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Midway Journal accepts submissions of aesthetically ambitious work that occupies the realms between both the traditional and experimental.
We accept submissions between December and June annually, only. We do not accept electronic submissions (exceptions can be made for international submissions). All manuscripts should be submitted with SASE and should be mailed to:
The Editors
Midway Journal
PO Box 14499
St. Paul, MN 55114
All manuscripts should be double-spaced and single-sided (poetry may be single spaced or double spaced). Currently, since we publish electronically and do not incur traditional publication limitations, there are no page limits or word counts set for individual submissions.
We do ask, however, that you please send no more than 3-5 poems (see what we like in Midway Poetry), or 1 piece of fiction (see Midway Fiction), or 2 pieces of flash, or sudden, fiction, or 1 piece of creative non-fiction (see Midway Non-fiction), mixed genre (see Midway Mixed Genre), or drama (see Midway Drama). Individuals may, however, submit in more than one genre simultaneously.
Donít bother with priority mailóit wonít get to us any faster (as we check the mail about two times a week), itís expensive, and it clogs our mailbox. Regular mail works just fine.
Photocopies and computer printed copies are acceptable. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Generally, we don't read previously published material. Here are the exceptions:
1) We read previously produced drama.
2) We make a rare exception for previously published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction that has been out of print for awhile. Please check with the genre editor before sending.
We will consider previously published work also if all rights are still retained by the author.
We do not accept manuscripts postmarked between June 1 and December 1. All manuscripts received during this time will be returned unread.
If you have not heard back from Midway after six months' time, please feel free to contact us then regarding the status of your work. Work submitted without an SASE will be recycled.
We select the entire subsequent year's publishing material from each submissions period. The publication schedule is devised between the close of the submissions period and the beginning of the new publication year beginning in October. All inquiries about publication schedules should be made at that time to [email protected] if contributing authors have not heard back from us before the new publication year begins.
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