Lynnaea's Book List
Erickson, Carolly. Mistress Anne.  -- A very long and tedious book, but full of information about all that happened during the life of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's second wife and mother to Queen Elizabeth I.

Fraser, Antonia. The Six Wives of Henry VIII.  -- Fantastic book for those interested in the private life of King Henry VIII and the six women he married.

Gregory, Philippa. The Other Boleyn Girl.  -- A story about the life of Anne Boleyn's (King Henry VIII's  2nd wife's) sister.

Jenkins, Elizabeth. Elizabeth the Great.  -- An older book that I own, but have not read yet.

Leon, Vicki. Uppity Women of Shakespearean Times.  -- I love this book!

Meyer, Carolyn. Beware, Princess Elizabeth.  -- An easy read with a look into the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

Mary, Bloody Mary.  -- An easy read with a look into the life of Elizabeth I's older half sister, Bloody         Mary.

Norris, Herbert. Tudor Costume and Fashion.  -- A thick, fantastic book for those who sew and/or wish to recreate the Tudor dress style.

Singman, Jeffrey L. Daily Life in Elizabethan England.  -- A fabulous book for any actor who does      Renaissance festivals or shows, or simply for people who are interested in tidbit information such as how much a merchant earned every week.

Starkey, David. Elizabeth.  -- Interesting book!

Volen, Jane and Robert Harris. Queen's Own Fool.  -- An easy read, but quite interesting and fun!  It is about the life of Mary, Queen of Scots from the perspective of the little girl who played Mary's fool.