Shakespearian and Elizabethan Insult Kit
The Shakespearian Insult Kit generates insults based on the collected works of the Bard and is based on the paper version of the 'kit' that has been in circulation for years. Combine one word from eacho ther three columns below, prefaced with 'Thou'.

Column 1                                           Column 2                                   Column 3

artless                                                base-court                                  apple-john
bawdy                                                bat-fowling                                 baggage
beslubbering                                        beef-witted                                 barnacle
bootless                                              beetle-headed                               bladder
churlish                                               boil-brained                                 boar-pig
cockered                                             clapper-clawed                            bugbear
clouted                                                clay-brained                                bum-bailey
craven                                                 common-kissing                          canker-blossom
currish                                                 crook-pated                                clack-dish
dankish                                                dismal-dreaming                          clotpole
dissembling                                           dizzy-eyed                                  coxcomb
droning                                                 doghearted                                 codpiece
errant                                                    dread-bolted                               death-token
fawning                                                 earth-vexing                               dewberry
fobbing                                                elf-skinned                                   flap-dragon
froward                                                fat-kidneyed                                flax-wench
frothy                                                   fen-sucked                                  flirt-gill
gleeking                                                flap-mouthed                                foot-licker
goatish                                                  fly-bitten                                     fustilarian
gorbellied                                               folly-fallen                                  giglet
impertinent                                            fool-born                                     gudgeon
infectious                                              full-gorged                                   haggard
jarring                                                   guts-gripping                                harpy
loggerheaded                                          half-faced                                    hedge-pig
lumpish                                                  hasty-witted                                horn-beast
mammering                                           hedge-born                                   hugger-mugger
mangled                                                 hell-hated                                     joithead
mewling                                                idle-headed                                    lewdster
paunchy                                                ill-breeding                                    lout
pribbling                                                ill-nurtured                                   maggot-pie
puking                                                   knotty-pated                                 malt-worm
puny                                                     milk-livered                                   mammet
qualling                                                  motley-minded                              measle
rank                                                      onion-eyed                                    minnow
reeky                                                    plume-plucked                                miscreant
roguish                                                 pottle-deep                                     moldwarp
ruttish                                                   pox-marked                                   mumble-news
saucy                                                    reeling-ripe                                    nut-hook
spleeny                                                  rough-hewn                                  pigeon-egg
spongy                                                  rude-growing                                pignut
surly                                                      rump-fed                                      puttock
tottering                                                 shard-borne                                   pumpion
unmuzzled                                             sheep-biting                                    ratsbane
vain                                                      spur-galled                                     scut
venomed                                               swag-bellied                                   skainsmate
villainous                                               tardy-gaited                                    strumpet
warped                                                  tickle-brained                                 varlot
wayward                                               toad-spotted                                   vassal
weedy                                                   unchin-snouted                               whey-face
yeasty                                                    weather-bitten                                wag-tail
You cream-faced loon
You bloody, bawdy villain
Your whoreson,clap-eared knave
You remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain
You decrepit wrangling miser, you base ignoble wretch
You dwarf, you minimus
You brawling, blasphemous, uncharitable dog
You gross lout, you mindless slave
You caterpillar of the commonwealth, you politician
You worshiper of idiots
You dull, unfeeling barren ignorance
You whimpering, whoremaster fool
You mangled work of nature, you scurvy knave
You ignorant, long-tongued, babbling gossip
You old, whithered crab tree
You irksome, brawling, scolding pestilence
You base, vile thing, you petty scrap
You filching, pilfering snatcher
You injurious, tedious wasp
You common gamester to the camp
You country copulative
You tiresome, wrangling pedant
You fawning greyhound, you petty trafficker
You base, fawning spaniel
You infectious pestilence
You unturtored churl
You son and heir of a mongrel bitch
You smiling smooth, detested parasite
And More Insults...