Andrew Micager Hughes, 4 Apr 1755 - 1 Sep 1843
Obedience "Biddy" Sumner (?), 1755 - 1829
 John Hughes, 1775 - 1799
 Mary (?)
  Gibson Hughes, c 1790 - c 1840.
  Sarah Mauldin, 1788 - 1872
   Tolive Hiram Hughes, c 1823 - c 1874
   Matilda Skelton, Sep 1823 - c 1905
    Edward Houston Hughes, 17 Aug 1857 - 15 Dec 1895
    Martha Elizabeth Mauldin, 26 Jan 1857 - 10 Jan 1932
     Edward Dean Hughes I, 6 Sep 1882 - 28 Sep 1932
     Mary Belle Cauley, 16 Nov 1878 - 19 Jul 1960
      Edward Dean Hughes II, 27 Jun 1915 - 1 Dec 1978
      Laura Margaret Inez Hayes, 12 Nov 1921 -
        Jerry Wayne Hughes, 1 May 1949 -


Solomon Hays, 1767 - 11 Aug 1855
Charlotte (?), 1785 - c 1860
 Mary Elizabeth Hays, 1799 - 22 Dec 1864
 Ephriam Massingill, 1785 - c 1855
  Benjamin Travis Hayes, 31 Aug 1829 - 16 Oct 1864
  Mary Elizabeth Hood, 1826 - 1889
   Daniel Travis Hayes, 15 Jun 1857 - 5 Dec 1949
   Margaret Mellisa Clark, 3 Feb 1861 - 21 Apr 1934
    Daniel Moses Hayes, 31 Jul 1879 - 31 Jul 1948
    Bessie Amanda Lafoy, 20 Feb 1898 - 27 Jan 1952
     Laura Margaret Inez Hayes, 12 Nov 1921 -
     Edward Dean Hughes, 27 Jun 1915 - 1 Dec 1978
      Jerry Wayne Hughes, 1 May 1949 -

Travis Hood, ? - 22 Nov 1864
 Mary Elizabeth Hood, 1826 - 1889; w/o Benjamin Travis Hayes


James Cauley, ? - ?
?, ? - ?
 James Frank Cauley, 30 May 1836 - 16 Jan 1921
 Mary Jane Jones, 13 Jul 1845 - 12 Jan 1927
  Mary Belle Cauley, 16 Nov 1878 - 19 Jul 1960
  Edward Dean Hughes I, 6 Sep 1882 - 28 Sep 1932
   Edward Dean Hughes II, 27 Jun 1915 - 1 Dec 1978
   Laura Margaret Inez Hayes, 12 Nov 1921 -
    Jerry Wayne Hughes, 1 May 1949 -


Daniel Lafoy, 1795 - ?
Juda (?), 1806 - ?
 Prue Lafoy, 1827 - bf 1860
 Avarilla Hall, 1827 - ?
  James Lafayette Lafoy, 11 Oct 1849 - 1 Oct 1926
  Laura Medlin, 1878 - 19 Feb 1965
   Bessy Mandy Lee Lafoy, 20 Feb 1889 - 27 Jan 1952
   Daniel Moses Hayes, 31 Jul 1979 - 31 Jul 1948
    Laura Margaret Inez Hayes, 12 Nov 1921 -
    Edward Dean Hughes, 27 Jun 1915 - 1 Dec 1978
     Jerry Wayne Hughes, 1 May 1949 -


Francis Mauldin, 1600 in England/Wales - 1660 in New Norfolk Co. VA
(1) Katherine Suttor, c 1605 in England - died 1637 in New Norfolk Co, VA.
(2) Grace Bennett, 1620 in England - 14 Oct 1697.
 Francis Mauldin, 1650 - Mar 1710
 Elizabeth Mackall, 1660 - 1720
  Major Francis Mauldin, 1684 - 30 Jan 1734
  Bridget Belaine, 1684 - ?
   John Mauldin, c 1712 - ?
   Jane Goodloe, ? - ?
    Henry Laban Mauldin, 1732 - ?
    Hannah Rucker, ? - ?
     John Godfrey Mauldin, 1765 - Feb 1832 
     Mary "Sarah" Blake, ? - ?
      Sarah Mauldin, 1788 - 1872
      Gibson Hughes, c 1790 - c 1840
       [See Toliver Hiram Hughes]

     Rucker Mauldin, 1760 - 16 Jan 1846
     Nancy Posey, 1769 - 1849
      Labon Mauldin, 4 Feb 1788 - 1869
      Charolette Mary Hamby, 1786 - ?
       John Maulin, 1825 - ?
       Mary Kate Sheriff, 1839 - ?
        [See Edward Houston Hughes]


James Washington Sheriff, ? - ?, from Ireland
Sarah O'dell, ? - ?
 Washington Sheriff, 1805 - ?
 Eliza Leach, 4 Nov 1810 - 24 Oct 1899
  Mary Kate Sheriff, 1839 - ?
  John Mauldin, 1825 - ?
   [See Edward Houston Hughes]


John Skelton was born about 1745
 William Skelton, 1771 - c 1845
 Sallie Anderson, ? - ?
  William John Skelton, 1800 - c 1866
  Eleanor Looper, c 1800 - bf 1861
   Matilda Skelton, Sep 1823 - c 1905
   Toliver Hiram Hughes, c 1823 - c 1874
    [See Edward Houston Hughes]


William Eddinsm, 1686 - c 1754
Rebecca Haw, c 1694- ?
 John Edens, c 1730 - ?
 Nancy (?), ? - ?
  Alexander Edens, 1740 - 28 Jun 1835
  Molley (?), ? - bf 1816
   Samuel Edens, 1777 - Dec 1847
   Rebecca Malinda Chastain, ? - af 1848
    William Elford Edens, 8 Jan 1800 - 17 Jan 1871
    Mary McClure, 1802 - af 1871
     Lydia Denisa Edens, 18 Dec 1824 - 13 Feb 1904
     Wilson C Jones, 6 May 1819 - 14 Feb 1884
      Mary Jane Jones, 13 Jul 1845 - 12 Jan 1927
      James Frank Cauley, 30 May 1836 - 16 Jan 1921
       [See Mary Belle Cauley]

Rev James Chastain, ? - ?
?, ? - ?
 Rebecca Malinda Chastain,
 Samuel Edens, 1760 - Dec 1847
  [See William Elford Edens]

John McClure, ? - ?
Lilean ?, Mar 1775 - 9 Sep 1828
 Mary McClure, ? - ?
 William Elford Edens 8 Jan 1800 - 17 Jan 1871
  [See Lidia Denisa Edens]


Joel Jones, ? - c 1795, born in Ireland, died at sea
(?), ? - ?
 Joel R Jones, 1 Nov 1790 - 13 Oct 1876
 Jane McElreath, 1790 -  10 Jul 1871
  Wilson C Jones, 6 May 1819 - 14 Feb 1884
  Lydia Denisa Edens, 18 Dec 1824 - 13 Feb 1904
   Mary Jane Jones, 13 Jul 1845 - 12 Jan 1927
   James Frank Cauley, 30 May 1836 - 16 Jan 1921
    Mary Belle Cauley, 16 Nov 1878 - 19 Jul 1960
     [See Edward Dean Hughes I]

Micheal McElreath, ? - ?
? , ? - ?
 Jane McElreath, 1796 - 10 Jul 1871
 Joel R Jones, 1 Nov 1790 - 13 Oct 1876
  [See Wilson C Jones]


Joseph Looper, c 1745 - ?
Sarah Pharis, c 1745 - 24 Mar 1829
 Jeremiah Looper Sr, 1775 - 25 Mar 1861
 Mary Jane (Polly) Forest, 1782 - 1 Apr 1860
  Eleanor Looper, c 1800 - bf 1861
  William John Skelton,  - 1866.
   [See Matilda Skelton]


Moses Hendricks, c 1757 - 12 Jan 1837
Susan Glenn, c 1760 - c 1840
 Elizabeth Hendricks, 1783 - 1837
 Alexander Clark, - bf 1837
  Moses Clark, 3 Mar 1820 - 17 Mar 1886
  Millie Simmons, 28 Mar 1829 - 30 Jan 1909
   Margaret Mellisa Clark, 3 Feb 1861 - 21 Apr 1934
   Daniel Travis Hayes, 15 Jun 1857 - 5 Dec 1949
    [See Daniel Moses Hayes]

James Glenn, ? - ?
Patience Thompson, ? - ?
 Susan Glenn, 1760 - c 1840
 Moses Hendricks, 1790 - c 1836
  [See Elizabeth Hendricks]


Compilied by
Jerry Hughes
1286 Gravely Rd
Pickens, SC 29671
803 878 4304

Edition:  Aug 1995



     Toliver's parents are not known.  The only thing new
about his immediate ancestery are some educated
     Only one document {Greenville Probate 50-42 1889}
mentions this family and relations to another known family.
It is by this that Toliver is part of the Andrew and
Obedience Hughes family of which others have written.
     Still the structure of this family is not completely
known and there are various possibilites from the records.
     Some discussion concerning the "traditional immigration
story" is included.


     Matilda is a Looper descendant and details of her
ancestery can be found in LOOPER COUSINS by Joseph Looper,
Mary and Herman Geschwind.  Her Skelton family descendants
are also found there.


     These are John R Hughes, Edward Houston Hughes and Mary
Obedience Hughes Stegall descendants.  Little or nothing is
known about descendants of Elvira Prescilla, Jeremiah,
William Robert or James Austin Hughes.


     The ancestery of some descendant spouses are noted in
this section.  Most are only parents, others go back
several generations.


     The Toliver and Matilda family history is reconstructed
from the usual record sources: census, probate, military,
and newspapers.  There is little or no traditional family
stories.   All the history after 1900 comes from the social
columns of the PICKENS SENTINEL.
     Some events are interesting and usually something bad
has happened.


     Just a few bits and pieces of information about this or
that family.


     Some blank forms and pages are left here for those
readers who want to add genealogical information or to
correct errors.
     These will be included in later editions.


OUR HUGHES, Mrs L L (Mary) Copeland, Laurens County Library.

PARSONS, by Ira Davis, Pickens County Library.

HAYNES, by Ira Davis, Pickens County Library.

JONES FAMILY HISTORY, Darlene M Fiddler, July 1982, Faith
Clayton room Southern Wesley University.

GILSTRAP HISTORY FROM 1749-1752, Earnest O Gilstrap, 1981,
Faith Clayton.

GRAVELY FAMILY HISTORY, Doris C Ligon, 1984, Faith Clayton.

MAULDIN FAMILY, Leornada Andrea, 1949-1966, Faith Clayton.

GENEALOGY OF MAULDIN FAMILY 1655-1993, B T Lawrence, Pickens
County Library & Faith Clayton.

EDENS FAMILY, John Davis Edens II, May 1991, Pickens County

GENEALOGICY JOURNAL Spring 1988, John Miller.


     Descendants of Toliver and Matilda are numbered
consectively as they are first cited in the DESCENDANT
section.  [Future editions, if there are any, will have
descendant numbers assigned as they are discovered.]
     The general scheme is to list the children of the
eldest member of any particular family first.  This, of
course is difficult to maintain for later generations.
     The intent is to have descendants of a common ancestor
grouped on consective pages.  Example:  (3) John R Hughes
descendants are on pages 4 - 6, (4) Mary Obedience Hughes
Stegall descendants are on pages 4 - 9.

     Spouse numbers use the same consective number of the
descendant preceded by an "s".  This provides a ready
reference of who is connected to whom.  Example:  (s4)
Richard Harrison Stegall is the spouse of descendant number
4 and (2s3) Sally Hughes is the second spouse of descendant
number 3.
     Ancestors of a spouse is noted by adding suffix
letters.  The parents receive "a" and "b" letters,
grandparents "c" thru "f", great-grandparents "g" thru "n",
2nd great-grandparents "o" thru "ad" and 3rd great-
grandparents "ae" thru "bi".  See Spouse Ancestor Chart in
that section for details.
     This provides "blank" spaces for future additions
without the neccessity of a complete renumbering.
     Example:  (s2s3c) Rev James W Hughes is the grandfather
of the spouse of the second spouse of descendant number 3.
Or in other words, the second husband of descendant number
3's second wife was Rev James W Hughes.
     The more common case is simply some ancestor of a
descendant's spouse, ie, (s17a) Samuel Parsons father of
(s17) Mattie Parson who married (17) Lawrence Edward Hughes.


     The traditional story of our immigration from Ireland,
as past down to me from Mrs Ora Hughes Powers (great grand-
daughter of Toliver through Edward Houston and James Luther
Hughes), who inturn received it from Mrs Bertha Hughes
Proffit (her aunt), is taken to be about Toliver's family.
     Also incorporated into her story are the names of
Toliver and Matilda's children as passed down to me from Mrs 
Eddie Hughes Harbin (sister of James Luther & Bertha) during
an early seventies reunion.
     It is simply that, as a result of the 1845-46 Irish
potatoe famine, Toliver left Ireland with his family which
included at least three brothers two of whom were twins,
James Austin 'Ossie' and Edward Houston, when the twins were
15 years old.  The other children being Jerry, Doc, Elvira
and Biddie.  Later on, James Austin moved to Texas and one
of the other brothers traveled to Australia.
     As is usually the case with the re-telling of family
stories from one generation to the next, the story has
gotten a few details changed.
     From the 1850 census {Laur 294}, it can be seen that
Toliver and [Matalda] are listed as being 30 with three
children: John R age 7, [Beddy] age 3 and [Altantes] age 4
months.  Obviously Toliver and Matilda's twins have yet to
be born.  Also both Toliver and Matilda are noted in the
census as being born in South Carolina as well as the
children.  Since the census taker did make note of other
people being born outside the United States it is a
relatively safe conclusion that the places of birth are
     The key elements of the traditional story are that
three brothers immigrated to America and two were 15 year
old twins.  The implication of the traditional story is that
they were part of a family, however, the more common story
among other family traditions is that three or more brothers
were 'seeking adventure', by choice or otherwise, in the new
     This creates two additional interpretations 1) the
teenage brothers were part of a family or 2) the brothers
were seeking adventure on their own.  Since the ages listed
in the 1850-70 censuses indicate Toliver was born sometime
around 1823 and some few years must be allowed for Toliver's
father to settle in South Carolina, meet and marry a local
woman, the latest year of immigration would be about 1817.
This does not preclude that the immigration occurred
generations earlier, as will be seen.
     There is a reference titled PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION
LISTS which is an alphabitized listing of names, year of
immigration, source of information plus age and destination
when available.  This is an index to listings and even other
indices of immigrants from various sources.  To extract
useful information from this resource most, if not all,
Hughes listings, including other spellings, were compiled
and re-ordered by year for the period 1700-1850.
     First of all this by-year-order revealed that the same
name or group of names appear on different source lists.
Not nearly as many people immigrated as indicated by the
quanity of listed names.
     Secondly, in 1813 four Hughes men entered the country:
Edward, Lawrance James, Peter, and Thomas Hughes; no age
available and destination Philadelphia Pennsylvania, a
common port of entry and should not be taken as final
destination.  The source is a 1940 Works Project
Adminstraton project sponsored by Pennsylvania Historical
Commission {WPA #20837, refer source #9297.5} and is an
index to a lot of "records of alien's declarations of
intention and/or oaths of allegiance ...."  This particular
source does not lend itself to a readily conclusion that
these were traveling together.
    Thirdly, in 1700 three Hughes teenagers entered the
country:  Michael age 15, Robert age 15, and Griffin age 18
with the general destination of America.  This source is a
consolidation of ship passenger lists by the New England
Historical and Genealogical Register {refer source #9151}.
Although these names are from passenger lists there is still
no conclusion they are together.
     Admittedly, the last bit of information is exciting and
encouraging.  But it would be remarkable for the twins story
to survive 300 years of retelling, maybe 7-8 generations.
Of course, there are other groups of names to choose from
during the 1700-1816 period.

