Blue Stiff Chiffon
I got this fabric on sale. I don't know why I bought it, it just screamed at me "buy me, buy me!" and I felt sorry for it on it's own on the sale rack so I bought it. Now I'm contemplating what to do with it. My original thoughts were probably making a modified Dream Gown out of it, but now I'm considering making an elf extra dress out of it. Maybe based on the style of the Yellow Lace dress only the lace parts in Blue Chiffon. I'm not sure, LOL.
Shieldmaiden Gown Fabrics
These are the fabrics I used to recreate my version of Eowyn's Shieldmaiden Gown.
The fabric on the right is a cream silk/cotton blend with a medieval vine pattern raised on the surface of the fabric. I used this for my chemise.
The fabric on the left is a brown chocolate leather I bought to make my vest out of that has an imitation elephant skin pattern. The cream and brown trim at the top is the trim I used on my vest.
Rose Dress Fabrics
These are the fabrics I used to recreate my version of Arwen's Rose Dress.
The pink layer at the top is the organza I used for the overlay on my underdress. It is patterned with diamante flowers.
The second layer is the pink silk I used for my underdress and the third layer is the red crushed velvet I used for my over dress and belt.
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