About Me
Within the SCA, I am known as Lady Elisabeth Fairchild. Some friends, specifically at Pennsic, know me as Red, referring to my strawberry blond hair. However, most people know me as Lynnaea. Recently, I accepted the post as Oaken Chronicler. Previously, I had been the chronicler for the College of Saint Joan. I have also previously been the exchequer for the Canton of Hawkes Keye. While at Pennsic, I was the Valkyrie for our heavy weapons fighters for my home barony (Barony of Flaming Grypon) for three consecutive years. Many other fighters from various baronies recognized me on the field as well, either by the garb I wore and/or the baronial favor I wore. I am told that our baronial colors, ermine and ore, are the third most recognized at Pennsic.

My persona within the SCA is one that lives in the 1520's near London, England. At this time, King Henry VIII is pursuing Lady Anne Boleyn. He is also on the verge of separating with the Catholic Church. As a result of this, he will become excommunicated by the Pope. He will then become the head of the Church of England. By doing so, he is then capable of divorcing his first wife, Queen Katherine of Aragon, for his, shall we say, current flavor the week (Lady Anne Boleyn). What can I say? I absolutely love to study the time period from when Henry VIII took the throne through Queen Elizabeth's death!

Mundanely, I work for the billing department at a local medical office which includes nine internal medicine physicians and five pulmonologists. I have an Associates Degree of Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Spanish and German. Recently, I have returned to college in pursuit of a degree in Radiology. I am the mother of a wonderfully sweet and happy baby boy! Every time I see his smiling face first thing in the morning, it always melts my heart. I am also engaged to a fantastic man! Amusingly, we met at Baron Wars four years ago. I was doing traffic control within the front gate to the fort and he was driving out of the fort to go park his truck. Who knew that from that meeting that we would end up to where we are today!?