     From Greenville County Probate Court record apartment
50 file 42 it is stated that Toliver's oldest son (3) John R
married his (John R's) 2nd cousin (s3) Sallie Hughes
daughter of a (2s3a) Joel Hughes {1860 Pick 131}.
     Assuming that the relationship is implied through the
paternal side of the families and it is the strict version
of cousin relationships, it is evident Toliver and (2s3a)
Joel Hughes are 1st cousins and thus have fathers who are
brothers and a common paternal grandfather, (1c) Andrew
     If the 2nd cousin relation is the common folk way of
saying 1st cousin once removed, it is then implied that
Toliver and (s3) Sallie are 1st cousins.  It is then evident
that Toliver's father and (s3a) Joel Hughes are brothers
which still makes (1c) Andrew Hughes the grandfather of
     From (Mrs L ) Mary Hughes Copeland's work during the
1940-50's on this (1c) Andrew Hughes family, she cites (s3a)
Joel Hughes as a son of (1c) Andrew Hughes.  This would
indicate the later 2nd cousin relation is applicable.
     She also cites that the immigration story for Andrew
Hughes' ancestorys was three brothers but during the 1740's
and that a Charles Hughes was one of them.  The passinger
list reference does show a Charles Hughes in 1742 and 1743.
     It also shows an Andrew Hughs in 1777 with Philidelphia
as the destination and another Andrew Hughs in 1725.

     Mrs Copeland's work and the NGGJ article differ in
children names and birth years.  The census records can be
interpretted in various ways.  Among the possible children
names are John Madison and Gibson.  Both agree that Andrew
Hughes was in Orange county NC during the 1770's.
     In 1799 probate records of Caswell County NC there is
the estate of John Hughes: wife Mary, children John, Andrew,
Obedience and Gibson.  Also in this record is a note that
someone was paid to escort Gibson from the Pendleton Distict
back to Caswell county.  A Gibson Hughes appears in the 1820
and 1830 census records in Pendleton District with a son
born between 1815-20.
     There is no Gibson Hughes in the 1840 census but there
is a Sarah Hughes with the same family structure as was
Gibson's family in 1830.
     Also from Anderson county estate records for a John
Mauldin who died about 1831, there is:  wife Mary, children
Sarah Hughes, Joab, Taliaferro, James, Godfrey, Mary,
Elizabeth, Frances, Francis.
     Matilda Hughes made a rent payment to the estate of
this Godfrey Mauldin in 1864.  The "Hughs place" as it is
called could refer to either Toliver and Matilda's place or
Sarah Hughes' place.
     The "story line" for ancestory 2 is:  Andrew and
Obedience had their first son John about 1775 just before the
Revolutionary war began.  After the war they had other
children as cited by Copeland and NGGJ.  John and his family
remained in North Carolina after Andrew moved to the
Pendleton district.  Gibson visited his grandparents
occasionally eventually moving there himself.  He marries,
about 1818, Sarah Mauldin daugther of John Mauldin of
Anderson.  They have their first son and name him Toliver
after his uncle Taliferro Mauldin or possibly his maternal
grandmother's surname Taliferro.  They have two other
children, a boy and girl before Gibson dies in the late
     Toliver's ancestery becomes: (1) Toliver Hughes s/o
(1xa) Gibson Hughes and (1xb) Sarah Mauldin.  (1xa) Gibson
Hughes s/o (1xc) John Hughes and (1xd) Mary ____________.
(1xb) Sarah Mauldin d/o (1xe) John Mauldin and (1xf) Mary
[Taliferro?].  (1xc) John Hughes s/o (1c) Andrew Hughes and
(1d) Obedience [Sumner?].  (1xe) John Mauldin s/o (s9o)
Henry Mauldin.
     (3) John R Hughes and (s3) Sally Hughes are 2nd cousins
either once or twice removed depending on whether (s3a) Joel
Hughes is a son or grandson of (1c) Andrew Hughes.


     [For details on Matilda's ancestory, see LOOPER COUSINS
by Joseph Looper, Mary and Heramn Geschwin.]

     (2k) Joseph Looper born cira 1745 in Cumberland, PA.
Married (2l) Sarah Pharis before 1765.  She was also born
circa 1745 in Cumberland, PA.
     They migrated through Ashley and Buncombe counties NC
where (2e) Jeremiah Looper was born in 1775.
     They arrived in Pendleton District during the late
1780's and settled in the Ollenoy valley in the Dacusville
     Their family consisted of Joseph born 1765, Samuel,
(2e) Jeremiah, Rachel, Daniel, Solomon and two other
     (2e) Jeremiah Looper married (2f) Mary Jane (Polly)
Forest about 1807.  She was born 1777 in SC.  They had the
following children:  (2b) Eleanor, Matilda, Joseph, Rutha,
Samuel, Mary, Thomas, Ellizabeth, Sarah, and Jeremiah Jr.
     (2l) Sarah Pharis Looper died 24 Mar 1829.
     In 1839 there is dispute between (2e) Jeremiah and Esli
Hunt over the flow of a creek seperating their lands.
Jeremiah had a worker remove an obstruction which Esli had
placed there to keep ditches from filling up and flooding
his land.
     (2b) Eleanor Looper married about 1815 (2a) John
William Skelton who was also born about 1800.  He is the son
(2c) William Skelton.  John is a blacksmith.
     They have the following children:  Nancy, Thomas,
Hester Ann, Andrew J, Elisha, Delilah, (2) Matilda, William
F and James Baylis.
     (2b) Eleanor died shortly after James Baylis was born
in 1840.  John marries again by 1850, Sarah.
     (2k) Joseph Looper died before 1840.
     (2e) Jeremiah Looper died 25 March 1861 at the
residence of Mr John A Robinson.  His obituary in KEOWEE
COURIER: " The deceased was a native of the district, and
commended himself to his friends and neighbors, through his
long career, by the most exemplary conduct.  He had been a
member of the Baptist Church for about thirty-five years,
and was sustained in his last illness by consolations of the
religion of his blest Savior.  The deceased leaves a large
circle of kindred and devoted friends, who mourn their loss
as his eternal gain."
     He was buried in the Looper Burying Ground where (2f)
Mary Jane Forest was buried.  She had died the previous
year, 1 Apr 1860.


     Andrew J Skelton born 1826 died 1860  married Narcissa
__________ born 1829.  Their children:
     Mary Skelton born 1849,
     William S Skelton born 1849
     James M Skelton born 1853.

     Elisha Skelton born Dec 1829 married about 1859 Ann
McCallister born 1835.  Their children:
     John T Skelton born May 1866
     Dora Skelton born 1869 died 1880
     William Thomas Skelton born Nov 1873
     Mary J Skelton born 1875 married 4 Nov 1894 Benjamin

     Delilah Skelton born Oct 1831 married David A Duncan
born 28 Aug 1822 died 18 Dec 1900.
Their children:
     Mary Elizabeth Duncan born 1854 died 1940 married
Philip A Porter born 1838 died 1916
     Allan D Duncan born 1 Oct 1855 died 6 Apr 1924 married
Sallie Clardy born 1856 died 1941
     Martha Duncan born 15 May 1857
     Ellen Duncan born 1859 died about 1940
     William Holbert Duncan born 1861 died 29 Mar 1914

William F Skelton born 1837 died 27 Jun 1889 married Mary
Jane Davis born Dec 1839 died 3 Oct 1901 d/o Thomas Davis
and Charlotte H.  Their children:
     Mary A Skelton born 7 Mar 1859
     Emma Charlotte Skelton born 20 Jan 1860
     Martha Alice Skelton born 4 Apr 1861
     John Thomas Skelton born May 1866
     Samuel Oscar Skelton born Feb 1869
     Hassie A Skelton born May 1873
     Lawrence Orr Skelton born May 1875
     James B Skelton born 1878
     Monte A Skelton born Aug 1881

DESCENDANTS of Toliver Hiram Hughes and Matilda Skelton

(1) Toliver Hiram Hughes, born circa 1823 died circa 1874.
Grandson or great-grandson of (1c) Andrew Hughes born 4 Apr
1755 died 1 Sep 1843 and (1d) Obedience (Sumner?) born circa
1755 died Summer 1829.

(2) Matilda Skelton born circa 1823 died circa 1905 d/o (2a)
John Skelton and (2b) Ellenor Looper.  (2a) John Skelton s/o
(2c) William Skelton.  (2b) Ellenor Looper d/o (2e) Jeremiah
Looper born circa 1775 died circa 1861 and (2f) Mary Forest
born circa 1777 died circa 1859.  (2e) Jeremiah Looper s/o
(2k) Joseph Looper born circa 1745 and (2l) Sarah Pharis
born circa 1745 died 24 Mar 1829, both born in PA.

{1850 LAU 294} Toliver Hughs 30, Matilda 30, John R 7, Beddy
(Mary Obedience) 3, Altantes ? 4/12.
{1860 AND 326} Toliver Hughes 36, Matilda 34, Doctor (John
R) 14, Biddy 14, Priscilla 10, Robert 8, Jerry 6, Austin 3,
Edward 3.
{1870 AND 439} Toliver Hughes 46, Matilda 46, Robert 17,
Elvira 19, Jeremiah 13, J A 11, E H 11.
{1880 PIC ED 10-129} Edward H Hughes 20, Martha E 22,
Matilda Hughes 56, James A 20.
     Robert Hughes 26, Ann 21, Issac 5, Essie 1.
     Harry Stegall 34, Mary O 29, and their children.
{1900 PIC Ed 115-15}  Martha Hughes 40, Sep 1859; Luther 19,
Dec 1880; Edward D 17, Sep 1882; Tamar 15, Jul 1884; Mittie
14, Mar 1886; Lavinia 11, May 1889; Addison 9, Sep 1890;
Myrtle 7, Aug 1892; Bertha 6, May 1994; Eddie (girl) 4, Jan
1896; Matilda Hughes 76, Sep 1823.

Probate Records: None for neither Toliver nor Matilda.  In
Godfery Mauldin's estate, Pickens County 74-787, Matilda
Hughs pays rent on Hughs place about Oct 1864.

Misc. Records:  Clerk of Court March 1858 Sessions, Pickens
County, The State vs Toliver Hughs, retailing without
license in fall of 1857, pleads guilty, sentenced 6 months.
     1868 Tax List for Pickens County, Toliver pays $1.00.
     Confederate records: Toliver Hiram Hughes, Private,
Capt James Long's Co, 4 Reg SCV, enrolled 14 Apr 1861 at
Anderson CH.  At Moore Hospital Danville, VA and General
Hospital Charlottesville, VA, 4 Jan 1862.

Children of (1) Toliver Hiram Hughes and (2) Matilda
    ( 3) John R Hughes              __ ___ 1845  27 Dec 1886
    ( 4) Mary Obedience Hughes      __ Jul 1849   5 Apr 1923
    ( 5) Elvira Prescilla Hughes    __ ___ 1850  __ ___ ____
    ( 6) William Robert Hughes      __ ___ 1852  25 Jul 1915
    ( 7) Jeremiah Hughes            __ ___ 1854  24 Jun 1892
    ( 8) James Austin Hughes        17 Aug 1857  __ ___ ____
    ( 9) Edward Houston Hughes      17 Aug 1857  15 Dec 1895

(3) John R Hughes married in Habershaw CO GA circa 1868 1st
(1s3) Amanda Malvina Stewart widow of Lacy Stewart died in
the war.  Married in Pickens County March 1875 2nd (2s3)
Sally L Hughes born 6 Feb 1856 died 6 Nov 1935.

{1880 GRN    }  John Hughes 36, Sarah L 21, Lulula 4, Julia
2, William W 4/12.
{1900 PIC ED 116-4} Sallie Hughes 44, Nov 1866; Nora 17, Nov
1882; James 16, May 1884; Lawrence 14, Apr 1886.
{1910 PIC ED 146-7} James A McNeely 47, Lula 33, Charles F
15, Sally Hughes 57, James 25, Lawrence 22, Mattie 20.

Probate Records:  In Greenville county, estate 50-42
probated 1887 concerns John R Hughes.  His widowed initiated
a wrongful death suit against Richard H Jacobs and this
record contains information related to the Commons Pleas
case 11219 in 1889.  Testimony from (1s3) Amanda Stewart and
(2s3) Sally L Hughes reveils a lot about this part of family
     No probate record for (2s3) Sally L Hughes.

Misc. Records:  Possible Confederate Record for (3) John R
Hughes is Company J 1st SC Artillery, enlisted 27 Aug 1862
at Aiken SC by Capt Sulivan; captured in Chersw SC 12 Mar
1865 Hart's Island NY Register No 1 pg 51.

Children of (3) John R Hughes and (1s3) Amanda Malvina
     (10) Issac V Hughes            22 Sep 1870  __ ___ ____
     (11) Amanda Matilda Hughes     __ Apr 1872  __ ___ ____
Children of (3) John R Hughes and (2s3) Sarah L Hughes:
     (12) Talula Hughes             20 Dec 1875   6 Sep 1948
     (13) Julian Hughes             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (14) William Walter Hughes     __ ___ ____   1 Oct 1896
     (15) Nora I Hughes             __ Nov 1882  __ ___ ____
     (16) James W Hughes            __ May 1884  __ ___ ____
   (17) John Edward Lawrence Hughes 13 Mar 1887  20 Dec 1971

(10) Issac V Hughes married (s10) ___________________.

(11) Amanda Matilda Hughes married (s11) ________________.

(12) Talula Hughes married (s12) James Alexandar McNeely
born 23 Feb 1867 died 1 Jan 1937.

{1910 PIC ED 146-7} James A McNeely 47, Lula 33, Charles F
15, Sally Hughes 57, James 25, Lawrence 22, Mattie 20.

Probate Records: James Alexandar McNeely PC 280-13, Charles
F McNeely PC 282-3, Lulu McNeely 305-9.

Misc Records:

Children of (12) Talula Hughes and (s12) James Alexander

     (18) Charles McNeely          __ ___ ____  __ Oct 1918

(13) Julian Hughes married (s13) _________________________.

(14) William Walter Hughes never married.

(15) Nora I Hughes married (s15) __________________________.

(16) James W Hughes married (s16) _________________________.

(17) John Lawrence Edward Hughes married (s17) Mattie
Parsons, born 7 Mar 1889 died 10 Nov 1969.

{1920 PIC ED 156-3} Lawrence Hughes, 32, Mattie 30, Lois 8,
Glenn M 5, Ruby 3

Probate Records: L E Hughes PC 363-25, Mattie Hughes 362 -

Misc Records:

Children of (17) John Lawrence Edward Hughes and (s17)
Mattie Parsons:
     (19) Lois Hughes               __ ___ 1912  __ ___ ____
     (20) Glenn L Hughes            __ ___ 1914   7 Sep 1944
     (21) Ruby Hughes               __ ___ 1917  __ ___ ____
     (22) Katherine Hughes          __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (23) Beatrice Hughes           __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (24) John W Hughes             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (25) Charles Edward Hughes     __ ___ 1923  29 Nov 1945

(19) Lois Hughes married (s19) __________________ Hay.

(20) Glenn L Hughes married (s20) Willie Mae Spearman born
Their children:
     (26) James Edward Hughes       20 Oct 1936  17 Sep 1988
     (27) Barbara Ann Hughes        __ ___ 1938  __ ___ ____
     (28) Carol Hughes              __ ___ 1940  __ ___ ____
     (29) Ronnie Lamarr Hughes      __ ___ 1942  __ ___ ____
     (30) Donald Ray Hughes         27 Oct 1944  __ ___ ____

(26) Rev James Edward Hughes married (s26) Peggy Jo Stewart
born 29 Sep 1938.

Their children:
     (31) James Edward Hughes Jr    21 Jul 1956
     (32) Edgar Lamarr Hughes       21 Jul 1961

(32) Edgar Lamarr Hughes married (s32) Teresa Lynn Simons.

(27) Barbara Ann Hughes married (s27) Tommy Corbin.

(28) Carol Hughes married (s28) Jesse Hendricks.

(29) Ronnie Lamarr Hughes married 1st (1s29) Catherine L
Porter, 2nd (2s29) Teresa Ann Nichols.

(30) Donald Ray Hughes married (s30) ____________________.

(21) Ruby Hughes married (1s21) Phillips, (2s21) Nelson.

(22) Katherine married (1s22) Tennessen, (2s22) Cervantes,
(3s22) Henley.

(23) Beatrice Hughes married (s23) Robert Lee Hawthorne.

(24) John W Hughes married (s24) ______________________.

(25) Charles Edward Hughes never married.

