The Curse of Ecuador !!! ...
I don't know what really happened between me and Ecuador .. everytime I tried to go there .. something happened.
198? ... We had everything ready and had to cancel the trip at the last minute.
1998 ... El Nino ... floods everywhere.
(I stayed in Quito for only one night).
1999 ... Massive transport strike in Ecuador.
(I stayed in Quito for two days before
flying on to Central America).
2000 ... We cancelled the trip to South America and went to China instead.
2001 ... I will try again
Plaza de la Independencia, Palacio de Gobierno and Cathedral ...
Quito is a charming city .. especially the Old City which is the Colonial center.
...plazas, narrow streets, colored houses, museums and ornate churches ... contrast with the New City where is the financial and commercial heart of Quito.
I feel admiration for the Ecuatorian People .. they are always fighting to defend their own rights .. if they don't like the President, then they throw him out .. if the government raises the price of  petrol, then they stop all the transport in the country until the price is lowered ... they are fighters by nature, but still the have so many problems to solve ...
... Tay ...
I met Tay in Kunming (China), just before he was returning home to Singapore ... after 22 months travelling around the World. He was very impressed about Latin America, specially Ecuador. He became very concerned about the suffering of the peasants in Ecuador .. he created a project to help them and all the information can be found if you CLICK in his home page .. it's very interesting and deserves a look and why not .. a every bit of help will be very grateful.
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