras give me satisfaction and delight every time I use them. Everyone comments on my photographs, the most prevalent question being, ‘What kind of camera did you use?' It's now become a bittersweet experience answering this question.

Mr. Maitani put his soul into the original designs . I refuse to believe Olympus would forever walk away from a product which has successfully captured mine as well as so many others'.

Dennis Walker
2 December 2003


  OM System / Digital Capability

Dear Maitani San,

Much as I agree with the point about the need to develop new technologies, I believe there is room to enhance older systems, at the same time.

I and many other OM system owners would welcome the availability of a digital back for our OM system SLRs. It would make the perfect complement to my OM2n and would allow me to use the flexibility of the OM system in digital photography.

Is there any possibility that we might see such a development?

Mike Stuart
24 April 2003

  Termination OM Production

Dear Mr. Maitani,

Since 23 years I am one of the enthusiastic users of an OM2n and an OM4 camera. Besides that I use the XA, an excellent camera with astonishing results. I like you to know that I am very disappointed to hear that the production of your brilliant OM system has been terminated. I understand that this decision had something to do with bad sales results. I suppose that the end of the OM system means a big shock for you as the inventor of it. So far as I know until now there is no alternative for this fabulous system.

In the Netherlands are many fanatic users of your OM system who are still purchasing for OM camera's and lenses. There are also second hands markets where OM-fans are meeting and sharing their experiences. So I hope I can still use my OM camera and lenses for a very long time.

Now I am dreaming to find ever an OM3Ti or OM4Ti. I hope to hear from you. Maybe you can tell me there is still some hope.

Herman Spreitzer
12 March 2003

  Digital SLR

I have used Olympus cameras and lenses since 1974 and am looking forward to what may come from Olympus in the digital SLR field. The great benefit of digital is that since the photoreceptor is smaller than 35 mm film, shorter focal length lenses are used, resulting in smaller, faster lenses with greater depth of field. Little digital cameras provide view camera like depth of field because of their short focal lengths.

Maitani is on the right track by opting to discard the 35 mm standard to take advantage of the small photoreceptor size. 28-105 f2 or 70-210 f2 equivalent lenses would be possible as a result. Great for photojournalism. Give us a minimal light sensitivity equivalent of 1600 ASA for color and up to 6400 for black and white. I hope Olympus follows through with this project. A paradigm shift, not a tacking on of new technology on old is what is needed.

Leah Rogne
5 January 2003

  Serie OM

Grande,Grande,Grande estimatore del Sig. Maitani e delle sue 'creature' concetti quali: la compattezza funzionalità, e precisione nella esposizione nelle varie situazioni,fanno di queste 'reflex' a distanza di anni punti di riferimento nelle macchine a pellicola chimica. Felice possessore di OM-1n e OM-10, le chiedo se ha in serbo altre 'creature' chiaramente nel campo del digitale magari un OM-5?

Cordiali Saluti

Palermo- Italy
23 October 2002

  Future Camera and Lens Production

11 July 2002

To: Mr. Maitani and Olympus Corp.

It is a pleasure to write to you via e-mail. I've been a fan of the OM System for some time now. The lens coatings and "chrome as well as black" cameras have caught my eyes for some time now. I originally bought the stainless-steel OM1(n) when I was in the military over in Europe. I wonder if I would have taken more photographs if it was the black sister camera. See how contrast of such creates the energy!

I'm older now and am also more experienced in photography as a student entering intermediate black and white and transparencies. The website that brought me from here to you is very thorough and helps in familiarizing with the equipment. I'm very content with the chrome camera. It's rugged, and still mint, will probably outlive me.

If I could bring suggestion to Olympus Corp. (my favorite 35mm) I would bring the idea of "silent film advance" as the only priority. It seems that metering cannot be any quicker than the one from OM-1, OM1(n), but sometimes time is critical and you don't have time to raise and lower while cranking. Therefore the chrome camera full-manual, tripod, macro outdoors etc... and silent advance for snapshooting, auditorium, and wildlife photography perhaps? Paint It Black!

P.S. The 135mm telephoto takes nice close-ups. It's a keeper!

Martin Garland
4XXX Mt.St.Helen's
Wy SD,


Without doubt, the best designed SLR ever! I have owned many (or all) of the OM models, and all of these little SLRs have always produced pics of the highest calibre. I believe that if ever there was an OM 5 that would accommodate the fantastic range of Zuiko lenses, half the world photographers would rush out and BUY IT! Nikon did it with the FM3. What a refreshing change it would be from the crap plastic we currently have to endure. Imagine an OM4 with 1/4000th sec shutter speed, 1/250th sec flash sync! A revival of this system is long overdue.

Dean Jones. Australia. 3 cheers for Mr. Maitani!
6 July 2002


Dear Mr. Maitani,

We need OM5/OM6, which one is the mechanically-controlled shutter the other is electronically-controlled shutter; or a totally auto-focusing type. Professionally!

Heard about the decision of terminate sales of OM system, lots of OMholics' heart are broken. What they have everyday eagered, now all disappeared.

You may not know that OM is a kind of religion and OM cameras are "cult"cameras.

OM system get into history equals OM fans' Jesus Christ dead.

Please please please keep struggling against all the difficulties, just for your fans.

Best regard

Joseph Chen from Taiwan
20 February 2002



Dear Mr. Maitani,

I wish to tell you this story which is the gospel truth & there are many witnesses to corroborate the fact.

Currently I am the Archive photographer for the Steamship and Historical Society of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. It is my privilege to be covering the building of The Wenonah II, first ship to be built in Gravenhurst in over 90 years. It is a very historical event in Canadian history.