(4) Mary Obedience Hughes married (s4) Richard Harris
Stegall, born 9 Oct 1847 died 6 Mar 1912.

{1880 PIC ED 10-129}  Harry Stegall 34, Mary O 29, Fanny 9,
Mary A 7, Edward W 4, James T 3, Nora 1/12.
{1900 PIC ED 114-7} Harrison Stegall 54, Jul 1845; Biddie
52, Aug 1847; Edward 24, Aug 1875; james 21, Sep 1878; Nora
D 20, May 1880; Eula E 17, Jun 1882; Dora A 14, Mar 1886;
Charlie 6, Jul 1893.
{1910 PIC ED 139-28} Harrison Stegall 74, Mary 0 62, Edward
W 32, Charley H 16, Monty 7 gd, Pamler 6 gs, Robert L 4 gs.

Children of (4) Mary Obedience Hughes and (s4) Richard
Harris Stegall:
     (33) Fanny Stegall             __ ___ 1871  16 May 1956
     (34) Mary Ann Stegall          __ ___ 1873  __ ___ ____
     (35) Edward Walter Stegall     __ Aug 1875  __ Feb 1952
     (36) James Thomas Stegall      __ Sep 1878   9 Jan 1957
     (37) Nora D Stegall            __ May 1880  __ ___ ____
     (38) Eula E Stegall            __ Jun 1882  __ ___ ____
     (39) Dora Inez Stegall         __ Mar 1886  __ ___ ____
     (40) Charley Harrison Stegall  __ Jul 1893  13 Nov 1957

(33) Fanny Stegall married (s33) Rev John William Sheriff,
born circa 1862 died __ Jan 1954.

Their children:
     (41) Deniza Sheriff            __ ___ 1891  __ Oct 1963
     (42) Janie Sheriff             __ ___ 1892  __ Jan 1966
     (43) Ester Sheriff             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (44) Julius Sheriff            __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (45) Bluford F Sheriff         __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (46) Robert Lee Sheriff        __ ___ 1910  __ May 1973
     (47) Ruth Sheriff              __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (48) Samuel W Sheriff          __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (49) Elbert Sheriff            __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (50) Addie Sheriff             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

(41) Deniza Sheriff married (s41) Samuel Wallace Dickson.
Their children:
     (51) Clayton Robert Dickson
     (52) Edward Reid Dickson
     (53) Sherwood Ralph Dickson
     (54) Elbert R Dickson
     (55) Mrs James Frank Cox

(42) Janie Sheriff married (s42) Samuel E Davis.
Their children:
     (56) Walter L Davis
     (57) Mrs A H Turner
     (58) Mrs Red Turner
     (59) Archie Jones

(43) Ester Sheriff married (s43) James H Smith.
Their children:
     (60) Mrs Jack C Oates
     (61) Mrs Lloyd T Thally
     (62) William H Smith
     (63) Walter J Smith

(44) Julius Sheriff married (s44) Anne Mae Hinton ?.

(45) Bluford F Sheriff married (s45) Georgean Mullinex.
Their children:
     (64) Paul L Sheriff
     (65) Mrs S W Sheriff
     (66) Mrs M S P Gentry

(64) Paul L Sheriff married (s64) Ola Mae Chastain.
Their children:
     (67) Mrs M O "Estella" Bolding
     (68) Mildred Sheriff

(67) Estella Sheriff married (s67) M O Bolding.

(68) Mildred Sheriff married (s68) Harry E Bryant.
Their children:
     (69) Ronnie Bryant             __ ___ 1945   6 Jul 1989
     (70) Michael Dole Bryant
     (71) Jeffery Lee Bryant
     (72) Tony Parker Bryant
     (73) Glenda Susan Simmons

(69) Ronnie Bryant married (s69) Peggy Gray.

Their children:
     (74) Robin Amanda Bryant

(46) Robert Lee Sheriff.

(47) Ruth Sheriff married (s47) Junior Adcox.

(48) Samuel W Sheriff married (s48) _____________.

(49) Elbert Sheriff married (s49) _______________.

(50) Addie Sheriff married (s50) Norman Waldrop.

(34) Mary Ann Stegall married (s34) Basil Henry Gilliard.
[May be Gaillard.]
Their children:
     (75) Furman Gilliard
     (76) R Calvin Gilliard
     (77) Cleo Gilliard             __ ___ 1904  __ Jul 1987
     (78) Annie Gilliard

(77) Cleo Gilliard married (s77) Lawrence J Laboone.
Their children:
     (79) Mrs Margaret Davis
     (80) Mrs Marion Owens
     (81) Mrs Betty Preston
     (82) Mrs Barbara Smith
     (83) L Joseph Laboone Jr

(35) Edward Walter Stegall married 1st (1s35) Ida Stegall.
Their children:
     (84) Mrs Montez Phillips
     (85) Palmer O Stegall                        3 Dec 1956
     (86) Robert E Stegall          14 Dec 1905  18 Oct 1987

(35) Edward Walter Stegall married 2nd (2s35) Ethel Freeman.
Their children:
     (87) Mrs Adilene Porter
     (88) Mrs Willette Jennings
     (89) Mrs Mary Sue Masters
     (90) Mrs Betty Joe Sisk
     (91) Edward Walter Stegall Jr.

(85) Palmer O Stegall married (s85) Julia Frances Gillespie.

(86) Robert E Stegall married (s86) Frances E ___________.
Their children:
     (92) Robert E Stegall Jr       17 Feb 1942
     (93) Mary C Caddell            26 May 1943
     (94) James Gary Stegall        29 Jul 1952

(36) James Thomas Stegall married (s36) Ethel ___________.
Their children:
     (95) R H Stegall
     (96) Bolt Stegall
     (97) Mrs Zoa Watson

(37) Nora D Stegall married (s37) J B Tanner.
Their children:
     (98) Ben Gignellant Tanner
     (99) Mrs George Cadwell
    (100) Mrs C R Black
    (101) Mrs Paul Miller
    (102) Mrs H D McLeod
    (103) Mrs Clarence R Moize

(98) Ben Gignellant Tanner married (s98) Frances Cadell.
Their children:
    (104) Robert D Tanner
    (105) Daniel Ben Tanner
    (106) Mrs Charles Aiken

(38) Eula E Stegall.

(39) Dora Inez Stegall married (s39) Edward F Ragsdale.
Their children:
    (107) Lee Franklin Ragsdale
    (108) Harry H Ragsdale
    (109) Eulius A Ragsdale
    (110) James H Ragsdale          __ ___ 1924  17 Dec 1985
    (111) J T Ragsdale
    (112) Mrs Cecil Chandler
    (113) Mrs Luke Masters
    (114) Mrs Bruce Smith

(107) Lee Franklin Ragsdale married (s107) ________________.
Their children:
    (115) Harry Franklin Ragsdale
    (116) Mrs Alice Jean Holcombe
    (117) Mrs Ann Howes
    (118) Mrs Patrica Percy
    (119) Mrs Ruby Lee Burke
    (120) Mrs Gladys Sue Vaughn

(110) James H Radsgale married (s110) Ruthell Porter.
Their children:
     (121) James P Ragsdale         __ ___ 1957
     (122) Mrs R Medlin             __ ___ 1963

(111) J T Ragsdale married (s111) ______________________.
Their children:
     (123) Joe Ragsdale
     (124) Jack Ragsdale
     (125) Linda Share

(40) Charlie Harrison Stegall married (s40) Cleo Freeman.
Their children:
    (126) Hoke Cole Stegall         __ ___ 1923   6 Feb 1989
    (127) Ralph Stegall
    (128) Donald Stegall
    (129) Joe Bob Stegall
    (130) Charles Stegall
    (131) Mrs Bessie Lelsey
    (132) Mrs Susan Ellenburg
    (133) Mrs Ann Aiken

(126) Hoke Cole Stegall married (s126) Ethel Pat Sanders.
Their children
     (134) Don Stegall
     (135) Bobby Hoke Stegall
     (136) Randy Stegall
     (137) Mike Stegall
     (138) Judy Mize

(6) William Robert Hughes married 1st (s6) Ann Elizabeth

{1880 PIC ED 10-129} Robert Hughes 26, Ann 21, Issac 5, Essie 1.

Children of (6) William Robert Hughes and (s6) Ann
Elizabeth Couch:

     (139) Isaac Hughes             __ ___ 1875  __ ___ ____
     (140) Essie Hughes             __ ___ 1879  __ ___ ____
     (141) Julius Charles Hughes    __ ___ 1896  24 Mar 1975

(141) Julius Charles Hughes married 1st (149) Myrtle Hughes,
No children.

(9) Edward Houston Hughes married (s9) Martha Elizabeth
Mauldin born 26 Jan 1857 died 10 Jun 1932.

{1880 PIC ED 10-129} Edward H Hughes 20, Martha E 22,
Matilda Hughes 56, James A 20.
{1900 PIC Ed 115-15}  Martha Hughes 40, Sep 1859; Luther 19,
Dec 1880; Edward D 17, Sep 1882; Tamar 15, Jul 1884; Mittie
14, Mar 1886; Lavinia 11, May 1889; Addison 9, Sep 1890;
Myrtle 7, Aug 1892; Bertha 6, May 1994; Eddie (girl) 4, Jan
1896; Matilda Hughes 76, Sep 1823.

Children of (9) Edward Houston Hughes and (s9) Martha
Elizabeth Mauldin:
     (142) James Luther Hughes      24 Dec 1880  20 Sep 1963
     (143) Edward Dean Hughes        6 Sep 1882  28 Sep 1932
     (144) Mary Tamar Hughes        __ Jul 1884  __ ___ ____
     (145) Matilda Hughes           __ Mar 1886  __ ___ ____
     (146) Estella Hughes           19 Jul 1887  19 Aug 1889
     (147) Lavinia Hughes           __ May 1889  __ ___ ____
     (148) Fletcher Addison Hughes   8 Sep 1890  22 Apr 1970
     (149) Myrtle Hughes            __ Mar 1892  16 Aug 1969
     (150) Bertha Hughes            __ May 1894  __ ___ ____
     (151) Eddie Hughes             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

(142) James Luther Hughes married (s142) Ida Della Dorr born
1882 died 1956.

{1910 PIC ED 147-2}  James L Hughes 29, Della 28, Artie 5,
Waymon 4, James O 2, Ed D Hughes 28 bro, Fletcher A Hughes
20 bro.

Children of (142) James Luther Hughes and (s142) Ida Della
     (152) James Oliver Hughes      __ ___ 1908  __ ___ 1968
     (153) Orah Hughes              __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (154) Mable Hughes             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     (155) William Marshall Hughes  26 Jan 1906  12 Jul 1955
     (156) Artie Louise Hughes      12 Oct 1905  __ ___ ____

(152) James Oliver Hughes married (s152) Anna Mae Fowler
Their children:
     (157) Martha Jean Hughes
     (158) Karen Hughes

(157) Martha Jean Hughes married (s157) J D Davis.

(158) Karen Hughes married (s158) Junior Finley.

(153) Orah Hughes married (s153) Charles Hershel Powers.
Their children:
     (159) Doris Eugene Powers
     (160) Fletcher Hershel Powers
     (161) Luther Hughes Powers

(159) Doris Eugene Powers married (s159) Robert Lee Bronson.

(160) Fletcher Hershel Powers married (s160) Shirley Ann
Mosley.  Their children:
     (162) Madolie Wade Powers
     (163) Michael Fletcher Powers
     (164) Kevin Powers
     (165) Timothy David Powers

(161) Luther Hughes Powers married (s161) Francis Elaine
Tellery.  Their children
     (166) Charles Hughes Powers
     (167) James Marshall Powers
     (168) Tinia Faliene Powers

(154) Mable Hughes married (s154) ___________ Dozier.
Their children:
     (169) Patricia Dozier.

(155) William Marshall Hughes married (s155) Gertrude Lewis.
Their children:
     (170) David Lewis Hughes
     (171) Moyce Hughes
     (172) Evelyn Hughes

(170) David Lewis married (s170) Lois _____________.

(171) Moyce Hughes married (s171) Rev Wendell Karson.

(172) Evelyn Hughes married (s172) Jim Dodenhoff.

(156) Artie Louise Hughes married (s156) William Marvin
Gravely born 31 Dec 1903 died 21 Jun 1995.
Their children:
     (173) Alvin Luther Gravely
     (174) Donald Kenneth Gravely
     (175) William David Gravely

(173) Alvin Luther Gravely married (s173) Mary Francis Stone.
Their children:
     (176) Cynthia Lea Gravely

(176) Cynthia Lea Gravely married (s176) Warren Stevens.
Their children:
     (177) Heather Stevens

(174) Donald Kenneth Gravely married (s174) Anna Marie Stone.
Their children:
     (178) Roger Dale Gravely
     (179) Treasa Kay Gravely
     (180) Barry Hughes Gravely
     (181) Steven Brain Gravely
     (182) Allen Kenneth Gravely

(178) Roger Dale Gravely married (s178) Martha Cannon.
Their children:
     (183) Adam Wesley Gravely

(179) Treasa Kay Gravely married 1st (1s179) Steve Parker
Glenn, 2nd (2s179) William LaBoone.
Their children:
     (184) Russel Glenn

(180) Barry Hughes Gravely married (s180) Debra Dennise
Their children:
     (185) Justin William Gravely
     (186) ______________________

(181) Steven Brain Gravely married (s181) Sherrie Lynn Smith.
Their children:

(182) Allen Kenneth Gravely married (s182) Cherryl Dennise
Their children:
     (187) Kassey Dennise Gravely

(175) William David Gravely married 1st (1s175) Lynn McCoy
2nd (2s175) Michelle Garrison.
Their children (1s171) Lynn McCoy:
     (188) Julie Gravely

(143) Edward Dean Hughes married (s143) Mary Belle Cauley
born 16 Nov 1878 died 19 Jul 1960.
Their children:
     (189) Edward Dean Hughes Jr.   27 Jun 1915   1 Dec 1978

(189) Edward Dean Hughes Jr married (s189) Laura Margret Inez
Hayes born 12 Nov 1921.
Their children:
     (190) Edward Daniel Hughes      9 Sep 1941
     (191) Joel Dean Hughes          3 Mar 1943   7 Oct 1981
     (192) Robert Jones Hughes      30 Jan 1945
     (193) Jerry Wayne Hughes        1 May 1949

(190) Edward Daniel Hughes married (s190) Patricia Ann Bean.
Their children:
     (194) Edward Dean Hughes  III  23 Nov 1968
     (195) Francis Rochelle Hughes  28 Feb 1971

(195) Francis Rochelle Hughes married (s195) Trent

(191) Joel Dean Hughes married (s191) Jacquelyn Nolene
Howard.  Their children:
     (196) Howard Scott Hughes      13 Nov 1971
     (197) Jason Dean Hughes         7 Oct 1975

(196) Howard Scott Hughes married (s196) Chrity McCall.
Their children:
     (198) Seth Gavin Hughes         8 Jan 1995

(192) Robert Jones Hughes married (s192) Karen Elizabeth
Ashe. Their children:
     (199) Tanya Roxann Hughes      21 Jul 1973
     (200) Eric Ezekial Hughes      29 Sep 1974
     (201) Eli Lane Hughes          30 Sep 1978

(193) Jerry Wayne Hughes.

(144) Tamar Mary Hughes married (s144) Franklin Pharoh
Cauley s/o (s143a) James Franklin Cauley and (s143b) Mary
Jane Jones.
Their children:
     (202) Attis Cauley
     (203) Fay Cauley
     (204) Frank Edd Cauley
     (205) Mary Bessie Cauley

(202) Attis Cauley married (s202) _______________ Todd.

(203) Fay Cauley married (s203) Philip Salem Eassy.
Their children:
     (206) Phillip Salem Eassy Jr.
     (207) Phylis Ann Eassy
     (208) Marhta Fay Eassy
     (209) Barbara Patricia Eassy

(205) Phillip Salem Eassy Jr. married (s205) Gail Brown.
Their children:
     (210) Salem Mickey Eassy
     (211) Susan Eassy

(207) Phylis Ann Eassy married (s207) Claude Campbell.
Their children:
     (212) Charles Eassy Campbell

(208) Martha Fay Eassy married (s208) Donald Norris.
Their children:
     (213) Donald Norris

(209) Barbara Patricia Eassy married (s209) Dr Donald Sida.
Their children:
     (214) Wayne Sida
     (215) Daniel Sida

(204) Frank Edd Cauley married (s204) Willie Louise Pruitt.
Their children:
     (216) Francis Edna Cauley
     (217) Keith Rogers Cauley

(205) Mary Bessie Cauley married (s205) Theron Westmorland
Hardin.  Their children:
     (218) Theron Cauley Hardin
     (219) Mary Anne Hardin
     (220) Tammy Elizabeth Hardin

(218) Theron Cauley Hardin married (s218) Jenny Berkly Todd.

