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by Noelle Sickels
Noelle Sickels has published two historical novels, Walking West and The Shopkeeper’s Wife, from St. Martin’s Press. She has also had short stories, poems, and essays in numerous small press anthologies and literary journals. Another novel, The Medium, set on the home front during World War II is forthcoming.

by Barbara De La Cuesta
Barbara de la Cuesta has recently won the Gival Prize and will have her novel The Spanish Teacher published by Gival Press. She has published a long poem, If There Weren’t So Many of Them, BirchBrook Press, Delhi, N.Y. 1990; and Westerly, Professional Publishing Co., Dallas, TX, 1994, a work of non-fiction in the field of arts therapy; as well as stories in the California Quarterly and the Texas Review. She has received a fiction fellowship from the New Jersey Arts Council, a Geraldine Dodge fellowship to the Virginia Center; and a fellowship in fiction from the Massachusetts Artists’ Foundation.

by Barbara L. Baer
Barbara is an essayist, fiction writer, journalist, traveler, small press publisher. Her northern California press, Floreant Press, has just published “Pomegranate Roads: A Soviet Botanist’s Exile from Eden” by Dr. Gregory M. Levin. Barbara travels to Adana, Turkey this fall for the world’s first pomegranate symposium. More about the author...

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