Three weeks ago my usual camera (Pentax) died on me. The shutter mechanism had apparently worn out and the electronic chip had also seen it's day -- simply from over use. While the camera has been in for a re-build, I was loaned an Olympus Zoom 2000 -- for temporary purposes.

(Let me tell you at this point -- I used to own an Olympus IS 2 and an Olympus IS 3, both which I really liked. I used them while I was working on The Road to Avonlea show for stills shots. They were, unfortunately stolen from me, & I could never afford to replace them.)

On Friday, 10 of August, while I was on the ship photographing new work that had been done, a piece of re-bar steel which was supposed to be part of a safety rail, gave way to my weight & I took a nasty fall. Had I not turned sideways, I would have fallen thirty (30) feet to the water below, quite possibly killing me. As it is, I did some serious damage to both my left elbow and left shoulder. How serious -- I will find out later this morning.

The camera (Zoom 2000), fell to the steel deck approximately 16 feet or so below. The hood on the zoom flew off, the back sprang open spewing out the film, and I figured the camera was toast. While first aid was being done to my bleeding elbow, the Shipyard Supervisor gradually snapped the camera pieces back together. It zoomed in and out, the flash worked, there were hardly any scratches to the casing, but the question was -- would it still take pictures?

Once first aid was finished, I put another roll of film in the camera and tried it out. It seemed to worked OK!

If you go to, click on the brass name plate, click on Construction Progress and scroll to page six (6), you will see the images I shot.

Olympus must be very proud of their product -- you have every right to be. Had it been my Pentax, I would have been out a thousand dollar lens and a six hundred dollar body. I have told this story to some of my colleagues

& they advised me to tell you about this episode. They also went out and bought (for a back-up) an Olympus point & shoot.

Simply amazing!

Respectfully - Stewart Brady
"A Different Point of View"
22 August 2001


  we need you.

we need you and the olympus develope a new om slr, we need a OM5 or OM6.

don't let olympus behind nikon, or canon.

quinn ding
4 February 2001

  I make pictures of wedding photojournalism. The candid uninterrupted view of life. My website is

I like the OM system because of its simplicity and responsive qualities. A matrix meter or a digital camera can get in the way. The OM-4Ti gives me complete control of light and subject. I decide, not the camera. I have used OM cameras since 1977. Thank you for developing an almost perfect single lens reflex camera system.

Kenneth LaValle, USA
3 January 2001

  Hello Mr. Maitani i e-mail from Spain.

I bought an OM4-Ti on June 99. I am happy. I have another brands an models nothing like this. Exposure, Handling, and General Quality.

Will continue on the future the OM system? Other OM model? Or another Olympus SLR system?

In Spain it´s impossible adquire accesories for the OM system, I bought by e-mail in USA.

Congratulations for your OM System.

Best Regards
Thank You Very Much.

Jesus Ouro
A coruña
31 July 2000


Dear Mr. Maitani,

My compliments! For your homepage, the stories and -of course- the OM-System!

As a owner of one of rare M-1, I have made the same experience as you with the camera-service: after justage of the shutter I felt that I have a brand new camera. With new fun and excellent new photos. The story is now 9 years ago: My friend Frank at Olympus-Service (in the meantime I know him for 27 years and he is a very good friend of mine) checked shutter speed of my M-1 after his work on the meter. The result of the first measuring was a "0.0000" at the display; the second a "0.0007" % tolerance! My friend was confused: was this "small tolerance" the tolerance of the meter or the tolerance of the camera? Now we know: the shutter is so exact!

In the meantime Olympus Europe closed the service for OM-1 and OM-2. Therefore my friend has opened his own small company and offers a repair and restoration service for OM-1, OM-2, PEN-F and FT. He also has a good connection to people of Leica and so he can offer a modification service for OM-owners: an OM-1, OM-2 in black-chromium? No problem! This is now no longer a privilege of the Leica-owners. A blue OM-1, a red OM2, a OM-4Ti in military-colours or a OM-3 in 24ct gold - its no longer a problem... Frank is on the Internet. He helps me with my OM's and I help him with the Internet. So we invite you, Mr. Maitani, to visit us. Our address is:

Thank you and good night.

Heinrich Schwarz
23 May 2000



It’s my pleasure to write you Mr. Maitani.

I started photography in 1977. And with photography I start to repair cameras in 1980. I never learn to repair cameras from any one or any institute or that time never study any repair guide at time when I was started to repair cameras. I have a god gifted talent thanks to god.

In 1983 some of my friends give me Olympus OM-2 (completely open body). I fix that camera in five days. That was a first time to repair an Olympus camera. I saw the bearing system on shutter mechanism, and in loading system, and flash disconnect at 125, and brake system in shutter curtain.

Its very hard to say in one letter your design is excellent, superb OM system.

Now from 1983 I use OM system, and advise to photographers to come in OM system, I change their mind and they are using OM System. Even some of my friends using before Nikon F-3 and now they have Olympus OM system and very happy.

I am very much fan of you. So many times I was thinking to write a letter to Olympus. But now it is easy to write you by e-mail.

I repaired more then 10,000 cameras, lenses, and flash, and never damage any equipment till now. I am working for top professional photographers in Karachi and others cities like Lahore, Islamabad.

I am also a photographer and I have


and from 20 mm bellow lenses to 400mm tele lenses I love to have Olympus cameras and lenses and like to purchase more and more.

And also working as a photographer in PAKISTAN DESIGN INSTITUTE for twelve years. Now I am extended my repair work hop.

I am also looking for your advice and your reply.

Thanks for your time.

Kaleem Ahmad
Camera Arts
Service centre
19 March 2000


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