(219) Mary Anne Hardin married (s219) Tony Allen Lynch.

(145) Matilda Hughes married (s145) William Eli Grant.
Their children:
     (221) Baxter Grant
     (222) Frank Grant
     (223) Lois Grant                1 Mar 1910   3 Sep 1994

(221) Baxter Grant married (s221) Vivian Micheal Grant.
Their children:
     (224) Nancy Ann Grant
     (225) Martha Elizabeth Grant
     (226) Anthony Hughes Grant

(222) Frank Grant married (s222) Minnie Breazeale.
Their children:
     (227) Donnie Kay Grant          6 Jul 1936

(223) Lois Grant married (s223) Moses Temple Harvey born 9
Oct 1901.
Their Children:
     (228) Harriet Martha Harvey    24 Jun 1941
     (229) Laura Ellen Harvey       12 Apr 1946
     (230) Jerry Edward Harvey      24 Jun 1936

(228) Harriet Martha Harvey married (s228) Thomas Roger
Smith born 15 Mar 1938.
Their children:
     (231) Thomas Edward Smith      16 Mar 1960
     (232) Micheal Harry Smith      27 Sep 1963

(229) Laura Ellen Harvey married (s229) Lawrence Orr Harper.
Their children:
     (233) James Douglas Harper      2 Jan 1962
     (234) Stephen Paul Harper       5 Jun 1963
     (235) Janice Temple Harper      6 Sep 1968

(147) Lavinia Hughes married (s147) Rev Charles Welsey
Nalley born 1886 died __ Dec 1949.
Their children:
     (236) Christine Nalley
     (237) Wesley Nalley
     (238) Sarah Nalley

(236) Christine Nalley married (s236) _________ MacMillian.

(238) Sarah Nalley married (s238) Louis Hartley.
Their children:
     (239) Kenneth Hartley
     (240) Fay Hartley
     (241) Rennie Hartley

(148) Fletcher Addison Hughes married (s148) Clovie Gilstrap
born 1902 died 4 Mar 1992.

No children.

(149) Myrtle Hughes married (141) Julius Charles Hughes.
No children.

(150) Bertha Hughes married (s150) Charlie O Proffit.
Their children:
     (242) Mildred Proffit

(242) Mildred Proffit married (s242) Clint Farmer.

(151) Eddie Hughes married (s151) Arthur Harbin born 18 Nov
Their children:
     (243) Florance Elizabeth Harbin
     (244) Fred Thomas Harbin
     (245) Arthur Harbin Jr
     (246) Billy Dean Harbin
     (247) Angia Faythe Harbin
     (248) Eddie Ray Harbin

(243) Florance Elizabeth Harbin married (s243) Homer L Bruce

Their children:
     (249) Julius Hugh Bruce
     (250) Patricia Florance Bruce

(249) Julius Hugh Bruce married (s249) Lila Chumley.

(244) Fred Thomas Harbin married (s244) Beatrice Sandsbury.
Their children:
     (251) Fred Thomas Harbin Jr.
     (252) Deborah Janelle Harbin
     (253) Dean Harbin
     (254) Teresa Dale Harbin
     (255) Samuel Eugene Harbin

(251) Fred Thomas Harbin Jr married (s249) Retta Harbin.

(245) Arthur Harbin Jr married (s245) Arzilla Lazar.
Their children:
     (256) Paige Arzella Harbin
     (257) Arthur Harbin III
     (258) Scott Harbin

(256) Paige Arzella Harbin married (s256) Chino Lyus.

(246) Billy Dean Harbin married (s246) Joyce ___________.
Their children:
     (259) Billy Dean Harbin Jr
     (260) Cindy Harbin
     (261) Timmy Harbin

(247) Angia Faythe Harbin married (s247) Hayt Andrew
Their children:
     (262) Hayt Andrew Swafford Jr
     (263) Van Harbin Swafford

Spouse's Ancestery Chart

(s#   ) ___________, c/o (s#   a) __________ and (s#   b)____________.


(s#  a) ___________, c/o (s#   c) __________ and (s#   d)____________.
(s#  b) ___________, c/o (s#   e) __________ and (s#   f)____________.

                                         Great grandparents

(s#  c) ___________, c/o (s#   g) __________ and (s#   h)____________.
(s#  d) ___________, c/o (s#   i) __________ and (s#   j)____________.
(s#  e) ___________, c/o (s#   k) __________ and (s#   l)____________.
(s#  f) ___________, c/o (s#   m) __________ and (s#   n)____________.

                                       Great-great grandparents

(s#  g) ___________, c/o (s#   o) __________ and (s#   p)____________.
(s#  h) ___________, c/o (s#   q) __________ and (s#   r)____________.
(s#  i) ___________, c/o (s#   s) __________ and (s#   t)____________.
(s#  j) ___________, c/o (s#   u) __________ and (s#   v)____________.
(s#  k) ___________, c/o (s#   w) __________ and (s#   x)____________.
(s#  l) ___________, c/o (s#   y) __________ and (s#   z)____________.
(s#  m) ___________, c/o (s#  aa) __________ and (s#  ab)____________.
(s#  n) ___________, c/o (s#  ac) __________ and (s#  ad)____________.

                                     3rd Great grandparents

(s#  o) ___________, c/o (s#  ae) __________ and (s#  af)____________.
(s#  p) ___________, c/o (s#  ag) __________ and (s#  ah)____________.
(s#  q) ___________, c/o (s#  ai) __________ and (s#  aj)____________.
(s#  r) ___________, c/o (s#  ak) __________ and (s#  al)____________.
(s#  s) ___________, c/o (s#  am) __________ and (s#  an)____________.
(s#  t) ___________, c/o (s#  ao) __________ and (s#  ap)____________.
(s#  u) ___________, c/o (s#  aq) __________ and (s#  ar)____________.
(s#  v) ___________, c/o (s#  as) __________ and (s#  at)____________.
(s#  w) ___________, c/o (s#  au) __________ and (s#  av)____________.
(s#  x) ___________, c/o (s#  aw) __________ and (s#  ax)____________.
(s#  y) ___________, c/o (s#  ay) __________ and (s#  az)____________.
(s#  z) ___________, c/o (s#  az) __________ and (s#  ba)____________.
(s# aa) ___________, c/o (s#  bb) __________ and (s#  bc)____________.
(s# ab) ___________, c/o (s#  bd) __________ and (s#  be)____________.
(s# ac) ___________, c/o (s#  bf) __________ and (s#  bg)____________.
(s# ad) ___________, c/o (s#  bh) __________ and (s#  bi)____________.

Note:  4th great and older ancestors receive consecative
suffixes "bj" thru "zz" as they are discovered.

SPOUSE Ancestory

     (2s3) Sally L Hughes is d/o (2s3a) Joel Hughes, born
circa 1808, and (2s3b) Delilia Henderson.
     (2s3a) Joel Hughes is s/o or gs/o (1a) Andrew Hughes
and (1b) Obedience (Sumner?).
     (2s3) Sally Hughes married 1911 2nd (s2s3) James Ambler
Hughes, born 1 Jan 1852 died 10 Mar 1937.
     (s2s3) James Ambler Hughes s/o (s2s3a) Larkin Hughes,
born 26 Sep 1824 died 23 Jun 1914, and (s2s3b) Susan
Burdine, born 17 Jan 1830 died 29 Dec 1879
     (s2s3a) Larkin Hughes s/o (s2s3c) Rev James W Hughes,
born 30 Jul 1798 died 15 Jul 1881, and (s2s3d) Mary Jane
Smith, born 16 Jun 1802 died 8 Nov 1875.
     (s2s3b) Susan Burdine, d/o (s2s3e) Rev John Burdine.
     (s2s3c) Rev James W Hughes, s/o (1a) Andrew Hughes and
(1b) Obedience (Sumner?).

     (s4) Richard Harris Stegall, s/o (s4a) Spencer
Scorcher Stegall, born circa 1818 died circa 1898, and (s4b)
Mary Ann Couch, born circa 1818 died circa 1896.
     (s4a) Spencer Scorcher Stegall s/o (s4c) Hensley
Stegall and (s4d) Fanny Holeman.
     (s4b) Mary Ann Couch d/o (s4e) John Couch and (s4f)
Mary Ann Prater.
     (s4c) Hensley Stegall s/o (s4g) Richard Stegall, 4 July
1754 died 28 Dec 1835, and (s4h) Margaret Betsy Hensley.

     (s9) Martha Elizabeth Mauldin, d/o (s9a) John Mauldin
born circa 1825 and (s9b) Mary Kate Sheriff born circa 1839.
     (s9a) John Mauldin s/o (s9c) Labon Mauldin born 4 Feb
1788 died 1869 and (s9d) Charolette Mary Hamby born circa
     (s9b) Mary Kate Sheriff d/o (s33c) Washington Sheriff
and (s33d) Eliza Leach.
     (s9c) Labon Mauldin s/o (s9g) Rucker Mauldin born 18
Jan 1760 died 16 Jan 1846 and (s9h) Nancy Posey born 20 Mar
1769 died 1 Dec 1849.
     (s9g) Rucker Mauldin s/o (s9o) Henry Mauldin and (s9p)
____________ Rucker.
     (s9o) Henry Mauldin s/o (s9ae) Capt Francis Mauldin
died 1762 and (s9af) Mary Mittredge.
     (s9ae)  Capt Francis Mauldin s/o (s9bj) Francis Mauldin
died 1734 and (s9bk) _________ Bridget.

     (s17) Mattie Parsons, d/o (s17a) Samuel Andrew Parsons,
born circa 1866, and (s17b) Elizabeth Brock.
     (s17a) Samuel Andrew Parsons s/o (s17c) Samuel A A
Parsons, born born 4 April 1939 died 6 May 1906, and (s17d)
Anzina Garvin, born 1 Jan 1841 died 26 Aug 1873.
     (s17b) Elizabeth Brock d/o (s17e) Willard A Brock, born
circa 1840.
     (s17c) Samuel A A Parsons s/o (s17g) Samuel Parsons,
born 25 Oct 1806 died 5 Aug 1883, and (s17h) Sarah Matilda
     (s17d) Anzina Garvin d/o (s17i) Green S Garvin and
(s17j) Mary Oliver).
     (s17g) Samuel Parson s/o (s17o) James Parson, born 14
Feb 1781 diend 8 Aug 1862, and (s17p) Elizabeth Eubanks,
born 12 Feb 1788 died 2 Aug 1853.
     (s17p) Elizabeth Eubanks d/o (s17ag) James Eubanks and
(s17ah) Martha ____________.

     (s33) Rev John William Sheriff, s/o (s33a) Fair Sheriff
and (s33b) Niza Smith.
     (s33a) Fair Sheriff s/o (s33c) Washington Sheriff and
(s33d) Eliza Leach.

     (s142) Ida Della Dorr, d/o (s142a) George William Dorr
born circa 1841 and (s142b) Nancy Singleton born 13 Oct 1841
died 23 Aug 1924.
     (s142b) Nancy Singleton d/o (s142c) Rev W B Singleton.
     (s142) Ida Della Dorr's sister Alma Dorr married 1st
__________ Pritchard, 2nd (s17a) Samuel Andrew Parsons.

     (s143) Mary Belle Cauley, d/o (s143a) James Franklin
Cauley born 30 May 1836 died 16 Jan 1921 and (s143b) Mary
Jane Jones born 13 Jul 1845 died 12 Jan 1927.
     (s143a) James Franklin Cauley s/o (s143c) James Cauley.
     (s143b) Mary Jane Jones d/o (s143e) Wilson G Jones born
6 May 1819 died 14 Feb 1884 and (s143f) Lydia Dennisa Edens
born 1824.
     (s143e) Wilson G Jones s/o (s143k) Joel Jones born
circa 1790 died 13 Oct 1876 and (s143l) Jane McElwreath born
circa 1795 died 10 Jul 1871.
     (s143f) Lydia Dennisa Edens d/o (s143m) William Elford
Edens born 8 Jan 1800 died 17 Jan 1871 and (s143n) Mary
     (s143m) William Elford Edens s/o (s143aa) Samuel Edens
born circa 1760 died __ Dec 1847 and (s129ab) Malinda
"Rebecca" ___________.
     (s143aa) Samuel Edens s/o (s143bb) Alexander Edens born
circa 1790 died 20 Jan 1835 and 1st (s143bc) Molly __________
died 1788.
     (s143n) Mary McClure d/o (s143ac) John McClure and
(s143ad) Lilean _______ born __ Mar 1775 died 9 Sep 1828.

     (s147) Rev Charles Welsey Nalley, s/o (s147a) Rev
George Burdine Nalley and (s147b) Emma Burns died Jan 1916.

     (s148) Clovie Gilstrap, d/o (s148a) William Lawrence
Gilstrap born 8 Jun 1872 died 28 Oct 1951 and (s148b) Ella
(Elzora?) Dorr born 25 Oct 1875 died 8 Aug 1964.
     (s148a) William Lawrence Gilstrap s/o (s148c) Berry
Benson Gilstrap born 20 Feb 1848 died 10 Sep 1918 and
(s148d) Ester R Reed born 1866.
     (s148b) Ella Dorr d/o (s142a) George William Dorr and
(s142b) Nancy Singleton.
     (s148c) Berry Benson Gilstrap s/o (s148g) W Hardy
Gilstrap born 25 Jan 1819 died 16 Feb 1882 and (s148h)
Caroline Crane born 22 Jun 1823 died 25 Apr 1861.

     (s148g) W Hardy Gilstrap s/o (s148o) John Gilstrap bron
15 Sep 1792 died 22 Feb 1876 and (s148p) Susan Sargent.
     (s148o) John Gilstrap s/o (s148ae) Hardy Gilstrap born
1769 died 1829 and (s148af) Anna Carlton born 1771.
     (s148ae) Hardy Gilstrap s/o (s156ai) Peter Gilstrap and
(s156aj) Mary.

     (s156) Marvin Gravely s/o (s156a) William Gravely born
1866 and (s156b) Betty McKinney born 1870.
     (s156a) William Gravely s/o (s156c) Lumford Ballenger
Gravely born 25 Jul 1828 died 25 Jan 1922 and (s156d) Naromi
Winchester born 20 Aug 1834 died 28 Nov 1924.
     (s156c) Lumford Ballenger Gravely s/o (s156g) Joseph
Gravely born 1803 and (s156h) Elizabeth Ann Gilstrap born
     (s156g) Joseph Gravely s/o (s156o) John "Jackie"
Gravely born 1789 and (s156p) Nancy Winchester.
     (s156h) Elizabeth Ann Gilstrap d/o (s156q) Lewis
(Louis) Gilstrap born 1770 died 21 May 1858 and (s156r)
Elizabeth Maxwell.
     (s156o) John Gravely s/o (s156ae) John Hensley Gravely
and (s156af) Margaret "Peggy" Ballenger.
     (s156q) Lewis Gilstrap s/o (s156ai) Peter Gilstrap born
1735 died 10 Mar 1795 and (s156aj) Mary _________ Born 1743.
     (s156ai) Peter Gilstrap is one of four brothers who
immigrated from Englan in 1749-52.  Other brothers were
James, John, Idolet Gilstrap.
     (s156ae) John Hensley Gravely brothers Joseph and James
immigrated from England 1750-1760.  Joseph born 1744.

     (s189) Laura Margret Inez Hayes d/o (s189a) Daniel
Moses Hayes born 31 Jul 1879 died 31 Jul 1948 and (s189b)
Bessy Mandy Lee Lafoy born 20 Feb 1889 died 27 Jan 1952.
     (s189a) Daniel Moses Hayes s/o (s189c) Daniel Travis
Hayes born 15 Jun 1857 died 5 Dec 1949 and (s189d) Margaret
Mellisa Clark born 3 Feb 1861 died 21 Apr 1934.
     (s189b) Bessy Mandy Lee Lafoy d/o (s189e) James
Lafayette Lafoy born 11 Oct 1849 died 1 Oct 1926 and (s189f)
Laura Medlin born 1878 die 19 Feb 1965.
     (s189c) Daniel Travis Hayes s/o (s189g) Benjamin Travis
Hays born 31 Aug 1829 died 16 Oct 1864 and (s189h) Mary
Elizabeth Hood born 1826.
     (s189d) Margaret Mellisa Clark d/o (s189i) Moses Clark
born 3 Mar 1820 died 17 Mar 1886 and (s189j) Millie Simmons
born 28 Mar 1829 died 30 Jan 1909.
     (s189e) James Lafayette Lafoy s/o (s189k) Prue Lafoy
born 1827 and (s189l) Avarilla Hall born 1827.
     (s189f) Laura Medlin d/o (s189m) Stephen Medlin born
Jan 1850 and (s189n) Francis Moser born Oct 1856.
     (s189g) Benjamin Travis Hays s/o (s189p) Mary Elizabeth
Hays born 1808 died 22 Dec 1884.
     (s189h) Mary Elizabeth Hood d/o (s189q) Travis Hood and
(s189r) Elizabeth ___________.
     (s189i) Moses Clark s/o (s189s) Alexander Clark and
(s189t) Elizabeth Hendricks born circa 1787.
     (s189k) Prue Lafoy s/o (s189w) Daniel Lafoy born 1795
and (s189x) Juda _________ born 1806.
     (s189l) Avarilla Hall d/o (s189y) James Hall and
(s189z) Nancy ________.
     (s189m) Stephen Medlin s/o (s189aa) Willis Medlin.
     (s189n) Francis Moser d/o (s189ac) Sammeal Moser.
     (s189p) Mary Elizabeth Hays d/o (s189ag) Soloman Hays
born 1767 died 1855 and (s189ah) Charolette _________ born
1785 died circa 1861.
     (s189t) Elizabeth Hendricks d/o (s189ao) Moses Hendricks
died 1836 and (s189ap) Susannah ____________.
     (s189y) James Hall s/o (s189ay) Henry Hall died 1827
and (s189az) Elizabeth _________.

     (s191) Jacquelyn Nolene Howard d/o (s191a) James Clyde
Howard born 29 Oct 1909 and (s191b) Margie Pauline Turner
born 8 Nov 1912.
     (s191a) James Clyde Howard s/o (s191c) William Enoch
Howard born 28 Feb 1878 died 27 Feb 1948 and (s191d) Texie
Annie Ward born 7 Oct 1881 died 28 May 1960.
     (s191b) Margie Pauline Turner d/o (s191e) George
Rosmond Turner born 10 Apr 1891 died 10 Dec 1911 and (s191f)
Ida Louise Vollrath born 11 Mar 1894 died 21 Jan 1983.
     (s191c) William Enoch Howard s/o (s191g) James Samuel
Howard born 32 Dec 1847 died 2 Apr 1931 and (s191h) Sarah
Elizabeth Hill born 17 Sep 1845 died 12 Feb 1943.
     (s191d) Texie Annie Ward d/o (s191i) William Andrew?
Ward born 1853 died 1885 and (s191j) Mary Elizabeth
Montgomery born 1856 died 1885.
     (s191e) George Rosmond Turner s/o (s191k) James R
Turner born Jul 1867 died 22 Jan 1929 and (s191l) Mary Polly
Corbin born Sep 1870 died 4 Dec 1927.
     (s191f) Ida Louis Vollrath d/o (s191m) John Vollrath
bron 3 Mar 1862 died 13 Mar 1945 and (s191n) Frances Ella
Childress born 1869 died 19 Apr 1898.
     (s191g) James Samuel Howard s/o (s191o) William Howard
born 1810 died circa 1875 and (s191p) Elizabeth Wharton born
1812 died circa 1875.
     (s191h) Sarah Elizabeth Hill d/o (s191q) Enoch Hill
born 1 Oct 1817 died 10 May 1878 and (s191r) Patience
Elizabeth Carter born 19 May 1814 died 7 Oct 1816.
     (s191i) William Ward s/o (s191s) Joseph Ward born 1809
died 1869.
     (s191j) Mary Elizabeth Montgomery d/o (s191u) Thomas
Montgomery born 1797 died 2 Jul 1859 and (s191v) Mary Ann
Cargile born 1831 died 21 Sep 1889.
     (s191k) Jamer R Turner s/o (s191w) John T Turner born
Feb 1846 died 1917 and (s191x) Nattie Caroline Ferguson born
Jan 1845 died 16 Jun 1912.
     (s191l) Mary Polly Corbin d/o (s191y) Andrew Corbin
born 1820 and (s191z) Sarah Reeves born 1833.
     (s191m) John Vollrath s/o (s191aa) Johannes Vollrath
born [Germany] 15 Jun 1819 died 10 Jun 1902 and (s191ab)
Martha Davis born 24 Jul 1838 died 11 Jun 1925.
     (s191n) Frances Ella Childress d/o (s191ac) John
Childress born 1842 died 27 Jan 1921 and (s191ad) Jane
Fricks born 1845 died 32 Jul 1920.

     (s196) Christy Lynn McCall born 19 Jun 1970 d/o (s196a)
Hoyt England McCall and (s196b) Brenda Fortescue.
     (s196a) Hoyt England McCall s/o (s196c) Elsie McCall
and (s196d) Loanie Morgan.
     (s196b) Brenda Fortescue d/o (s196e) Calvin Fortescue
and (s196f) Nettie Wells.

TOLIVER and MATILDA HUGHES, Family history.

     Toliver was born about 1823, a grandson or great-
grandson of (1c) Andrew and (1d) Obedience Hughes.  He is at
least a first cousin to (s3a) Joel Hughes, a probable son or
grandson of Andrew and Obedience.
     In the summer of 1829 when Toliver was about six years
old, Obedience Hughes died and Andrew married Nancy Mauldin
the following year.
     Matilda Skelton was also born about 1823, the third
child of (2a) John William and (2b) Ellenor Looper Skelton.
She is also the grand-daughter of (2e) Jeremiah and (2f)
Mary Forest Looper, and old established family of the
Pendleton District.
     Matilda's brothers and sisters are: Nancy, Thomas,
Hester Ann, Andrew J, Elisha, Delilah, William F and James
Baylis Skelton.
     Matilda's great-grandmother (2l) Sarah Pharis also died
in 1829 during the Spring.
     Matilda's mother (2b) Ellenor Looper Skelton died
shortly after Baylis was born in 1840.
     Both these Hughes and Looper familys migrated from
Pennsylvania through North Carolina to the Pendleton
     Several of Toliver's family moved to Georgia during the
1830's and early 1840's.  Andrew was also in the process of
moving but died at his son Charles' home in September 1843.
     They met either through family or neighbors during
their late teen years and were married by 1842.  Toliver
began his life as a farm labourer, probably near the Fair
Play area of Oconee County.  He was a tenant farmer who
rented homes and worked other peoples' farms, never owning
any property himself.  In 1843 they had their first son and
named him John R.
      By 1850 Toliver and Matilda have had two more
children, Mary Obedience born 1847 and Elvira Priscella born
1850.  They are living in Laurens county, probably working a
farm previously owned by (2s3a) Joel Hughes.  Joel had
worked it during the 1840's but has now moved to Pickens
     They are living in the north west part of Laurens
county, probably in the Warrior Creek area.  William Wright,
a Physcian, lives four houses away and Reubin Robertson is
their next door neighbor.  Reubin is the son of Toliver
Robertson who preaches at Warrior Creek Baptist church.
John R is 7 and probably spent a lot of time at William
Wright's house, he is later known by the nickname 'Doc'.
     By the Fall of 1857 Toliver and Matilda have moved to
the northeast part of Anderson county, Hurricane Creek area
south of Easley.  Their family now includes William Robert
born 1852, Jeremiah born 1854, and twins James Austin and
Edward Houston born 1857.
     Also that year Toliver is arrested for "retailing
without a license," probably distilling and selling whiskey.
During the March 1858 court session, he pleads guilty and is
imprisoned for six months.
     John R is listed on the 1860 census as Doctor and
(2s3a) Joel is living next to Larkin Hughes, another grand-
son of Andrew, in Pickens county.
     Matilda's grandparents, Jeremiah and Mary Looper died
during 1860 and 1861.
     After the war began, Toliver went to the Anderson
courthouse where he was mustered in by James Long into the
4th Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers on April 14, 1861.
The period was for one year.  From June through December
1861 he is at Camp Pettus, Danville Virginia.  During the
winter he develops a fever and is sent to the hospital in
Charlottesville in January 1862.
     John R was about 17-18 when he enlisted at Aiken SC,
why there is unknown, on August 27, 1862, 1st Reg't South
Carolina Artilery.  He's not a disciplined soldier and is
absent without leave frequently during his first year.
Spent some time confined to jail in Charleston.  At the end
of the war he is a prisoner at Hart's Island, New York
harbor.  His records show he was captured March 12, 1865 at
Cheraw, SC.  He lists his place of residence as Pickens
District, SC, complexion light, hair dark, eyes blue and
height 5 ft 7 1/2 in.
     Matilda made a $60 rent payment to the Godfrey Mauldin
estate during October 1864.  It is known as the "Hughes
place."  [Part of the Godfrey Mauldin family includes a
sister Sarah Hughes and a brother Tailiferro Mauldin.  They
are some of the children of John and Mary Mauldin who lived
in northwest Anderson county. {1800 PEND  51, 1820 PEND 184,
1830 AND 155}.]
     Matilda's father (2a) John Skelton died just after the
war ended, about 1866.
     Late 1867 or early 1868 John R left home and went to
Habershaw county Georgia where he meet and married Amanda
Malvina Stewart, a war widow.  She was 38 and he 25, he told
the census taker he was 34.  Mary Obedience is in her teens
during the 1860's and has met and married Richard Harrison
Stegall of Easley.  They have started their family by the
early 1870's.
     In the 1870's the Toliver and Matilda household
consists of Robert, Elvira, Jeremiah and the twins James and
Edward.  They are still in Anderson County and Joel (2) has
moved next door with his children, he is a widower now.
     Toliver and Robert have made a couple of trips to
Georgia to visit John R.  John R and Amanda have had two
children, Isaac V born 22 Sep 1870 and Amanda Matilda born
Apr 1872.  About 1874 I suspect Toliver has become ill and
died.  In May of 1874 John R leaves Georgia but returns by
September.  There is some attempt to convince Amanda to move
to South Carolina but he leaves again in Oct and never
returns.  [There is no direct discussion in the probate
record as to the exact cause of this.  There is mention of
John R being in a fight with someone and warrants taken out
against him.  He must have inherited his share of the 'Irish
     John R and Sallie have been seeing each other and are
married 11 Feb 1875.  There is objection to the marriage
from other family members, some were furious.  [The reason
sited in the probate record is that they were related.]
     John R and Sallie have a daughter Talula born 20 Dec
1874 followed by Julian, William Walter, Nora I and James W.
over the remainder of the 1870s and early 1880s.
     Mary Obedience and Harrison Stegall have the follow
children during the 1870's: Fanny born 1871, Mary A 1873,
Edward W Aug 1875, James T Sep 1878.  They are living in the
east Easley area.
     Matilda Hughes attends church at Mt Olivet Methodist,
she is on the membership roll in 1876.  [The church at that
time was near the top of the hill in the middle of the
present Easley City cemetery.]
     William Robert has also started a family with Ann Elizabeth
Couch.  Isaac was born 1875 and Essie in 1879.
     The 1880s begin with Matilda living with Edward Houston
who has met and married Martha Elizabeth Mauldin.  James
Austin is also a member of the household.  They live in the
Easley area.  William Robert and Ann are next door with
their two children.  Mary Obedience and Harrison Stegall
with their family are next to Robert's home.
     John R and Sally are living across the Saluda river in
south west Greenville county.  John R has taken up his
father's livelihood by being a tenant farm-laborer and they
have moved several times during the past ten years.  The
winter of 1886-87 they are living on property owned by R H
Jacobs.  Sally is expecting their 5th child the following
March.  On Christmas day John R is called outside by Jacobs
and is accused of using fence rails as firewood.  There is
an exchange of words and Jacobs goes back home.  He returns
later and John R meets him near a branch.  During the
arguing and threats John R is shot, he dies two days later.
     John Edward Lawrence Hughes was born 13 Mar 1887.
     Jacobs is tried and found guilty of manslaughter during
the summer of 1887.  He is sent to the state prison where he
serves about 18 months.  He is fully pardoned by Governor
Richardson in May of 1889 with 'elder years and failing
health' as reasons.  An article in Walhalla Courier, 6 Jun
1889, probably states the truth:  "... It seems to be
another instance of the undue influence of wealth and high
social position."
     In Jun 1889, Sally initiates a wrongful death suit
against Jacobs for $10,000.  The final settlement is for
$750 of which $146 was for court cost and $325 for lawyer's
fee. [The Greenville County common pleas records for this
period are at the State Archives.  Refer case 11219.]
     Jeremiah may also have joined the Easley police between
1874-76 in order to help the family.  There was one refrence
to Marshalls Brown and Hughes quelling a disturbance in the
4 May 1876 issue of PICKENS SENTINEL.
     On 24 June 1892 'Town Marshal Jere Hughes' went to the
house of a black man who had had an angry dispute with
another black over a woman.  One of the men went to Jeremiah
to report the incidence who then went to the other man's
home.  No one was home so he sat on the porch to wait.  When
the man did return he saw Jeremiah there on the porch and
thinking it was the other black with whom he had argued shot
Jeremiah in the back.  He died in a few minutes.
     The other news articles from the 11 July and 6 October
1892 issues of the PICKENS SENTINEL relate the capture and
hanging of Tom Brock, the man who did the killing.  There is
also a brief summary of the trial in the July 1892 SESSIONS
JOURNAL of the Clerk of Court office in Pickens, SC.
     [Of current interest, 89 years after Jeremiah's
death, his great grand nephew through Edward Houston and
Edward Dean Hughes senior and junior, Joel Dean Hughes died
on 7 October 1981 while chasing a suspect.  Joel was a
Pickens County sheriff deputy at the time and both he and
Jeremiah were 38 when they died.  Joel Dean Hughes' name is
listed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in
Washington DC.
     Copies of the news articles and court records
concerning Jeremiah Hughes were sent to NLEM for their
consideration of adding his name to the memorial.  In May
1993 his name was added to the memorial wall in Washington
DC and a plaque added to the South Carolina Hall of Justice
in Columbia.]
     Mary Obedience and Harrison Stegall have the following
children during the 1880s and early 1890s: Nora D May 1880,
Eula E Jun 1882, Dora A Mar 1886 and Charley Jul 1893.
     William Robert and Ann have also had other children but
only one has been identified, Julius Charles born 1896.
     James Austin is assumed to have gone to Texas during
this time.
     Edward Houston and Martha have ten children: James
Luther Dec 1880, Edward Dean Sep 1882, Tamar Jul 1884,
Matilia 'Mittie' Mar 1886, Lavinia May 1889, Fletcher
Addison Sep 1890, Bertha May 1894, Eddie Jan 1896 (a
daughter) and Estella born 1887 died 1889.
     Edward Houston was a prosperous farmer in the Liberty-
Easley area before he died on 15 Dec 1895 of 'brain fever'.
He was a prominent and useful member of the Methodist Church
(Old Mt Olivett) in Easley.  Matilda was helping Martha
Elizabeth raise the children in the 1900 census.  They may
have moved a couple of times living near the railroad at one
time and the old Dalton School another (between Pickens &
     Matilda, Mary Obedience and Harrison Stegall are listed
among the founding members of Rock Springs Baptist church in
the 1890s.  The church is east of Easley.
     John R's widow Sally lived for a while in Liberty with
their youngest Nora, James, and Lawrence.  She later moves
to the Pickens Mill Village to be near her daughter Talula
and her husband James Alexander McNeely.
     In Oct of 1896 her teenage son William Walter was also
killed.  The PEOPLE'S JOURNAL of 8 Oct, reports that a John
Harper and Walter were involved in some kind of dispute
which turned violent.  The court record does not provide any
additional details and only reveils a not guilty verdict in
Harper's manslaughter trial.  Listed among the State's
witnesses is Mrs Mary O Stegall, Sallie's sister-in-law.
     In a later issue, 2 Nov, of the JOURNAL Sallies thanks
her friends and neighbors for their support during this
tradegy.  "Dear friends and neighbors you have my thanks for
the help you gave me in my dear boy's burial, and the
sympathies extended to me.  The Lord has said He would bless
a cheerful giver, and He will.  May the Lord bless you all
for the sympathies extended and assistance rendered.  Mrs
     Matilda Skelton Hughes died about 1905.
     William Robert has not faired well during the past few
years.  He gives custody of Julius Charles to James Franklin
Cauley in 1904 for the purpose of providing proper care and
education for his youngest son.
     William Robert Hughes died 14 July 1915.  The 5 Aug
1915 issue of the PICKENS SENTINEL contained the following
article, "Deaths in Easley."  Part of which is 'Robert R
Hughes a well known citizen of this county died in the
Greenville hospital from Bright's disease on 24 Jul ... He
is survived by his wife and several children by a former
marriage ... "Bob" was a member of the Hughes family who
once lived near where the present graded school building in
Easley stands.  One brother, Dock, was killed some years ago
     Mary Obedience Stegall died 15 April 1923 at the home
of her daughter Mrs W J Sheriff (Fanny Stegall) after a short
illness with pneumonia.
     She was the last known member of the Toliver and
Matilda Hughes family.

SALLIE HUGHES, John R's widow, Family History

    The years from 1889 to 1896 remain obscure but Sallie
raised her family by some means and apparently lived in the
Pickens Mill Village East of Pickens.  Her oldest daughter
Talula married a James Alexander McNeely and they also lived
in the village.  Sallie's life was a difficult one but she
was very active in the church and must have had a lot of
     In Oct of 1896 her teenage son William Walter was also
killed.  The PEOPLE'S JOURNAL of 8 Oct, reports that a John
Harper and Walter were involved in some kind of dispute
which turned violent.  The court record does not provide any
additional details and only reveils a not guilty verdict in
Harper's manslaughter trial.  Listed among the State's
witnesses is Mrs Mary O Stegall, Sallie's sister-in-law.
     From 1896 to 1912 Sallie continued to lived in the
village.  Talula 'Lula' and James McNeely had their only
child about 1900, Charles F McNeely.  Her son Edward
Lawrence has met and married Mattie Parsons, a dau of Andrew
and Elizabeth Brock Parsons and they also live in the
     [Rev James Ambler Hughes is great-grandson of (1c)
Andrew Hughes.]
     In Sep 1910, (s2s3) Rev James Ambler Hughes' second
wife died.  Over the next few months he renews his
acquaintance with his second cousin Sallie and on 18 Apr
1911 they are married.
     Rev James Ambler Hughes is also a farmer and has a farm
near Ware Shoals on the Saluda River in Laurens county.  It
is there that he and Sallie make their home for the next
several years.  Over the course of this time numerous visits
are noted in the SENTINEL between the relatives living in
Pickens and Ware Shoals.
     In Jun of 1914 (s2s3a) Larkin Hughes, father-in-law of
Sallie Hughes, died at the age of 90.  He was a Civil War
veteran and attended many of the Old Soldiers Day
celebrations common at the time.  In Nov of 1916 it is noted
in the SENTINEL that his son Alfred K Hughes delivered a
tombstone from Ware Shoals to Pickens to place on his
father's grave.
     In Aug of 1915 Edward Lawrence Hughes and Talula
McNeely along with their familys and others visited Rev
James and Sallie Hughes.  The occassion was a revival at
which 'Professor' L E Hughes and J H Hughes provided the
music.  Edward Lawrence was musically talented and latter in
life was noted for his singing, traveling around to a lot
more revivals and other church gatherings.
     By 1918 World War I was in progress and the draft
begun.  Talula and James McNeely's son Charles would have
been about 18 and has entered the Army.  While at Camp
McClullen in Alabama Charles develops pneumonia and dies in
Oct of 1918.
     It is not clear what happens for the next several years
but apparently something has changed between Sallie and
James.  In Jan of 1926 Rev James A Hughes celebrated his
74th birthday at home of his daughter Mrs J H Wasson in Ware
Shoals along with other relatives from Pickens.  But five
years latter Sallie's brother Thomas Allen Hughes dies in
Nov 1931 and in the list of survivors is "Miss Sally
     Sallie Hughes, age 77 in 1935, was living with her
daughter Mrs J A McNeely in the Pickens Mill Village till
August of that year.  It was then that she moved to
Lawrence's home in Easley.  Three months latter she suddenly
became ill and died on 6 Nov 1935.  In the obituary she is
listed a 'widow of the late John Hughes' along with being 'a
native of Pickens county and had spent all her life in the
county.'  The survivors were two sons Lawrence Edward and
James W, one daughter Mrs J A McNeely and 16 grand-children.
Her son Walter died in 1896 so this leaves two daughters
Julian and Nora {Inez} who may have also died before 1935.
     Among the 16 grandchildren are those of Edward Lawrence
and Mattie: Lois, Katherine, Ruby, Beatrice, John W, Charles
Edward, and Glenn L Hughes.
     Talula's husband James A McNeely died in Jan of 1937 at
the age of 73.  He was known as 'Uncle Bud" and worked in
the textile industry at Picken Mill.  The pallbears were
nephews, moslty from the McNeely side but included is a
Claude Hughes.  This could be a son of Talula's brother
James W Hughes.  On the anniversary of her husband's death,
Talula wrote a memoriam:  "Just one year ago today, the
death angel came to our home and carried our loved one away.
He crossed over to be with the angel band in the Promised
Land.  How we miss you no tongue can tell since we had to
bid you farewell.  We shall know each other better when we
all get home.  Life's evening sun is sinking low, a few more
days and we all must go.  To know him was to love him.  We
are traveling to a better land; one by one we shall gather
     Over the next several years, 'Lula' McNeely visits her
cousin Mrs W Riley Nix who was formerly Betty Ann Hughes a
daughter of Sallie's brother Thomas Allen Hughes.  Other
occassions for family get togethers were dinner parties.  At
one in Jan of 1944 the guests included Mrs Mary Edens, Rev
Shirly McNeely (James Alexander's father), Mr & Mrs L E
Hughes and Mr & Mrs Gilbert Martineze.  In Mar of 1944 Mr &
Mrs L E Hughes along with a grand daughter, Jo Ann Phillips
(Ruby's), celeberated Lula's 70th birthday.
     Talula Hughes McNeely died on 6 Sep 1948 after two
years of declining health.  Her brothers, Lawrence and James
W, and several neices and nephews were survivors.  She along
with her mother Sallie and husband and son are buried in the
Sunrise Cemetary on Cedar Rock St East of Pickens near the
Pickens Mill Village where they lived.


     After Edward's death in 1895 his mother Matilda moved
in with his wife Martha Elizabeth and the kids.  One
possible location for the home is the house on the cornor of
1st Street and Main in Easley, near the Colony Movie
theater.  [This comes from someone else's genealogy work and
is not confirmed.]
     On Sunday 21 Jun 1903 the first of the kids to marry,
James Luther, married Della Dorr.  Della is the daughter of
George William and Nancy  Singleton Dorr.  Mrs G W Dorr is
the daughter of Rev W B Singleton.  Their chldren are Alma,
Ida Della, W T, S G, Alla and Emma.  Alla married a W L
Gilstrap, Emma married a W A White.  Alma first married a
Pritchard and after he died married Andrew Parsons.  This is
the same Andrew Parsons whose daughter Mattie married Edward
Lawrance Hughes son of Sallie and John R.
     The reverand who performed the marriage of James Luther
and Della was Rev John William Sheriff.  He was the husband
of Fannie Stegall Sheriff a daughter of Richard Harrison and
Mary Obedience Hughes Stegall.  Mary O Stegall is the
daughter of Toliver and Matilda and James Luther's aunt.
     Another of Edward Houston and Martha Elizabeth's
children married on 12 Jul 1908.  This was their daughter
Tamer who married Franklin Pharoh a son of the James
Franklin Cauley mentioned in the section about Robert
William Hughes.  Rev J M Stewart performed this marriage and
after the ceremony it is reported the 'the newly wedded
couple drove to the home of J W Cauley, a brother of the
groom, where an elegant supper awaited them.'  There will be
another Hughes - Cauley marriage later.
     James Luther along with his brothers Fletcher Addison
and Edward Dean operated a blacksmith shop for a few years.
Later on he would become sole owner.  The shop was located
in a couple of places but the last was behind the Main St
stores just Northeast of the water tower.  In the 25 Jan
1912 issue of the SENTINEL it is reported that they
installed the first corn mill operated by a gasoline engine.
Part of the article states, "Will grind your corn and do
your blacksmithing while you shop.  Watch Pickens move."
     In Apr 1916 Luther had an accident, he lost two fingers
while working with a planer.  In 1922 Luther advertises that
he will trade blacksmithing work for corn and peas.  He also
reduces horse shoeing to $1.25.  In Jun of 1928 Luther has
jury duty.
     In the Spring of 1914 Andrew Parsons dies.  He may have
also been a blacksmith because in the 17 Sep 1914 issue,
"Hughes Bros of Pickens purchased the Parsons Blacksmith
shop at Liberty and opened for business Monday morning with
Dean Hughes in charge of the new shop...."  The following
spring Mrs Alma Dorr Parsons died at the age of 43.
     Recall from the section about William Robert Hughes
that the James Franklin Cauley family is living in Liberty
and that Luther and Dean's sister Tamer married into this
family.  With this connection along with Dean operating the
Liberty blacksmith shop, Edward Dean and Mary Belle Cauley
became acquaited and also marry.  On 27 Jun 1915 they have
their only child Edward Dean Jr.  Dean did not remain in
blacksmithing, in Sep of 1916 he began working for Nicolas
Construction which was doing railroad work in Westminster SC
at the time.  Dean would spend much of his life traveling
and away from home.  In Jul of 1917 he is working at a
contruction site in Spartanburg and spent a weekend at home,
Mrs E D Hughes returned with him for a visit.
     The other children of Edward Houston and Martha
Elizabeth also marry.  Fletcher Addison married Clovie
Gilstrap.  Clovie is a grand daughter of George and Nancy
Dorr through their daughter Ellie who married W Lawrence
Gilstrap.  She had at least one sister, Grace, who married a
     Lavina married Rev Charles W Nalley a son of George
Burdine and Emma Burns Nalley.  Charles has the following
brothers and sisters:  Thomas B, Samuel J, Walter, G Henry,
Frank K, Luther D, Paul, Mrs Alma Newton, Mrs Annie Newton,
Mrs Pearl Watson.  Thomas B was a state senator.
     Mittie married William Eli Grant.  Myrtie married
Julius Charles Hughes, son of William Robert.  Bertha
married Charles O Proffit.  And Eddie married Arthur Harbin.
     In Sep of 1916 it is noted in the school news that
Luther's daughter Artie made the 5th grade honor roll.  In
the following school years Marshall, Ora, Edward Dean
Hughes, Attis Cauley were also frequently on the honor roll
list.  Artie graduated high school in 1923 and was
valedictarian.  Marshall finished in 1925 and was elected
'most studious and orginal boy'; he is also known by the
name "Mish".  Ora finished in 1928 which was the first year
Pickens High School had a yearbook.  It was known as the
BLUE FLAME then but later was changed to the GEM.  Her
graduating picture was in the SENTINEL.
     Luther's daughter Artie marrys W Marvin Gravely a son
of A W Gravely in Sep of 1925.  Marshall makes a couple of
trips to Ashville NC where Gertrude Lewis is attending a
teacher's college.  They marry in the next couple of years.
Ora marrys Charles Hershall Powers and they move to the
Utimilla FL area.
     In Jul 1917 Dean is working at a construction site in
Spartanburg and spent a weekend at home, Mrs E D Hughes
returned with him for visit.  During the last week of Nov
1922 Mrs M J Cauley her grandson Ingel Barron and daughter
Miss Nora move to a new home East of Pickens Mill on Farrs
Brigde Road.  This will later become the home of Mr & Mrs E
D Hughes Jr and their family.
     During the later 1920's and the 1930's with some of the
children and some of the older grandchildren of Edward
Houston and Martha married and living away from Pickens,
there was a lot of visiting among the cousins.
     August 1926, E D Hughes Jr travels to Clinton where F B
Cauley lives.  September 1926, Mr & Mrs Charles Proffit and
daughter Mildred visit Mr & Mrs Fletcher A Hughes and
together they travel to the mountains.  August 1928, Mr &
Mrs W E Grant visit his uncle and aunt Mr & Mrs W H Grant.
Mrs E D Hughes' brother J W Cauley moves his family from
Texas to the Bethleham community near Pickens.  Feburary
1930, J W Cauley's daughter Mrs Ola Mae Keese is in from
Texas and Miss Nora Cauley and Mrs Dean Hughes all get
     May 1931, Dean Hughes is home from a work site in
Mullins SC and Nora Cauley her nephew and his wife Mr & Mrs
I D Barron, along with Mrs Earnest McCacy and son Earnest
and Jack all come to Pickens. August 1931, Dean is
transferred to Taccoa GA and comes home for a weekend.  The
Cauleys and Barrons of Greenville again visit.  The same
week, Mr & Mrs Herschel Powers are home from Flordia
visiting Ora's parents.  October 1931, Dean is in Newberry
SC but manages another weekend home.  The Powers family make
two trips between Pickens and Flordia in 1932 during May and
September.  While they were in Pickens in September Dean
Hughes died on the 28th from a heat stroke while working on
a road job in Thomasville GA.  The returned to Flordia in
     April 1933, Mr & Mrs Jule Hughes with Nora Cauley and
her niece and nephew Lucille Hall and Rodger Barron visit
Mrs E D Hughes.  August 1934, Mr & Mrs C Powers and daugther
Doris visit Mr & Mrs J L Hughes.  October 1934, E D Hughes
Jr goes to Clayton GA to visit relatives while his mother
visits her sister Nora in Greenville.  Feburary 1935, Luther
travels to Florida.
     April 1935, Mr & Mrs Marshall Hughes and children of
Walhalla visit their parents Mr & Mrs J L Hughes and Mr &
Mrs Frank Lewis.  Marshall's sister Mabel visits their
cousin Mildred Profitt in Greenville.  November 1935,
Marshall agains visits father J L Hughes.
     December 1935, E D Hughes Jr and uncle J W Cauley
travel to Spartanburg.  January 1936, Mr & Mrs George Keese
return to Grosvena Texas after a holiday visit with Mr & Mrs
J W Cauley.  Mrs Cauley with daughters Selma and Bernice go
with them.
     April 1936, Miss Fay Cauley of Clinton with aunt Mrs
Dean Hughes and cousin E D visit relatives in Greenville.
July 1936, Mr & Mrs Powers from Flordia visiting relatives
in Pickens.  November 1938, Mrs Dean Hughes and son E D go
to Greenville and return with Nora Cauley who spends a
Sunday night.  Later that month they see relatives in
Liberty and Six Mile.
     February 1940, Mr & Mrs Jarrell D Cauley of
Fayetteville NC, Mrs Joel B Cauely and J W Cauley visit Mr &
Mrs F P Cauley in Clinton.  Mrs Jarrell Cauley visits
parents Mr & Mrs Hoyt Townes.  Jun 1940, Martha Jean Hughes
returns to Wahalla after visiting grandparents.
     These visits and travelings among the children and
grand children of Edward Houston and Martha Elizabeth
continue through the 1940's and on into the 1960's.
     One of the more significant reasons for visiting were
the Hughes reunions.  These were held at Paris Mountain
State Park north of Greenville, mostly, but occassionally at
the home of one of the descendants.  The only thing which
can be offered here are personal recollections and those are
best left to the reader.

EDWARD DEAN HUGHES, Senior Family History

     Dean was the second child of Edward Houston and Martha
Elizabeth Mauldin Hughes, born 6 September 1882.
     In the early 1900's his brother James Luther operated a
blacksmith shop in Pickens, Dean and another brother
Fletcher Addison worked at the shop.  In 1912 the shop was
located next to Floger Thornly and Company near SCN Bank on
Main St.  Later the shop would move next to Pickens Bottling
Co on corner of Main and Garvin and again to behind the
stores on the north side of Main St, near the water tower.
     In September of 1914 Hughes Bros of Pickens purchased
the Parsons' Blacksmith shop in Liberty after the own Andrew
Parsons died that Spring.  Dean moves to Liberty to operate
the shop.
     Dean married Mary Belle Cauley sometime between 1912
and 1914.  She is the daughter of James Franklin and Mary
Jane Jones Cauley who have been living in the Liberty area
for several years.  They may have met through Dean's sister
Mary Tamer who married Franklin Pharoh Cauley, Mary Belle's
brother, in 1908.  While working the shop in Liberty, they
have their only child Edward Dean Junior on 27 June 1915.
The first week in September 1915, Mrs E D Hughes and son
visit relatives in Greenville, the Cauleys and Barrons.
     By the following summer, Dean has left the
blacksmithing trade and becomes a mechanic for Nicolas
Construction which does road construction. The job site in
September of 1916 was in Westminster SC followed the next
year by a site in Spartanburg.  In Jul of 1917 Dean spends a
weekend at home.  The next five years are spent much the
same with Dean traveling to different job locations and
visting home occassionally.
     On 16 January 1921, James Franklin Cauley died.  In
November of 1922, his widow Mary Jane, daughter Nora, and a
grandson Ingle Barron move to a new home in Pickens, east of
the Pickens Mill on Farr's Bridge Road.  The Dean Hughes
family also lived somewhere near Pickens Mill at this time.
Edward Dean Junior is in the first grade at the Pickens Mill
school and is on the December honor roll.
     The 'new' Pickens - Brevard highway is under
construction and Dean has probably been working on it.
During Jun of 1924 there is a dispute between the contractor
and the state over payment for work done on the highway.
Work is suspended for several months.
     Again, E D Jr is on the honor roll in December 1924,
3rd grade, as well as in April 1925.  During the summer of
1926 E D Jr visits his cousin F B Cauley in Clinton.  The
next school year, in the 4th grade, he again is on the honor
roll in December 1926 and Feburary 1927.
     During this winter Mrs Mary Jane Cauley died 13 January
1927 and leaves the house to her daughter Miss Nora.  Nora
moves to Greenville to live with relatives there and sells
the house to Dean and Mary Belle Hughes.  E D Jr continues
to be on the honor roll several months during 1927-29.  In
May of 1929 he is 'neither tardy nor absent' while in the
7th grade.
     Dean has probably been working different job sites
during these years as well as with other companys.  He is
probably working for Carrol Road Construction in 1931.  His
general health has also been declining and is easly
exhausted by over heating.  In May 1931 he is home from
Mullins SC where he has been for seven weeks.  While home
the Cauley's and Barron's vist from Greenville.  He works
two more places before the year is finish, Taccoa GA in
August and Newberry SC in October.
     The next year was bad year for the Hughes'.  In June
1932 Martha Elizabeth, widow of Edward Houston, died and the
following September Dean became extremely ill while working
at a site in Thomasville GA.  He was put in the local
hospital and word was sent back to Pickens.  Mrs Dean Hughes
and E D Jr started to Georgia but before they went far, a
patrolman caught up with them and told them that Dean had
died.  They returned home.

EDWARD DEAN HUGHES Junior Family History

     E D finished high shool, 11th grade at the time, in
1933.  He and his mother visited relatives in Greenville,
Greer and Belton over Christmas holidays that year.  During
October 1934 E D travels to Clayton GA to visit relatives
while Mrs Dean Hughes vists her sister Miss Nora Cauley.
The first of March 1935, Mrs Dean is ill for a few days.
During June 1935, E D's cousin Ora Powers and her husband
Charles Herschel are up from Flordia and there is a round of
visitations.  At the beginning of December, Mrs Dean again
visits Nora while E D and his uncle Joel Wilson Cauley
travel to Spartanburg.
     E D has been doing odd jobs and raising chickens for
three or four years.  In Feburary 1936 he advertises: "For
Sale.  One year old cockerals, Johnson strain from heavy
layers, $1.00 each." and again in May: "For Sale.  135 white
leghorn chicks."
     During November 1938, Mrs Dean and son E D visit the
Barrons in Greenville and Miss Nora returns with them to
spend a Sunday night.  Later that month, they travel to
Liberty and Six Mile on Sunday afternoon visiting friends
and relatives.
     During 1939 and 1940, E D has become acquaited with
Inez Hayes, a daughter of Daniel Moses Hayes Sr.  She was
borned 12 November 1921 and also went to Pickens Mill School
where she also appeared frequently on the honor roll:  Nov
1927 1st grade, October 1930 3rd grade 'gold star
recepient'.  She was valedictorian of the 7th grade
graduation in May 1936.  Her family lived in several places
around Pickens: Planer St up next to the Bivens Saw Mill, on
Wolf Creek S W of Pickens, on Town Creek on present
Homestead Rd across from the Jaycee Park.  Her brothers and
sisters are Elbert, D M Jr, Leandor and Robert 'Bob'.
     During 1939 and 40, her brother Elbert was in the Army
and stationed at Fort Bragg NC.  On one occassion Inez, E D
and others travel to vist him.  In August 1940 they along
with her sister Leander and their cousin Lola and Bailey
Yates 'motored through the Smokey Mountains on Sunday.'
     In September 1940 there was the wedding announcement.
"Hayes-Hughes Marriage.  A recent wedding of much interest
ws that of Miss Inez Hayes to Mr Edward Dean Hughes Jr on 14
Sep 1940.  The wedding was soleminized at the home of the
Rev R S Wheeler.  Mrs Hughes is the daughter of Mr & Mrs D M
Hayes Sr.  She was becomingly attired in Navy Blue with
black and white accessories.  Mr Hughes is the son of Mrs
Edward Dean Hughes Sr and the late Mr Hughes.  Those
attending the wedding were Miss Aurie Hayes and Edith
Gravely, Leandor Hayes sister of the bride, Mr Dewey Hayes
and son, Mr J D Edens all of Pickens and Mr Bailey Yates of
     The following November there is shower for the bride.
"Mrs Hughes is honoree.  Mrs Garvin Clark and Mrs J D Hayes
were hostesses this past week honoring Mrs E D Hughes Jr,
the former Miss Inez Hayes.  Numerous friends called during
the afternoon at the home of Mrs Clark and Mrs Hughes was
presented many useful gifts.  Assisting the hostesses were
Miss Lola Hayes, Imogene Brown and Leandor Hayes."
     E D and Inez Hughes' first son was born 9 Sep 1941 and
they named him Edward Daniel.
     During the World War II years, E D and Inez lived in
Baltimore MD.  E D worked at the shipyard there welding
frigate ships together.  His 'test' to become a welder was
when the foreman tossed two pieces of steel plates on the
ground and told E D to make a 'V' weld.  While in Baltimore
they became neighbors and friends with the Lewis family.
     On 4 Mar 1943, Joel Dean was born.  Mrs Dean Hughes
traveled to see the second grandson and returned to Pickens
the end of April after several weeks visit.  Mr & Mrs E D
Hughes and sons returned home with her for a weeks visit.
The Pickens relatives and Nora Cauley all dropped by to see
the latest Hughes.
     The first of November, D M Hayes Sr spent a week in
Baltimore with the E D Hughes family and his daughter and
grandsons returned home with him for a two week visit.
After the visit E D came down from Baltimore, stayed a week
and then they all returned to Baltimore.
     Their third son Robert Jones was born 30 Jan 1945 and
there was another round of traveling and visiting.
     When the war ended, the family moved back to Pickens
where E D worked at various trades.  He did electrical
wiring in a lot of the country homes as well as plumbing.
At one time he had his own shop off of the Pumpkintown
highway near Trotter Hill road.  He eventually works third
shift at the Pickens Mill for several years.
     During 1947 Inez becomes involved in school and
community work.  The October Pickens Mill community fair
includes her on one of the committees.  Daniel is one of the
"Three Kittens" in a December school play along with his
cousin Frances Hayes.
     During April 1949, the E D Hughes family spent an
outing at Paris Mountain with friends from Greenville.  On 1
May 1949 their last son was born, Jerry Wayne.  In May 1950
Daniel and Joel were in a Pickens Mill School play.  Also
that year the SENTINEL had a contest titled "Who is it?" in
which a clue was given and the readers had to guess who it
referred to.  The clue one week was "There are two kinds of
current in electricity and he is one of them."  E D Hughes
answered correctly that week, D C Willis.
     In January of 1952, Mrs Inez Hughes' mother Bessie
Lafoy Hayes died after two years of declining health and
serious illness of two weeks.
     In August 1953 the Mr & Mrs E D Hughes and family spent
a weekend in Charleston incuding a tour of Fort Sumter.  E D
had been working 3rd shift at the Pickens Mill for some
years but in 1954 a new textile plant opened, Runnymede.  He
applied for a job and began working there that fall.  There
was a picture in the SENTINEL that July of the third shift
workers at Pickens Mill.
     Mrs Dean Hughes visited her sister Miss Nora Cauley in
March 1955, Nora had been ill for a couple of weeks.  Mrs
Inez Hughes had also begun working at Runnymede after their
youngest son began school in 1955.  In April 1957 she had
leg surgery for varicous veins.
     Mrs Dean Hughes becomes ill during the Summer of 1960
and died 19 July.
     Daniel was junior in high school in the fall of 1957
and he played on the football team that season.  The next
year he played in the school band and graduated in the
Spring of 1959.  He attended Clemson University and
graduated in 1963.
     The Hughes family moved to a new house on Fox Squirrel
Ridge in Jan of 1961. Joel finished school in 1961 and in
October of that year joined the Navy.  He went to San Deigo
CA for basic training and spent most of his time in the Navy
in the Far East.
     Robert also played football in his junior and senior
years in school going on to a scholar ship with Clemson
University.  His picture appears in the SENTINEL frequently,
6 Sep, 20 Sep, 4 Oct and 1 Nov 1962 when he was named to the
Shrine Bowl.  E D and Jerry with Clifford and Mike Dodgens
travel to Charolette NC to watch him play in the Shrine
Bowl.  His signing with Clemson appears in the 20 Dec issue.
The post season pictures include the 21 Feb 1963 County All
Stars and 23 May Awards banquent.
     Also the SENTINEL carrys a column of IN SERVICE about
men in the military.  In the 20 Sep 1962 issue, Joel
completes radio school and is assigned his first ship,
traveling to Japan for the first time.  In Jan 1965 his ship
receives a performance medal and Joel also gets a medal.
Later in Jul of the same year he crosses the equator and
becomes a shell back after undergoing the traditional
initiation. The next year in 1966 he is again in the IN
SERVICE column for promotion to Radioman 2nd Class.  In Nov
1967 he receives another medal for exceptional performance.
     Jerry is a senior in 1967, his science fair project
recieves an award.
     Robert has left Clemson and joined the Army, his
picture now starts to appear in the IN SERVICE column.  In
Sep 1967 he is in Alabama and while home for a visit he and
his uncle D M Hayes go to where archealogist are digging up
old Fort Prince George.  There they find a dog trapped in
one of the ditches and help him out of its predictament.
     Joel is promoted to 1st class in May 1968.
     In Apr 1969 Daniel recieves his Doctorate degree from
NC State in Mechanical and Areospace Engineering.
     Jerry spends two years at Clemson but also joins the
Navy in Oct 1969.  During 1970 he was in Memphis TN where Mr
& Mrs E D Hughes visit once.  Through 1975 he is stationed
in Virginia Beach VA.


     The possible connection is with Edward H Hues {1830
Pick 263}.  This connection is based only on useage of given
names for the sons.  From estate probate records in Oconee
County {Bundle-Packet, 3-25, 4-37, 16-179, 21-231, and 39-
422} it is learned that Edward H Hues died in 1869 and his
wife Aseanieth died in 1870 before settling her husband's
estate.  This along with two predeceased sons leaving
grandchildren of Edward as heirs generated a lot of records
thus much is learned about this family.  Edward was also
predeceased by one daughter and possibly one son both of
whom left no children.
     Record 39-422 concerns a partition of real estate
wherein the 5 children and 8 heirs of Edward H Hues are
named.  All the children, widowed daughter-in-laws and
grandchildren can be accounted for except one son born
between 1820-25.  Paragraph 2 of the record begins by naming
the remaining 3 daughters and their husbands and what can be
assumed to be the 2 sons, "--E I Hughes, William Frances
Hughes, and ...", followed by heirs at law of the deceased
     This connection is critical on three points.  1) I's
and J's in handwritten documents during this period of time
are very similiar and sometimes interchangeable.  Also heirs
at law of one of the sons are Elizabeth Jane (E J) and her
infant son William Frances Hughes.  2)  Usually one son is
named after the father thus the 'E' of E I may be for
Edward.  3) Two of Toliver's sons named their first sons
Isaac and using a phrase extracted from the Greenville
probate record {50-42} "His father's [meaning John R's
father] was named Tolliver, at least that was the name he
went by, ...", can imply that 'Toliver' was a nickname of
Edward Isaac.
     The previously quoted phrase from Edward H Hues' estate
records can be either "Elizabeth Jane [and her son] William
Frances, heirs at law" or "Edward Isaac Hughes and William
Frances [sons of Edward H Hues].  The deciding factor will
be finding some document which reads "Edward Isaac Hughes
also known as 'Toliver'", the probability of which is slim.
     To complete this connection, Edward H and Joel (1) must
be brothers with an unknown father [John or Moses or other
family using bibical oriented names].  And again, Toliver
[Edward Isaac] son of Edward H and Joel (2) son of Joel (1)
supports the 2nd cousin relationship of John R and Sallie.


A N D R E W   H U G H E S  Sr   Census data

1790  Andrew Hughes {Pend 84}         bf 1774  1755  35
      Obedience Hughes                         1765  25
         Joel (1)            m        af 1774  1784   6
         Andrew Jr           m        af 1774  1786   4
         Obedience           f
      _______________________m        bf 1774

1800  Andrew Hughes {Pend   3}  26-45          1755  45
      Obedience Hughes          26-45          1765  35
         Andrew Jr           m  10-16 1774-90  1786  16
         Obedience           f  10-16 1774-90  1787  13
         Micajah             m    <10 1790-00  1788  12
         Charles             m    <10 1790-00  1795   5
         James W             m    <10 1790-00  1798   2
         Elisha              m    <10 1790-00  1800   1

1810  Andrew Hughes {Pend 157}    >45          1755  55
      Obedience Hughes            >45          1765  45
         ____________________m  16-26 1784-94  ____  __
         Obedience           f  10-16 1804-00  1787  23
         Charles             m  10-16 1804-00  1795  15
         James W             m  10-16 1804-00  1798  12
         Elisha              m    <10 1800-10  1800  10
         John [Madison]      m    <10 1800-10  1803   7
         Thompson            m    <10 1800-10  1807   3
         [9 children]

1820  Andrew Hughes {Pend 184}    >45          1755  65
      Obedience Hughes            >45          1765  55
         John [Madison]      m  10-16 1804-10  1803  17
         Thompson            m  10-16 1804-10  1807  13

1830  Andrew Hughes {Pick 286}                 1755  75
      Nancy Mauldin Hughes      60-70 1760-70  1765  65
      _______________________m  20-30 1800-10  ____  __
      _______________________f  20-30 1800-10  ____  __
         ____________________m    < 5 1825-30  ____  __
         ____________________m    < 5 1825-30  ____  __
         ____________________m    < 5 1825-30  ____  __
         ____________________f    < 5 1825-30  ____  __

1840  James W Hughes {Pick 382} 40-50 1790-00  1798  42
      Mary Jane Smith Hughes    30-40 1800-10  1802  38
         Andrew C            m  15-20 1820-25  1821  19
         Athalinda           f  15-20 1820-25  1822  18
         Larkin              m  10-15 1825-30  1824  16
         Louisa              f   5-10 1830-35  1832   8
         ____________________m    < 5 1835-40  ____  __
         Mary Jane           f    < 5 1835-40  1834   6

      Andrew Hughes                            1755  85

T O L I V E R   H U G H E S   Census data

1850  Toliver Hughs          30    {Laur 294}
      Matalda                30
         John R               7
         Beddy                3
         Altantes          4/12

1860  Toliver Hughes         36    {Ande 326}
      Matilda                34
         Doctor              14
         Biddy               12
         Priscilia           10
         Robert               8
         Jerry                6
         Austin               3
         Edward               3

1870  Toliver Hughes         46    {Ande 439}
      Matilda                46
         Robert              17
         Elvira              19
         Jeremaih            13
         J A                 11
         E H                 11

1880  Edward H Hughes        20   {Pick ED 20-129}
      Martha E               22
      Matilda Hughes         56
      James A                20

      Robert Hughes          26   Next door neighbors
      Ann                    21
         Isaac                5
         Essie                1

      Harry Stegall          34
      Mary O (Obedience)     29
         their children

1900  Martha Hughes          40   Sep 1859   {Pick ED 115-15}
         Luther              19   Dec 1880
         Edward D            17   Sep 1882
         Tamar               15   Jul 1884
         Mittie              14   Mar 1886
         Lavinia             11   May 1889
         Addison              9   Sep 1890
         Myrtle               7   Aug 1892
         Bertha               6   May 1894
         Eddie                4   Jan 1896
      Matilda Hughes         76   Sep 1823

J O E L   H U G H E S   Census data

1790  Joel Hughes Sr [None in SC]

1800  Joel Hughes Sr {Laur  36} 16-26 1774-84  1784  16
      ______________________    16-26 1774-84  ____  __
      ______________________f   26-45 1755-74  ____  __

1810  Joel Hughes Sr {Laur  35} 26-45 1765-84  1784  26
      ______________________    16-26 1784-94  ____  __
         ___________________f     <10 1800-10  ____  __

1820  Joel Hughes Sr {Laur  16} 26-45 1775-94  1784  36
      ______________________    26-45 1775-94  ____  __
         ___________________f   10-16 1804-10  ____  __
         Joel Jr            m     <10 1810-20  1808
         ___________________f     <10 1810-20

1830  Joel Hughes Jr {Abbe  36} 20-30 1800-10  1808  22
       _____________________    15-20 1810-15  ____  __
         ___________________m     < 5 1825-30  ____  __

1840  Joel Hughes Jr {Laur  23} 30-40 1800-10  1808  32
      ______________________    30-40 1800-10  ____  __
         ___________________m   10-15 1825-30  ____  __
         ___________________f    5-10 1830-35  ____  __
         Della              f    5-10 1830-35  1835
         Septimus           m     < 5 1835-40  1840
         ___________________f     < 5 1835-40  ____

1850  Joel Hughes Jr {Pick 505}                1808  42
      Delila Hughes    [2nd wife]              1827  23
         Septimus                              1840  10
         Joel                                  1848   2
         John                                  1850

1860  Joel Hughes Jr {Pick 131}                1808  52
      Delilah          [3rd wife]              1810  40
         Septamus                              1840  19
         Joel                                  1848  12
         John                                  1850  10
         Thomas                                1852   8
         Louisa                                1853   6
         Sarah (Sally)                         1855   5
         Obedience                             1857   3

1870  Joel Hughes Jr {Ande 439}                1808  62
         Della         [daughter]              1835  35
         Thomas                                1852  18
         Louisa B                              1853  17
         Sarah (Sally)                         1855  15
         O B                                   1857  13

DORR and PARSONS families

George William Dorr               ?   1 Aug 1855  14 Mar 1936
Nancy Singleton                      13 Oct 1841  23 Aug 1924

   Ida Della Dorr                    __ ___ 1882  __ ___ 1956
   James Luther Hughes               24 Dec 1880  20 Sep 1863

   Alma Dorr                         __ ___ 1872  __ Mar 1915
   1st ___________ Pritchard
   2nd Andrew Parsons                __ ___ ____  __ ___ 1914

   W T Dorr                          __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
   {Emma Jane McCullough ?}          __ ___ ____  __ Sep 1940

   S G Dorr                          27 Mar 1880   6 Jun 1954
   Zoah Couch Smith ?                 8 Feb 1883  11 Aug 1946

   Ella Dorr                         25 Oct 1875   8 Aug 1964
   W Lawrence Gilstrap                8 Jun 1872  28 Oct 1951

   Emma Dorr
   W A White

Nancy Singleton Dorr is a dau of Rev W B Singleton and
was previously married to R L Harris.  They had two sons
A C and R C Harris.
Ella Dorr and W L Gilstrap had two daughters, Mrs Grace Howard
and Mrs Clovie Hughes, wife of Fletcher Addison Hughes.
Alma Dorr m Pritchard Jan 1892, they had 2 sons.

Andrew Parsons was previously married with the following family:

Andrew Parsons
Elizabeth Brock Parsons

   Mattie Parsons Hughes           7 Mar 1889  10 Nov 1969
   John Edward Lawrence Hughes    13 Mar 1887  20 Dec 1971

   Falora Parsons Holder
   Harold Holder

   W A Holder

   Lloyd Parsons  {half bro}

     George W Dorr was a prominent farmer in Pickens.  In
Sep 1876 he reported to the SENTINEL that there were 'heavy
winds and hail' at his farm one week.  While working on his
farm during the week of 10 Mar 1892 he fell and broke his
collar bone.  Two years latter in May of 1894 there were
again heavy rains in Pickens and most of his farm was
'washed away'.  In Feb 1916 he served on the voters
registration board.  He was also a Civil War soldier and in
Jun of 1921 at age of 80 is listed among those celebrating
Old Soldiers Day.

NALLEY family

Rev George Burdine Nalley                    __ ___ ____   __ ___ ____
Emma Burns Nalley                            __ ___ ____   __ Jan 1916

   L Elford Nalley                           __ ___ 1881   __ Feb 1948
   Mary Jane Olivia Smith

     Lawrence, Willie, G B, Eugene, Mrs Clara Lamarr, Mrs H T Addison,
     Mrs Naman Newton, Miss Ella Ruth Nalley

   Walter D Nalley                           __ ___ 1899   __ Nov 1949
   Belle Abercrombie

     James B, J Albert, Marvin E, Mrs D K Hendricks, Mrs Wayne Hiott,
     Mrs W R Faulkner

   Rev Charles Welsey Nalley                 __ ___ 1886   __ Dec 1949
   Lavinia Hughes Nalley                     __ May 1889   19 Sep 1925

     Charles W Jr, Mrs Christine McMillian, Mrs Sarah Hartley

   T B Nalley (State Senator)

   Samuel J Nalley

   G Henry Nalley

   Frank K Nalley

   Luther D Nalley

   Paul Nalley

   Mrs Alma Newton                          25 Jan 1883  21 Nov 1954
   Dr M Newton                              19 Nov 1871   4 Mar 1941

   Mrs Annie Newton                         25 Dec 1886   31 Dec 1953
   Joseph Joel Newton                        2 Nov 1876   29 Oct 1958

   Mrs Pearl Watson


Joel Hughes                         __ ___ 1808  __ ___ ____
Delilia 1st               1800-10   __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     __________________ m 1825-30   __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     __________________ f 1830-35   __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____
     __________________             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     Della                          __ ___ 1835  __ ___ ____
     __________________             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     Septimus           m           __ ___ 1840  __ ___ ____
     _________________              __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

Delilia 2nd               1835-40   __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     Joel                           __ ___ 1848  __ ___ ____
     __________________             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     John                           __ ___ 1850  __ ___ ____
     __________________             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     Thomas Allen                    8 Dec 1852  26 Oct 1931
     Eliza Ann Elizabeth Stephens    8 Feb 1858  10 Apr 1933

     Louisa                         __ ___ 1853  __ ___ ____
     ___________ Dillard            __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

     Sarah 'Sally'                   6 Feb 1856   6 Nov 1935
     John R Hughes                  __ ___ 1845  27 Dec 1886

     Obedience                      15 May 1857  30 Sep 1959
     Ephrain Okey "Kade" Gilstrap   __ ___ 1857  22 May 1930

Delilia 3rd                         __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

Ephrain and Obedience buried Bethlehem
Louisa Dillard has son West and dau Ida, moved to Atl, GA
Info from Grace Rampey, Liberty.


Thomas Allen Hughes                  8 Dec 1852  25 Oct 1931
Eliza Ann Elizabeth Stephens         8 Feb 1858  10 Apr 1933

   James A                           8 Oct 1875   5 Oct 1884
   _____________________            __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

   Esther                            7 Nov 1877  __ ___ ____
   James Hardy Gilstrap             __ ___ 1870  __ Dec 1958

   Samuel E                         27 Nov 1880  29 Dec 1962
   Cora McDonald                    18 Nov 1879  23 May 1965

   James Edward                     17 Mar 1883   1 Oct 1945
   Darcus Alexander                 23 Oct 1885  17 Sep 1973

   John T                           17 Jun 1885   6 Nov 1962
   Mary E Burgess                   15 Apr 1888   6 Dec 1952

   Lenora                           16 Mar 1888  __ ___ ____
   Uoah "Babe" Hunter               __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

   Betty Ann                        21 Jun 1890   7 Oct 1968
   Riley Nix                        __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

   Nelson                            3 Apr 1892  __ ___ 1894
   ____________________             __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

   Joel Grady                        14 Aug 1893  18 Feb 1976
   Delenia Ann Ellis                 28 Jan 1896  __ ___ ____

   Essie Lee                          8 Nov 1899  __ Jan 1939
   Deoro Masters                     __ ___ ____  __ ___ ____

Some dates from Grace Rampey, Liberty.


Children of Esther O and James Hardy Gilstrap:

Charlie,  Mrs Sallie Adcox, Mrs Betty Mae Brooks, Mrs Ossie
McCall, Mrs Ora Hood (Howe?)


Children of Samuel E and Cora McDonald Hughes:

William Rufus (b 1907 d Jun 1931), J Dennis (b 1909 d Jun 1931),
Frank A (d 1903)


Children of James Edward and Darcus Alexander Hughes:

Thomas A, James Edward Jr, Mrs Ab Evatt, Mrs Annie Mae Brooks,
Mrs Lellia Hall, Mrs U A Satterfield, Mrs OV Clark, Mrs WC
Bagwell, Mrs AC Watson, Elizabeth


Children of Betty Ann and Riley Nix:

Artie Mae m John A Gibson, Osie m W C Swords, Walter L,
Willie Harry (b 1917 d Oct 1964) m Mary Simmons dau m BR Cassell


Children of Joel Grady and Delenia Ann Ellis Hughes:

Bessie (b 20 Dec 1915 d 21 Dec 1915), Ruth Irene (b 20 Jan 1917)
Bertha Ann (b 23 Jun 1919), Joel Grady Jr (b 11 May 1922), Ellis
Lloyd (b 28 Oct 1926), Curtis Bertrance (b 30 Sep 1929), Lucy
Ann Elizabeth (b 1 Dec 1932), Roy Chester (b 13 Apr 1935),
Nellis Grace (b 13 Feb 1939)


Children of Essie Lee and D R Masters:

Mrs Waco Turner, Woodrow, Walter, Elmer.

Woodrow (b 1916 d 2 Oct 1973) m Geneva Nix (b 1927) their
children Martha Jean (b 1945) m __________ Seaborn, Nancy Gail
(b 1948) m _______________ Ellenburg, Franklin David (b 1947),
Douglas Jerry (b 1951), Jimmy Dean (b 1958)


Children of John T and _________________ Hughes

John T, Mrs Frank Carwile


Joseph G Hughes
Lillie Jones Hughes

        James H (1880 - May 1961) m Lillie E Jones (1895 - ) dau
        of William M Jones their children Russel L (b 1910),
        Norman (b 1913), Furman (b 1915), Edna L (b 1917), Lee,
        Mrs Retty Maddox, Mrs AC Chastain, Mrs Garland Nalley.

        [Joseph's children by previous marriage]
        Baker, Paul B, Roy, Josie dau.


     William N Hughes

        Thomas T Hughes (b 1869 d 24 Jul 1951)
        Jennie (b 1877)

           Mrs Fannie G Horton (b 1898), Mrs Steadman child Ethel
           Almana (b 1938), Thomas T Jr (b 4 Jun 1901)

     Notes:  TT Hughes & Company a Saluda River & Carpenters Creek
             cicra Nov 1903


     James P Hughes
     Nancy Hawkins (b 1857)

        John Albert (b 1898) m Artie Mae Waldrop their children
        James D (b 1925), Bruce W (b 1932), Mrs Ilor Catherine Day
        (b 1919), Mrs Herman Watson 'Lucille' (b 1923), Mrs J W
        Smith 'Sarah' (b 1930), Mrs Guy Hall 'Betty Jean' (b 1939).

        Connie R (b 1900)

        Essie (b 1897) m C L Gantt

        Myrtle (b 1895)

        Mrs Hudson dau Aurie

No Joel or Joseph or JG Hughes with right age found in 1870
or 1860 census for upstate SC except:

1860 ANDE pg?  Nancy Hughes 37, Joseph 8, and others

The 1880 and 1900 census shows a James H Hughes of right age

1880 PICK 130-29, Dacusville
     Joel Hughes 26, Martha 24, James H 6/12

1900 PICK 122-20, Dacusville
     Joel G Hughes 47 Jan 1853, Martha A 40 May 1822?,
     James H 20 May 1880, Lausa A 17 Jan 1883, Lawrence F 15
     Mar 1885, Thomas F 12 Jul 1887, Joel D 8 Aug 1891,
     Earnest E 3 Mar 1897

The 1910 and 1920 census shows Russell and Furman Hughes.

1910 PICK 148-10,
     Hariett Freeman 75
     Joseph Hughes 57
     James H Hughes 34 gs, Lillie E 16 gd, Russell 5/12 ggs
     Aurier L 28 gd
     Mandy 26

1920 PICK 167-06, Dacusville
     James H Hughes 40, Lillie E 25, Russel L 10, Norman 7,
     Furman A 5, Edna L 3

This PEOPLES JOURNAL death notice could fit with either
Joel G or Joseph Hughes.  Issue 25 May 1899.

     Mrs J G Hughes died 18 May 1899 lived near Looper SC,
     buried Peter's Creek Church, 6 children.

This probably came from the obit for James H Hughes:

Joseph G Hughes
Lillie J ?

     James H Hughes (1880 - May 1961) m Lillie E Jones (1895
     - ?) dau of William M Jones, their children:
          Russel L Hughes       (1910 - ?)
          Norman                (1913 - ?)
          Furman                (1915 - ?)
          Edna L                (1917 - ?)
          Mrs Retty Madox
          Mrs AC Chastain
          Mrs Garland Nalley

Joseph's children by previous marriage:
     Baker Hughes, Paul B Hughes, Roy Hughes, Josie Hughes


(s9a) John Mauldin born __ ___ 1825 died  __ ___ 1879
married (s9b) Mary Kate Sheriff Mauldin born __ ___ 1839
died __ ___ ____.
Their children:

      (s9) Martha Elizabeth Mauldin born 26 Jan 1857 died 10
Jun 1932 married (9) Edward Houston Hughes born 17 Aug 1857
died 15 Dec 1895.

      Vianna     LC born __ ___ 1858 died __ ___ ____

      Mary J     MJ born __ ___ 1860 died  __ ___ ____

      Eliza M    EM born __ ___ 1862 died __ ___ ____

      Charlotte P  CP born __ ___ 1863 died __ ___ ____

      Cinttey M  CM born __ ___ 1867 died  __ ___ ____

      Manore J   LC born __ ___ 1869 died __ ___ ____

      Willma A   WA born __ ___ 1870 died __ ___ ____

      David U  born__ ___ 1871  died __ ___ ____

      Rebecca C born __ ___ 1873 died __ ___ ____

      Samuel born__ ___ 1880 died __ ___ ____

Notes:   Only two sons.


(   ) ___________________ married (s   ) _______________________
born __ ___ ____, child of (s   a) ________________________  and
(s   b) __________________________.
Their children:                             birth        death
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____

(   ) ___________________ married (s   ) _______________________
born __ ___ ____, child of (s   a) ________________________  and
(s   b) __________________________.
Their children:                             birth        death
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____
     (   ) ____________________________   __ ___ ____ __ ___ ____

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